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Double life in her shooz.

Behind every insta picture there is an insta addicted bishh who annoys people by asking them to take same goddamn hundred pictures. 😑 Thank god I don’t have one of them around. 😝

“Not like posing” pose. Btw, just hang out with the right people, that basically does it all.

El patrón de otoño.

Ein Ort wie Herbst. Wie warm aber auch immer kühl.

So fed up with existing but at least found the angle. Feeling joker.

Long time no pause.

Me on eeeeeevry sunday. So a little cuddle with a happy ending/beginning 👹 only on sunday is enough for my love life. 🙃


Be a stoic, will ya?!

There is no greater pain than loneliness and no greater loneliness than being not understood.

Since there is no one to photograph me and i’m so eager to let people and my ugly, old, lonely wrinkly future self know how good i looked in order to look back and reminisce the good old young days and also definitely for my daily dose of attention cause of solitude I ought to join the mirror selfie game though i’m not fond of it.

Ene har plajaa olqui baina. Lol

Relationshit status.

Life through rose goggles. 🌸 🌺 Btw, I made the wreath crown myself.

Урлаг гэж байдаг учраас л би амьд байдаг юм. Би амьдрахын төлөө биш мэдрэхийн төлөө л амьдардаг юм. Хүн намайг ойлгохгүй ч, хөгжим намайг сонсч, үг намайг уншиж, зураг намайг харж, би амьдарч байна.

Rave is over. Hustle is back.

Say what? Come again?

Well, yeah... silence... keeping quiet... yeah... 👌🏻✌🏻

You don’t know how lovely I am. And crazy.

Queen of the year.