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Wine Educator. Franciacorta Brand Ambassador. DipWSET Student. #travel #wine #writer #youcansipwithus

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‘Climat’ is a term used in Burgundy for a single-vineyard site. To understand the way climat is used, I think it helps to understand terroir first. Terroir is a French term that translates loosely into ‘sense of place’, suggesting how the the cumulative effect of soil, slope, orientation, climate, fog, sunlight hours, etc shape a wine’s characteristics. Given that terroir refers to this concept, then climat refers to an actual site that is inimitable because of its geographic characteristics or terroir. 💯 💯 🍷And Oregon, my dear friends is precisely that – incomparable, swaggering it’s own signature soul. 💯 💯 🍷Congratulations to Oregon and it's wineries for making the top 100 wineries of 2019 by @wineandspirits @brookswinery @bethelheightsvineyard @bigtablefarm @bergstromwines @walterscottwines

When I think of an epic weekend soiree – decadence, luxury, and deliciousness all come to mind. Sweet shrimps, Maine lobsters, cooked to perfection steak, fresh fruits bursting with juicy goodness, and of course bubbles. ✨ ✨ 🥂 Its no secret fizz and food are BFFs, sparkling wines with their fine bubbles and brioche-like flavors is delicate yet complex enough, and the racy acidity keeps your palate clean and fresh, especially with rich dishes. ✨ ✨ 🥂Orlando friends, come join us for the inaugural 3 Course Dinner exclusively crafted with @franciacorta - Italy's leading sparkling wine made via method traditional aka the painstaking process that delivers those tiny bubble we so revere. ✨ ✨ 🥂 Lineup: @la_montina @ferghettina_franciacorta @anticafrattafranciacorta @barone_pizzini_1870

If @winesofaustralia can hike 10,000+ miles to showcase the bounties of their incredibly diverse country, the least we can do is travel the mere 500 miles from Orlando to Miami to support the Australian movement solidifying Australia's pedestal on the world wine map. ✨ ✨ ✨ 🍷 I have to confess oak doesn't excite me or my palate.As much as I understand how vital oak is to the structure of a wine (anthocyanin bonding, stabilisation, alcohol integration), I want to taste fresh fruit, acid, savory herbs, nuances of a well-nurtured healthy vine. Period. ✨ ✨ 🍷Bravo to the winemakers who showed restraint (less new barrels) and had the courage to not only show bright red/black fruit of Australian Syrah/Shiraz, but balance it with lip-smacking acidity, lower abv w/o compromising the freshness, & depth of fruit.✨ ✨ ✨ 🍷From an eye opening Masterclass showcasing the Terroir+driven nuances of sexy Syrah to exciting renditions of Chardonnay, Riesling, Moscato, Viogneir, Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc - there is no better time than today to initiate your immersion into Australia & it's Wines. Stay tuned for our detailed post on the wonderful wines of Australia.

When you pop a bottle and it transports you to America's favorite food holiday - Thanksgiving - Score 💯❤️ 🥰🤩 ✨ ✨ 🍷Stay tuned to read about the unsung heroes of Italy, right here on #indianwinegoddess

We had the most incredible time dancing & drinking thru #oktoberfest last year. Add it to your TO DO list friends, u can thank me later 😁🙏🍻🍻

So You Want to Be a Brand Ambassador? ✨ ✨ 🥂 In an nutshell, what does it take to become a brand ambassador? Curiosity fueled by passion, baller confidence, empathetic listening, unwavering discipline, flexibility to adapt quickly, think outside the box, and most importantly, an outstanding product you believe in. ✨ ✨ 🥂Read more on the link in our profile! ⬆️⬆️ #wineinfluencer #winenight #winejournalist #luxuryblogger

From the wallet-friendly wines to the estates flagship gems, @saget_la_perriere entire portfolio carpeted along the meandering river Loire - Pouilly sur Loire to Sancerre, Chinon, Vouvray, & Anjou solidifies the philosophy that wine belongs on the table and should be accessible to all without compromising high quality. ✨ ✨ 🍷And the best part of all - even with all it's diversity of Terroir and different grapes (Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc) - each wine was a pure expression of it's fruit and all of them were bound by an underlying signature of minerality that screamed 'Loire'. Bravo 💯❤️❤️ ✨ ✨ 🙏 Stay tuned for our detailed report on the wonderful and exciting wines meticulously crafted by the Saget Family. 🙏 to @jeankreilly for sharing these beauties with us.

The 'Magic' of Wine - one sip can transport you to exotic landscapes, hidden lands. And with the best wines, you can taste History. 🍷 🍷 🔥And history was made when we tasted 30 vintages of the 'First Wine' of Chile @donmelchorwine by the founding father of Chilean wine @conchaytoro (making wines since 1883) with Winemaker/Technical Director Enrique Tirado. 🍷 🍷 🔥As a wine writer and educator the most popular question we are asked is 'whats your favorite wine?'. Well Today and inarguably the TOP 10 wines of 2019 goes to Don Melchor 1987. the 1987 has evolved to deliver pure joy. A 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, the balance of fruit & earth, silky soft tannins layered with savory herbs, tobacco, coffee, walnuts. An elegance & seduction that show only in the best of wines - we give it 💯 🍷 🍷 🔥Add the culinary prowess of Michael Mina's @bourbonsteakmia it is an evening etched in our hearts for years to come. 🍷 🍷 🔥Deepest gratitude to @gregoryandvine for including us in this epic evening!

Food & Wine. Decide which is Soloist, which the Accompanist. - Michael Broadbent. 🔥 🔥 🍷What would you call when both food and wine are in perfect symphony, where both not only compliment but elevate each other to higher heights? 🔥 🔥 🍷Our recent wine dinner at @beardfoundation award winning Chef Michael Mina's contemporary steakhouse @bourbonsteakmia aptly located at the luxurious @jwmarriottmiami was pure MAGIC! 🔥 🔥 🍷1st course: Jamon Iberico + @donmelchorwine 1987 = Pure JOY! 🔥 🔥 🍷2nd course: Michael Mina's classic steak tartare + @donmelchorwine 1995 = solidifies why wine belongs on the dinner table. 🔥 🔥 🍷3rd course: Last of season corn risotto with mushrooms & truffles + @donmelchorwine 2008 & 2015 = completing each other with earthy seduction, bravo!! 🔥 🔥 🍷4th course: Prime Angus Rib Cap & Hudson Valley Foei + @donmelchorwine 2017 = cooked to perfection steak & a young wine that expresses itself with sheer elegance and fruit. 🔥 🔥 🍷 Chocolate Opera Cake. #indianwinegoddess #eatmedrinkme #eatlikerashmi #drinkwithrashmi #wineambassador #WineWriter

Tis the season for Truffles, Tiaras, & Bubbles! 🔥 🔥 🥂You can practically smell the seductive aromas of truffle when you walk around the city of Alba from now till December. From eggs to pasta, and everything in between it was literally raining truffles on our recent trip to Piemonte thanks to @ieemusa & @consorzio.asti.docg 🔥 🔥 🥂What to drink with Truffles? But of course ASTI. Asti packs a punch far above its price and a perfect drinking age – NOW 🔥 🔥 🥂Asti is fun, lively, fresh. It’s to remind you not to take life too seriously. After all you have only one life to live, why not live it La Dolce Vita – the Italian good life!! . . #truffles #winesofinstagram #travelholic #presstrip #wineambassador

The quickest way to discover and fall in love with Italy is through the dinner table. And since Italian wine is best savored with a side of delicious food and friends, we invite YOU to explore Italy's leading sparkling wine @franciacorta with a one of a kind Franciacorta Sparkling Wine Dinner at Jacksonville 's hottest restaurant @orsayjax on November 13th. 🔥 🔥 🥂Wine line up: @villacrespiafranciacorta @ferghettina_franciacorta @anticafrattafranciacorta @berlucchiwine

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you don't do than the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover" - H Jackson Brown. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🍷And we are so glad that the trailblazer Mr. Bob Lindquist (one of the original Rhone Rangers who took the risk to bring the seductive grapes of Rhone Valley to America - Syrah, Viogneir) took another chance and planted the majestic grape Roussanne in the iconic Bein Nacido Vineyard in Santa Maria Valley AVA in Santa Barbara County. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🍷 Roussanne grape name was inspired by it's russet aka roux color of it's skin. It's most often used as a blending partner to Syrah in Rhone along with the productive white grape Marsanne. In America, specifically California Roussanne reigns supreme. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🍷Haunting aromas of ripe stone fruit, exotic spice, white flowers, green tea, honey, medium to full body - Roussanne on its own produces hedonistic, rich wines. And then their is Bon Lindquist's version. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🍷 The 2012 @qupewine Roussanne thanks in part to Bien Naciodo vineyard's higher altitude cooler site delivers a kaleidoscope of aromas & flavors from sweet pear, ripe pineapple, bruised red apples, vanilla, herbal tea to roasted hazelnut and honey. Infamous for it's opulence, Bob Lindquist's brilliant wine making delivers a wine that is nimble on its feet, boasting both freshness and balanced acidity. Bravo!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🍷On a personal note, Enamored in the moment, the beautiful landscape, cerebral conversations, vacation mode - we too have indulged in our fair share of wine purchases on our many trips to various wine country. Opening the bottles in the comforts of our home, there have been disappointments & some thrilling moments. And yesterday was inarguably one of the moments that validated Bob Lindquist & Jim Clendon's of @aubonclimatwine trimphant partnership in wine, where to this day they continue to handcraft a cornucopia of deeply-intriguing wines at unbelievably modest prices.

“I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes, I even put it in the food" - Julia Child 🔥 🔥 🍷We 💯 agree with Ms. Childs. With cooler temperature at our footsteps, I was craving a hearty meaty stew. Chef @tylerflorence Ultimate Beef Stew called for marinating the meat in a bottle of wine - sold. 😁 🔥 🔥 🍷We chose an 100% Garnacha from Spain, one of the many bottles we had purchased for our @wsetglobal Diploma blind tasting sessions from our local boutique gem @timswinemarket We r pros at recycling food and wine 😁 🔥 🔥 🍷The extra ripe Garnacha grapes with blackberries & licorice notes added that touch of sweetness to the stew while the old world earthiness mirrored the mushrooms in the gravy. Verdict = 💯 lip smacking guaranteed.

Do you recall what you were doing last year this time? I had the most unforgettable tasting with Mr Selbach right here in our backyards - Orlando. 🔥 🔥 🍷 As Pinot Noir is to Burgundy, Nebbiolo to Piedmont, Syrah to Hermitage, Germany is the holy grail for all things Riesling – one of the most versatile white grape variety in the world, capable of evolving into some of the longest-living, racy wines. 🔥 🔥 🍷Riesling from Germany (Mosel) can be as delicate and light on it’s feet as a ballerina or be demanding, precise, intricate like Tango, dipped in honey, tropical fruit, and mineral. 🔥 🔥 🍷If you relish juicy ripe peaches and apricots, sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers, zesty lemon and lime, luscious honey, spicy ginger, or if you are like me, turning cartwheels in your mouth at the mere mention of acid, you are going to love Riesling. 🔥 🔥 🍷Great wines that exhibit balance, finesse, and a sense of place begin in the vineyard. They come from exceptional grapes grown in extraordinary terroir, and cared for by gifted winemakers. Hand harvesting is mandatory at @selbachoster , and typically involves several pickings, to hand select only the best quality fruit. Which means that in poor vintages, Selbach-Oster will choose to abstain from producing any wine or declassify to a lower Prädikat level, rather than succumb to juice that doesn’t meet their highest standards. That my dear friends is the quality hallmark of integrity and commitment. 🔥 🔥 🍷The brilliant collection of @selbachoster Rieslings are the epitome of clarity, balance, and breathtaking precision. Perhaps the driest, yet richer of their equally talented neighbors, Selbach Oster Rieslings are honest wines, shimmering with ravishing fruit, laced with energetic acidity, lingering herbal-mineral nuances, food-friendly, versatile, wines that offers maximum flexibility from trocken (bone dry) to lusciously decadent. Throw in just about any cuisine in the world, its versatility is boundless.

The last time we were in the stunning land of the king of grapes - Nebbiolo aka Barolo we feasted on every appellation that produced this magnificent but temperamental grape. From the north - Gattinara/Ghemme/Lessona to the prized crus in the communes of La Morra, Serralunga d'alba, Monforte d'alba, Castiglione Falletto. 🔥 🔥 🍷We Noshed on regional specialities thanks to the hospitality of these magnanimous producers who annually partake in THE Food, wine, music, literature festival @collisioni 🔥 🔥 🍷Best of all we discovered the magic of Nebbiolo thanks to erudite wine experts @antoniogalloni @iandagata_vino &, the producers and winemakers in the flesh, and some of the finest wine peeps in the world. 🔥 🔥 🍷Wine genie @colangelopr is hosting the world's largest tasting dedicated to all things Barolo & Barbaresco our side of the pond and we couldn't be more excited! #bbwo2020 🔥@langhe_vini 🔥 🍷Who's joining me in this one of a kind soiree in celebration of the king Nebbiolo? #FollowFriday #wineday #nyc

Diwali, the festival of lights, (fireworks & Candles) coincides with the Hindu New Year, is today October 27th. 🪔 🪔 🥂What better way to celebrate new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness but with leading a series of @franciacorta inspired events in our sunshine state. 🪔 🪔 🥂Think sparkling wines, elegant mousse, lip smacking acidity, and elegant long finish. @franciacorta takes over Florida with both industry master classes and consumer driven wine dinners in #tampa #Jacksonville #Orlando 🪔 🪔 🥂Happy Diwali friends! How are you celebrating this magical day? #indianwinegoddess #diwali #sparklingwine

As a self anointed spice goddess, we are innately drawn to all things spice. Our quest to discover new flavors and chilies, last year took us to the “Chile Capital of the World” – New Mexico. . . 🌶️ Little did I know, chiles are to New Mexico what potatoes are to Idaho. Chile peppers are part of New Mexican identity and they incorporates chilies in everything – from breakfast burritos, pancakes and eggs, to green chile apple pies & Mexican popsicles, and everything in between. . . 🌶️Self anointed spice goddess was in chili heaven! . . 🌶️ And celebrating all things GREEN CHILE in our corner of the world is @chuysrestaurant Tex-Mex transplant from Austin, Texas with limited time menu specials: Pork Belly Tacos, Pablos Enchiladas, Fired Up Steak Enchiladas and New Mexican Martini with with green chile infused El Jimador Tequila. . . 🌶️Are you hungry yet? Chuy's #greenchilefest runs from August 12-september 1st.

The only way to get acquainted with your taste buds is to drink more WINE. Tasting wine is the way to understand wine better. . . 🥂As Orlando's dining scene continues to become more dynamic, a few dedicated and highly conversant ladies from the wine industry are silently building a wine scene by forging an all women's wine tasting group for the trade. . . 🥂If you reside in our sunshine state, and are working in the wine & food industry, looking to hone your wine skills, come join these savvy ladies . Sharing is caring and these ladies are pros in hospitality & camaraderie. . . 🥂 Tasting lineup: @laurenzv.wine @susanabalbowines @honigwine @mohuawines

Orlando is evolving into a reputable, delicious and maybe even adventurous food and wine destination thanks in part to Terroir Selections latest additions to their already sensational fine wines portfolio: @domainedelecu Domaine Michel Gassier, @chateau_barbebelle Peter Nicolay, @sandrofaywine & @lepotazzine ✨ ✨ 🍷White WOTN for us were the Muscadet from the biodynamic producer @domainedelecu fermented and/or aged in amphora vessels and oak barrels. The Granite Muscadet, savory, beautifully rounded, finishing with a salty tang & mouthwatering acid promises to sing and unravel it's poetic layers when paired with shellfish. ✨ ✨ 🍷Red wine blockbuster was @lepotazzine Sangiovese based Brunello di Montalcino. The 2014 Brunello shined with purity of fruit, laser focused acid, & elegance - 💯 Hallmark of the best Brunellos. Bravissimo 🙌🙏 ✨ ✨ 🙏Stay tuned for the detailed synopsis of this delightful & eye-opening trade tasting.

While Orlando is buzzing with @visitorlando Magical Dining Month 3 Course Meal for Only $35. Our Favorite Spanish/Tapas Wine Bar @bullagastrobar offering not 3, but a 4 Course Meal for the same magical number $35. ✨ ✨ ✨ Under the tutelage & culinary mastery of Executive Chef/Partner Mariano Vegel, Bulla Gastrobar has quickly become one of the hottest restaurants for international flavors, innovative cocktails, & eclectic wine menu. ✨ ✨ 🥂 What's on your list for #magicaldining ? #Orlando

The first thing that springs to mind when we think Bordeaux Wine are the super-premium first growths and their bank breaking prices. Red wines which require a temperature and humidity controlled cellar, copious amount of patience, and a momentous occasion to pop open these gems. ✨ ✨ 🍷But did you know that in fact 97% of Bordeaux produces perfectly mature, ready to drink, good quality, everyday dinner table wines that are not only wallet friendly, they exemplify terroir, complexity, and elegance. http://www.theprimlanikitchen.com/bordeauxwines-revolutionary-battle-against-climate-change-wine/

" Mexico. Our brother from another mother. A country, with whom, like it or not, we are inexorably, deeply involved, in a close but often uncomfortable embrace. Look at it. It’s beautiful. It has some of the most ravishingly beautiful beaches on earth. Mountains, desert, jungle. Beautiful colonial architecture, a tragic, elegant, violent, ludicrous, heroic, lamentable, heartbreaking history.” - Anthony Bourdain. ✨ ✨ 🇲🇽 From the largest city in Mexico - Mexico City we travel to United States largest city - NYC with Mexican food still haunting our dreams. Perhaps a dinner date with world's best female chef - Daniela Soto-Innes of @cosmenyc might be the next best thing to Mexican cuisine outside of Mexico?

Meet Chef de Cuisine Shyju Babu - Easily one of the most brilliant chef we have had the joy to experience from our homeland - India. . . 🇧🇸 We met him recently at Marriott's annual in house cooking competition in Orlando. The Bahama based chef's take on the secret ingredients were inarguably a showstopper of colors, flavors, & textures. . . 🇧🇸 While our hearts ache for the catastrophic loss facing Bahamas in the aftermath of monster hurricane Dorian, we can't help feel relieved and grateful for being spared from any damage to us and our loved ones. (Orlando is a mere 344 miles or 555 km from Bahamas). . . 🙏 "Be THANKFUL for what you have; you will end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, have enough" - Oprah Winfrey.

While planning our upcoming trip to Sicily, Italy we heard SICILY has been nominated as the wine region of the year by @wineenthusiast 💯❤️ including.Winery of the Year @tascadalmerita we plan to visit in November. ✨ ✨ 🥂✨🍷DRUM ROLL for these dedicated & passionate people who work tirelessly to elevate the global wine industry and our humble palates: . . 🥂 Notable nominees include Wine Region of the Year SICILY & Winery @tascadalmerita ✨ ✨ 🍷 Wine Importers @broadbentselections @toutonselection ✨ ✨ 🍷 Person of the Year MS @winejames founder of @texsom ✨ ✨ 🍷American winery of the year @domaineserene @quilcedacreek @gruetwinery ✨ ✨ 🍷Beverage director MS @lauramaniec creater of @corkbuzzwine ✨ ✨ 🍷 European winery of the year @m_chapoutier @tascadalmerita @domainesigalas @lucienalbrecht ✨ ✨ 🍷Retailer of the year @kermitlynchwine @wine_com ✨ ✨ 🍷Innovator of the year includes Argentina's first lady winemaker @susanabalbowines ✨ ✨ 🍷 Distiller of the year @grappanonino @remymartin

NEWSFLASH @4riverssmokehouse across Florida & @thecoop_wp will be OPEN this SUNDAY, Sept. 8, 11-3 to Benefit Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts in the Bahamas . . 🇧🇸 Contributions from Sunday will be donated to @chefjoseandres @wckitchen , a not-for-profit organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters. . . 🙏 The 4 Rivers Smokehouse and The COOP openings on Sept. 8 mark the first time 4R Restaurant Group venues will open statewide on a Sunday in the name of charity. ·

Daily Dose of Happiness/Mantra: Sniff. Sip. Spit. Repeat. 🍷

Benefits of visiting a cosmopolitan city - diversity of cuisines & culture 💯❤️ . . 🍱 Noshed on deep, complex, yet delicate Thai dishes @fishcheeksnyc ✨ ✨ 🍷 Burned of brunch calories by window shopping for rare wine gems @astorwines .✨ ✨ 🍕Happy hour with fresh flavors of Roma inspired pizza & bottle aged Negronis. ✨ @martamanhattan ✨ 🇮🇳 Capping of the evening with a trip down memory lane to reminisce the bold flavors of our home land India

You win some you loose some. . . We were so looking forward to experiencing the award winning offerings of @cosmenyc sadly in our case, the mole (quintessential staplw of mexican cuisine) , our all time fav sauce in the world left us disheartened as it was burnt, rendering bitter after taste. The reason we know that is cause I make it too and their is fine line bet. Roasting Chiles vs burning them which ruins the sauce w bitterness.

We have 2 words for you. @lamalonyc GO!.

Poetry in a bottle or should we say taste the Mediterranean in your glass - EPiC. . . 🍷The grand tasting by @winesofisraelofficial were an eye opening soiree of high quality, unique, mesmerizing, expressions of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, & even indigenous grapes from family owned wine estates. . . 🍷Did you know grapes and wines have been produced in Israel since the book of Deuteronomy, Torah, & the old testament? . . . 🍷Stay tuned for our detailed coverage of wines from one of the oldest regions in the world - Israel.

@franciacorta 1st Consumer Wine Dinner was a roaring success! Everyone loved the freshness and superior quality of Franciacorta fizz paired with decadent Italian dishes thought fully constructed by South Florida's premier Italian restaurant @casa_dangelo ✨ ✨ 🥂 Salmon & Tuna Crudo paired with Franciacorta @cadelbosco_official Saten. ✨ ✨ 🥂Red Royal Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura paired with Franciacorta @riccicurbastro Brut. ✨ ✨ 🥂Risotto Caprese paired with Franciacorta @roncocalinofranciacorta Rose.

When life gives you 🍋 you make lemon drop whipped cream and wild berries tart.

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a DIFFERENCE". . . ✨What a magical evening we had at @tastecfl - an ALL volunteer driven fundraiser. . . ✨Funds from this incredibly delicious evening helps @cflhomeless provide shelter & service to 140+ children & families each night. And serve 250,000 plus nutritious meals with @feedhopenow . 🙏To each & every person & business who came to support this noble cause. 🙏 . ✨If like us you love roast pig, come support @johnrivers4r celebrated charity @cowsncabs November 9th. We promise you will have a finger licking, feet-tapping evening!!

You had us at Watermelon and then the Rock Melon Wheat aged on fresh cantaloupe puree sealed the deal to become @rockpitbrewing life long patrons..yeah it was that good!! ✨ ✨ 🍻 @rockpitbrewing is one the of the newest editions to Orlando's burgeoning beer scene, conveniently located in the #sodo district downtown Orlando.

Grenache in France, Garnacha in Spain, Cannaou in Italy - cheers to #grenacheday friends! 🥂 ✨ 🍷Red grape that shimmers with red fruits like strawberries & cherries, sweet spices, & soft ripe tannins - Grenache is a versatile grape that produces delicate roses, dry spicy wines, to sweet fortified versions. ✨ ✨ 🍷It does extremely well in dry, hot climates producing high quality wines such as @palawines the benchmark producer from the island of Sardinia in Italy. Available in #newyork & #Florida thanks to @banvillewine & @niko.raia ✨ ✨ 🍷The fiori - 100% Cannaou (indigenous name for Grenache in Sardinia) - burst in our glass with bright red fruit, savory herbs, light body. Add some chill to the bottle, it's an ideal apertivo wine for warm sunny days in our sunshine state - Florida. ✨ ✨ 🍷The Reserva - a serious wine that needs time and bbq to unravel it's complex character - black cherries, spices, leather, & licorice. Truly a blockbuster wine! ✨ ✨ 🙏 We were so impressed with the freshness of fruit (especially since Grenache can easily oxidise) balanced by bright juicy acidity and the not in your face alcohol. Bravo to thoughtful winemaking skills while maintaining Grenache's beautiful fruit character & spice. ✨ 🍷How are you enjoying #grenache today? . . . #wineoftheday #winemaker #winetravel #wineblog #drinkwithrashmi #foodandwine

Franciacorta is sponsor to Italian Republic day hosted by Italian Consulate Miami

"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients" - Julia Child. . . . 🍯Stay tuned to see the fresh & flavorful recipes we are about to create for our favorite local charity @feedhopenow with @aspoonfullofhope and local farmers ingredients.

"Mom I NEED an Acai Bowl" . . 🏋️ After an intense 4 hr tryout that included 300m sprints and volleyball drills - little lady begs for an Acai Bowl filled with super food acai, peanut butter, banana, strawberries, & granola. Me - I would have devoured a double cheeseburger, fries & beer 😂

Whether Portuguese sailors, Spanish shepherds, or the Chinese (adaption of you tiao) get the credit for inventing the churro, we can safely say that like many other culinary ingredients, the Spanish explorers brought Churros to every port of the new world including Mexico. . . . . 🇲🇽 Churros is made with Pâte à choux ((pronounced pat-ah-choo) made with a paste like dough of milk, butter, egg, flour that is also utilized in making crispy cream puffs, profiteroles, and eclairs to French cruller donuts, beignets etc. While the Spaniards dip these hot crispy beauties in chocolate, the Mexican's like to roll it in cinnamon and sugar. . . . . 🇲🇽 A breakfast staple in Spain (like croissant to France and bagel to NYC), Churros are typically consumed after dinner in Mexico. To beat the heat and crowd with flexibility, ditch your Starbucks morning routine for @churreriaelmoro . Unanimously considered the best churreria in CDMX, sporting 12 locations. Enjoy freshly made churros dipped in sugar and cinnamon with your cup of joe or the El Morro way – hot chocolate.