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Yeah yeah... I don't know. I don't know anything. I am just a model maker. ________________________ @iamjustamodelmaker

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Happy 11 years Brian. Thanks for always being there for: - The terrible singing in the car (you also don’t complain when I complain every day that 92.3 doesn’t play Stone Temple Pilots), - Being my human calendar (yeah, sure I’m free... ugh Brian says it’s our anniversary, I can’t hang out. Sorry) - For repeating yourself multiple times (I’m deaf, my brain can’t process what is being said, or I’m just not listening, I promise I care though!) - For always asking me what I want for dinner and when I say Pizza Hut you immediately say no and start laughing like this is some kind of joke. It’s not a joke, can we go to Pizza Hut tonight? - For yelling at me to go to the doctors daily: it was cancer one time, one time! - For always putting me in my place and and reminding me that I’m wired just a little bit different (better) then everyone else. (I fail to see why people get excited over free samples at the grocery store, it’s a ploy to get you to spend more money on something you never asked for in the first place). - For putting up with my random fits of rage (like that time I lost my shit at the self checkout at stop & shop and stormed off rambling about capitalism). - And for being yourself, the nice guy, who isn’t afraid to be real with me. (Am I wearing makeup today?... what do you mean you can’t tell?!) #recreatingoldphotos #happyanniversary #2011to2019

Well, it’s been a weird 7 years guys. I’ve laughed so hard, cried arguably even harder, and learned so much about the multi-use for windex and nailposh remover. I know I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving, so here’s the official announcement! I love all of my Macy’s family dearly and think of me next time you hear your favourite Bob Seger song! Off to Bergdorf’s to do visuals. Don’t be a stranger 👌🏼

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Old factory...

Always seeing faces in random places...



Prancing horse

Double curved stuff

Time to leave the island... Ciao cacao!

Those #morningrides are getting more and more enticing. Fancy seeing the otherside before work, come roll with us :) #wien #bikespokecc #catchthesun

The season for polo has started, looking back to look ahead. Can't wait... #throwback #bikepolowien #monarchyleague #kyjov

Mini found most of the eggs, Maxi is still looking :) Happy Easter, and enjoy the looong weekend... #chinchillalove #chinderellas #eastereggs

When an old mate invites you for drinks, expect to go that extra mile to get there :) @hhaaggeenn #wien #grinzing #viennasunday

Half a Gugelhupf with haselnut and laced with ganache, not bad with a cuppa. #wien #dermann #lecher #ieatdonuts

The things that get me out of bed. I wonder what i'll get for my loyalty this time? #wien #nobakingneeded #dermann #letsgetbreakfastnow #ieatdonuts

Just to keep the sun and rain off your eyes. BS classic cap, cool wool outer and cotton inner. 100% machine washable. #bikespokecc #whatwedo #handmade #madewithlove

#TBT I don't even know if this is a dream or a nightmare. Anyways, it's what happens when I don't like flying and just sleep through it. #thanksteammates #imyourfreeinflightentertainment #bucharestbikepolo

Cycling caps to accompany you on and off the bike. Just some of the things we've been upto at #bikespokecc HQ to keep our hands tied.

Some times you return to a city that you've fallen in love with. But you know what, it's even better with close friends, hardcourt polo, bit of boozing, and perfect weather. #TBT #prague #bikepoloprague #goodtimes #maximisingtheweekend

Maximising my weekend _)