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Human upbringing vs Asgard upbringing⠀ #9gag #avengers


That girl is Poison.

Moana have a little attitude today 😩

Pic taken by daddy @offsetyrn NO EDIT



Cardi B meets Cardi E ❤️❤️ @theellenshow Today on Ellen !

I’m here to assist your shhhttaaaankin ass❤️

Okay more PG then 😩😩

Ok ok this my last picture 😩


They prayed , they got they shit together and they lived happily ever after ...until they argue about who got the best food😤New York or Atlanta?....Deff New York 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤨

Ain’t no complaint

Miss you babestar 😢

Make it leak

Thank you sooo much babe @offsetyrn I can’t believe it 😱Deum @pristine_jewelers ! I’m so happy ❤️Soo grateful

Celebrating my mommy ❤️ Styled by mommy.

Ride the Dick


Daddy I’m so proud of you !!!! These past few months you been workin so hard and the work been paying of and showing ! From Faze partnership to Caffeine Game live streaming to this show.I can’t wait for the premiere and for people to see your personality more and the hot ass cars!I’m so happy I’m so proud I can’t stop saying it ! I wanna hug you a million times .You deserve it. @offsetyrn

Wow 😱😱😱Lets link ! Free cardi tickets for life .You even invites to my family events .

Dress by Mommy ❤️

I got no caption so just check out Writing on the wall, South of the boarder and YES music video 😩😂😂

YES MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW ! @fatjoe @anuel_2blea and LACARDIASADA ....Let me know when you watch it withchooo stankan ass

Sooo how ya feel about the Winner ? How ya feel about the finale ? @rhythmandflownetflix #rhythmandflow

LA CALDIIIIII !!!!!!!!Dress @nicolasjebran| earrings @queenpee pic by @tomasherold

9/20/17 Happy marriage anniversary hubby❤️ We keep learning and growing.Thats what marriage about.

Lawwwd I be nervous 😩..... Thank you so much Anna and @voguemagazine for having me speak at today’s Forces of Fashion panel. Thank you for acknowledging my passion for fashion, music, politics and motherhood and thank you for giving me this platform to speak openly about my journey. These are the moments I’ve dreamt about and I can’t thank you enough. 💗SWIPE UP TO LINK IN MY BIO.

Maybe I should move to Paris. Top and skirt by @alietteny Boot @ysl Frame @balenciaga Earring @fenty Photographer @tomasherold

PARIS FASHION WEEK, IM HERE ! Designer: @richardquinn .

Everybody want to look good ,everybody want to look sharp but to go where ? How genius is it to put fashion and charity together ?ITS FUCKING GENIUS ! And one more small little thing... @shaunking don’t get the credit he deserves.He go so hard for minorities ,communities and advocates so much for voting for @badgalriri to honor him and put that light on him that he deserves is a amazing and beautiful thing !

Writing on the wall out now French ,Post Malone ft Me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

@rhythmandflownetflix Is now streaming on Netflix ...what do you guys think ? What do you think ? Did I do good as a judge ? Are you enjoying it ? Is this the best competition show you ever seen ?

And I’m off to America .Paris fashion week was a dream for me .From @ThomeBrownny show to ending at the @chanelofficial .God said do the work and I’ll give you the blessings.Im thankful for these opportunities God has given me🙏🏽 I’ll be doing the Vogue panel on October the 10th! See you there! Outfit :@chanelofficial

THE TEACHER❗️ @thombrowneny show was AMAZING! It’s a must to see‼️

Out with mommy and daddy ❤️I love toothbrushes 😩

How ya like this week @rhythmandflownetflix episodes ? Who ya fav soo far ?

Ya hoes better learn .

My hearts ♥️ ❤️ @offsetyrn