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GABBAN FC ... @novian_diphoto jgn jingjit hahaha. . . 📸@bdgmoment.prjct / @cho_kurnawan

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Switch up.

Happy new month fam. May this month bring love and peace to everyone. 🙏🏽 📸 @skinnyme90

Happy DAGRIN Day. . Hey bruh!! I hope this is how you’ll walk like a legend to your party in Heaven, i hope all ‘em other Legends will pull up? I wish we could all FaceTime you to televise it live king. Enjoy your party brother. We’ll be here celebrating your legacy till we meet again. Happy Birthday Grin Baba. “ WE KNEW WHAT IT WAS”. . #love you forever G. #CEO #Akogun #LyricalWerey #omoogun #barrackogrin #Misofunyin #africa #nigeria #rap #hiphop #music #legend #LegendsDontDie 🙏🏽👑

Don’t mistake popularity for purpose. . . S.H.A.I.I.Z.I

Hey!! Hope you’re good? Just checking on y’all. Celebration is our portion. 🙏🏽💜 . . SHAIIZI . 📸 @skinnyme90

Some of us have been depressed for real, some may be facing it right now and i know what the deadly feeling is like. The number one secret is PRAYER, then never let your environment, age, shame, what people will say or status stop you from striving no matter how little you think your hustle is okay? . . Just pray for God to keep directing your steps while you walk by faith. HE NEVER FAILS. In HIS time, HE makes all things right. Stay focused. 🙏🏽 . . S.H.A.I.I.Z.I . #givethanks #work #pray #faith #doitpatiently #peacefully #silently #consistently


This is a strong message. Your helpers are your pillars. May God continue to send helpers our way. God bless everyone that has ever helped me in anyway. #forever #grateful 🙏🏽 . . Shout out to my realers wey credit my Aza with 1k when i been need 10k. @tb_square @moemusicworldwide 💪🏽🚀🚀 . #Classic #content #music #hit #bigrecord #goodvibe #prospect #raw #talent

She’s so full of joy. I’m inspired. 🙏🏽💪🏽😊😁🙌🏽🙌🏽 #thankyou for putting a smile on my face too. #happinessispriceless #mood #PositiveVibes . . Posted @withrepost • @iam_georgetown Happiness is free faaaaaa @iam_yq My song any day anytime #evergreensong 🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀 Keep elevating @bimboomokore na ur time 💵💵💵💵💵 Check ur dm oooo my account number is there tank u awo lo 😂😂😂

If Rihanna say make you leave your girlfriend now come scratch her back, wetin go be your answer?


When they say someone’s kindness and selflessness is too good to be true. I’m sure this man will come first. From spending his money to make sure we get on mainstream TV and radio back in the days when there was no IG, buying us expensive clothes just to look very presentable for interviews and outings. Driving us to different media houses and financing one of the most expensive videos then directed by @djteefilms just to make sure we become household names by all means with EFIMILE video ft Dagrin. Even when they tried to discourage, you refused to listen to naysayers till we blow shaaa. What a man!!! So many things to talk about .... Baba just know say my loyalty no fit end. You know say i respect and appreciate you forever. Words can’t describe my friend, brother and boss for life. Happy birthday. Long live @emkaydabozz . . I’m happy for the man you’ve become and I’m inspired boss. God bless your home. 🙏🏽 🙏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #forever #loyal #grateful #thankful #Boss #2KonceptEnt #allday

When fear knocks on the door, send faith to open the door and you’ll see that there’s nothing to fear in fear.

Being recognized by The Who’s who in Igala land and sitting on the table of the elites was emotional. As a teenager who left home at 16 to chase dreams ( I don’t advise any teenager to try it). As at that time, there was no social media. All i had was hope, guts and faith that i could make it if i faced my fears. . Proud of myself but i give all Glory to God. I stay focused and grinding like i never got nothing. For the Legacy, so help me God. 🙏🏽 S.H.A.I.I.Z.I #motivationalpost #motivation #TBT #major #throwback #2017 #humbled #honored #grateful #legacy #slowly #slowlybutsurely #HMRinc

@migos “ NO DE DO PASS SO O “ suppose be my only caption but i gats yarn my mind. My first UK tour in 2011 costumes were designed by @runscouture after we met in 09 and planned to work together “ if i don get bar for materials”. . Throughout the tour, majority of the people loved my outfits and that boosted my confidence. Fast forward to 2019, we linked up again and this time i found out that aside from being a very creative designer, he’s a selfless and great guy who goes all out to make sure his peeps thrive. A fashion designer extraordinaire A friend turned family. NEVER LOOK DOWN ON ANYBODY. ONLY GOD KNOWS TOMORROW. . S.H.A.I.I.Z.I #appreciation #post gratitude #thankyou #talent #fashion #genius #creative #designer #family

My followers no be one million, but my fan base o strong gidi gan o . When u feel a song to your bone and you feel like doing a cover. Shout out to all the new guys, giving us good vibes. I really love this. One of my favourite new acts. . Fireboy x Oxlade Song title; Sing .. #Classic #godbless #afrobeats #music #movement #believe #dontstop #BlessUp S.H.A.I.I.Z.I

" I only roll with serious minded people wey de real wey de correct o. We de hustle no retreat no surrender, hard working people wey de collect doe. I carry dem for head from Naija down to Ghana and Soweto. When dem see me on the street dem de show me love deep down me i appreciate o" ... . 🙏🏽❤️ . . S.H.A.I.I.Z.I Song; Properly . #TBT #properly #video #music #entertainment #throwbackthursday