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I’m humbled once again that my character was chosen for the Art Beat 2019 advertising and branding. I try to help local artists prepare for this show every year, it holds a dear place in my heart. Thank you @dtsouthbend for having me involved. ✌🏽 #dtsbartbeat #artbeat #artbeat2019 #dtsb #downtownsouthbend #southbend #indiana #artshow #artfair #summer2019 #artist #art #illustration #illustrator #octopus #characterdesign #characterdriven #parabolastar #michiganartist #michiana

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@elevatedsocietymusic came out with an insane mixtape! Head on over and check it out! Here’s a little sneak peek 😮 Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

@dmnds_music came out with an absolute BANGER. If you are having a party or just want to dance, then make sure their song “Honey” is on the playlist. Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

BANGER ALERT! Snails & Big Gigantic - Feel The Vibe feat. Collie Buddz (Unisoner Remix) is something you need to check out NOW Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

Have you heard @lostmelodymusique new remix?? If not, do yourself a favor and check it out now! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

Everyone, @dj_matt_black has just released his single, go over and show some love and support!! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

Get ready to DANCE to this creation by @shasamusic. Head on over and check him out! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

@official_aceboog went IN on this. Let me know what you think in the comments down below and head on over to his page to show some love!!! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

Hey, I’m Richy! Check out what @itsrichymarz has been cookin up. Don’t be surprised to see this man producing for top billboard artists in the near future... Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

I’m not sure y’all are ready for this one, but here you go. @andrew.southworth created an absolute 💎 named “Stutter” let me know what you think about it down 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

When it’s finally the weekend 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

If you haven’t already heard @lucasandsteve new song “Inception” then now you have. Go check it out!! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers By: @lucasandsteve

“Freak Out” by @celeb_tha_legend feat. @fame.us_ is a banger! 🤯🤯🤯 Tag a friend that needs to hear this! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

Remember that one song you needed to hear because you just wanted to dance?? Well here it it! “Exhale” by @jayhardway Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers By: @jayhardway

Absolutely LOVE this track by @krozzmusic . This will definitely get you moving! Tag 2 friends!!! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers By: @krozzmusic

Digging this remix of Messy by @fendysiregar_ & @rzkysfd. Let me know what you think of down in the comments!! Follow: @headshakers FOLLOW: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

Have a listen to this piece that is sure to make you DANCE by the one and only @symphonic.audios. Tag ☝🏽 friend in the comments below to make their day!!! FOLLOW: @headshakers FOLLOW: @headshakers FOLLOW: @headshakers

@a7medmusic absolutely KILLED this Moonlight remix! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

Wildfire is OUT NOW by @jimyosef and @saraskinner. Head on over to their pages to check out the full song! Tag 2 friends and send em over! FOLLOW: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers FOLLOW: @headshakers

“Living On My Beat” is a vibe! Created by @juanp._.music this is for sure something you and your friends will enjoy! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers

Absolutely killer beat!! This will definitely get you moving! Follow: @headshakers Follow: @headshakers By: @rvlphkiller