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👩🏻‍💻Manager @husamcam 📸Blog, lifestyle and decoration photographer ➕Starbucks Partner ☕️ 🇸🇾📍🇩🇰

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Before & After!! 😮 When you take a photo you’re the creator, the leader.. you can use the minimum tools and add your touch to it. In this photo i focused on the background details and colors with ignoring the subject that i can manage later, otherwise i will get a white burned background without any details.. swipe between the two photos it’s really satisfying!! 😃 • • • • • #relax #lightroom #naturallight #chill #photoshop #portraitcollective #adobe #visualcoop #windowlight #lookslikefilm #tellon #loveauthentic #portraitphotographer #pool #naturallightphotographer #relaxing #naturallightphotography #enjoy #mare #holidays #rest #estate #aleppo #اقتباسات #applewatch #ipadpro11 #aarhus

Keep it minimal 💙

After more than 3 years i decided to grab my camera back to my shoulder and take some photos outside my room.. couldn’t imagine how amazing is this feeling when you take photos because you want to, because you love to 💕 I started to believe that it’s a bad idea to make living from your passion.. And about the beautiful face in the photo, she is Gaelle, a dear daughter of a dear friend @assilmosleh ♥️

I celebrate easter in my own way🧡 #strelitzia

Is it spring again or it’s just a fool ☀️☀️☀️ By @shadia_manlla ♥️

Turn around.. pose.. shoot 📸 #strelitzia

Photoshoot day 🕶🤓 @husamcam

“I stay up late every night and realize it’s a bad idea every morning” 😴

Good morning for those who are waiting for sun rays to come through their windows to start their days ☀️✨🌸

Do you know that If one day governments decided to change the time of the whole world (don’t ask me why they’ll gonna do this 🙄), we will never notice that because all our devices’ date & time controlled by them!! So always keep an analogue clock hanged on your wall ⏰ it never lies and could save you from the Cosmic conspiracy 😎😎 P.S Remember to charge your analogue clock batteries every while 🔋 😅

Do you know why do i love the rossetta♥️🌿?? . . Because i can’t make the tulip 😂

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”🌾 – Buddha

Always love to go closer with flowers 🌸 #chrysanthemum

Alienation....empty places... غربة

Nothing describes me more than B&W 🖤

Sometimes nothing can help us but a miracle💫 BUT...do miracles really happen??

When the daylight creates your shoot 👜

Light source + white board + wardrobe = minimal image 💜