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Things you need to register your busines with CAC DIY. 1. A Valid email address 2. A valid identity card e.g a. Nation identity card b. Voters card c. Drivers license d. International pasaport 3. At least minimum of 2 business name you want to register 4. At least #5,700 naira to pay for reservation and registration. 5. Watch video on how to register business on you and u r good to go. Or click on the link in my bio to register for the ongoing class

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Hey, Sunday. Pretty sure there's not supposed to be a comma in that sentence as the "because" takes the place of the comma but I am not an editor. Anyways. Whatever your definition of success means, get into it. Also, read and podcast and like and follow the experts. But also, fuck it. Take the leap and listen to your instincts, too. Oh, and another thing: paid ads won't save your shitty website. If you have to give away cold product to get 50 likes, it means you need to regroup. Don't worry, Gates, Jobs, and Zuckerberg all had to do this. So, it's cool and not embarrassing if your sock website has to regroup and #pivot. Anyways bye. #mobilestartups #appsychology #venturecapital #startups #marketing #femalefounders

⚡️Here's how you know your business idea is good AKA how to validate your idea: 🎉🎉 1. You're solving an actual problem 2. People have a pain point & you are addressing that pain point. 3. Even if someone else is doing it, you're going to solve the problem faster, cheaper, better. 4. You're uncompromising in the creative integrity of your product 5. You hustle on Sundays until you don't have to anymore because ultimately... 6. "Hustle" is a poor man's losing game and investment, scale and long term working smarter not harder is the goal 7. You don't waste paper, time, money. 8. You believe in good relationships. . . . Get more #startuptips and #marketing shenanigans for #founders here

#Repost ・・・ Stress culture sucks. There, we said it. We need to stop glorifying it. We need to stop normalizing it. We need to start valuing balance, to start valuing peace of mind. This is super important, especially for all you entrepreneurs and founders out there. We know what it’s like. That go, go, go mindset. Don’t get us wrong, hustling is important to the vitality of your business. But so are you. Take a break, take time for yourself, and in turn, take back the control in your life ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 📸: @martinamartian

Do you know this story? ⚡️💥💥💥🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #feminist is a trigger word for me. I gotta be honest. Cher has this story that her mom said, "why don't you settle down and marry a rich man?" And she responds as Cher as possible with, "Mom, I am a rich man." 💥 what does feminism trigger have to do with it? She got hers. Go get yours. Obstacles are a mindset. Be sexy. Wear sequins. Be single or get married. Have kids or don't. Make as much money or as little money as you want. No one can stop you if you don't want to be stopped. End of story. ⚡️ what it boils down to is this: as soon as you stop caring what anyone- man or woman- thinks, you're extremely dangerous. Thanks, Cher, you cutiepie.

Heads up: if you work freelance, bars are better than coffee shops. For myriad reasons. First, less crowded at say 11am. Second, you don't have to get hammered, dipshit. Get a cider and hold steady all day. Talk to the bartender. Just make it your space. Coffee shops are super busy and full of industry types and students. And have you seen coffee prices? F that. I brought my coffee in and ordered a cider. Next, a salad. And guess what? The productivity isn't the same, it's better. Drinking alone in a bar screams "i am minding my business. You mind yours" happy thursday.

Most #startups are void of any creativity or risk. Misfits & rebels are lost in the mix because they are usually all funded by the same #venturecapital groups, wanting the exact aesthetic based on previous success. Safe and secure for them, sure. So, when you ask yourself why it is hard to get funding for your startup or business know this: walk their creative model line or push harder against the grain until they beg for you to take their money. #startups #founders #entrepreneur #businessowner #Markering @femalentrepreneurs @foundergym @founders101

Clients: we want to go viral. You: Okay... let's do this (xyz). 😂😭😂🎉REALITY: ask your client what is so great about them. Allow them to fluff their product. Now, poke holes in it. Ask again. What is so great about what their product is and what it does. Wait. Now. If they are offended that you (and the world) don't see what's so great, GTFO of there. You'll be spinning your wheels on a client who has #Momager honey boo boo syndrome. If they are all ears and ready to understand where they are in the market, there's a chance that their expectations can be managed. They will ease up off the big dream of a kardashian pimping their sock line or whatever. 💥 Or, you know, do what the fuck everyone else does and buy a fuckload of followers. #venturecapital #femalefounders #entrepreneur #startups #business #femalefounders #marketing #transparency

While this shit is way too hot for me, this story isn't (🤗😉). ✅If you see an opportunity, IT IS YOURS for the taking. ⚡️Never ever doubt the spark of madness or genius that streaks across your mind. Say it. If it is crazy, fine. If it doesn't work, so what. Because here is the truth: those big league CEOs are tapped the fuck out of ideas and could use a fresh batch. So, no. Your idea isn't "dumb". It is exactly what those people upstairs need. ✅Be careful who calls your idea dumb. They probably love it, want it, and will share it if you don't speak up. #venturecapital #femalefounders #entrepreneur #startups #business

🧐Paid ads? Should I boost or what? Should I be on Google ads or Instagram? There are a shitload of advertising platforms you can use. Don't bust too quick on one particular platform before you know exactly where your target audience is. 🎷 For the good majority of us, the Facebook ecosystem works just fine. It's all dialed into Instagram and you can have an ad rolling on both or just one. If you don't fuck with facebook and you only want to have ads on IG, you can do that. You can also re-use old posts. Trust me, no one cares. What about Twitter or Linkedin or Adwords? Pssshh. Just ask yourself: Do you use any of this a lot? Are you willing to? Is there a community on there you are ready to engage with? DM me with your question. #venturecapital #femalefounders #entrepreneur #startups #business #

Just read an article on @incmagazine about 7 signs of intelligence and all this time I just thought I was a bitch. Turns out, I'm hella smart. 🎉 some examples are 1. Like to cuss 2. Like to be alone 3. Unafraid to be wrong. The list goes on and even provides a quantifiable resource to test your intelligence through failure. Anyways. It's Monday and I wonder what @garyvee is wearing. #founder #startups #venturecapital #femalefounders #entrepreneur #startups #business

Every single successful, intelligent person I have ever met and admire has said, "I don't understand. What does that mean?" It is OKAY, marketers, to say you don't fucking know something. It is OKAY to be at the mercy of time, education, training tools, expanding skillsets, and the new school of methodologies (aka #growthhacking). It is OK. Also, it is OK to just allow the mad dash hype of "make 10 million dollars online when you sign up for my fucked up training course online" to pass you by as you hone your never out of date people skills. It is all good. Just find your lane, your niche. Focus on the platform where your audience lives and cultivate that ecosystem. Because guess what? There is plenty of money out there. #pomodorotechnique #venturecapital #business #femalefounders #founder #founders #startups #entrepreneur #marketing

As seen in @target this morning thank you! Subtle messages like this are what I strive for. It doesn't pander to an audience nor does it condescend. It is almost too easy in the very nature of it. A real human woman? What in the ever living fuck is a human doing on an ad?!? 🤯 😂I want to see more subtlety in #marketing and less insistence. and yeah, I am looking at the over-the-top-ugly-is-beautiful-movement that does nothing for me other than force feed a generation of mumblers. Listen. Humans are just better when they are real. Not trapping. Think about it. Social Media lives and breathes for #authenticity and when anything is too contrived they get axed. There is a desire to be better in all ways and none of us are exempt from that want. Nothing wrong with wanting to look our best. Be supercute in all ways! That's fine. Nothing wrong there. But this shows a woman who looks proud. Not thirsty☝🏾. There is a difference! This is subtle enough where it might not be noticeable. But imagine the subliminal power of normalizing aging gracefully. What a fucking concept. #sandiego #business #founder #uxdesign #venturecapital #femalefounders #MondayMotivation #fuckthekardashians

#pomodorotechnique #pomodoro 🎉🎉🎉 This isn't for everyone. But it is wicked efficient. Have you tried it? 25 mins of intense focus- 5 min break. Stand stretch-- look away from the screen. Then another interval. 4 rounds of this and 15 min break. Try it and let me know how productive you are. I like this style because I am over people who say they work "all day". No. You were busy all day. It looked and felt like work. But you most likely focused at 30 min intervals with 30 mins of fuckery in between. Let's be real. This focus drive strategy is 1000% why I don't believe in 8 hr days chained to desks. It is such a jackoff. You look busy and focused because you sit at a computer? GTFO. I love you Jack Ma, but no go. Is it possible to have passion and obsessively think about what we do 10+ hrs a day and have #mindonmymoneyandmoneyonmymind minds ? 🎉YES!!! ☝🏾Do we only have the neurological capability to focus, absorb, retain at shorter denser intervals? ✅Yes. So this method makes sense to me. Anyways. Live your life who cares. Try this. See how it works. #sandiego #business #founder #uxdesign #venturecapital #femalefounders #femaleboss #femaleceo #angelinvestors #marketing #GrowthHackers #leanintoit #leanstartup #startups #entrepreneur #hiit

Do you use a #coworking space? I tried a couple. It was great-- at first. But soon it felt like I was paying to focus. Some kind of psychological thing where if I was paying for it, I'd better use it. As if just focusing and doing the work wasn't enough. This morning I worked out (we should all have a morning routine, fuck being lazy) and I decided to work away from home. What a mess. The library was - well. You know. It's the public library. And coffee shops are pretentious as fuck these days on a bean that cost 35 cents. While I watch a played out hipster get super bent because I visibly show no signs of appreciation for the aesthetic they pulled from instagram. Anyways. I grabbed a coffee and came back home but the whole idea of working for myself was to GTFO of an office. Solution: extension cord. Why on earth is this blowing my mind right now. Happy hump day. #goodgood #marketing #startups #investors #founders #femalefounders #entrepreneur #workfromhome

You have one person to impress and that is the person who pays your invoice. If they like your work, great. If others "don't get it" don't bother trying to explain. If it seems off or weird to them, who cares. ☝🏾No, really. Who cares? You were hired because someone saw something in you. So be you. And here is the hardest #truth no one wants to admit out loud: be tenacious and unwavering in your vision. Even if everyone in the room disagrees. #triggerwarning this IS going to instantly place you as a #bitch but who the fuck cares. #sandiego #business #founder #uxdesign #venturecapital #femalefounders #startups

🎉I once had a boss who told me that he didn't like @garyvee because he had a bad energy and that it was too aggressive. I thought about it and how he would walk by my desk and see Gary's (first name basis bc why tf not) book on my desk and what that must have done to his mindset-- knowing his golden goose agreed with and tried to practice the art of not giving a fuck in the most beneficial way for a brand. I found myself using that piss yellow notepad to cover up the book every time the boss walked by my desk and soon I realized that I was covering up my own methodology on reaching customers and audiences. I eventually resented that boss until I realized: i don't want a boss. I don't care about a lot of the smoke and mirror bullshit and even I see that Gary didn't invent this rockem sockem mentality. Mavericks are all around and they are not necessarily the ones in a nice, hip office. Anyways. That's my rant. Remind me to tell you about the time I worked for a french pimp and his miami stripper wife. #georgecostanza #venturecapital #femalefounders #techstartups #startups #solopreneur #founders #business #womeninbusiness #investors #marketing #advertising #garyvee

It's #Easter. Celebrate your faith. Rejoice! But also, tomorrow is Monday. Get back on that fucking grind. Pretty sure something called #gameofthrones is on Sunday nights, too. College= issa trap.

I do fun tarot card readings on the side. It's fun. I make about a hundred dollars a month. I lead with this "funkooky" energy because I am constantly exploring human personalities because that is how I make a nice little pile of money for my "day job". So when people laugh at my quirks and oddball comments, I am laughing on the inside. I harness a people skill 90% of marketers don't have. This lack of people skills is why 53% of startups fail. People give me money because they like me. Remember that the next time you think your resume speaks for itself. #venturecapital #femalefounders #techstartups #startups #solopreneur #founder #business #sandiego #mobileapps #uxdesign

Happy Monday, ugly. No. Hear me out. A mistake that is on repeat for #marketers is the persistent -excuseme- patriarchal ad schema. Sex sells, sure. And when done correctly and with subtle nuance, still works. Well. But when beginning any market plan, campaign delights, etc etc. remove what you've been groomed to understand in Marketing 101. Remember your own authentic human voice and look around you. We live in a new era of human. The unique flaws are it. While not every campaign needs to showcase a model with vitiligo or plus size or anything, remember that these people are part of a culture of buyers, shoppers, grub hubbers, app installers, lyfters, etc etc in such an impactful way, you'd be a fool to pretend that they should not factor into your target audience in some capacity. If you're a douchebag marketing guy, don't worry, I'm coming for your job next. Enjoy your tailored shirt and cucumber water while you still can. #marketing #femalefounders #runbitch #venturecapital #techstartups #startups #solopreneur #nextlevel #businessModel #garyvee #sharktank #founders @garyvee