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@kimsmagicpop Getting my healthy snack on... • Unique hybrid of Coconut Chips & Coconut Cookie. - Unique circular cookie like shape with high % of Coconut. - All Natural, Vegan, Non GMO Verified, Gluten Free, Low Sugar - Coconut is still in trend in food industry • Different Flavors: -Original - Chocolate - Salted Caramel - Honey • Baked Coconut Bites is available on Amazon as well as on our website. • #kimsmagicpop #bakedcoconutbites #kimsbakedcoconutbites #healthysnack #ketosnack

@drinktastea @greenboba_sj • Dat NEW NEW!! @drinktastea is opening another new location!! The new Tastea location is opening up in Sunnyvale at 114 East El Camino Real! Yay! • Special thanks to @dandy.eats for hosting ❤️ • #tastea #dandyeats

@supergood_kitchen Arcade bar, Yummy drinks, Great food, I’m in!!! • @supergood_kitchen just open and just like it’s name, super good. My favorite is the pork jowl and the crack wings. Prob the best pork Jowl in the Bay!! • #arcade #pork #crackwings #supergood #sanjose #sjeats #sj

🗯🗯🗯G I V E A W A Y 🗯🗯🗯 FYT is the country's leading personal training service with over 8,000 trainers nationwide. Their mission is to improve the health and well-being of millions of Americans by making personal training accessible to anybody because working with a trainer is the best way to #getfyt • One of the coolest things about FYT is that our trainers will meet you in the comfort and convenience of your home, building gym or outdoors, the perfect solution for busy people or anybody who hates going to the gym. Our trainers will even bring all the equipment. • I’ve teamed up with FYT to work on my fitness. Join me and let's keep each other motivated - FYT is giving away a free month of personal training ($400 value) to one lucky winner!!! Just go follow their account: 1. @fytpersonaltraining and @foodieclubsf 2. tag at least 1 friend who you think might like to #getfyt. 3. Each comment with at least 1 friend tagged is an entry. • Winner will be announced Friday, 10/11/2019.

@frozenkuhsterd Can’t get over these amazing @frozenkuhsterd popsicles!! You can pick any of their yummy base like cookie butter and cereal milk (yup that’s what I got). After, they coat it with chocolate and add toppings!! 📸: s’mores And strawberry shortcake #popsicles #icecream #frozen #custard #sfeats #sf #sanfrancisco #sfs

@fytpersonaltraining #getfyt And the winner for the @fytpersonaltraining is .... 🎉🎉 @dmac109, CONGRATSSS!! The struggle is real!! Finding time to eat and go to the gym isn’t easy. @fytpersonaltraining, the trainer comes to you and is super convenient. You can work out with a personal trainer at home. * Thank you everyone that enter!

@camptoasted The only thing I like about winter is turning dark earlier so I can eat more s’more.. gimme s’mores #toasty #camp #sfeats # sf #sanfrancisco

@mokukushabu The newest Shabu spot in SF and it is 💣💣! It’s all you can eat meats with unlimited appetizer dishes. My favorite meat is the wagyu, its not too lean and not too fatty.. it’s just right!! Thou the A5 wagyu isn’t AYCE, I recommend trying it.. it literally melts in your mouth. • #shabu #hotpot #foodgram #foodstagram #sf #sfs #sfeats

@brodo Bone broth is incredibly good for you and it taste so good!! • Brodo tastes incredible because it’s made to the exacting standards of our founder, James Beard Award-winning chef, Marco Canora. In addition to being delicious, our bone broths are nutritional powerhouses. •It’s high in collagen protein, gelatin, and essential amino acids – all in a form our body easily understands and absorbs. • Brodo is hydrating, comforting, and energizing. • Each nutrient-rich cup strengthens your gut, joints, and immunity. The glycine in • Brodo helps your body produce antioxidants that help to rebuild muscle, fight disease and detoxify the liver. #brodobrothco

@marugame_udon It’s finally here 😀! @marugame_udon is Grand Opening Monday, October 28th and they’re gonna have an awesome promotion: * 30% off entire menu ALL DAY (11am - 10pm) * First 100 customers will receive a $10 gift card * Every customer will get a chance to spin our “Maru-GAME” prize wheel for a chance to win great prizes. EVERY SPIN is a winner! #grandopening #new #udon #eastbayeats #eastbay #Berkeley #berkeleyeats

@recchiuticonfections Since I’m a little too old for treat or treating on Halloween.. I’ve decided to get myself some treats. Calavera Truffles @recchiuticonfections, Día de Muertos and the colorful calavera, meaning “skull” in Spanish, symbolize the celebration of ancestors and vibrant journey of life. Traditionally made of sugar, our Burnt Caramel Calavera Truffles are made with a smoky blend of Burnt caramel and 70% dark chocolate ganache. • Where to find them: Recchiuti at the Ferry Building (Shop #30) Recchiuti at theLab (in Dogpatch, SF) We ship confections around the U.S. #recchiuti

@rushbowlsoakland Need to stay fit but don’t want to give up eating yummy food.. I always go for açaí bowls and a healthy shake. #new #oakland #oaklandeats

💥💥💥G I V E A W A Y 💥💥💥 @nomnombanhmi 💣Pate.. if you like pate you need to try @nomnombanhmi, a newest Vietnamese sandwich shop in Berkeley! • Owner Tram makes everything herself including all the sauces, marinate and of course the pate!! • I’ve partner up with @nomnombanhmi to give 2 lucky winners each 2 banh mi and 2 drinks. RULES: 1️⃣MUST FOLLOW @nomnombanhmi & @foodieclubsf 2️⃣MUST LIKE THIS PHOTO 3️⃣Tag a friend 4️⃣MULTIPLE ENTRIES ALLOWED IN SEPARATE COMMENTS • 🥪: combo and beef • 🚨The lucky winners will be announced on 8/24. **disclaimer: This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram** •

@hoshiramen Noods and rice, I can have it all dayyyy! • The newest ramen and rice restaurant in the Marina district is so delicious... my favorite is the braised short rib rice and their ramen, the meat fall right off the bone.. • They are still adding new items to their menu in the near future.. so come check it out. • #ramen #rice #sf #sfeats #sanfrancisco #sfs #bayarea #bayareaeats #food #foodie

@luckybirdca • Happy Mondayyyy!! • I love chicken wings and just had the biggest craving for them this past weekend. Heard this new Thai restuarant in Berkeley called @luckybirdca, is known for their crispy fried wings, bbq chicken to their desserts so I had to try it. Well it definitely did not disappoint.. everything was so flavorful and yummy. • #thai #food #desserts #chicken #wings #Berkeley #berkeleyeats #bayarea #bayareaeats

@bakecheesetart_usa It’s time for re-baking!! @bakecheesetart_usa will have 25 new topping flavors and everyday will be different... plus if you get a box of 6 from 8/17-8/25, you can get a t-shirt or slides (while supplies last) • 🧁: black honey sea salt melange, coconut bliss, almond crunch, Belgium dot, Hokkaido cosmos and geisha matcha • #sf #westfield #sanfrancisco #sanfrancisco #sfeats #sfs #food #foodie #bayarea #bayareaeats

@alexanderspatisserie Can’t stop thinking about these yummy desserts!! Umm.. passion fruit mousse, Heck yeahhh! • Came here years ago and never knew it was part of @alexanderssteakhouse.sf. Learn something new everyday!! • 📸: earl grey and passion fruit mousse • #food #foodie #foodgasm #instagram #instapic #foodstragram

@mintmobile Been thinking about switching phone carrier for months now and found this amazing deal with @mintmobile. They are currently doing a deal and it’s buy 3 months and get 3 months free. Yasss, it’s a steal! • Also, a free gift with this code and purchase: IN_GWP_MINTMOBILE • #ad #get3free #mintinfluencer #mintmobile

@zandybistro • Skewers for dayysssss! @zandybistro located in the heart of SF Chinatown, is a contemporary chinese restaurant with a mix fusion flair. They have Japanese Yakitori to sukiyaki hot pot and so many other delicious dishes. • Thank you to @oinker.eats, @eatswithfoodie for the invite. And @zandybistro for having us! • #yakatori #hotpot #skewers #sf #sfs #sanfrancisco #sfeats

@august1five • Weekends usually means it’s brunch time!! I like to try new places with a unique menus. @august1five, a modern Indian that serves traditional Indian food with a fusion twist. • Don’t let this Tandoori chicken and waffle fool you, the Spinach waffle is one of the best waffles I’ve had. And the chicken is super crispy and well seasoned, it’s so 😋. • 📸: bison keema, tandoori chicken and waffles, and curry Benedict & lamb Chapli • #brunch #modern #indian #food #chickenandwaffles #sfeats #sanfrancisco #foodie

@teaspoonlife New new new breakfast drink menu @teaspoonlife with 4 new espresso drinks.. and now serving pastries from @laboulangeriesf • ☕️: mint mojito and creamy jazmine • Special thanks to @riceandtravel, @bobaiswhyimbroke and @teaspoonlife for having us!!!! • #boba #breakfast #espresso #food #drinks #foodie

@baclieurestaurant • There’s a new Vietnamese restaurant that just opened in Bernal Heights and it’s LEGIT!! The owners been cooking in restaurant for years and now they’ve open their own. They specialize in their region cuisine which is Bac Lieu and it’s more seafood base, like their Bun Mam.. it’s so good!! • #vietnamese #food #foodie #sfeats #sanfrancisco #sfs #sf Happy Labor Day!! Nothing better than having a BBQ on a beautiful day like this with good friends and family. • is BBQ delivery service that comes to your house.. In one of these grill box, it comes freshly prepared ingredients like burger patties, buns, condiments, seasoning, cheese, corn, salad and etc.. it’s basically everything you need for a perfect BBQ. • First time trying this and it won’t be my last.. • #laborday #bbq #grills #fun #easy #food #foodie #bayarea #bayareaeats #sanjose #sanfrancisco #sjeats