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If I’m being honest, this has been a tough one to see. I posted this #transformation on a few other social media platforms with the caption “traded my abs for ice cream and alcohol #noregrets” BUUUUT in all seriousness, this #weightgain is TOUGH to see. Yes, I am sooo grateful to have (for the most part) found #foodfreedom, but I’d be lying if I said I feel totally comfortable with the amount of space I now take up. I feel large. I feel like I’ve become less of a fitness icon. I feel somewhat ashamed. I can’t sit back and pretend that I don’t miss having those #washboardabs. I can’t put on this facade that I’m 100% full of self love and acceptance because I’m not. But I’m TRYING. I work everyday to silence the voice of my #eatingdisorder , to break free from society’s version of a “perfect body”, to #lovemyself through the climbing numbers on the scale, through the lack of control, through the rocky relationship I have with this new body. I intend to continue this weight gain journey, to repair my reproductive health, and most importantly, to mend my broken relationship with MYSELF. Yes, these photos are hard to see. Yes, I miss my abs. Yes, I feel “fluffy”.... but NO I will not relapse. I will NOT fall back into old patterns. I will NOT let #bulimia and #anorexia take over this time. #WeightGainIsCool. #youareenough #recoveryisworthit

Happyyyy #HumpDay! We’re halfway through the week... Anyone feeling accomplished? 💪🏼... I’m not lmao 😂 I’m #survivingnotthriving hahah. • Here’s a #fullbody #hiit #emom that I did with one of my clients today and that I also had my #bootcamp do! I’m not gonna lie, I was dyyyying from this. 🥵 💦 Four rounds of this #emomworkout will have you in a pool of sweat! GO GET ITTTT.

Guysssss can you believe that this year is almost OVER?! 😱 I’m triggered lol. Our professor was going through our remaining assignments today and I realized we only have FIVE weeks left this semester.... HOW!? • Here’s a #backandshoulders #workout for you you really fire 🔥 up that #upperbody! #reardelts and #lats FOR THE WIN! 🏋🏼‍♀️

Here’s another #glutesworkout for you! Are you surprised? 😝 Those WALKING Reverse Lunges are NO JOKE. WOWWW. 🥵 I’m with my stwpdaddy again this weekend. Cancer sucks, this is hard, and life isn’t fair. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Have a great weekend everyone. 💖💖💖

Happy SUN ☀️ DAY! I hope everyone has had a great weekend! I lifted #glutes yesterday as I do most Saturdays... however; I’d like to make one thing clear: Aside from my leg workout, my Saturdays are pretty much completely sedentary! While I do hit the gym that day, the majority of my weekend is spent on my couch, with ice cream and Netflix! I take Thursdays as my FULL rest day, as I’m part- time student teaching right now, and Thursday is my full teaching day and by the time I’m done, I’m pooped! 😴 I’m currently in a #bulkingphase so my calories are very high, and my #workouts are very cut and dry. Quick and heavy is the best way to #gainmuscle!!! • Here’s a simple #shoulderworkout from some time last week. #fullworkout is in the last frame! HAVE A GREAT WEEK YA’LL!

Happyyyy FRIYAYYYY! 🤑🤑 (money emojis bc today was payday lol) If you’re out here tryna get them MARSHMALLOW ARMS then I’m ya girl, hi 👋🏽. Ten sets of ten on the #biceps movies, 20 reps of the #tricepdips, and 2 rounds of a #triceps pyramid will have you struggling to drive home 😈 Give this #upperbodyworkout a try!!! #fullworkout in the last frame! HALLY WEEKEND loves!!!!

#transformationtuesday courtesy of Chick- Fil- A, too many un-remembered nights in Old Town (yikes lol), and most importantly, a whoooole lotta #selflove! There’s around 8-10 pounds difference between these pics and Hopefully more to go! Life is much more fun when you stop letting your #eatingdisorder make your choices for you. 10/10 would recommend recovery. 😏💪🏼

HI #Fitfam!! I don’t have a full workout for you today buuuut this was a #triceps finisher that myself and my #workoutbuddy ended our #shouldersandtriceps lift with the other day! This is super simple but it BURNS 🔥 This works best when the person pushing on your triceps is ABOVE you, which is why I’m on a bench and (continue watching) he’s just standing for when it’s my turn lol (I’m very short). The goal is to have someone push on your arms, and you should push up against their push. We held these for fifteen seconds!! • I hope ya’ll have a FABULOUS Monday! Make today GREAT. 🖤🖤

Hi HAPPY WEEKEND!! Looking to demolish your legs from EVERY angle? I GOTCHU FAM. Do this #lowerbodyworkout without cryin I dare you. #fullworkout in the last frame. LOVE U BYE. 🦵🏻 🏋🏼‍♀️

Helllooo Saturday 😍😍 I’ve been pretty lazy today 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I DID go to the gym this morning.. then I went home and ate ice cream 🍦 lol. #Balance Am I right? 😝 • Here’s an #abworkout that you can do AT HOME..... but maybe without dogs because as you can see in the first video, they get very intrigued hahaha. Don’t let me fool ya, though. I didn’t actually do this today, I just filmed it 😂 #mytruth as a #wannabeinfluencer 😝 Hope y’all get as hApPy as I plan to this evening... 💃🏼 LOVE UUUU

YA’LL. THIS. WORKOUT. OMG. 🥵 🥵 This is a #fullbody #hiit workout that I had my boot camp do last night AND that I did with one of my luck- butt clients today! SO fun and SO challenging!! FIVE Rounds of :40 on / :30 rest will have your #muscles burning 🔥 and your heart ❤️ rate UP!!! Go GET IT!!!

Hi, just trying to distract myself from the tragic week my family is having. 🙃 I couldn’t stand sitting in the hospital room anymore so the boy and I went back to our little townhome (provided by the hospital) so I could SWEAT 💦 IT OUT. Here’s a 30 minutes #AtHomeWorkout that requires #NoEquipment. :40 on / :20 rest 5x Hope y’all have a better weekend than me lol bye

HAPPY Monday!!! I’m ready for Friday lol anyone else? 😭🙃 • Here’s a #glutesworkout from yesterday. My butt hurts. 🍑 Yes I have cellulite. It’s natural, it’s normal, and no amount of exercise can eliminate the genetic makeup of how your skin forms. Bye. 👋🏽

Happy FRIDAY! 🥳🤩 Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. With everything going on with my family, and trying to get caught up in school, I am OCCUPIED. • I know how uNBeLieVaBle it is that I actually lifted #chest again 😮 but YA GIRL DID THE DANG THANG. This was a pretty good #chestandtricepsworkout from earlier this week! That first move is very #core - based! KILLA!!! #fullworkout in the last frame perrrrr usual!! Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!!! 💖💕

First lift in over five days 💪🏼 Definitely wasn’t the most ideal gym lol BUT ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Lifting is my #stressrelief and its obviously been THE most stressful week, so it was amazing to finally be able to pick some weights up. I used the hospital’a gym. It had very basic, minimal equipment, but I needed to be in and out, so the basics were all I needed! I got a pretty good pump from this #backandbicepsworkout!

I’ve had a rough past few days.. My stepdaddy’s health is rapidly declining, school is hitting me hard, clients are dropping out to save money for the holidays, I’m feeling very uncomfortable in my growing body, and to top it all off I’ve got a massive zit on my chin (lol). BUT I know that sitting and sulking about my problems is not going to fix them. So, I had a good cry, got my feelings out to those who’d listen (big shouts to my bf and his sister lol love y’all), throw on some T- Swift, and I am HANDLING IT. 💃🏼 It’s okay to feel your feelings. It’s healthy to cry. It’s normal to feel helpless. But drowning yourself in your sadness won’t make you feel any better.... Keep on keeping on!!! • Here’s my #backworkout From Sunday! Y’all already know that #backday is the BEST DAY! Go grow them WANGSSS!!!

#shoulderboulders 💪🏼 orrrr since it’s #spookyszn I should say PUMPKIN 🎃 Shoulders 😝 I’m kind of all over the place mentally. We’re heading to KC now to see my stepdaddy in the hospital.... He’ll have surgery sometime this weekend. Please, please keep my family in your thoughts. • This #upperbodyworkout had my #shoulders and #delts SCREAMING at me! Go get it, folks!!! 👊🏼💢

It’s FRIDAY, FRIDAY! 💃🏼 I’ve been struggggling this week, y’all. 😭 School is kickin my BOOTY! ... Bit not as bad as this workout did!!😝😝 This had my #glutes on FIRE 🔥 for the next few days! The second video shows a series by @bretcontreras1 and HOLLYYYY BURN! 😵😵😵 I hope y’all have a happppyyy weekend!

When life gets hard, throw on some feel- good jams 💃🏼 (preferably T Swift), pick up some heavy weights, and put ‘me back down again. Repeat. 🏋🏼‍♀️ ..... Life has SERIOUSLY kicked me down and HARD this week (hello it’s only Wednesday LOL). I’m barely holding on. Being in the gym helps me to release some of my sadness and anger. I need this. • This #QuadsWorkout has me SO. FREAKING. SORE. today 😵 I kid you not, these #thunderthighs are in PAIN. #bigyikes 😬😬 Give this #quadsandcalves workout a whirl if you’re tryna wobble around tomorrow. ✌🏼 love y’all. Hold your loved ones CLOSE for me.

‼️TRIGGER WARNING‼️ Scroll with caution ⚠️ ••• I remember when I began to develop my #eatingdisorder four years ago. I hadn’t had it all my life, but when it hit me, it CONSUMED me. I can recall countless hours scrolling through Pinterest, saving photos of skinny girls with abs.... I vividly remember saving that third photo (scroll to see). I saved it as my phone’s background and referred to it each time I intended to “indulge”. The fact that that photo even EXISTS now just sickens me. It’s disgusting, #fatphobic, and DANGEROUS. the first two photos show the NEW Dallas. She doesn’t have a “flat stomach” or “hip bones”. Her collar bones are now NO LONGER protruding. She may have lost her #abs but she’s SO MUCH HAPPIER. Sure, the number on the scale and the size of her waist get to her. She cries from time to time, but she will NEVER fall victim to the demon that is #bulimia and #anorexia ever again. 💪🏼

We made it to Tuesday! 🤗 Honestly my school / homework load is so large and overwhelming... So of course instead of being responsible and getting ahead of things I’m sitting here watching KUWTK 🙃🥴😅 LOL. • Here’s a #fullbody FINISHER that was fully inspired by the gorgeous @fitfully_rea 🤩 I didn’t film the #bicepworkout I did before this #hiitworkout but I did post it in the last frame. The #biceps portion is from @sarah_bowmar!!! I’ve been really enjoying taking snippets from other ~influencer’s~ #workouts lately because I’ve been so burnt out on writing my own. 🤷🏼‍♀️ This #cardiocircuit was KILLER!!! 😰 Enjoyyyyy! ❤️

Do you find yourself truly pushing yourself, your limits? Or are you oftentimes just going through the motions? For the longest time I hid behind a facade of “self acceptance” and “self love” but I wasn’t truly pushing beyond my realms of comfort to test those claims. I’d eat the same amount of food, I’d continue to perform hours a week of cardio. I pretended that weight gain was not an issue for me, that my “lack of abs” didn’t bother me. Because I wasn’t truly having to adhere to any of those. Now I am TRULY gaining weight, I am REALLY seeing the number on the scale rise, I really have lost all definition in my lower core (hello high waisted pants thank you lol) and I can HONESTLY say that I am HAPPY. I feel so much life fulfillment and am SO self- aware. It’s crazy what happens when you APPLY yourself!! No matter WHAT your goals are, whether they are to lose weight, gain muscle, find a job, finish school, ANYTHING, you MIST be willing to LEAVE your comfort zone. Stop going through life without purpose. TRULY LIVE 💖💖💖 ps currently obsessing over this set from @official.flamingo.shop 😍

Happyyyy Saturday! I’ve been a little quiet on here. My grandma is doing MUCH better and will most likely be released either today or tomorrow! 🥳 I’ve made a lot of lifestyle changes in the past few weeks that I’ll touch more on in my story sometime soon.... I’m so proud of myself but It has NOT been without struggle..... • ANYWAY!!! Here’s a #shouldersworkout that I did yesterday! I was feeling pretty strong with my #militarypress at 30 pounds! 💪🏼 ALSO, the #triset from the SECOND CLIP is absolutely KILLER 💀 My shoulders were BURNING 🔥 Be sure to check it out and give it a try!!’ 👊🏼💢

I’d be lying if I told you this has been easy. I’ve been tied down by the constraints of calorie counting, fear foods, working out, self- loathing for far too long. These past few months have truly been a summer of transformation for me in terms of my mental (and physical) health. Over the past three years I’ve preached about “self love”, “balance”, “food freedom”, “body positivity” but the truth behind my happy facade has been much less empowering. I’ve bragged about my “weight gain”, my “bulking journey”.... when in reality I was only compensating for my lack of bulimia and anorexia with constant macro tracking and excessive cardio.... I feel ashamed for my failure to be honest with those around me, but mainly with how I’ve fooled myself. It wasn’t until this summer that I sat down with myself and decided that ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I have contemplated my intentions and realized that until I am 100% upfront with myself about how I’m really treating my body, I will never recover.... So I finally made REAL changes. No more five mile runs, no more parking far from stores for extra steps, no more passing up cake at birthday parties.... The changes in my body have scared me. They’ve disgusted me. They’ve made me cry. I find myself tugging at my sides and holding my belly more often than I’d like to admit, I’ve felt an odd sense of failure each time I stop the treadmill at mile “one”.... but I know that fat is necessary for optimal health, that weight does not define me, and there is MORE to life than what my eating disorder has led me to believe there is. I’ve gained almost ten pounds since I moved to Wichita, six of those just in the past few months. I’m officially weighing in at the same number I’d see when I was a cheerleader at Barton Community College, and although I feel self conscious and uncomfortable, I’m also proud. I still have a lot of work to do in fixing my mental health, and unfortunately my years of deprivation have taken quite the toll on my reproductive system (that’s a story for another time), but I’ll keep working to be the best “me” I can... As always, if you or anyone you know is struggling, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out. 💖💖

What’s up friends?! Anyone else as hungover as I am? 😅 It’s a weekly Sunday thing, lol. 🤷🏼‍♀️ • I’ve noticed that I’ve been especially sore the past few weeks, so I’ve been trying to incorporate more #stretching and #foamrolling into my weekly routine! My goal is to really dig into those muscles at least three times a week. This is video that shows how I typically use the foam roller! It’s obviously very sped up but it’s a great representation of how to get alllll your sore spots!! 🖤

Happy JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT DAYYY!! Well, for me anyway ☺️ I’m so hyped, I’m BURNIN UP! Tehe I’m so punny 🤣 • Here’s four #advanced #core moves to spice up you mans routine!! I hope y’all have had the bestttt weekend! 👑

Happy #HumpDay y’all! 😁 I’ve had a super #relaxing morning and I am allll about that! 💆🏼 • YA’LL I ACTUALLY LIFTED #chest for once!! 😱 First time in like three weeks so of course I had to document it!!! I’d complain about how #sore I am from this #chestday on Monday but I’m so wrecked from last night’s #gluteworkout that I don’t even know what part of my body ISN’T in pain 😂 Please enjoy these clips from my RARE encounter with a #chestworkout!

Happpyyy Monday #Fitfam!! It’s a hot one out there 🥵 I think the high today is still 90 lol I’m not mad though, I think I’m in the minority here when I say I prefer the heat to cold 🤷🏼‍♀️ • Yesterday’s #backworkout was oookkayy. It wasn’t fantastic but that’s perfectly fine!! Not every workout is going to be the best!!! Hope y’all have a great week! 💖💖

Omg I just found all these clips from a #legday that must have been from like 2 weeks ago!?? Idk but it’s a great one so I couldn’t pass it up as a post! I hope y’all are having a fantastic Tuesday!!

#transformationtuesday brought to you by ALL the ice cream 🍦 and cereal 🥣 😂 Some people might glance at these photos and feel as though I’ve failed myself, that I’ve let myself go. I’ve heard comments such as “Oh but you lost your abs” and “You didn’t really look that sick in the first picture”. I can’t tell you how many girls would see me during that phase of my life and indicate that my physique at the time were their “goals”. What people fail to recognize is the pain behind that “before” photo. They don’t see the nights I spent hovering over the toilet, purging myself of the little food I had consumed. They don’t see all the missed nights out with friends due to fear of food and skipped gym sessions. They don’t understand the trauma my body was enduring. Sure, I might have lost the definition in my midsection and gained some@chub in my cheeks, but I’ve got out with my friends nearly every weekend this summer. I’ve added over 40 pounds to my squats. I’ve been “purge- Free” for seven months. I am finally HAPPY. I have truly learned to appreciate this body that guards and inhabits me. I have days that I tug at my sides and scowl at my stomach. I feel uncomfortable and self conscious on a daily basis... but I REFUSE to be held down and constrained by my eating disorder any longer. I’m proud of myself and I encourage each and every one of you to repair your relationships with food and exercise if they’ve become unhealthy because I can ASSURE you that happiness and freedom feels MUCH better than “skinny” does. 💕💕

Hey What’s Up Hello 👋🏽 I hope y’all have had the most BEAUTIFUL weekend ever! It’s been very gloomy and rainy here! ☔️ • I did full #lowerbody yesterday and lemmetellya my #quads and #hamstrings are screaming at me today yikes 😅😭 But we out here tryna make GAINSSSS! 🍑 The FOURTH video is a PAUSED #sumodealdlift! If you watch closely you’ll see that I pause for a few seconds right above my calves before finishing the movement! Go lighter on these, they burrrrn! 🔥 #fullworkout is I The he last frame!!! Happy Sunday!!

Hello friends. Short caption today as I’m in the hospital with my family. My grandma had a stroke this morning. She’s doing well but I think my mom is a little shaken up. Hold your loved ones a little tighter today for me. In the meantime, here’s a #bisandtris #workout. Enjoy.

BIS & TRIS WHAT IT DO BAYBIIIEEEE!? Are y’all ready for that MARSHMALLOW puff #armgame? GOOD BC I GOCHU FAM. This #bicepsandtriceps workout has me feeling ALL sorts of noodly 🥴 🍜 #fullworkout is in the last frame. LOL GOOD LUCK DRIVING HOME ily bye

Happyyyy Monday!!! Ya girl had QUITE the day yesterday as my driver’s window was busted and my wallet was stolen... I lost my SS card, license, and over $400 SO THAT’S FUN! 🙃 At least no one was hurt. 🤷🏼‍♀️ • Here’s a BOMB #lowerbodyworkout that I did after I vacuumed my car and driveway LOL. This targets your #quads AND #glutes! Hope y’all have a great day!!!

Y’all I have been STRUGGLING this week!! 😭 I feel SO unmotivated and sluggish 😖😣 I feel so unrested and exhausted 😩 Not every day, week, or even month is going to feel like a million bucks. It’s TOTALLY normal to get burnt out!!! That’s life. There’s NO reason to feel inadequate or like a failure.... Take a step back and prioritize YOURSELF and your needs! ❤️❤️ • Here’s a #ahoulders workout for your next #upperbody day!! My #shoulderboulders we’re burning after this one! Ps I was laughing at my boss in that third video tehe HAPPY #HumpDay y’all

AIN’T NO WORKOUT LIKE A PUPPY PARTY WORKOUT! 🐶 Here’s few #core exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home FEATURING my FUR BABIES 🐾 This #AtHomeWorkout is sure to fire 🔥 up your #abs! This is a #noequipmentworkout you can do for time OR 10 reps each! Be sure to check out my STORY for an update on my #eatingdisorderrecovery and my journey to health! HAPPY MONDAY YA’LL!

Looking for a KILLER #bicep workout?? #igotchu 💪🏼 10 sets of 10 reps per move. Rest only between each round. Then die. 👊🏼💢 I did this yesterday and my biceps and #forearms are SO SORE! Hope y’all have a great Thursday! ❤️❤️

⚠️⚠️⚠️GIVEAWAY CLOSED ⚠️⚠️⚠️ CONGRATULATIONS @kalliecakes196 YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!! So I’ve been on a MISSION to drink MORE WATER 💦 and it’s been a struggle lol. I went on @amazon and bought this cute lil 1/2 gallon water bottle and it has helped SO MUCH!! It’s leak- proof and easy to carry around. I love it!!! SOOOO I decided to do a #giveaway to share my love for it!!! RULES: 1️⃣ Like this post ❤️ 2️⃣ Tag a friend 2️⃣ BONUS if you share to your story!!! •• WINNER will get to choose between CLEAR, BLACK, BLUE, or PINK!!! I’m choosing my WINNER on SUNDAY August 11th! GOOD LUCK!!! 💕🤩💖

#fullbodyfriday lol guys I have been MIA for the past few days sorrryyy. School has been CRAY CRAY and I can’t deal 😭 • Here’s a #fullbodyworkout from a week ago! THE METHOD: 7 Descending Rounds: round one- 7 reps (per side), round two- 6 reps, round three- 5 reps.... etc all the way down to ONE Rep!!! Issa sweaty one!!! HAPPY WEEKEND 💖