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I haven't seen this many cops in one spot EVER. This is what happens when Trump is in town...

Always the best...

Oh no she didn't try and break it out at Captian D's....so sad...

Happy Halloween! It is SO cold out! Came out of nowhere. I thought about getting a cuddle buddy for the night, but that would be putting a bandaid on a surgical wound. Seems a waste of time. Find myself missing the only people I've ever loved. Todd is gone, God rest his soul, and Christian is doing his thing. I had actually convinced myself he would be here for the long haul. If life were only that easy. As long as he's happy, I can live with that. Still wish he were here. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN!!

Feeling a little nostalgic. Seems i can usually find the means to obtain the very few things that make me happy. But the one that said they would be by my side forever is the one thing missing. 🌀

My Baby's baby. I love them both so much.

He was determined to curl up on me. Wonder what he wants...

So addicted to this show. Season 6 hits Netflix in a few days!😁👍👏😱

Exhausted, trying to keep up with this kid.

New job - three weeks training. FINALLY done. Time to start stacking!

Just let the flames consume you. 👹

This kid is a handful and then some!

Laundry room/man cave. I LOVE this place. Just gets lonely where I left my 'friends' and old life behind in Georgetown. Fresh start with a huge pay increase. Just one thing missing. Otherwise I've never been happier.

My best friend took his his / OUR cat, Mittens, back to his family's house. I'm her Daddy lol! Crazy how attached u can get to an animal. Hopefully we will all be under the same roof again soon. I miss them both.

Working hard to build us a life that can be lived and enjoyed. Not just exist. We've earned it all.

Mittens loves me!

My baby girl..

Ran out at 3:00 a.m. to get a few things I want for the new house! It's going to look flawless!

Working towards a better future with the one thing, only thing, I truly care about.

I live 2 minutes from the mall, 3 minutes from Tates Creek Plaza and love it!

Made changes, cut out a poisonous part of my life to make it better for us. Moved away and now I'm doing it alone. Hope things come back together - that these changes were not made in vain. Time will tell I guess...

Productive day off!

Half in - half out. Crazy cat.

Carmel Macchiato worh double espresso. Breakfast of champions!

Always interesting when coming to the doctor lol. Bet their back really hurts..

Mittens is laying all up on me lol, waiting on @devoted to get home from work. 🥰♥️😘♥️😍

Listening to the rain and hoping @devoted comes home tonight. #bored #alone #depressed

Laid back chill time!

They keep telling me that it's too early for all this. I figure, might as well get it done!

It's about that time! My man is going on vaca with friends and I can't go, so had to make a plan! No strangers please. Who's down?

Getting ready to get out and get to work. Step one is to finish getting ready and come out of the closet! 😁

Oh my! Look who we have here!

So close to Christmas and I think k between Christian and I, we have actually wrapped MAYBE one gift. Time to get on it!! #christmas #slowmotion #holidays #share