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I live in Marina del Rey now. On the beach. Starting a new adventure in our lives. Here’s to the California Millers

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This is weird. Have you ever been interviewed on camera? I just did my very first four camera interview, had to talk about my childhood, and how I became who I am etc. it was incredibly scary, but also invigorating. I felt a charge after... #startuplife #interview #firsttime #losangeles #venice #elsegundo #ilovemylife

I never realized, not being a resident of CA for 18 years, that the “fires in the hills” meant like the Hollywood hills. It’s incredibly scary. Many on our ML team have been evacuated and as you can see by the picture, it’s very close to a lot of people. The red and yellow are the evacuation areas, and the first red dot by Santa Monica is where I work, about 2.5 miles from the evacuation area, and the second red dot is my house, about 5 miles from the evacuation. It won’t get even close to either location but it’s pretty scary. The smells, and smoke, and chaos is very different than a Denver blizzard.... #lafires #gettyfire #santamonica #palisades #besafe #fireisfuckingscary

Today after almost nine months, I got to be a part of ModelLands first big production. Not only is it my first production in the industry, but I’ve had my hand in every piece of putting this together! This is everything I’ve been waiting for and I couldn’t be more proud of myself! Our production was damn near seamless, and I can now say that I’ve helped produce an event! This has sealed the deal, I will never be able to go back, not that I would ever want to. I’m so grateful for the chance to prove myself, and for the person who saw that I should be a part of ModelLand! #ModelLand @modelland #Produce #production #dreamcometrue #believe #bediscovered #casting #sides #thankyou

You are my sun and moon, my equator and pole. You are everything I ever need, and I am the luckiest human on the planet to get to love you. 10 years married today and 18 years we’ve shared. I will never love this way again and that makes my life full and prosperous no matter our state. Here’s to you my handsome, wonderful, beautiful, smart, creative, fabulous, fantastic partner. I thank you every day for loving me. #anniversary #adecademarried #tenyears #eighteenyears #18years #10years #married #gaymarried #loveislove #lovehard #lovelong #husbands

I hope you’re all getting as excited as we are!!! There are many things happening, so be sure you are following @modelland for all the new updates!! You may be discovered, or discover yourself!!!! #ModelLand #santamonica #santamonicaplace #beyou #discovered

Everyone check out @tyrabanks page and story. There is a very exciting moment happening! #modeland @modelland

It’s time everyone!!! Casting has begun! Check out what is happening at ModelLand!!! You can also visit @modelland #ModelLand @tyrabanks #getexcited #discovered

Juno is waiting to see who is going to be cast as Tookie, Zarpessa, Bravo and the rest of the #ModelLand crew!! Have you submitted your pics? Check out the ModelLand page right now!! @modelland #cast #whoareyou #acting #modeling #losangeles

When you think the weekend is starting out ok, you have an errand to do for work, and you have your weekend work schedule all figured out, then you lock your keys in your car. Oh yeah, you can lock your keys in your car if you leave them in your briefcase, open the hatch, close the hatch with the keys STILL in the briefcase. Cool.... cool,cool. If you don’t live in LA, you probably don’t know that it takes an hour to go 8 miles to another city so this puts a wrench in things. Lol! I’ve never actually used Instagram to whine about something. I feel better... Thanks!