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"Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too." Christian Dior

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OFFICIAL | Maurizio Sarri is the new Juventus coach #welcomesarri

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You can love your skin in Dior, in all finishes: from a 24h-wear fluid foundation, to a hydrating and perfecting longwear cushion, Forever offers something for everyone. • DIOR FOREVER DIOR FOREVER COUTURE PERFECT CUSHION • #diormakeup #diorforever #dazedbeauty #lovemydiorskin @diormakeup

"Everyone has different skin-types, and once you get to know more about your skin and foundations, you will find the way that suits yourself" says Sun Yihan, on what makeup means to her. The collaboration between @dazedbeauty and @diormakeup allows you to get a glimpse at @yihanssss Dior Forever essentials! • DIOR FOREVER 1N Neutral DIOR FOREVER COUTURE PERFECT CUSHION 1N Neutral • #diormakeup #diorforever #dazedbeauty #lovemydiorskin

"When I’m on stage, my foundation needs to last the whole show, and longer. Forever and ever" Jorja shares why she's so comfortable in her own skin with Dior Forever in this episode of the collaboration between @dazedbeauty and @diormakeup! • DIOR FOREVER SKIN GLOW 3WO Warm Olive • #diormakeup #diorforever #dazedbeauty #lovemydiorskin @jorjasmith_

"One misconception that people have about my skin is that I use multiple foundations. Which isn’t true, actually! I don’t really break-out in the areas where I have vitiligo, so I just don’t use anything there" says @winnieharlow shares her secrest and why she loves her skin in Dior Forever. This epsiode is part of the new collaboration between @dazedbeauty and @diormakeup! • DIOR FOREVER 4.5N Neutral • #diormakeup #diorforever #dazedbeauty #lovemydiorskin

"Something that my family always instilled in me was that my skin-color was beautiful, it was rich" says @leomieanderson about why she loves her skin with Dior Forever as part of the new collaboration between @dazedbeauty and @diormakeup. • DIOR FOREVER 7N Neutral • #diormakeup #diorforever #dazedbeauty #lovemydiorskin

"It makes me more confident to put foundation on and I think that's the power of makeup" says @i_am_kiko on why she loves her skin in Dior Forever as part of the new collaboration between @dazedbeauty and @diormakeup. • DIOR FOREVER SKIN GLOW 1N Neutral DIOR FOREVER COUTURE PERFECT CUSHION 1N Neutral • #diormakeup #diorforever #dazedbeauty #lovemydiorskin

"Being a dancer, you’re performing all the time, sweating, doing a bunch of different things! Foundation is a super important step that just sets an amazing base for the rest of my makeup " says @maddieziegler about her vision of makeup as part of the exclusive collaboration between @dazedbeauty and @diormakeup. • DIOR FOREVER 1.5N Neutral • #diormakeup #diorforever #dazedbeauty #lovemydiorskin

DIOR LES RÉCOLTES – JASMINE HARVEST After delicately separating the mature jasmine flowers from the green foliage, the pickers harvest them one by one with both hands. Jasmine is harvested in wicker baskets, which is the best material to preserve the essence of its fragrance. The flowers are carefully picked, and the experienced Dior pickers manage to take 25 in each hand before emptying them into the baskets. #diorparfums #diorlesrecoltes #diorgrasse @diorparfums

DIOR LES RÉCOLTES – JASMINE HARVEST Immediately after being weighed, the small white flowers are transported to the factory for immediate processing. The factories are located close to the fields because the transformation process is fast: Dior harvesters have to move quickly so that the flowers don't oxidize or undergo any other alteration. #diorparfums #diorlesrecoltes #diorgrasse @diorparfums

DIOR LES RÉCOLTES – JASMINE HARVEST At the end of the morning, all the pickers gather for the traditional weighing. A good picker harvests about 800g of jasmine per hour, in other words 5kg per day if flowers are abundant. #diorparfums #diorlesrecoltes #diorgrasse @diorparfums

DIOR LES RÉCOLTES – JASMINE HARVEST As jasmine cannot be heated, the fragrant components of the flower were traditionally extracted using the cold enfleurage technique. But since the end of the 19th century, this technique has been replaced by volatile solvent extraction methods used by Dior. This consists of dissolving the jasmine's odorous matter in a solvent that then evaporates. #diorparfums #diorlesrecoltes #diorgrasse @diorparfums

DIOR LES RÉCOLTES – JASMINE HARVEST The Jasmine of Grasse is a magical flower. At the end of the morning, when the pickers finish harvesting, there are no more flowers in the plantation, but it only takes one night for a new flower to bloom again. As pink buds bloom again, a white powerful field extends in profusion. #diorparfums #diorlesrécoltes #diorgrasse

DIOR LES RÉCOLTES – JASMINE HARVEST Once the harvest is over, the Jasmine scent deepens, becoming even more voluptuous. Fruit-forward with an apricot accent, it gives off a subtle intensity - the sweet and powdery scent so dear to the house of Dior. #diorparfums #diorlesrecoltes #diorgrasse @diorparfums

J’adore offers a divine bath, a ritual of gold and water. Delightful textures scented with Jasmine flower extract that celebrate the accords of the iconic Eau de parfum and envelop skin in a voluptuous embrace. #diorjadore #diorparfums @diorparfums

A sensuous golden bath where the iconic J’adore Eau de parfum strikes an artful balance between sensuality and freshness, evoking the finest flowers from Grasse. The final touch in a precious beauty ritual for absolute femininity. #diorjadore #diorparfums @diorparfums

The J’adore bath ritual is a moment of care, just for you. Work the bath and shower gel into a lather to enjoy the indulgent, foaming texture. Hydrate your skin with the silky smooth caress of the Lait Sublime Beautifying Body Milk. Conclude by applying the luxurious new addition, the Gelée d’Or Shimmering Body Gel, to illuminate your skin with real gold particles. #diorjadore #diorparfums @diorparfums

The bath ceremony is part of J’adore signature. Embodied by radiant @charlizeafrica, it’s an iconic, intimate moment - an ode to women and their beauty. The absolute luxury of time. #diorjadore #diorparfums @diorparfums

Since time immemorial, women have made taking a bath a moment of indulgence, peace and luxury. The J’adore bath ritual offers a precious time to pamper oneself, to enjoy the beautifying blend of fragrance and texture. #diorjadore #diorparfums @diorparfums

Dior wishes to pay tribute to the legendary performance artist, poet and activist, John Giorno, a friend of the House and contributor to the Dior Lady Art project. The multifaceted talent, a key figure on the American art scene, was known for his inimitable word play. © ‘Filling What Is Empty, Emptying What Is Full’, John Giorno, 2015

American artist, poet and activist John Giorno will be remembered for his contributions to the Dior Lady Art project. The collaboration produced two iconic Lady Dior bags, each capturing his unique way of bridging poetry and art - a source of mutual fascination and inspiration for the artist.⁠

Paying homage to John Giorno, a friend and collaborator on the Dior Lady Art project, discover - or rediscover - one of the two limited edition Lady Dior bags he created: eye-catching rainbow-colored designs decorated with excerpts from his writings, including: "You got to burn to shine". ⁠⠀ © @Mark_Peckmezian⁠

For #DiorJoaillerie's 20th anniversary, @VictoiredeCastellane reinterprets the rose in a burst of joyful blossoms. Take a look at the #DiorSavoirFaire behind these gold rings – echoing the delicate stems of the 'Bois de Rose' creations – with their five silky petals in violet, blue, green, pink or red lacquer.⁠⁠ © @Pol_Baril⁠

Discover the exceptional jewelry-making #DiorSavoirFaire inside our atelier for the 'Rose Dior Pop' collection. Evoking precious pistils, dazzling central stones illuminate the pieces, offset by the purity of diamonds. This elegant and fantastical symphony of jewels that sensually interact with the skin was imagined by @VictoiredeCastellane to celebrate #DiorJoaillerie's 20th anniversary.⁠⠀ © @Pol_Baril⁠

The rose was the queen of flowers dear to Monsieur Dior, and remains one of the House's favorite codes. For #DiorJoaillerie's 20th anniversary, @VictoiredeCastellane uses virtuoso and poetic technique to reinterpret this emblematic signature in the 'Rose Dior Pop' collection. Click on the link in our bio to unveil the full collection. ⁠ © @DarioCatellani⁠

The #DiorSS20 garden continues to grow with a capsule of exclusive new creations by @MariaGraziaChiuri due to be unveiled at the #diorshanghai show, including a new spin on the iconic #DiorBarJacket. Stay tuned to discover the #DiorSavoirFaire techniques that helped bring them to life in the Dior ateliers in Paris.

Dior is on its way to Shanghai to present the #DiorSS20 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri, freshly expanded to include a series of exclusive new designs. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the #DiorSavoirFaire behind the pieces in the making, and see how Monsieur Dior's beloved rose, embodied by the 'Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis' (or China Rose), became a key motif for beautiful embroideries and prints on specially designed dresses. ⁠⠀ #diorshanghai

The final countdown to the #diorshanghai show is on. With exclusive new #DiorSS20 designs by @MariaGraziaChiuri due to be unveiled at the event, take a look at the behind-the-scenes preparations.

The thorny ‘Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis’, or ‘China Rose’, climbed across exclusive new creations unveiled by @MariaGraziaChiuri at the #diorshanghai show today, a series of designs with striking embroideries and prints celebrating the beauty and raw, undomesticated elegance of wild flowers. Discover the looks, presented in a luxuriant, sustainable set designed in collaboration with @AtelierColoco and themed around the pluralistic #DiorGarden. #DiorSS20 © @Z.Qiann

"Fortunately, there are the flowers," said Monsieur Dior. For the #DiorSS20 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri presented in Shanghai on Saturday, the focus was on nature and the favorite flower of our founding couturier, the rose, explored through the ‘Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis’, or ‘China Rose’. #diorshanghai © @Z.Qiann

For the #diorshanghai show, Creative Director @MariaGraziaChiuri unveiled a series of looks inspired by utopias like Monte Verità, an avant-garde artistic community that was founded in the early 20th century in Switzerland and has been a constant source of inspiration for all manner of artists ever since. The aura of this singular place, built on a hillside on the banks of Lake Maggiore, illuminates a series of dresses awash in color, from yellow to red. #DiorSS20 © @Z.Qiann

Take a glimpse at the exclusive, Herbaria-inspired new looks created for @MariaGraziaChiuri’s #diorshanghai show. Step inside the Dior atelier in Paris as we explore the ‘Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis’ or ‘China rose’ in celebration of the wild, natural beauty of flowers adorning our iconic Bar Jacket. #DiorSavoirFaire

Enter the Dior ateliers to discover some of the details of this gown exclusively created for the #diorshanghai show, inspired by auras. Swipe left to learn all about the exquisite #DiorSavoirFaire brought to life under the creative vision of @MariaGraziaChiuri. ⁠⠀ #DiorSS20

For the #DiorSS20 collection presented in Shanghai, @MariaGraziaChiuri transformed the wild "Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis" or "China Rose" into embroideries, assembled in our ateliers in Paris harnessing the precious #DiorSavoirFaire of the House’s petites mains. Listen to our Creative Director share insights on her exclusive new designs for #DiorShanghai.

Swipe left to discover exquisite details from a selection of looks unveiled last night for @MariaGraziaChiuri’s #diorshanghai show, featuring herbaria-inspired floral embroideries in unexpected hues, like a mysterious #DiorGarden.

From a Dior ‘Camp’ messenger in tone-on-tone nude shades to a new gardener-inspired version of our iconic bucket hat and floral earrings, discover the accessories from the #DiorSS20 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri presented in Shanghai, China.

House muse @RuthNotMay closed another @MariaGraziaChiuri show, this time in Shanghai, the beautiful host city of our #DiorSS20 presentation, wearing one of the looks created exclusively for the occasion, nodding to Chinese art and culture and featuring intricate “China Rose” embroidery.

Discover the exclusive new looks enriching the #DiorSS20 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri, as well as the special performance choreographed by @Sebastien_Bertaud that opened our show in Shanghai.

The beloved flower of Monsieur Dior, the rose has been a central emblem of the House since 1947, and is a classic reference to French elegance. For the #diorshanghai show, @MariaGraziaChiuri references this symbol with the ‘Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis’, or ‘’China Rose. Step inside the Dior atelier for a closer look at the #DiorSavoirFaire behind these exclusive dresses, an inspiring bridge between Chinese and French artistic cultures. ⁠ #DiorSS20

For #diorshanghai, @MariaGraziaChiuri designed exclusive new #DiorSS20 creations awash in color from yellow to red. The unveiling was framed by a unique performance by choreographer @Sebastien_Bertaud, with dancers wearing costumes by our Creative Director that looked as though they were painted right onto the skin, with subtle plays of transparency that magnified movement. In this video, the choreographer describes this third collaboration with Dior, a follow-up to last summer's performance at the @OrigenFestivalCultural in Switzerland.