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Bay Area, CA Hair Artist
Bay Area, CA Hair Artist

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Aquele sorriso maroto de quem vai logo ali ouvir uns três ou quatro showzinhos 💪🏻🎸 #rockinrio #diaderockbebe

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You guys! There’s only 3 more months out of the year! I say this every year but this year really has flown by. . . . I’m gonna be reaching my 2nd year with my studio at the end of the year. That’s just CRAZY 😝 I remember when I first thought about doing this, I was fu€&ing scared. I wasn’t even unhappy where I was at. I loved the salon & I loved my salon family so I questioned myself on why did I feel like I wanted to go out on my own? After a lot of thought, it was just time for change in my life. It was time to get uncomfortable again. So, I jumped & did the damn thing! I opened up my own salon studio. . . . It’s definitely been a learning experience. I may have gotten a few more greys & wrinkles since I’ve been on my own, but I have no regrets. I love my tiny but mighty space 🥰 . . . Are you wanting to go out on your own & open up your own studio? Well stay tuned! I‘ll be creating a series posts of things that you will need when opening up your own studio.

Isn’t my client so cute! 🥰 She was definitely ready to fall 🍁 it up with her hair color. She wanted to be lighter but not too light. More of a caramel, maple syrup color. (Side note: Do you describe color like this to your guests? I think it’s way easier for guests to understand when you associate with food! Or is that just me...I’m always hungry 😋 lol) . . . I teased & foilayaged her whole head starting with 15V in the back and moved to 20v in the front using @redken flashlift & @olaplex. Root shadowed with 04N Shades EQ & toned the ends with 06NB/06G and let the $h!t sit for 15-20 min!!! Often times, we rush and don’t let the toner sit! We have to let it sit and actually process. Then TA-DA!!!! The whole process from beginning to end took about 3 hours. Good hair takes time or even longer!!! . . . Who’s ready for fall hair??? 🙋🏽‍♀️ Also just a reminder to my clients and potential clients...I am booked up for Saturday’s through the end of the year. There are still some spots open during the week in November and December, so head to my online booking and get your holiday hair time with me soon. The link is in my bio @dianaanteshair

If you couldn’t tell from my stories...I’m away from the studio this week. Just a little recharge before the holiday craziness comes. PC: my own instagram husband . . . Every year the hubs and I take a vacay away for ourselves. We don’t really go on date nights because of different schedules and kids and LIFE. We really don’t even do gifts for each other on birthdays or anniversaries but we do go on date-cations. This year we’re celebrating 19 years together and his 40th 🎂 It’s what works for us! What do you do with your significant other to celebrate?

Would you believe me if I told you that I manifested my studio? I literally wrote down everything that I needed and wanted in my studio and it came to fruition after 4-5 months. . . . I wrote down that I wanted a studio with a window, I wanted my studio to be bright, I wanted my studio to be organized, I wanted a shorter commute, I wanted plenty of parking for my guests & I also needed the facility/building to be clean. And guess what, I got everything on that list! . . . I’m a big believer in writing down what you want in life & taking action. So you know what my action was? While waiting for the phone call for a studio to open (which could’ve taken who knows how long), I started working on my branding. I worked on my logo, created my website, business cards, service menu, my hair photography/gallery, etc. So that when the time came for an open studio, all of this would be done! So when I completed my branding, you know what happened? The phone call from John @solasalons happened and my studio was born. . . . Things do happen for you when you’re ready! You just have to trust in yourself and the universe! The universe will give you what you want when it knows you’re ready. Now when I look back, I was ready, but I was also excited and scared all at the same time. To be honest, I was mostly scared. That’s another stay tuned!

So why was I scared? I was scared to commit to my studio. I was scared to lose clients. I built my clientele, like any hairstylist, from the ground-up. I worked my ass-off to consistently have full books! I knew that if I moved, I would lose some people and that scared the hell out of me. So you know what I did, I continued to rent at the current salon I was at, as well as paying rent for my studio. CRAZY right?!? I was paying double rent! WHAT?!? I worked 2 days at the salon and 3 days at my studio. That lasted a whole 6 months! This is what living in FEAR looked like for me. It cost me a whole lot of time & money 💵 and in the end I was burnt out and unhappy 😞 . . . After a lot of coaching, anxiety & stress, I finally made the decision to focus on one place, my studio. I needed to focus on what was important and that was me, my health and my sanity. I needed to re-focus on what I wanted for my business. Once I did that, my business continued and continues to grow! Most of my clients followed. Some left and some have comeback but it was all in my mindset. I told myself that the clients that follow are the clients I want to serve and the ones that I’ve lost, I just wish them the best and send them off with love ❤️ which will leave space for new guests! . . . Since I’ve been at my studio, I’ve created a safe space for my clients to talk as much as they want or not talk at all or even laugh as loud as they want 🤣 I’ve connected with my clients on a much deeper level & I can be creative with their hair. I’ve created a space that I’m proud of, I have even more laser focus on what I want & I’m overall just HAPPY 😊 . . . So your goals and dreams do come true but there will also be fear trying to stop you! You just have to literally push through the fear, keep working towards the goal and I promise, it will be all worth it on the other side.

How do you color when foiling? There’s plenty of ways. Some stylists do a root touch up, process, rinse, then foil. Some do the root touch up and then go in and foil. Then there’s the way I like to do it, which is put the foils on then apply the color in between the foils. I like to use a low peroxide with my lightener with olaplex (low and slow is how I like to work when foiling) When the foils are ready, I just pull them out! What do you like to do?

Look at me pretending to work!!! 🤣 . . . But seriously! As an independent stylist working behind the chair at a salon or studio/suite, you are you’re own business. Thursday’s are my “work from home” days where I catch up on my business work. Like marketing, editing photos, creating posts, catching up on texts and emails from clients, inventory, transactions, etc. One thing that I HAVE to do today, is update my website. Let me ask, how many of my fellow independent stylists have their own website? 🙋🏽‍♀️ It’s a must for any business. It’s where you can direct your clients or future clients for information about you, your services, reviews, photo gallery and online booking!!! If you don’t have a website, I highly suggest making one ASAP! You HAVE to HAVE one and it makes you look super profesh! 😉 Go check out mine for ideas @dianaanteshair

Fall has definitely hit here in the Bay Area! So a lot of my clients are wanting to take their color warmer. She wanted to be lighter but not too light. More of a caramel, maple syrup color. . . . I teased & foilayaged her whole head starting with 15V in the back and moved to 20v in the front using @redken flashlift & @olaplex. Root shadowed with 04N Shades EQ & toned the ends with 06NB/06G and let the $h!t sit for 15-20 min!!! Often times, we rush and don’t let the toner sit! We have to let it sit and actually process. Then TA-DA!!!! The whole process from beginning to end took about 3 hours. Good hair takes time or even longer!!! . . . Who’s ready for fall hair??? 🙋🏽‍♀️ Also just a reminder to my clients and potential clients...I am booked up for Saturday’s through the end of the year. There are still some spots open during the week in November and December, so head to my online booking and get your holiday hair time with me soon. The link is in my bio @dianaanteshair

Did you know that having professional photos of yourself is an essential part of your business? Having pictures of yourself and in your natural habitat (in the salon) helps create content for your feed, not only on IG but other social media outlets, such as FB, Google, Yelp, etc. . . . Other than seeing just hair pictures, your clients want to see you! They want to see the person behind all those beautiful hair pictures. They want to see your face & what you’re up to. They want to see the person not only behind the chair, but also the person outside of the salon. You don’t have to include every single part of your life, but just little bits here and there. Give your audience the real you! . . . I’m totally an introvert and it’s taken me a while to get comfortable in front of the camera. Hell, I’m still hella awkward but when you find photographers that make you feel comfortable and who you click with, your pictures come out awesome! I’m currently working on trying to get comfortable with live video. I don’t know why but I get so nervous, which is why I haven’t gone live yet. I guess I’m scared no ones gonna watch 😬🤷🏽‍♀️😬 Would you watch if I did a live tutorial on curling hair or doing a highlight or color?

WARNING ⚠️ NOT A HAIR VIDEO but this is just a friendly reminder that YOU CAN DO IT!! Whatever you want in life YOU CAN DO IT!!! . . ⭐️ If you want to open a salon or studio or start that business...YOU CAN DO IT!!! . . ⭐️ If you want to travel...YOU CAN DO IT!!! . . ⭐️If you want to sit all day in your PJ’s...YOU CAN DO IT!! 🤪 . . You can do whatever your ❤️ desires! So just do it already! . . . Have an amazing day friends ✌🏽

You want to be blonde??? Girl I got you 😉 . . . This gorgeous girl and I have had many hair dates. She always keeps me on my toes! We’ve gone from turquoise to purple 💜to pink👩🏻‍🎤to rainbow 🌈 You name it, we’ve done it! We hadn’t done her highlights since May and this time she said she wanted to go blonde, blonde, blonde. Not global bleach blonde, not platinum blonde but a little natural and a little not with a smudge of root blonde. We had no pictures to look at but she gave me her description of what she wanted and she gave me the go with her hair when she said “I trust you!” . . . I did a full head of foils alternating from slices and chunky weaves to get as much of her outgrowth but leaving some for dimension. Lifted to a level 10 and pulled foils as they were ready using @redken Flash Lift with @olaplex. I then went in left 20V lightener on her ends for 5 min just to brighten them up. I did a mini-root shadow/smudge on her with 07N and toned the ends with 09N/09GI and TA-DA!!! . . . Who says you can’t be blonde for fall 🍁?!?

Have you ever applied a Root Smudge/Mini Root Shadow with a bottle? Whenever I just want to diffuse the highlight line just at the roots, I apply with a bottle. If I want to do drag the roots shadow down, I’ll use the bowl and brush. Usually on my blondes, I apply with a bottle because they just want a little depth at the roots for dimension. After I’m done applying with the whole head I’ll comb through just a little and cross-checking to see if I need to re-apply. Would you try this??? 👍🏽 . . . Side note...Isn’t this so relaxing to watch?

Who says you can’t be blonde during the fall season?!? All of my beautiful blondes have come in this week. I guess it’s all the warm weather we’ve been having that everyone wants to be blonde!!! Summer is back in Cali! ☀️ . . . This beautiful lady and I have been working on something and it’ll be out soon!! Keep a 👀 out for my next project! #haireducation . . . Halloween 🎃 is next week and that means there’s only 2 months left of the year! I have just a few spots left for the holidays. Online booking is available! Click the link in my bio @dianaanteshair

Have you been watching my stories? I’m having a small hands-on class on 11/18!! I love to share my knowledge with like-minded stylists and help them get to their goals. . . . I only have 3 spots left! It’s open to all stylists including cosmetology students. Click the link on my bio @dianaanteshair I can’t wait to meet you!

You guys!!! I need help! Please send me your ideas of what I should be for Halloween 🎃 I want easy but super creative. This was last year’s costume! I was @aliwong If you don’t know who she is, you need to educate YO-SELF!! 🤪 #HELPME.

⭐️ Why do I always take classes? . . ⭐️Is it required? . . ⭐️Why do you have to travel so far? . . These are questions that are frequently asked. . . It’s not required to take classes but I take classes because I always want to better myself, refresh on my knowledge and I want to keep up on the trends. It’s benefits me and my clients! It’s a win-win! I’ve always taken classes, even from the beginning of my career. I was working for a salon that offered training, but I also went out and paid for classes by myself because I wanted to learn more. All these classes that I’ve taken have helped me create my own style. I encourage any new stylist to go out there and educate yourself. Go out there and take classes and network! Yes there’s YouTube and online classes, but there’s nothing like traveling and being face to face with the instructor and other stylists. You feel the energy in the room of other stylists that want to learn too! Do you think clients want to go to someone that’s stagnant and doing the same old thing and not keeping up with the trends? No!!! They want to hear that you’re taking classes! They want to hear that you’re updating your skills! They love that! ❤️❤️❤️ So get out there and learn something! #alwaysastudent . . . I’ve got 2 more tickets 🎫 for my class on November 18! It’s a hands on highlighting class with some business talk because if you’re an independent stylist like me or your goal is to be one, you need both! Get your tickets now through the link in my bio @dianaanteshair

Whenever I take a new class or just want to be creative, I love to practice on dollheads, but even dollheads need to process. So what do we do when she processes...WE DANCE 💃🏻 Happy Saturday Friends!

My client came to see me before she heads off to college abroad. She wanted a cute easy hair style, so we decided on this textured bob with minimal layers. I styled with a 1-1/4 @hottoolspro curling iron using a mix of my beachy waves and an “S” curl wave. Now she’s ready for her new school year in Australia 🇦🇺 . . . Would you like to see how I styled her hair on another video?

Happy Monday friends! Let’s start this week off with love and positivity ❤️ I hope you have an amazing day 😘 . . . On another note, who else is obsessed with mules? 🙋🏽‍♀️ They are my go-to shoe. They slide on & off and are just so comfy. You can wear them for any season and looks good with any outfit!

VERY PERSONAL POST ALERT (Suprise!!! Not in Hawaii) 🚨 I’m kinda nervous to share this but something is telling me to share and if it’ll help other women, I’m all for it! . . . I have been suffering quietly for the past 2 years. I’ve been constantly nauseous, body aches, fevers, rashes, completely exhausted, anxious, depressed, constant panic attacks that would happen usually when I was running, numbness through my arms and hands, infections that would come and go. The list goes on and on. It was hard for me to focus, my memory was starting to go, blurry vision when I was driving. I’ve missed some of my kids shows or family events because I’ve just been so tired and so sick. I force my self to workout but after my workout I’m usually so exhausted, that I have to nap. I was drinking so much coffee/caffeine throughout the day that I could literally sleep right after. I’ve been in and out of appointments. My regular dr, the therapist, psychiatrist, optometrist, acupuncture, chiropractor, massage therapist, life coaches. I’ve taken so many blood tests (even monthly for a while because of medication) and everything came back normal. All my dr told me was, “Maybe you’re stressed! Are you depressed? Are you anxious? What’s going on on your life?” I honestly thought I was going crazy. Like WTF is going on with me??? Then one day in February of this year, I came across B.I.I. Breast Implant Illness. All the symptoms that I had were on this list. Every single one! Then I started following women that had done the explant surgery and they started feeling better. Then I started watching You Tube videos, reading all articles pertaining to this. Then my Mom told me that she saw that some breast implants cause cancer. (She was never on board with me getting implants in the first place) Even some plastic surgeons completely stopped doing breast implants all together. If this isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. It took a little convincing for my husband, but he was onboard to helping me find a surgeon. (Continued in comments)

Happy Friday friends! We made it through the week! I want to send you off laughing to celebrate the start of the weekend! #tiktok #thisiswhattheyouthdo . . . What are your plans this weekend? Mine is still resting but I’m itching to get my hands in hair already!!!

Hey friends! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I’ve been scrolling through my phone and realized that I’ve got a bunch of hair photos that I haven’t posted 😜 . . . This was definitely a BIG change for my client. She wanted to go short & sassy and I was soooooo excited & grateful that she chose me to help with her new look! I cut her hair 1st since we were doing such a drastic change and then I colored her hair a vibrant red using all @redken colors 😍 Doesn’t this look just fit her?

We hadn’t done my guest’s color in 9 months and it was time for a spruce up! She wanted to be brighter and feel lighter and that is exactly what we did. . . . I applied a pops placement in the back and did a babylights placement in the front to add brightness around her face along with a root shadow and toner using all @redken. . . . This took about 3 hours total. Time varies depending on hair texture. . . . Summer’s not over people! You can still go lighter! Who’s gonna let me get my hands on their hair? 🙋🏽‍♀️

I’m heading back into the studio today after 10 days off. Being forced to sit on my booty and do nothing but rest and recover was definitely hard for me. I slept, I read, caught up on all my shows - 90 Day Fiancé & Bachelor in Paradise (I know...I know 🙄) & listened to podcasts. . . The No Stylist Left Behind podcast about self care really got me! They just reminded me that while I love to take care of everyone else, I also HAVE to take care of myself and coming back to work from this break, self care is a MUST!!! I HAVE to take mini breaks here and there, I HAVE to eat, I HAVE to drink water! I know this sounds really simple, but it’s really hard for me because once I get going, I just work and it’s all about my guest and their experience! Do any of my fellow hairstylists know how I feel? 🙋🏽‍♀️

I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried out a new hair product!!! WHAT WHAT?!?!? I’ve used @Redken forever!!! 16 years to be exact. So I went to @cosmoprofbeauty and I wanted to try out @schwarzkopfusa Blonde Me lightener. I pulled out my doll-head from @hairartproducts and tried out a new technique #airtouch with the new lighter. I just used straight lightener and no toner on this doll-head and it came out like this!!! 😍 PERFECTION If it looks this good on a doll-head, can you imagine what it’ll look like on a real human head?!? OMG! I can’t wait to learn more about this whole line. Have you tried it yet? . . . Sometimes you just gotta try new things! You’ll never know unless you try 😉 #justdoit

My client here was doing an all over color to cover her greys but she wanted something where she wouldn’t see the grow out line or line of demarcation. So we decided to do more grey blending with highlighting where we don’t necessarily cover all the greys, but we get most, which she didn’t mind at all. It will grow out softer instead of a harsh line and she can go months before she has to highlight again. I’ve personally been doing this because, just like her, I’m super low maintenance with my hair. The greys are coming! 👎🏽 . . . If you have greys, would you want this technique? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Just day dreaming of my last trip to NY. It was so much fun! I’m totally itching to go somewhere and I want to explore more U.S. cities. Where should this Bay Area born & raised girl, that only goes to Hawaii, NY & LA, go next? I really need to step out of my comfort zone when I travel 🤦🏽‍♀️

Hold on...WHAT IS HAPPENING?!? . . . She was ready for a BIG change, so I pulled out my clippers and we did the damn thing! Of course in our consultation, I made sure that this is what she wanted. We looked at a number of different pictures, how the maintenance would be and how the grow out would be and she was sticking with her idea and ready to go for it! . . . To my girls, have you ever wanted really short hair? Did you go for it? I always say, you live once and hair grows back. 😉

Do you have a mission statement for your business? According to my friend google, a mission statement is a summary of your values as a business. So my business coach @nina2leo asked me if I had one and I actually did not. We brainstormed what was important to me and my business. What’s important to me are my clients because without my clients, I would not have a business. I have clients that have been with me from the very beginning. I have clients who I’ve just met. I have clients where I’ve been to their weddings. I have clients where I know the whole entire family. I have clients who I’ve known since they were in elementary school and are now going off to college. My clients and the relationship that I have built with them are just as important to me as their hair. So I just want to say THANK YOU! I appreciate each and every one of you ❤️❤️❤️ . . . So here it is my mission statement...”Caring for YOU is just as important as caring for your hair!” 💯💯💯 What’s your mission statement?

Remember that video that I posted last week where I shaved off all the underneath part of someone’s hair??? Well here’s the before and after! She was ready to start school with a whole new look 💇🏽‍♀️ I totally admire this girl for going for what she wanted and was not nervous or afraid of something new. Throughout our consultation, I made sure to pinpoint areas of what she was looking for, told her what the maintenance would be and told her what it would be like growing out a haircut like this would be. She was A-OK with everything, so we did it! I say we should all be like this young woman and all try something new 💪🏽 When was the last time you did something new?

One of my favorite things to do is making a blonde blonder! Don’t get me wrong, I love my brunettes but I also love a great blonde💇🏼‍♀️ I think a blonde needs dimension to make the overall look bright and I intentionally making parts brighter and leave some parts natural or darker. On my client, I used @redken flashlift 10V in the back and 15V in the front with @olaplex. Root shadowed with 08N Shades and toned with 09V/09P w/clear. I know Fall will be here next week but we can still go brighter, right? Who’s ready to go lighter???

Have you ever tried a 3 barrel iron? It gives you these amazing waves. I’ve always wanted big curly hair. When I was little, I asked my Mom to bring me to the salon because I wanted a perm. Boy was that a MISTAKE! 👎🏽 . . . I love the girls or guys that sport their big hair with their natural curl. Their hair is so beautiful 😍 My hair is naturally straight, so whenever I get a chance to style, I love to make it wavy and if I can BIG!! haha . . . What’s your favorite way to wear your hair?

I have some exciting NEWS! Diana Antes Studio is growing and I’m looking for an assistant 🎉 . . . What am I looking for in an assistant? I’m looking for someone who is punctual (early is on time & on time is late), responsible, thinks ahead, eager to always learn, positive attitude & the most important part - MUST HAVE FUN!!! Of course, the candidate must have their cosmetology license. . . . I’ll be offering a part-time position with color & cutting training, education outside of the salon, business education & more. . . . If you would like to get salon experience, interact with clients, open to ideas, and always wanting to learn, then I would love to hear from you! Please send your resume to

It’s raining today in the Bay and it’s just a reminder that Fall is around the corner! It’s that time of year where the temperatures start declining, the sweaters come out and my clients want to go darker with their color. . . I use @redken Shades EQ usually when my clients want to go darker. There’s no ammonia, it has amazing shine and if my client wants to take her hair lighter in the future, it would be a lot easier! . . . Are you ready to go darker?

It’s the season for #bronde! I love taking someone blonde but I also love taking someone bronde, a mix of brown and blonde. It’s usually best on brunettes. It’s super low maintenance and it grows out beautifully 😍 . . . On my client, I did a mix of traditional foiling and foilayage with a root shadow and toner on the ends. It came out so seamless 😍 . . . For my brunettes that are low maintenance and want a change, this is for you!! Book your appointment online 24/7 in my bio @dianaanteshair

My favorite part of the hair when I highlight is the hairline. Why??? Because, in my opinion, it has to look natural. No one wants to see lines in their hairline when they pull their hair back. My girls like their hairline bright but still look natural like it’s coming out of their own head! I love to do a fine babylight back to back and a root smudge or root shadow. It just softens that line and makes the highlights flow beautiful in the hair whether they wear it straight or curly. Do you love a good money 💰 piece?

Happy Anniversary to these two! 🎉🎉🎉 I can’t believe it’s been a year since the big celebration 👰🏽🤵🏽Thank you for letting me be part of your BIG day ❤️❤️❤️ . . . I personally love weddings but I must say, my family has the best weddings! Watch out!!! We get down and really, really loud! 🤣🍾🤣💃🏻🤣 Who else loves weddings? 🙋🏽‍♀️ #filipinoweddingsarethebest

How do you take pictures of your clients? . . - Number 1 rule, make your guest feel comfortable! Make them laugh, compliment your guest. Make your guest feel special & make it fun! . . -I then show my guest how I would like them to pose, usually sides, back of head and face. Make sure to touch up the hair every time your guest moves! If my guest doesn’t want to show her face, I have to respect that, but most of the time it’s not a problem. ⭐️ Tip: Did you know that when you post a picture with a face, your picture will get more engagement? It’s because your audience can connect more to the picture when they see a face instead of just the back of a head! . . -When I take pictures of my guest, I love positioning them in front of my window when the sun’s not shining in. Natural light is the best light and I’m so lucky that I have a huge window in my studio. . . -I used to take pictures of my guest against a white wall? But that got too boring, so now I take a picture with the studio in the background and just soften it out. . . -I use my iPhoneX to take my videos and pictures, which works great and is convenient, but I’m thinking of upgrading to an actual camera. I’m looking into the Sony A6400. I’ve done a ton of research and I think I’m gonna bite the bullet and get it! It’s definitely time for an upgrade on my photos and videos! If you have any recommendations on cameras, please send them my way! . . I hope this helps anyone that’s just starting out! Taking pictures of your guests is an important part of your business. Happy snapping 📸

Same head of hair, different hair sessions and lots and lots of foil!! Going lighter takes time especially when there’s old permanent color involved. I really emphasize on healthy hair. I like to go “low and slow” That means low developers and taking it slow with time. Trust your stylist when he/she says, “We can get you there, but it takes time!” Would you rather have healthy hair and go through all the different stages? Or would you rather have the look that you want in one long 8-10 hour session, but risk the integrity of your hair? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I love this kid! He’s too cute and too funny. . . . Did you know that I can hold your drink for you while you get your haircut too?? #womanofalltalents 🤣🤣🤣 He was thirsty in the middle of his haircut, so of course, I held his boba for him so that he doesn’t have to pull his hands out of the cape. #bobabreak Can you spot the boba in the video?