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💌Retro tasarım da pazarlamanın renkli bir unsuru değil midir? 🌀I find retro design as an attractive marketing instrument.

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If there’s one thing we know about leadership, it’s that we must lead with compassion.

Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. But, be sure you’re using colors that are appropriate for your business. #digitalmarketingtips

Yesterday was our graphic designer, Amanda’s birthday. She is the backbone to most of our projects. She’s quirky, hilarious, and always fills the room with laughter. 🎉🎁 We are so thankful to have her on our team. If you’ve worked with Amanda, you know how much of a joy she is to talk to. We hope you had an amazing birthday yesterday! 💫💗

Our design team created this flyer for this year’s Blues Gala! We’re passionate about the Baton Rouge community - it’s an honor to team up with special events like this. #BRBlues2019

We love working with the team at Mestizo Louisiana Mexican Cuisine! Not only do we manage their social media, but we recently designed this flyer to promote their new event space. Consider renting it out for your next party! . . @mestizojim 🥳

Inspiration starts with you ✨

Thinking of venturing out into the blogging world? You should! Companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month than companies who don’t have a blog.

So excited about this poster we created for Louisiana’s first CBD company, Mountain Pure CBD. It’s their mission to provide individuals and families with top-quality pure products, like capsules and bath bombs, to help ease pain and improve quality of life.

An office space has opened up at our main office! If you're looking for an inspiring, beautiful space, you're in luck. Email for more information! This space is ideal for a small team or a single person. We're located on Jefferson Hwy. near BRQ!

Video marketing continues to grow in popularity with online viewers and shoppers. Are you utilizing it to your advantage?

Moving forward, Shreveport team meetings will always include crawfish stuffed beignets, seafood gumbo & Cajun shrimp pasta. 😎

When it comes to your brand, consistency is key. Staying true to your set color scheme, tone, and logo can help solidify brand recognition.

Swipe right to see our newest article in the Ascension Magazine. To read it, visit the link in our bio > What's Fresh! #facebookpixel

On Thursday, August 22, 2019 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM, SBA will conduct a seminar on Capital Access and Credit and Financial Management. Topics to be covered include: Types of loans available; Developing the loan proposal; What’s important to the lender; Hindrances/obstacles to securing financing; Interest rates and repayment terms; Credit and financial management. Additionally, participants will receive information on International Trade and Exporting and Conducting Market Research. Participants will have an opportunity to hear from various lenders and engage with those lenders during one-on-one sessions to discuss your specific financial needs. The following lenders have been invited and/or confirmed their participation: TruFund, Regions Bank, LED, Hancock Bank, MidSouth Bank, Home Bank. To find out more about this incredible event or to register, visit

Delta Lake Inn's new website has confirmed two things: 1. We love creating websites 2. It's time to pack our bags and head to New York for a #vacay!

In the digital media world, we’re bombarded with so many variations of letters. There’s #seo, #cms, #ppc, #TTA and probably a few more dozen where those came from. When creating a #website, designing your new billboards, managing your social media, or simply trying to create a business card, you’re told to grab your audiences’ attention while simultaneously demanding an action, without too much pressure – that’s the CTA, your call to action. Find out more about #CTA in our blog. Click the link in our bio > What's Fresh!

How do we create engaging digital campaigns? We use research, collaboration and creativity. From there, we find your audience and place ads in front of them while they scroll.

Are traditional methods of advertising merging with digital? Do you notice the ads on Hulu or Spotify? Do they work? We are seeing an increase of innovative digital ads surfacing over the traditional ones, and we’re excited to be a part of this new wave.

When looking for a marketing agency, there's a few things you should be looking for. 1. Do they create incredible things? 2. Do they work on-time & on-budget? 3. Do they love dogs?! Well, at DI, the answer to all three of those are YES. We celebrate #nationaldogday basically everyday of the year. Ask our owner, Orhan Mc Millan - he has 3 great danes!

#googleanalytics is a web analytics service that helps users digest their website traffic, allowing them to nail down and better understand their target market. This tool, proving to be invaluable for small businesses, provides business owners with insights on who visits, shops and buys from their site. With the click of a button, Google Analytics can assist you in revitalizing your business. Read more by visiting the link below!

There’s a certain method to this type of magic.

SOCIAL. MEDIA. SALE. HAPPENING. NOW! 😃🥳🙌 #laborday #labordaydeals If you've been curious about letting the professionals handle your social media, this is the perfect opportunity! We are completely waiving the social media set up fees, including photography sessions, software set up, social media set up, profile rebranding and MORE! If you want to know more information about this deal, our affordable packages or how we use social media to build businesses, click the "Send a Message" button below! #digitalmediaagency #webagency #LetsGREAUX

Our social media clients are #amazing! Have you ever been on a photoshoot and all of sudden, you have this overwhelming need to scream “YAS QUEEN” the entire shoot? That’s us when we’re with St. Romain! 👑 Whoever the client is, we have a BLAST with them. In between shots, there’s always laughs and jokes being made. We create amazing things for amazing clients and we wouldn’t want it any other way. 💫 “Ever since we’ve done social media with you guys, we’ve been slammed with new patients!” THAT’s why we do it, y’all. 🤩

Partner with a full service digital marketing agency that gets you results - every single time.

New logo for LA Geaux Construction! This family-owned business provides kitchen and bathroom additions, full-remodeling services and can even design and build a home for you. From the first sketch to the first nail, their builders are with you every step of the way! We’re now working on developing their new website and social media! Are you ready to see what’s in store for them?! We are! Let’s GEAUX!

Together, we are building a better Baton Rouge. #BuildBatonRouge

Social media users are very active! People may only visit a brick and mortar store once a month, but they’re on social media every day!

Not utilizing Instagram for your business? You should be! 60% of Instagram users say they regularly discover new products on the platform.

It's our mission to discover and express YOUR unique story.

While modeling agencies are known for their set standards, Forbes Agency is continuously looking to break industry standards by using diverse models. Their website now features fitness, petite, standard, plus, and male model boards.

Social media advertising is not only more cost effective than traditional advertising, but also encourages two-way communication!

Utilize an agency that not only builds websites and incredible brands, but builds friendships, lasting relationships, and family-like connections. Our team isn't just a team - we're a family. We cheer each other on and do whatever we can to ease each other's load. Searching for an advertising team that treats you the same? Look no further.

The average person spends a little over 2 hours on social media every single day. Is your business posting content that increases brand awareness and connects people with the products and services that you offer? Let us be your social media heroes - we manage dozens of accounts for small to medium-sized businesses every day in order to 1. promote their brand 2. promote their products 3. promote their services and 4. connect them with the community they're involved in. Want to find out more? Message us!

This month, in the Ascension Magazine, we're talking about Google Analytics and the benefits of using it! What do you think?! #google #googleanalytics You can read the full article here:

Happy birthday to Allie! 😋She is one of the incredible social media analysts on the DI team. She assists with content, scheduling, and design. Our favorite thing about her? Her quirky personality that lights up any room! Have a blast celebrating today! 🎉 🥂

#instagram is trying to bring more value to your photos and videos by taking away the like amount from showing on your newsfeed. How do you feel about this?!