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            وقتی نی نی بودم👧 June 13, 2019

وقتی نی نی بودم👧

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Happy Birthday! My husband is one of the biggest blessings from god. He has made me laugh, wipes my tears, hugged me tight, watched me succeed, seen me fail but always keeps me strong. Thank you for always being my best friend. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. #myhusband #loveyou #blessed #happybirthday #family #thankyou

Coda loves that his @konaleashes lets him climb and lay at the same time. What I love most about Kona Leashes is the hooks are big enough to add your keys to it so you don’t have to worry about where to put them. Check out and follow @konaleashes you won’t be disappointed with their quality. If you interested in looking into this great lifetime warranty made in the USA leash just add KL15 at check out to receive 15% off. #konaleashes #happypuppy #quality #leashes #loveit #hikingdog

These will be the last ones. Just so many smiles and laughter I can’t stop looking at the pics. It’s been a while since we have had one of these days.. my girls, my heart. #family #love #fun #laughter #PRICELESS

The girls and I got to spend some time at a animal rescue today. These puppies are so adorable and they are a mix between Marley and Brew. Yep! I have to say I really like Dakota and I think the girls did to. But overall it was nice to be able to walk the dogs and be with them. Thank you @courtneyy_r for showing us this place. Can’t forget Bits the cutest little baby goat. #coonhoundsofinstagram #bluetickcoonhound #redcoonhound #rescuedogs #feltgood #socute #beautifulcolors

My heart is so broken! Lost my best friend, my protector, my heart and my soul today.. I know you are up in heaven with your brothers. I wish you where here. I love you so much and always will. First time I think this house has never had a dog in it. I will always miss you.. you truly where the best boy ever.. #coonhounds #myheart #broken #iwantyouback #nomorepain #9yearsyoung #howdoimoveon

Wishing my mom the happiest of birthdays! I can’t express enough what you mean to me. You are always there supporting the girls. Going to every recital yep all of them. To going to every play and field hockey game. To going and see Sabrina perform at her college no matter what. To being emotional, yet my rock. Tired, but you keep going. Worried, but always full of hope. Impatient, yet patient. Overwhelmed, but you never quit. Amazing, even in all the chaos. You are my life changer the one who holds me up even when I feel like I’m drowning.. I love you so much I hope you have a great birthday. We can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight. #mymom #myrock #happybirthday #family #loveyou #thankyou #❤️

I don’t even know where to start! What a fun and amazing weekend. I can’t thank @nutmegsdance_sunfloweryoga enough for letting us be apart of an amazing family. From showing @sabrinaahebert to build on her love for dance and music if it wasn’t for the studio we wouldn’t of found a very special singing coach @mvlightcap to show Sabrina the skills she had and to help her improve on her skills and to @sarahrosestack who is a dance teacher at Nutmegs that it’s good to learn more then one musical skill and to fall in love with each one you learn. She also teaches the musical theater program and it’s one program Sophie would be lost with out it gives her a chance to sing and be an outlet for her craziness lol.. The studio is truly a place to build yourself up and to be okay if you aren’t extremely talented as long as you love it that’s what matters. I have always wanted to dance and never thought I would be good (I’m far from good), but still practicing, till Meg said just try it see what you learn and 4 years later still loving it and the ladies that are apart of it. @lforker21 thank you for helping Lillie find tap so enjoyable and showing her what she can do she is making me get tap boards for her room to practice to become stronger. There are so many I want to thank and so much I could say. We have been apart of the studio. I want to say 16 years now from when meg was next to Millie’s and a little studio to watch the studio grow and the friendships that are made is truly unbelievable. Thank you and we love absolutely everyone at this beautiful home @heymeg has built. #thankyou #dance #tap #musicaltheater #adulthophop #love #family #blessed #nutmegsdanceandtheater