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Друзья! Кому интересен ответ на вопрос: А почему так дорого?! Вот видео, в котором, я думаю понятно, что дёшево ламинация стоить не может, ну или может😂, но вы получите вот такой вот результат) Переделывать всегда дороже, чем с первого раза сделать качественно ✊🏼 Качество стоит денег 💯 P.S. Это детали салона на ПОСЛЕДНИЙ Chevrolet Camaro, 2019 года выпуска 🤦🏽‍♂️

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Quick aluminum welds for @porting_solutions on this badass ported RBC he did. Highly recommend his manifold porting, cylinder head work etc.

@fl2k stick shift class @tickperformance vs. @boostin_performance

Great weekend with my dawgs. We didn't get what we came for but we'll be back. Good to see a lot of familar faces in the pits and on the line, it's been a long time.

Time to test this fancy new paint job.

Direct port install for @freckles_egk using Nitrous Outlet system. I try to keep the lines equal length on all the installs i do mostly for aesthetics.

The paint job worked! She's ready.

Wally tenders are a tight fit!

Throw back to the Grant's Custom Rigging days when we were off of Ravenswood. Built a lot of bad ass boats out of that shop.

@2jtruck giving the pickup some fresh paint in the backyard. Almost ready to get back out there and bust some ass. 💪🏼💪🏼

JC Race Cars killed once again on the truck. The rebirth almost complete. 💪🏼💪🏼 @2jtruck

Good night of racing out at @racepbir #fridaynightfights Quick 16 event. @2jtruck was #1 qualifier and made it all the way to finals against @mayhemustang badass Fox body who took home the W. Few small changes and the truck will be back at the next one 👊🏼👊🏼

Loaded up & ready to go.

Added some @titanmotorsports billet brackets to the nitrous install i did for @hugogos25 2jz intake manifold. 👌🏼👌🏼

What a difference in only a few months. The first vid is from October 20th 2018 versus May 25th 2019.


Congrats to Ralphy @2jtruck on a new pb! 7 second Toyota pickup...still on stock port head & factory mains!!

Successful night at the track with @2jtruck the night before his birthday. Truck got faster/quicker with every pass ending the night with a 8.1 @ 171 and theres still more in it 👀

7's back to back to back...One goal achieved, now on to the next one.

97-01 Camry trunk fits a b16a2 quite well.

Look in here.

@2jtruck one year challenge 😂😂

Super Mario Bros sewers or Tial BOV flange?

Direct port installation for @2jtruck using @nitrousoutlet 6 cyl dry kit. Still need to make a bracket to support the solenoid once we test fit it in the engine bay.

My son said he misses the "loud red car" so i gotta put it back together.

Posted up with my TRD supercharged 5 speed v6 Camry and @miamimega 2000 Civic SI with Greddy turbo kit. Hard to believe this was 18 years ago. 😳

Lobster Tails on the menu today. @vaayee 😆

Nitrous Express direct port install for @hugogos25 on his beautiful @plazmamanracing pro series 2JZ intake manifold.

Custom 3" aluminum exhaust with @vibrant_performance Titanium muffler i did for @the_build_bros turbo s2000 a few months ago.

When you have to refuel your onboard helicopter, build a Jet A fueling station on deck.

Doing some testing with @2jtruck at @racepbir slick & radial only. Track just wasn't there for us tonight.

Novurania tender i wired holding up well after a year of use. Needed a neck massage after this one 😄

Didn't get exactly what we wanted, but we got data and it's always good times at track with @2jtruck & @hybridkoop ✊🏼✊🏼

Installed @motionraceworks universal diy parachute kit on the @2jtruck tonight. Really nice kit using pre bent DOM & Chromoly tubing with a Stroud chute.