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Frukost 😍 Glömde blåbären i första omgången stekningar men de är goda som de är de där kvargplättarna 👌 sen har jag ju ändå tillbehör dessutom, topp 🤤 #20sofia18 #20sofia19 #jagtogbeslutet #mrr #minresaräknas #kaloriräkning #kalorier #bättreval #braval #medvetnaval #viktresa #minviktresa #frukost #dagensfrukost #matinspo #frukosttips #frukt #kiwi #apelsin #äpple #kaffe #java #kvargplättar #kvargpannkakor #jagkanjagvilljagska #viktminskning #nuelleraldrig

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lax season is about to be in full send this weekend 😤

id like to dedicate this picture to @michaeljackson

lauren + noah (link in bio)

I couldn’t have said it better myself, filming this for Lexie made me realize that i only have a year and a half left of college... where has time gone... (full video in bio) • • • Lexie and i met when i was a freshman here at JU. To sum up our story she invited me on one of her film sets my freshman year and i acted for her. lexie and i have been teammates and film major nerds together, but between all that we have a friendship that will last a life time. I’m sad to see you go after this year but just know im forever grateful jacksonville has brought me to you.

when boom is in the shot... #ifykyk

i’m ready to make so more magic with these boys soon🔥 (read below) • • • i worked really hard this summer so i can grind better at school. i finally upgraded my camera to a canon 5d mark IV with a beautiful “L” series lens and i have another on its way. I got a better camera bag for my equipment and a bomb list of ideas for the team this year.

Yiannis cafe // brigantine link in bio🥯

big plans for this team this year... stay tuned

guess who’s back🤪

WOW! i’m speechless... A Happy Smile was accepted into a film festival 🥳 crazy proud of @mike_csorba.mov @patrick.patfarrell and of course @angel_gavillan !! Editing and filming this movie for you guys was one hell of an experience... so honored to work along side you guys! let’s see what else we can make😉

‼️ CAMERA FOR SALE ‼️ (((if interested DM me))) . . . i will be selling my canon rebel T6i with: • kit lenses 18-55mm & 80-200mm • canon camera bag • batteries and charger •canon strap for a total of $700!!! ⚠️ minimum body ware and tare, works like its brand new and has been treated very well. only had it for 1 1/2 years ⚠️ . . . #cameraforsale #CanonT6i #canoncameras #canonrebel #camerasforsale

drone 👑 (read below) . . . hey guys so i took the time to sit down and really think about some ideas for videos this summer. i can promise u there’s not going to be another movie about me but i can promise i can make ur jaw drop a couple times with the stuff i have planned. this summer is going so well. i’m excited to get in the water and start filming!!! #dronequeen #drone #summer #surffilm #goldenhour #sunset #eastcoast #dji #Gopro #jerseyfilmmakers #jerseyshore

i haven’t posted in over a month nor have i even touched my camera. kinda going through a burnt out stage at the moment but i have a ton of plans for this summer so i’m ready to bounce back soon🤩

MY YEAR TRAILER!! . . . i put a video out before to promote this video that i’ll be dropping on january 1st, but i thought i show a little sneak peek! IM PUMPED TO DROP THIS YOU HAVE NO IDEA

someone once told me “you can never make an erg video look cool” good luck to the girls this season! #erging #womensrowing #rowingmachine

the lacrosse team here at JU got a new building just for them and let me tell you... ITS SICK🔥 (link in bio) • • • working with the men’s team last semester i saw a glimpse of what the old locker room looked like, and it wasn’t the greatest. seeing them walk into their new locker room i got chills seeing their reaction. This building is a huge step for the both men and women’s lacrosse. i’m so honored i was able to capture the moment. congratulations to both teams on your new home! • • • this was also my first video using the ronin s!(my arms are killing me)this thing is super cool! lots of practice needs to be done but im excited to see what i’ll do with this thing📷 . . . #lacrosse #reveal #gimbal #ronins #dji #Jacksonville #duval #floridalacrosse

my very first media day! . . . okay but fr huge shoutout to the @jax_mlax boys for coming out on there off day. And another huge shout out to @cloud9_films & pat for helping. . . . fun fact: this was my very first film i ever directed. i kinda winged it and i learned a lot from it😂 my trailer for this lax film comes out tomorrow so stay tuned🥍 . . . #mediaday #lighting #menslax #greenlight #cinematicphotography

the perfect shot

Women’s Lax media day behind the scenes . . . i had so much fun on this shoot. not only was my crew amazing but the girls killed it!! easily one of my favorite shoots. the trailer comes out in an hour so stay tuned 😈

Every week i not only look forward to Galloway’s pregame speech but i look forward to watching the game and being there. I’ve seen these boys throw up right in front of me. i’ve seen them grind hard and make amazing plays. in the last 6 months i’ve been with them i’ve watched them grow and improve so much. even though i just hold my camera and record them i still get just as excited as if i was about to play. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for them. Next week is a big week, check out the rest of the video!!! LINK IN BIO (also keep an eye out for a @jax_wlax video 👀) . . . . #lacrossehighlights #lacrosse #ncaa #ncaalax #duval #jax #travisscott #astroworld #videographer

happy birthday @jacksonvilleu !! So thankful to be able to live on such a beautiful campus and to call it my home🌴

haven’t posted in a while... film school has been taking over my life and i’m finally back on my lax grind. about a month left of lacrosse until summer 🔥