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Happy Birthday Mr. I had to put khakis on, so it's been a hard day for all of us!

Perfect #corgi weather, perfect #Sunday.

you're probably wondering how i got here. well it all started... creating fur trees out of chicken wire, scrap wood, brown paper, and some old screws we found in a Tupperware container labeled “hazard”. #visualmerchandising at its finest 👌🏼

By request from @iam_myexperience I bring to you the #TBT highlights of 7 years at Macy’s!

And it was a very healthy dead tree... And a special thank you for @wrrvradio for this much needed #floracash song I didn’t know I needed to make it down the cliff into the ravine.

Well, it’s been a weird 7 years guys. I’ve laughed so hard, cried arguably even harder, and learned so much about the multi-use for windex and nailposh remover. I know I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving, so here’s the official announcement! I love all of my Macy’s family dearly and think of me next time you hear your favourite Bob Seger song! Off to Bergdorf’s to do visuals. Don’t be a stranger 👌🏼

This fucking place— transferring to the local downtown R to pick up some supplies. #midtown #34thstreet

Pro tip: don’t let the drunk one take the photo 😂