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you're probably wondering how i got here. well it all started... creating fur trees out of chicken wire, scrap wood, brown paper, and some old screws we found in a Tupperware container labeled “hazard”. #visualmerchandising at its finest 👌🏼

Perfect #corgi weather, perfect #Sunday.

Happy Birthday Mr. I had to put khakis on, so it's been a hard day for all of us!

Happy 11 years Brian. Thanks for always being there for: - The terrible singing in the car (you also don’t complain when I complain every day that 92.3 doesn’t play Stone Temple Pilots), - Being my human calendar (yeah, sure I’m free... ugh Brian says it’s our anniversary, I can’t hang out. Sorry) - For repeating yourself multiple times (I’m deaf, my brain can’t process what is being said, or I’m just not listening, I promise I care though!) - For always asking me what I want for dinner and when I say Pizza Hut you immediately say no and start laughing like this is some kind of joke. It’s not a joke, can we go to Pizza Hut tonight? - For yelling at me to go to the doctors daily: it was cancer one time, one time! - For always putting me in my place and and reminding me that I’m wired just a little bit different (better) then everyone else. (I fail to see why people get excited over free samples at the grocery store, it’s a ploy to get you to spend more money on something you never asked for in the first place). - For putting up with my random fits of rage (like that time I lost my shit at the self checkout at stop & shop and stormed off rambling about capitalism). - And for being yourself, the nice guy, who isn’t afraid to be real with me. (Am I wearing makeup today?... what do you mean you can’t tell?!) #recreatingoldphotos #happyanniversary #2011to2019

I had a blast photographing this quirky and very funny family on Saturday! I may or may not have stabbed Hugh with his own boutonniere and then he fired me and then rehired me. Heather and I may or may not have forgotten some camera gear in the park (and got lost trying to find said park again). Dan may or may not have forgotten the cake at home. Gina may or may not have tried to throw Joseph in the bay and Kira may or may not have silently killed us with her looks all night. #weddingjitters #weddingphotography

This #corgi though— nobody loves a good #roadtrip as much as him! #Canada / Massena bound. See ya on the water y’all 🚤🏖⛺️

Some left over pictures from visiting my family! It was a quick two day trip but it was action packed to say the least: 1. I got to see the dam wide open (very rare to see that) 2. My dad building a fire during a tornado warning (but that’s pretty classic) 3. We had to dock from Barnhart Island because my parent’s house doesn’t have access to the Grasse River because of the dredging project. 4. Rocket got to swim at his own pace because there’s an actual shore line in the St. Lawrence, but not in the Grasse 5. If the kids/sister aren’t begging me to drive them around, I’m really an Aunt/sister? 7. What Rocket looks like after a busy day swimming 8. Trombino’s pizza— and I will fight you on how amazing it is. 9. No photo available- my mom got into a jet ski accident in the middle of the river and I jumped in without a life jacket and swam to rescue her. For the first time in my life I didn’t think how incredibly dangerous that was and I’m lucky I didn’t drown. It was 2 days, but the Major’s always make it a hell-of-a-time

I go through phases of being okay with having #whitehair. Today is not one of those days 👩🏻‍🦳

Legit just cried while listening to Bob Seger and sharing Macy’s stories with these guys 😻

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a #fullrainbow. At our old apartment in Queens, we would see them all the time from our living room window. #rainbow #🌈

Jake: You changed. Me: Really?! How?! Jake: Old you would have never worn a headband! Me: Fuck you Jake: Aww there she is. Jake and I spent countless hours studying for the state exams, convincing the print labs to charge us less to print our thesis, and countless dates to Zaytoons eating pizza and talking about when we got real jobs 😂 Second picture was when we were glad to be done with school. We got our Master’s in 2012 and graduated with distinction (and I, for some reason was voted head of the Art Ed dept so I got an extra tassel 🤷🏼‍♀️). Neither one of us are teachers anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️