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Travel often; getting lost help you find yourself. 👩🏻‍🌾 Wanderlust girl 🏃🏻‍♀️ Life style workout

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Cheesiest Pastelon at your service by yours truly 👩🏼‍🍳 Sold my first ever meal yesterday and it felt like I could really do this 💰 • • • #curlybitesnyc #pastelon #selftaughtcook

Cheesiest Pastelon at your service by yours truly 👩🏼‍🍳 Sold my first ever meal yesterday and it felt like I could really do this 💰 • • • #curlybitesnyc #pastelon #selftaughtcook

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Happy Birthday to my beloved brother @tor.kalon.1 wishes you have a strong heart and spirit to overcome all difficulties in lifetime. Our family always support and look after you a long way you wanna go!!! #happybirthday #mybrother #family #memory2019

Let’s grab the tasty vegetarian foods here😋 ปูปลาร้าเจก็มา แต่ผัดหมี่กระเฉดคือดีมาก #vegetarian #nomeat #memory2019

Still remembered the thing I wish🙏🏻 Not sure what’s happened but I will make it better. #luckyme #TBT #memory2019

Yeah...Im ready to ride but where is my rider🤷🏻‍♀️😝 #ride #ducati #nantrip #น่านนะเนี่ย #memory2019

Here we go to the waterfall🙃 #nantrip #น่านนะเนี่ย #memory2019

Someone said no one know the destiny it would be until they fall and up once in the lifetime. I have no idea about this matter so far🤷🏻‍♀️ Even I have an experience fallen of the black hole before. I know only how I can enjoy every moment even it is a little thing. I would say thanks to the bad part of my life and ready to open my arm to welcome the good thing. Believe me, if it means to be it will be. It’s like the background of my photo, you will see the bright rainbow even in the cloudy sky.🙃🌈🌅 #notetoself #happygirl #nantrip #น่านนะเนี่ย #memory2019

Luckily I woke up with the foggy surroundings. I feel like 18 degrees in the morning and totally refreshed my energy🌿🍃🏕 #น่านนะเนี่ย #nantrip #memory2019

One day, you will meet someone who makes you understand why you had to wait so long. But he will come when the time is right. So be patient. Enjoy your life for what it is now and live a life you will be proud to share with him one day. . . . #notetoself #oneday #patience #enjoythelife #happygirl #memory2019

Today I have intention to try new ramen restaurant in Thonglor area but I would not changed my favorite foods here....definitely love it🙌😋Again with new menu hunting with pork sausages and pimiento padron 🌶🌶 #unomas #SpanishFood #foodaddict #bangkok #chidlom #dinner #memory2019

เด่วๆ เขาจะหาว่ารับจ้างมาดื่ม555 ไม่ได้ออกงานนานมันก็จะประมาณนี้😝🙌 #butterburin #wedddingceremony #memory2019

Thank you @i3utter69 @patburin for having me in the legend of your 17th year in love story and the wedding ceremony. You made a very special thank you card to all guests that it’s such a creative one and represent how detail you are😘❤️ Even the jazz brand that great songs to perform like a live brand in town. You made me and all guests so special and really happy with your day. Both of you are destiny and soulmate. Ps. I’m a bit too much myself pictures lol #butterburin #weddingparty #memory2019

Before the midnight, I wanna send all of my wishes to my sister. You know?! @mam.ratta you are amazing, crazy and forever young at heart my dear🙌😝 let’s rock the world together!! You jump I jump, our relationship is more than word can describe enough. You will pass all those fucking crazy moment so quickly as long as you having me here💪🏻😉 #bff #sisterday #birthdaygirl #memory2019