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The Blues team makes 15 successful dribble attempts per game on average in the PL. This is superior even to Man City and Liverpool. Lampard has fast technically gifted players and is not afraid to give them freedom.

The first half has been incredible! When I woke up this morning and saw the formation I thought it was a very risky move on Frank Lampard's part to change the formation to 3 defenders at the back, especially since we have been leaking goals. But so far it turns out it was a genius move! The 4 midfield players have moved up and down the field with energy allowing the defense to either rest or get support when needed, this resulted in a defender (Fikayo Tomori) to score one of the most breathtaking goals you will ever see in your life! This formation hasn鈥檛 been played since the Antonio Conte days, and we won a title that season! We have a very young & energetic squad鈥t will be up against us with giants like Liverpool & Man City lurking, but we are right there, not going anywhere, in true Chelsea spirit!

Exactly 3 Hours left until kickoff for our first Champions League match against @valenciacf . Here is a little gem that still brings a tear to my eye to this day. Thank you @didierdrogba and @chelseafc for the beautiful memories I will carry with me to the grave.

Repost from @sportbible Tammy Abraham was brought back down to earth yesterday with 2 nutmegs, Frank Lampards reaction is priceless 馃ぃ

1st Half Analysis: Tammy Abraham has had a couple of great chances to score and he has tracked back to support the midfield & defense with furious intent every time his team needed him. Mason Mount has looked lively as well but has been forced off with a injury from a tackle that looked horrifying to say the least. Tomori's pace to track back & cover when the team is under pressure is astonishing! Valencia鈥檚 pace of passing has been phenomenal at times. I am taking nothing away from them, they have been an incredible team in the first 30 minutes, however I think Chelsea ultimately have been more skillful. Willian has had at least four chances to score, he has looked the most impressive out of anybody on the field, and that is saying a lot because the entire team apart from maybe Azpilicueta looked flawless. I just don鈥檛 understand how it is still 0-0鈥 hopefully that will change in the second half.

Welcome back 馃挋馃挋

Well another game comes to an end and I must say it didnt disappoint...probably because Im a Chelsea supporter 馃槈. Referee Martin Atkinson had the worst performance of his life....had Rojo received a red card like he was suppose to for the tackle against Willian, things might have turned out different. De Gea looks like a shadow of the goalkeeper he used to be. Lukaku & Higuain were offside more than they were onside. But all in all, great result for Chelsea to finish the season in top 4 & still a chance to win the Europa League. COME ON YOU BLUES! 馃挋馃挋馃挋

Manchester United vs Chelsea 1st Half Review The first half came to an end and I took away a number of key points. Here is what I concluded 1. Gonzalo Higuain is struggling! The fact that Chelsea had to rely on Rudiger & Alonso (who are both defenders) for a goal further amplifies Higuains lack of purpose in this team. 2. Azpilicueta is a great defender! Even though our defensive weakness was evident yet again, our captain stepped up in every tackle & even contributes coming up front 3. The through ball system Sarri has Chelsea playing is not working. Every chance Chelsea get they try to cross the ball in from the wings into the box鈥.i wouldn鈥檛 mind this strategy so much if Giroud was rightfully starting. 4. Even though Chelsea were the losing team for a large portion of the 1st half, I felt that they were more in control of the game. United look a threat breaking in the counter attack, but I think ultimately Chelsea will take this game & kill it off in the 2nd half

Eden Hazard played 90 Minutes in today's game vs Manchester United and he managed to get 38 accurate passes (88% success rate), and attempted a total of 8 dribbles, 6 of which he won (most completed dribbles in the match) Do you think we need to sell or keep him? What are your throughts? 馃 P.S I say STAY AT ALL COSTS!!!

Top 4 Underrated Chelsea Players Within The Last 10 Years 1. Andre Sch眉rrle: 44 EPL Matches 馃彑, 11 Goals 鈿斤笍 2. John Obi-Mikel: 249 EPL Matches 馃彑 , 1 Goal 鈿斤笍 3. Alex: 86 EPL Matches 馃彑 , 7 Goals 鈿斤笍 4. Salomon Kalou: 156 EPL Matches 馃彑 , 37 Goals 鈿斤笍 What do you think? Do you agree with this list?

Tomorrow 1pm (Mountain Time) Tottenham vs Ajax. What are your score predictions?

Congratulations @virgilvandijk 馃弳 and welcome to the club. Repost from the captain.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Chelsea (Europa League Semi-Final) Two MAJOR things i took away from this game. First...Ruben Loftus Cheek will go down as one of the greatest midfielders to ever play the game of football! you heard it here first! matter of fact...if you ever hear it anywhere else in the future, let me know so i can sue them! thats how far in advance this claim is. He played with so much will! and apart from will he stood out out of anybody in the Chelsea squad. He won every single battle with style & provided a great assist. And second...Luka Jovic will go down as one of the greatest strikers to play the modern game! Just like Loftus Cheek stood out at Chelsea, Luka Jovic stood out in the entire match! his trickery & speed combined with the ability to finish will make him one of the most dangerous strikers in the world! I see Man City snatching him up this summer. As for the rest of the game. We (Chelsea) played a very dominant game all through the 2nd half and could have gone a couple more goals up. That being said...we still looked vulnurable in the defense. Frankfurt did great to press in the last 7 minutes & you never feel safe as a Chelsea supporter (which shows our need for better defense) but we did great to finish the game in a professional manner & take the advantage home to the bridge.

Liverpool FC or Chelsea FC concept kits? who wins this round? in my professional bias opinion Chelsea take it 2-0 here

Well as I mentioned in my previous post, Chelsea & Liverpool supporters will be watching this one with contrasting expectations. Liverpool need United to win it, and Chelsea need City to win it (to keep it plain and simple). 30 Minutes in and it is 0-0 in this game while Wolves are 3-0 up against Arsenal and I couldn鈥檛 be happier! Things are going Chelseas way so far but I must say I like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer鈥檚 tactics in this game. He has deployed a very defensive strategy which in this day & age is a dangerous thing in my opinion. The moment you are no longer in offense you are forced to the backend of things and that is not usually a good strategy鈥ou want to be the guy on the attack! But in this case, Ole is very smart because he knows Marcus Rashford & Jesse Lingard have not only the pace but the creativity to cause Man City some problems. For me, Man United take this 1st half even though the stats say otherwise. I think they have restricted Man City and made them a little uncomfortable in the defence, causing a couple of problems to Vincent Company & Aymeric Laporte. But then again鈥ity have the ability to score 5 in 5 minutes so 2nd half will be interesting!

My predicted lineup & score prediction. What do you think will be the score in Chelsea vs Burnley? We are exactly 1 Hour 50 Mins away from kickoff & Chelsea need all 3 points from this one! I really hope Sarri doesnt play Hazard up front as a false 9

After a recent defeat to Barcelona, Diego Costa found himself in hot water after he verbally assaulted referee Jesus Gil Manzano. The Spanish Football Federation has enforced a 8 game ban on the Spaniard and Atletico seems to have grown tired from his antics as they have also decided to fine the striker. Costa has not been seen in training as of yet, refusing to come back, citing "personal reasons"...seems like De'ja Vu. Atletico's general manager Clemente Villaverde is quoted as saying that Diego Costa's actions were "reprehensible and seriously damaged the club"...not something you want to hear if the club dished out 57 Million pounds for you and you only have 2 goals in 16 matches while having to sit out the next 8 matches. I really do not see any giant club wanting this player on their roster at this time. He has fallen out with Mourinho, Conte, and now the GM of Atletico. If you are producing goals you might get away with it, but in this case I think Diego Costa's luck is about to run out.

Jurgen Klopp has taken a dig at Solskjaer's men as Manchester United prepare to face Manchester City in this Wednesday nights derby clash. 鈥淚t [the derby] is not something we can influence, and it does not look like United are in a place to, either,鈥 Klopp quipped to Sky Sports after beating Cardiff City 2-0. 鈥淲hat was the [United] score today? 3-0, 4-0, to Everton?鈥 Said the German with a grin on his face. This could very well be mind games at its best. United will be eager to back up their manager & prove Jurgen Klopp wrong (which is ultimately what the German manager wants)

Chelsea Hero Pat Nevin drops major hint this morning while speaking to the @totallyfootballshow on Eden Hazards impending departure

Game Over! and what a game it was! I have to say this is a completely different looking Chelsea side than I have ever seen We (when i say "we" I mean Chelsea) have averaged almost 80% possession the last 3 matches (Bournemouth, Newcastle, Arsenal) which is not a common trait by any Chelsea side in the past I was a big supporter of Antonio Conte & his style, so needless to say i was a bit hesitant when we appointed Maurizio Sarri, but so far so good! Liverpool are a team I currently admire. Jurgen Klopp has transformed them into a force to be reckoned with, so i am aware of the threat they pose to us (Chelsea). However! they have a very tough 4 matches coming up (Tottenham, Southampton, Chelsea & Manchester City) while we (Chelsea) have Cardiff City, West Ham, Liverpool and Southampton...which in my opinion seems like a easier few games with all due respect to the teams mentioned. This will be a critial period in seperating the 2 teams at the top, lets see how it unfolds! I LOVE THIS GAME! 鈾ワ笍鈿斤笍 -The Peoples Champ (Chelsea Vs Bournemouth)

The Champs Opinion (Morata vs Giroud) I have been a big critic of Morata since his Real Madrid days. I admit I did not want him at Chelsea even when he was first rumored to arrive at Stamford Bridge. However, this season he has shown glimpses of what he can do. Usually I would be weary of the word "glimpse" as it often doesnt materialize into anything, but I do believe that this new system Maurizio Sarri has got Chelsea playing will greatly benefit Morata On the other hand, I have wanted Giroud at the club since his Arsenal days. He has come in & done exactly what was asked of him. He is a solid striker with power, height, and deadly accuracy. The perfect image of a classic oldschool Chelsea striker! But his pace is missing & im not sure he can keep the same level of consistency throughout the season if he played 90 minutes. With everything in account, I would pick "GIROUD" as the winner in this matchup. I just think he is a better overall striker...even without the pace.

The Champ's Opinion (Mourinho vs Klopp) This is a tough one! when thinking about this question one must consider the day & age we are living in. What do I mean by that? well...On one hand you have Jose Mourinho who is one of the most accomplished managers in the game with 25 Trophies to his name & a page in the world record book for "longest unbeaten home run by a manager" at 9 straight years All of this is impressive, but Im a huge believer of a simple philosophy...You're only as good as your most recent accomplishment. That being said, it raises the question "What has Mourinho won as of late?" 馃 On the other hand you have Jurgen Klopp, who has 6 prophies to his name but is considered by many a better "Man Manager" than Mourinho. Klopp has a way of making the players feel like they have all the support in the world, which creates a wonderful atmoshpere in the dressing room. An it shows with Liverpools recent Champions League Final & finishing 4th above Chelsea & Arsenal Taking all things into account, I have to declare "JURGEN KLOPP" the winner in this one. Even though Mourinho achieved more, he hasnt won anything as of late & his Manchester United side look to be in crisis mode. While Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool sit comfortable on top of the table...I just dont think Mourinho will last much longer Let me know what you guys think! -The Peoples Champ (Mourinho vs Klopp)

Here we go! Sunday Morning Premier League! nothing like it! Good moring fellow football fanatics! lets kick off this Sunday Morning with a match prediction. My prediction for Man United vs Burnley = 1:1 Romelu Lukaku has not done enough up front, but even more worrying is the fact that he doesnt even seem to care. He walks around the pitch, very rarely do you see him making a run...which is strange because he has the pace & power to make the cruical run....makes you wonder if the manager is getting the best out of him 馃. Either way, the team cannot rely on Paul Pogba alone, there is only so much he can do from a CM role. Although I predict that if Man United score in this match, Paul Pogba is the most likely to do it. As for Burnley, they have looked a very disapointing figure in the first couple of games. However, they will be aware of the wounded giant & will look to take advantage. The likes of Aaron Lennon & Sam Vokes will surely be a threat going on the counter attack...but ulitimately it will be Matej Vydra who will smash in a goal for The Clarets. Champ's Prediction 1:1 (Manchester United vs Burnley) What do you guys predict?

Maurizio Sarri, the peoples champ. He has quickly brought in his philosophy and the players seem to be enjoying every bit of it. He is somewhat of a mysterious figure on the English coast due to the fact that he has not won many titles & has never coached anywhere outside of Italy. However, the 59 year old has a phenomenal passion for the game, with Slovakian Napoli star Marek Hamsik recently branding the Italian manager a "Mad Man" due to his constant attention & dedication to the game of football, not missing a single detail and making sure his philosophy is embedded into the players before kickoff. Chelsea's star man Eden Hazard was widely rumored to be leaving the club & on his way to Real Madrid, with his childhood Idol Zinedine Zidane making 3 bids for him. Hazard himself was quoted as saying "for me it depends if the manager stays or goes, we will see", making Chelsea supporters all over the world believe that Antonio Conte & Hazard had a falling out. Things seemed to be surely headed towards a Real Madrid move for Hazard, until Maurizio Sarri changed his mind. Sarri has brought in a high pressure (off the ball) & high possession (on the ball) system that seems to suite Hazard with the Belgian netting 2 goals & 2 assists in his last 2 starts. The days of having to track back and help out the defence are long gone and Hazard has found his smile again, much like the rest of the team. For Roman Abramovich to bring in a attacking tactician like Sarri was a bold move but a right move. Zidane was available, and he would have been a sure ticket to keep Hazard at the club. But Sarri...even though not as decorated trophy wise as Zidane, brings another style of play which suits Hazard all while producing some mouthwatering passing football. The true test will be Liverpool on Sep 29th, lets see how the blue army can hold up against a well organized Jurgen Klopp side -The Peoples Champ (Maurizio Sarri)

Gareth Bale has now scored in each of his last 7 home games! His best ever goal scoring run! Wonder what he can do if he stays fit....馃

Good Luck to Man City Legend Yaya Toure who has today signed for Greek side Olympiakos. Yaya Toure played for the Greek club in 2006, making his return to the club in 2018. "I made my decision based on the special relationship I have with this incredible club," said Toure. "It is an honour to be back. When I left in 2006 I said I would come back and I am delighted to keep my word. I had offers from lots of clubs across Europe, Asia and the USA" "I am as hungry for success now as I was when I first arrived here many years ago and I cannot wait to help the club win the trophies the great fans of Olympiakos deserve" "It is now time to let my football do the talking once again." -The Peoples Champ (Yaya Toure to Olympiakos)

Is Fabinho ever going to start for the Reds? Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp insists he has "taken big steps" towards making a debut appearance for the club. The Brazilian footballer who perfers to play his trade in a CDM (Central Defensive Midfield) is a versatile player who can adapt to a RB (Right Back) position. His height (6'2), power & pace make him a brick wall that is nearly impossible to get by. Going forward he provides a unusual sprint speed for a big powerful player, and he has been known to provide a mouthwatering long shot. All of these qualities at just the age of 24, Fabinho will be itching to make a appearance. But according to Jurgen Klopp, the ONLY reason Fabinho has not started is because of the depth of the other words "Naby Keita" comes first. Keita is described as a dynamic, box-to-box central midfielder. He is also able to distribute the ball with range and accuracy, score goals frequently and has been compared to N'Golo Kante聽and聽Deco. The former RB Leipzig man also perfers to play in a CDM role however, I consider him to be a MUCH better central mid player going forward than Fabinho. Keita has scored 14 Goals in 58 appearances in his last club...while Fabinho scored 22 in his entire career. It is also worth mentioning that Naby Keita is 23 years old, a full 1 year younger than Fabinho. If Fabinho doesnt step it up, he will be seeing the bench a lot more than he likes -The Peoples Champ (Fabinho or Keita?)

Bournemouth were the latest side to feel the wrath of the new "Sarri-Ball" system. Hazard spoke after the game and revealed his thoughts on teammate Marcos Alonso. While it seems the new 4-3-3 system is working, it might be vulnerable to the bigger attacking teams like Man City or Liverpool in the defensive sense if Marcos Alonso gets caught out front without being able to track back in time. However, if Alvaro Morata or Olivier Giroud manage to score more goals up front, maybe the likes of Marcos Alonso dont have to go up front so much, in which case it could be a great system! Only time will tell...Chelsea face Cardiff City on Sep 15th -The Peoples Champ (Hazard on Alonso)

"There was always something about London"....According to Jack Wilson of the Daily Express, a source close to Neymar Jr has expressed Neymar's love for England, but mainly London. How likely is this switch to happen? Although you cannot take "a close source" as any source at all if no names have been mentioned, Chelsea do need the likes of Neymar & other big players to come in if they want to A: Win Titles, and B: Keep the likes of Hazard & other big players at the club So from a Chelsea point of view...I can see this transfer happening However, if anything is to truely come out of this, Chelsea will have to pay BIG money to bring in the Brazilian, probably another world record fee. For me...the likelyhood of this happening all depends on how Chelsea finish this season. If there is no Champions League next year, there is no Neymar. If there IS Champions League...I predict Neymar will be at Stamford Bridge sooner than later if PSG dont challenge for silverware -The Peoples Champ (Neymar to Chelsea)

1st Half: 馃挋Chelsea vs Slavia Prague (Europa League) 1. Giroud was looking for the ball from Pedro but didn鈥檛 receive it even though he made a great run to support the wingers, he tracked back a few steps and he receives a absolute beauty from Pedro & Returns the favor for a cheeky chip from the Spaniard to make it 1-0 2. Giroud again makes a great run in at 8:50 to hold up Slavias #13 and return it to the brilliant magician Hazard who passes it right across the goalkeeper only for Simon-Deli to score a unfortunate own goal. 3. Chelsea look a threat every time they come forward & the game only started 12 minutes ago. We are up 2-0 and we look like a team with intent 4. Kepa has kept a clean sheet in 7 of the 9 Europa League matches & he hasn鈥檛 really been tested in this one by Slavia. With the aggregate being 3-0 it looks like a mountain to climb for Slavia.(16 min) 5. The Europa Leagues top scorer goes into double figures after Ngolo Kante intercepted a pass and returned one of his own to Pedro who made a lightning fast run into space which left Slavias CB to deal with 2 Chelsea forwards鈥edro unselfishly returned Giroud鈥檚 earlier favor with a assist of his own & Giroud made no mistake by tapping it in the bottom left corner to make it 3-0 in the 17th minute 6. 24th Minute Simon Deli tries to make up for the own goal with a great headed attempt but Kepa used lighting fast reflexes to save it 7. 25th minute and I cannot keep up writing this鈥he moment Simon Deli鈥檚 header got saved, Tomas Soucek smashed in a delicious header seconds after! But he didn鈥檛 have long to celebrate as Chelsea came right back with a scintillating run by Emerson to Giroud again who took a shot right at the goalie only to bounce to Pedro who put it beyond the goalie & the defender to make it 4-1 within the 1st quarter of the game. 8. Chelsea took complete control towards the end of the 1st half with 58.1% possession and 241 accurate passes at a 86% success rate. Slavias supporters have not skipped a beat though & have been absolutely remarkable in their support of the team. Stay tuned for 2nd Half Analysis Image reposted from @chelseafc COME ON YOU BLUES!!! 馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋

2nd Half: 馃挋Chelsea vs Slavia Prague (Europa League) 1. 47th Minute: At the start of this 2nd half it is evident that Slavia will not sneak out of Stamford Bridge with their tails between their legs鈥hey put some pressure on Chelsea & earned a corner in the 47th minute that saw Tomas Soucek make a connection with his head but it went a little too high. 2. 50th Minute: Chelsea come back with a chance of their own in the 50th minute with Pedro again making a nuisance of himself in the box鈥ut Slavias CB remained calm & cleared 3. 51st Minute: Slavia come back AGAIN!! 1 minute later Tomas Soucek makes a run down the right wing, passes it across to the middle of the goal where Petr Sevcik made sure to slot it down the left corner to give Kepa no chance making it 4-2 in the 51st minute鈥.Slavia refuse to lay down but they need 3 more to go through鈥 4. 53rd Minute: By the time I finished writing that last sentence Slavia scores AGAIN!!! To make it 4-3 in the 53rd minute. Slavia is roaring back in this 2nd half & Petr Sevcik is the man again with a screamer from outside the box into the top left corner of the goal鈥.WOW!! We have a game again! 5. 60th Minute: It is clear that Chelsea鈥檚 system is lacking in the defensive department. Andreas Christensen seems to be a step behind in every duel鈥.something to consider for this Summers transfer window 6. 61st Minute: Lucky Escape! That stuttering defense looks lost & almost allows a 4th goal as Petr Sevcik slips in front of goal to prevent a 4-4 7. 64th Minute: Absolute outrage!!! Maurizio Sarri takes out the most likely player to create something in the box鈥den Hazard!. On comes Willian. Hazard looks clearly unhappy as Sarri shakes his hand. 8. 70th Minute: The all predictable substitution of Barkley off & Jorginho on. 9. 76th Minute: Chelsea seem content to keep it at 5-3 on aggregate but Slavia are looking to have a say in this by having Chelsea鈥檚 old boy 鈥淢iroslav Stoch鈥 come on for Petr Sevcik. 10. Not many smiles on the Chelsea supporters faces even though it looks like we are set to reach the semi-final with less than 10 minutes left in the game. Image reposted from @chelseafc

Keeping Just Above Water: Chelsea vs Slavia Prague Review The Europa League Quarter Final did not dissapoint in this tie. I guess you could say it was a tale of two halves as Chelsea came out the gate with all force forward, securing the first goal in the 5th minute thanks to a little bit of Giroud/Pedro back & forth before a delicious finish by the Spaniard. The pair continued to play a major role in this game as they linked up 3 times to find the net (something to keep an eye on). Giroud is a phenomenal target man weather it is in the air or on his feet, which allows players like Pedro & Hazard to force through the wings with speed & trickery. This raises the argument that Giroud needs to be starting even further while bringing into question Sarri's continued insistence on playing Hazard as a false 9 in major games like Liverpool (L2-0), Arsenal (L2-0), Tottenham (L1-0) and Leicester City (L1-0). Even with scoring 4 goals & the great link up between Giroud and the wingers...Chelsea still conceded 3 goals which means either they started to relax (which is a mental fragility) or they have some major flaws in the defence department which is also something to consider for the upcoming transfer season. Andreas Christensen was just a step behind & looked like he lacked a sense of where to be (maybe due to gametime) either way, he's just not ready. David Luiz looked a shadow of his usual self & will be hoping to turn his form around as there are only 4 League Games & 2 Europa League Games left to play. All in all...Chelsea did the job & got through. But I HAVE to mention the absolute incredible support Slavia got through the whole tie...the players kneeling for the supporters & the small section of Stamford Bridge filled with Slavia roars gave me goosebumps. This is what this beautiful game is all about!

Cardiff City vs Liverpool FC at 9:00am Mountain Time. What are your score predictions?

Top 4 Race Heats Up!!! Both Arsenal & Manchester United dropped all 3 points today and the top 4 race is starting to look even more intriguing. Chelsea are up against 15th place Burnley at home tomorrow (1Pm MT), while Manchester United face 2nd place Manchester City in their next fixture, and Arsenal face 10th place Wolves. If tomorrows results go their way, Chelsea could be in 3rd place by the end of the day. Liverpool did not stutter as they got the W but it came with a few butterflies as Cardiff City put up a fight. But I believe Jurgen Klopp has drilled his men to be prepared for these stubborn teams & kill off the game, which wasn鈥檛 the case last season. The Reds sit in 1st place for now and will be hoping Manchester United can stop Pep Guardiolas troops, while Chelsea鈥檚 supporters will hope for the opposite. Roy Hodgson must be given some credit for transforming a Crystal Palace team that went all of October & November of 2018 without a win to bring them safely out of relegation and into 12th place. Wilfred Zaha is by far the most creative and dangerous player in the squad but I was very impressed with Aaron Wan-Bissaka. His timing for the tackle allowed him 3 successive slide tackles on Alex Iwobi (who in my opinion was Arsenals best player) which probably kept this game from being a 3-3. All in all, it has been a great Premier League Weekend & I am looking forward to the Chelsea match tomorrow 馃榿馃挋