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MATCHDAY We’re back at The Bridge today and we’re taking on Leicester! It’ll be yet another tough game but with how we’ve played lately I think we’ll win!💙 Can’t wait for Frank’s return home! • What are your score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

FULL TIME Chelsea 1 - 1 Leicester Started great, didn’t score enough. Finished absolutely horrifically. AGAIN. This is getting extremely frustrating! • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

Antonio Rüdiger and Michy Batshuayi both featured for the Chelsea development team against Liverpool yesterday! The game ended 3-0 with two goals for Batshuayi!💙 • In my opinion, both of them should start for us but what do you guys think?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

It’s been a busy week for the Blues! As we approach gameweek 3 we’re still chasing our first win of the season but I think it’s going to come this Saturday! • Callum Hudson-Odoi is back in training which is fantastic, can’t wait to see him play! The boys also had an open training session at Stamford Bridge yesterday which attracted a lot of fans!💙 • See you on Saturday!💙 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

MATCHDAY Today we take on Norwich at Carrow Road! It’s going to be a tough game seeing as they’re in good form and their striker Pukki is the league’s top scorer.💙 I’m confident we can win today though, I’m desperate for a win!💙 • What are your score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

FULL TIME Norwich 2 - 3 Chelsea Very happy with our first win this season, but these shaky performances scare me. I know it’s early and we’ve got a lot of youngsters but we shouldn’t concede two against Norwich. Can only get better though!💙 • Who was your Man of the Match?🤔 I’ll go for Mason Mount yet again!💙 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

Well here it is! Our group for the upcoming Champions League season! Not too bad if you ask me, we should definitely be able to get top two. Ajax looks like the most difficult opponent but we know what they’re capable of. • What are your thoughts on our group?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

MATCHDAY Today we take on Sheffield United at The Bridge in our last game before the international break. I’m excited to back at home in what should be a win!💙 • What are your score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

FULL TIME Chelsea 2 - 2 Sheffield United I was ready to post the full time post at half time but how wrong I was. This cannot keep happening, especially not to Sheffield United at home!

Our new third kit is absolute 🔥! Think it’s our best kit this season!💙 What do you guys think? 🤔 • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

MATCHDAY It’s finally time again! Today we take on Wolves away in what will be a very difficult game. We are kind of in desperate need of a win which is why we have to win. • What are your score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

FULL TIME Wolves 2 - 5 Chelsea What a win! Tammy Abraham grabs a hat trick, Tomori scores a screamer and Mason Mount sealed the win! 💙 Our youngsters are absolute 🔥 • Who was your Man of the Match?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

MATCHDAY The Champions League is back tonight!! Finally! We start of against Valencia at home! Will be a very tough game but I definitely think we can win!💙 What do you guys think? Score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

FULL TIME Chelsea 0 - 1 Valencia Absolute ridiculous. Bin off Barkley, should never ever take that pen. The others have to push him over! We start of the Champions League season very bad and we’re already in a bad situation. Fun.😑 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

MATCHDAY It’s a big one today, we take on Liverpool at The Bridge in a game that could take us in to the top 4. I think we’re definitely capable of getting a result today. I’m feeling a Tammy brave again...💙 • What are your score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

FULL TIME Chelsea 1 - 2 Liverpool So fucking frustrating! We could have easily won this game if our defence wasn’t so fucking retarded and if we took our fucking chances. They had absolutely nothing all game. I cba with this man

DAY 2️⃣5️⃣ OF PRE-SEASON Normal training resumes today at Cobham for the lads! The final games this and next week are vital for our Premier League start. I’m reeeeally excited about this season mostly because of our squad depth and our interesting young players! • CAN’T. WAIT.💙 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

DAY 2️⃣6️⃣ OF PRE-SEASON Media day at Cobham which means the players record some stuff for the British TV companies such as Sky Sports and BT Sport!💙 • The league start is really really close now, so you think Mason and Tammy will start?💙🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

FULL TIME Red Bull Salzburg 3 - 5 Chelsea • Well.. what an eventful game! 0-3 after the first half with three goals in eight minutes. Brilliant first half performance especially from Pulisic and Barkley but what a horrible second half! When the second option in defence comes on it goes downhill. Kepa deserved a better second half, 3 goals conceded in the way we did was unacceptable but it’s just pre-season...💙 • Who was your Man of the Match today?🤔 I’ll go for Barkley💙 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

DAY 2️⃣7️⃣ OF PRE-SEASON Today we take on Red Bull Salzburg in our sixth game of pre-season!💙 The blues travelled to Salzburg earlier this morning. • Today we’re probably going to see what team will start off the season. Frank will probably play two separate teams in both halves but one of them will be the preferred first team!💙 • What are your score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

DAY 2️⃣8️⃣ OF PRE-SEASON The blues have returned to London after last nights win in Austria!💙 When asked after yesterday’s win, Frank Lampard said he’s got “quite a good idea” of who’s going to start in our league opener against Manchester United!💙 • What do you guys think about the striker and attacking midfielder roles, who’s going to start?🤔 I think Batshuayi and Barkley💙 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

DAY 2️⃣9️⃣ OF PRE-SEASON Just a week to go until the league kicks off again... can’t wait for it to be honest. However, I have to admit that this summer has truly been hard as a Chelsea fan. Seeing literally every other club spend huge money and getting in amazing new starts really annoys me. I’m expecting nothing but a shopping spree next summer because this is painful haha!😂💙 • Do you guys have any transfer targets for us next summer?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

DAY 3️⃣0️⃣ OF PRE-SEASON Today we take on Borussia Mönchengladbach in our last pre-season game this summer!💙 Today I’m expecting to see the real starting eleven that will start against Manchester United. • I’m really buzzing! Score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

FULL TIME Mönchengladbach 2 - 2 Chelsea • Our last pre-season game ends in a draw after Chelsea score two second half penalties!💙 Not a particularly good game from the lads but it’s all about being ready for next week! • Who was your Man of the Match?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

DAY 3️⃣1️⃣ OF PRE-SEASON In exactly one week we take on Manchester United in our league opener and I couldn’t be more excited!💙 • It was also really nice to see N’Golo Kanté back playing yesterday which means he’ll probably play next week!💙 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

6️⃣ DAYS TO GO With the pre-season over and done with, we’re all just looking forward to the new season! The pre-season has given Frank some ideas about who should start or not💙😂 • But who do you guys think should start?🤔 Comment your preferred Starting XI below!💙 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

5️⃣ DAYS TO GO As we edge one day closer to our league start we’re still torn over who will partner David Luiz on Sunday! In my opinion it should be Kurt Zouma because of his strength and speed.💙 • Who do you guys think should be playing alongside David?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

4️⃣ DAYS TO GO Not far to go now until it all begins! Today’s problem is the midfield position and who’s going to play. It seems like we’ve played a 4-2-3-1 in pre-season and both Jorginho and Kovacic were incredible in our games this summer. But Kanté has to play somewhere too!💙 • Who do you think Frank should bench, Jorginho or Kovacic?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

3️⃣ DAYS TO GO As the deadline day ends we have completed 50% of our transfer ban, with drinkwater and apparently David Luiz going I think it’s been a great window in general!💙 • The David Luiz deal has not yet been announced which could mean its not happening but if I’m being quite honest I don’t really want him after what has been said these two days!💙 • What are your thoughts on deadline day and especially David Luiz?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

2️⃣ DAYS TO GO The Premier League starts tonight! Callum Hudson-Odou has signed a new deal! Everything is great!!💙 • Where are Chelsea finishing this season?🤔 • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

FULL TIME Manchester United 4 - 0 Chelsea • Great start.🙃 Looking forward to Liverpool on Wednesday😑 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

1️⃣ DAY TO GO Tomorrow we kick off our new season at Old Trafford, can’t wait to be honest! The lads had a final training session before heading for Manchester💙 • Feels good to be back!💙 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

MATCHDAY It’s finally here! The Premier League season starts today away against Manchester United💙 I’m surprisingly confident about today and hopefully youse are too💙 • What are your score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

😫 So frustrating! We go again Sunday!💙 • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

MATCHDAY Today we take on Liverpool in the UEFA Super Cup, this is a great chance to start our season of with some silverware! I’m not really confident seeing as Liverpool are big favourites. I just really want to a great all round game from the lads today!💙 • What are your score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

As we approach Matchweek 2 of the Premier League we’re really in need of a win! We’ve played two in my opinion absolute brilliant games against Manchester United and Liverpool but we’ve lost them both. However, it’s a real boost seeing N’Golo Kanté back out there and by the looks of it he’s in absolute fantastic form, against Liverpool he was the stand out player!💙 • Do you guys think N’Golo will return to his beat this season?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea

FULL TIME Chelsea 2 - 1 Barcelona • We get the win through a very good performance from the lads. The first half was amazing and we should have had more than one goal💙 • Second half was a little bit harder but Kepa made some huge saves to keep Barca from scoring. A 92nd minute strike from Rakitic did beat Kepa though...💙 • Who was your Man of the Match?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

DAY 1️⃣8️⃣ OF PRE-SEASON The Blues had their final training session in Japan today, the game against Barcelona is just a day away!💙 • After the game against Barca, the blues will return home to England and play some final pre-season games before the real things start!💙 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

DAY 1️⃣9️⃣ OF PRE-SEASON Today we take on Barcelona in our fourth game of pre-season. It is also our last game in Japan!💙 • This is a really good game for our lads to play, to try to match themselves against the very best. Hopefully we see a strong team with many youngsters today!💙 • Score predictions?🤔 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball

DAY 2️⃣0️⃣ OF PRE-SEASON The blues returned home this morning following a successful stay in Japan, the players will now have a few days off before normal training resumes at Cobham!💙 • Rumours are also circulating about Callum Hudson-Odoi signing a new contract, but we’re yet to have some official confirmation...💙 • • • Follow my partners @momo_love_chelsea @shagavfootball