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Wakandan Warrior Chief- KC swag under Florida sun

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Los 41 se acercan...

Mi premioooo!!!! Al fin!!!! Que contenta estoy!!!! Gracias Admiral!!!!

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Let’s show up for this like we did #blackpanther Black Director and Producer and cast to show the cinematic story of one the greatest revolutionary fighters of our Black history here in America the account of Harriet Tubman told by @KasiLemmons in theaters November 1st #harriet #HarrietTubman #KasiLemmons #harriet #harrietmovie #revolutionary #BlackMoses #freedom #escapefromslavery #fightforfreedom #runaway #Ghana2019yearofreturn #americanslavery #riseup #EndOppression #freedomfighter

Seems about right to me, growing up I went to a lot of different churches Baptist, Lutheran,Methodist, presbyterian ,Penecostal,Catholic, Agnostic, and the one thing that was constant was the preacher having a nice car and big house, rings ,gold chains and diamond watches and I thought even at a young age why do people give money to “God” but pray for each other shouldn’t it be the other way around? Celebrity Pastors have private jets vacation homes but the people in there church work two jobs and can barely afford one car will be about 80 when there one only house is finally paid off smh. Faith and religion are not the same I have Faith my people will awaken from the dream of religion to reach our full potential one day soon

Fb is the same way trum fans Come on now stop being silly no way in hell do we have anything in common I’m Mentally stable,Black, Educated, Happy, Building for my people just saying your alga rhythms are terrible do better that is all

head scratcher right there smh

How ironic and hilarious hey colonizers is this your king? It’s funny how racist secretly love what they publicly hate. That flamboyant bright red robe should’ve gave him away makes you wonder what else they mean by between the sheets 💁🏼‍♂️ head of the fruitKluxKlan #saywhat #whosmansisthis #readthatagain #amitrippin #thisguy #holdup #nohedidnt #hahaha #trumpsguy #Granddragonqueen #dumbracist #gayklanmember #fruitkluxklan #twiceundercover #heneedtobedelivered💆🏼‍♂️ #prisonlove

The Coonin on some of our people has reached revolution status I am more angry at the mammy behavior of the judge and bailiff then the sellout brother now way in hell do you put a such a Stockholm display of disrespect to your brother than to embrace this Killer Klan member it’s in fathomable that 10 years is the maximum sentence of a convicted murder and 20 years for shooting a warning shot or 5 years for licking ice cream when black and white are in front of the judge white is innocent after proven guilty but Black is guilty of being Black which carirries the maximum sentence how long we will continue to ask for a place at the table instead of building our own? #TailGatePro #coons #sellouts #whathappenedtous #blackpride #blackcommunity #stockholmsyndrome #lovethyoppressor #thebiblesayswhiteisright #wheresyourgodnow #blacklivesmatter #bluelivesmurder #Txjustice

Somebody get your boy because I got a question who’s man’s is this? I guess he’s endorsing the big mama fashion line is definitely not some stuff you go get in the men’s section you can say what you want about Jameis Winston but you can never say you question if his outfit was call K’naan or Lane Bryant lmao 😆😀😄😁 #TailGatePro #bucsnation #jaboowins #nfcsouth #jameiswinston #CarQB #yallQbweird #camnewton #thatsyamans #panthersneedtotrade #QueenQB

I must be getting old because I’m a start this off with back in the day: we had reunions every 3 to 5 years we had barbecues when ever and the only thing to gossip about was who was the worst player and spades but then came social media or anti-social media why do we need toTo get together when we can just IM each other Why make plans for reunion we can just like each other’s pictures yeah back in the day families used to be close let’s get back to that black families #TailGatePro #backintheday #blackfamilies #reunions

I did the research decade by decade, year-by-year and day by day and America has never been Great it’s always had problems of racism and social injustice, police corruption, economic turmoil, gun violence, homelessness, sickness, Political deception, war mongering, starvation depression genocide and greed and all the research I’ve done on Amerikkka’s checkered past I cannot find the time when it was great, But looking ahead I do see a time when it could be great but it starts with us change the current power structure change the future

That’s why I only get meals from TailGatePro I know exactly who they are and what they represent. Look at where you spend your money because fast food will kill you in more ways than one

No matter what you’ve heard this Florida life hasn’t changed us one bit....... we’re still the same silly, fun loving, Adventurous, night life loving, Go everywhere, Champions of all contest, Amusment park visiting, Great food making, 2 stepping ,fully awake Power Black couple we’ve always been unless you heard all that 💁🏾‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️

So NFL let me get this straight Colin lead a protest against oppression of black people police brutality and the anthem that contradicts the country’s own freedom slogan and your response is white poser rappers at halftime? That conversation yall kept proclaiming we needed to have clearly involved the wrong people and the wrong conclusion smh the kneeling stopped but the fight continues

Because when playing fictional characters you have to resemble the public perception based on there own beliefs not the unrealistic made up characters setting no matter what the genre in other words colonizer outrage over fictional depictions of characters but not with the depiction of historical black figures various places or events that don’t fit the lies told for generations outrage over 007 but not Gods of Egypt sure ok then go sit down while we fix the problems in Amerikkka

We've got to do better what's good to you if not always good for you what does fatback taste like? And what flavor is lard? We can cook and eat the food we love without all the unnecessary and very unhealthy ingredients steamed greens with the right seasoning taste better than boiled greens with ham hocks know what you're putting into your body and don't eat it because it's traditional because dying of a heart attack is it tradition we need to break, high blood pressure is a tradition we can't pass to our children, we are not at higher risk because of genetics we are more susceptible to health problems because of poor diets soul food is not unhealthy food soul food is good food made with love and care #TailGatePro #EatToLive #soulfood #betteringredients #mamaskitchen #passalonglife #consciouschoices #eathealthy #blackpepolefood #fatback #healthyfoodie #bigmomma #blackchefs #bigmommashouse #inyourgarden #Blacktraditions #growyourfood #eatfortommorrow #lowsodium #blackthanksgiving #inmoderation

I’ve only been a Floridian for a year and a half but what I realized is that everything comes down to dollars and cents. Friday which was payday for most people “Prepare for the storm of the century” brought to you by Lows. “What you need to stay safe during the hurricane” sponsored by Hom Depo “Stock up now before it’s too late your family survival depends on you” paid for by Sm’s Club “The gear that could save your life” presented by Diks sporting goods “water may be scarce during this dangerous storm do you have enough?” Shop Public’s I quickly saw a pattern the scarier the headline the bigger the sponsor school was canceled for three days in advance and simultaneously food stamps were issued May sound good to some people may sound like coincidence to other people here’s what I see August marks the end of the third fiscal quarter at the beginning of the fourth quarter stores need to remove all excess inventory and big businesses need a boost the profit line before the winter shopping rush to ensure Holiday bonuses are issued to top execs in the same state that has $8.50 minimum wage smh

We glorify drug dealers in movies and songs because of their lifestyle the fast money the expensive clothes, jewelry, houses and cars but we tend to forget the other side of drug sales the crack babies, the time spent in prison, the innocent bystanders, orphaned children, and murder victims we tend to root for the bad guy in today’s society, until the bad guy affects us it’s time for change let’s root for the hard working parents teachers and mentors who deserve our respect and admiration instead #TailGatePro #nonewcrackheads2020 #lifeafterdrugs #realityoftheplug #theplug #DopeDealers #shootingvictim #timeserved #30tolife #gangsterslifeaintfun #crackwar #crackiswack #aimhigher

Teaching your son how to fight is a major step towards Manhood self defense is a critical survival skill but self-control when to walk away is far more important skill to refine. I’ve always taught my son’s to never start fights but if someone puts their hands on you then make sure you finish the fight. A fools words no matter how disrespectful the intent can’t hurt you #TailGatePro #Manhoodtip09 #selfdefense #selfcontrol #walkaway #learntobox #worththefight #jab #boxing #dingding #thebell #blackman #blackyouth #youngblackmen

If one of us is still in bondage than none of us are free~ Former Slave in Amerikkka For those who proudly sing the national anthem on the Fourth of July everything you’re proud of is a contradictory to your image of America a nation that says people have freedom, a nation that says all are welcome, nation that says innocent until proven guilty, a nation that says you have the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness if this were true then racism oppression and injustice would not exist in the land of the free we must take what is owed and build the true nation our ancestors fought and died for #Juneteenth #TailGatePro #bombsbursting #lakelandjuneteenth #endofslavery #liberation #emmancipation #IndependenceDay #thetruth

Seems like new rappers are more concerned with fashion and drama now, It's like they forgot to make music one line I heard recently "I been mixing my designers I'm fly as a B****" just not something I can cosign with and everybody claims they don't write i think that's the problem because growing up listening to real lyricist who's songs were story's about they're life, city, love, our People and the hustle of the game I would put @mosdefc lyrics against any rappers today #TailGatePro #rap #deathofrap #hiphop #lyrics #songlyrics #music #declineofrap #whathappenedtous #80'srap #90'srap #mosdef #rapbattle #bonevsmigos #songshadmeaning #todaysrap #mumblerap #mumblerappers #rapperquotes #offbeatrap

A coworker of mine surprised me with lunch from the gold arch’s nice gesture but unfortunately they didn’t know I don’t eat the poison from Clown Burger and here’s why I took a few fries 🍟 from the bag to show why, look how greasy my fingers are the napkin is soaked 🤢I’m not going to be a victim of the cost cutting time saving machine that produces this imitation of food I’d eat real food made with fresh ingredients by TailGatePro #TailGatePro #wackdonalds #yuck #greasymess #fakefood #whatthe #goldenarc #RonaldMcpoison #donteatthat #tryingtokillyou #deathbag #fastfoodjunkie #fastfoodwars #Mcdonaldsfreezone #notinmyhouse #notatourtable #EatBetter #foodnightmare

This is why you will never hear me use a miss educated term like “People of Color” smh Black people are on our own side everybody is against us to say we are people of color is disrespectful to us as Black people were not crayons that implies there’s only two races whites and colored I will not be lumped into the category with my enemy the Asians and Hispanics hate us just as much when they wearing Blue they see being Black as suspicious, it’s probable cause or it’s justifiable yet When we fight a problem nobody fights with us but after the riots mace dogs and protest then it’s WE deserve, we are blamed even as the victims no matter what the situation “We should’ve” this culture is not ours we are suspects from birth with the description being BLACK MALE between the ages of can’t walk yet and he needs a cane, eyes any color, height is 4 to 8 feet, may have dreds braids or bald, weighs average Black man weight, with or without tattoos I’m the Black man that those “people of color” hate and fear so much #TailGatePro #blackpeople #Imblackandproud #notapoc #blackroots #blackmen #africanamerican #blackstruggle #Blackinamerikka #werenotcolored #Blacksuspect #gunsdrawn #blackuntilproveninnocent #firingsquad #reasontoshoot #deathbycop #policeshooting

They call these the the new hair twist but I remember my grandma calling these corn rows back in the 80’s everything that is originated in our culture somehow gets renamed and repackaged for profit Black people spend a trillion a year but how much is spent with other Black people we have the buying power we just need to connect and keep our dollar strong or else everything we create for free will be sold back to us #TailGatePro #cultruevulture #cultureappropriation #Resold #forusbyus #webuyblack #blackdollar #wemaketheytake #werenotforsale

Fried chicken green beans and mozzarella Mac and cheese chicken Wednesday has a nice ring to it lol