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bridget || gymnastics

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on my amazing @ez_glam airspot! use my code bridget10 for $ off :) - laura and tabitha app’d + @clara.gymnast can app because i landed on her comment + sage & anthony can app because they used my @ez_glam code!!

happy october!🍁 first video with them!💓 ez ambassadors approved :) - on sage’s super bouncy air board from @ez_glam i love it so much! use my code bridget10 for $ off your purchase!😉

thanks to @ez_glam this time sage got her full! use code bridget10🤪




first halloween vid! do u guys like my deflated photoshopped airtrack😎 - hallowEZ🎃 saw this b4 u

i LOVE mental blocks!🤩 this was filmed like 3 weeks ago

💗 simple skills per usual cat approves🥰

hii i’m posting tomorrow but not this because i only got this clip!

old video from may that i filmed in two minutes🦋

ez ambassadors + laura, tabitha and cooper saw this before u :))

eh idk about this sorry about all of the simple vids recently. but i tried editing kind of like the way i used to :) emma approved cause i stole her audio🥰 - @ez_glam airspot code bridget10 (i use this airspot way too much)

goodbye summer 2019 :(

this was so much fun to film! some of my friends approve🥰 - wow tysm for 2k followers! that’s crazy i never thought i’d get this far ily!💗 - i love my @ez_glam airspot so much you have no idea! use my code bridget10 for $ off :) #ezglamrepost

posting tomorrow! (not this because it’s an old vid but i just added a different audio, scroll down if you want to see the full thing because i love it hahah!)

hi it’s been too long since i’ve posted🥺 the sun was going down but i still filmed :) also my garage is being painted and let’s not talk about the bucket on the ground😳 - lauren, faith, laura, bridget and meg approve👽

posting this soon! already have 2 approvers but comment if you want to approve and i’ll randomly choose someone!

only video i filmed here :( - sage and kyra approved💞

i wanna go back to lake george🥺

so... THIS HAPPENED EARLIER! thanks to my super bouncy @ez_glam airspot! use my code bridget10 for money off :))

the content ur getting until i get my act together and actually film a good video!🤪

my airtrack does not stay inflated anymore😍😭 - laura, faith, meg, katie, maddi, paige and tabitha approve🥺💞

i love this yay! today is sages birthday so wish her a happy birthday💗 - my airspot is from @ez_glam and i couldn’t have done any of this without it! check out their website and use my code bridget10 for 10% off your purchase :) @ez_glam #ezglam #ezglamrepost

hey look it’s my 100th post! second to last video with sage :( - sage is the cover cause she’s perfect

this is so short because my phone decided to die. this day was sm fun tho :) #isbridgetshaddowbanned - taking my @ez_glam airspot to the beach was the best! use my code bridget10 for 10% off and prizes from me!!

i missed filming with paige yaay! - obviously on my amazing @ez_glam airspot! dm me about my code if u want money off!

posting at a weird time because i keep forgetting! last vid with sage aww :( on my @ez_glam airspot! code bridget10 for money off and prizes from me!! @lauratwists apps!🥰🥰

clip of me getting a new skill for now! ignore my face at the end

tumbled today for the first time in two weeks :) here’s a preview! probably won’t post until i come home from vacation

i kinda love this... i think? - paige is in one clip! and sorry about the kinda weird cover haha🐟

happy 4th to all my American followers!🇺🇸 - haha i cant tumble in @crocs

another beach vid!! thankyou for 1.1k! (i’m filming my 1,000 vid soon) - a lot of people app that i cant remember oops sorry!🥺

i’m so sorry if this isn’t helpful at all! - @ez_glam airspot in one clip! (as you can see it helps you get skills!) - @sages_gymnastics apps!!🥰

i have an obsession of filming beach videos - tagged app! sorry if i forgot u in the worst at keeping track of who app’d🥺

1,000 followers. WOAH. thankyou all so much for 1k and now even 1.1k! i know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but knowing that 1,000 people love to watch my videos is crazy. the friends i’ve made and the people who look up to my videos make me so happy you have no idea. making this account was the best decision ever and thankyou all for getting me here.😭💗

jr bahs🐑 gc approved! - if u don’t know already, i sprained my ankle again so i can’t tumble for two weeks :( im trying to film flexi vids but im not flexible at alll - i also tried to be @liatumbles but i’m not even close🥺💓

i looked really confused when i fell bahah it was scary but didn’t hurt at all! - on my @ez_glam airspot that i love! i cant wait until i can tumble on it again! you should definitely check out their website and if you end up purchasing an air product from them use my code ‘bridget10’ for 10% off and many prizes from me! check the highlight called “promoting” for more details and dm me if you have any questions. - @tumbling.zuzka app’d💗