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Seeking the Andean Cat apologizes for our absence in social media. Due to a random act of violence, nearly all of our equipment, including many video files, has been stolen. Unfortunately, we lost our DSLR camera, laptop, and our drone DJI Mavic 2 in the attack. We are very grateful our coordinator survived the assault and are still committed to saving the Andean Cat. #puma #crazyface #mountain #mountainlion #cougar #andeancats #andeancat #wildcats #andesmountains

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A P P L E . . . Apples are pure magic and are said to be the fruit of the Gods. They symbolise love and have often been used in spells for love and healing. Some folk believe that the unicorn lives underneath the apple tree and the spring blossoms are home to the fae . When I was on my way to view my home for the first time I had an image of an apple tree pop into my mind. I was so excited to find one in the garden and knew in that moment that this would be my new home. Whenever I have sat with her she has shown me how happy she is. Nothing but joy overflows from her, which you can taste in her fruits that are so abundant at this time of year . If ever you are feeling fearful, go sit with an apple tree and let her bathe you back to love. It won’t take long, I promise! . . 🍏✨❀️✨🍏 . . . #applemagick #love #happiness #apple #harvest

My journey through life has taught me that to live in harmony with Mother Nature is the key to happiness and good health β€’ Join me tomorrow @remindstudio where I will take you through Inkan practices that are thousands of years old, specifically designed to bring us back into balance with our great Mother Earth and Father Cosmos β€’ It’s our opportunity to come back into ayni or sacred reciprocity. In doing so we balance our inner and outer worlds and come back into right relationship with all that is β€’ 1-1:45pm β€’ I also offer 1-1 healing sessions at the studio between 2-6pm each Tuesday if you feel called to take things deeper β€’ β€’ β€’ #ayni #sacredreciprocity #mothernature #fathercosmos #andeantradition #inka #remindstudio

Join me in class this week @remindstudio for Andean Nature meditations and healing β€’ 1-1:45pm, Tuesday 8th Oct β€’ The Inka understood that our personal power is derived directly from our connection to our wider system of Mother Nature β€’ Learn how to be the bridge between Mother Earth and Father Cosmos as taught by the Inkas β€’ Learn how to enable the energies of Mother Nature to inspire and ground, cleanse and feed, bringing forth the healing you and our planet need at this time β€’ Come plug in with me 🌍 No connection, no power! β€’ β€’ β€’ #andeantradition #qero #inka #naturemeditations #healing #noconnectionnopower #motherearth #fathercosmos #mothernature #remindstudio

When Mother Earth meets Father Cosmos β€’ 2 classes this week @remindstudio β€’ Tuesday 29th β€’ 11-11:45am β€’ 1-1:45pm β€’ Come be the bridge between the earth and the heavens. β€’ Image @alphachanneling β€’ β˜€οΈπŸŒ™ πŸ’«

New moon blessings 🌸

Beautiful prayer..... #Repost @hawanemusic ・・・ A M A Z O N β € β € From my wind to your windβ € From my rain to your rainβ € From my forests to your forestsβ € From my rivers to your riversβ € From my lands resilience to your lands resilienceβ € From my people’s strength to your people’s strengthβ € I align my prayers with the prayers of thousands to the sky realm to call on the rains to soak the earth and end the fires started by the hands of greedy men.β € I align my womb with the wombs of rainforest women who call for the return of dignity to our bodies and the great body of Mother Earthβ € I align my lungs with the lungs of this planet and inhale and exhale in deep ceremony, in deep chant, and deep love.β € Pule β€˜Δina.β € β € β € #alohaamazon

New Moon prayers and blessings to all my friends and family around the 🌎.. . . May you continue to shine your brightest lights and may we live in harmony with all of our global nature family; the waters, the earth, the sun, moon, wind, stars and the cosmos. Without them we are nothing. . . #newmoon #prayers #haywarikway #Pachamama #motherearth #water #sun #moon #Wind #Stars #Cosmos #love

T A R I P A Y ~ P A C H A . . . Andean Inca prophecy says that we are now in The Age Of Meeting Ourselves Again; The Taripay Pacha. . It’s said that since the industrial revolution we’ve been developing our individual will by walking alone in the luxury of isolation. . We now have the potential to consciously evolve into an era of harmony, or the β€œfourth level of consciousness”. This is the time in which we can come back into community with a more fully formed individual will, with a new found awareness and knowing ourselves more than we’ve allowed before. In doing so, we can share our gifts, our stories and individual experiences in a way that benefits the collective. It’s possible to evolve beyond the third level adult adolescence (think Boris, Trump) and live in a more soulful way, fully integrating our individual experience in alignment with the collective. In doing so we can walk together in unity consciousness. . . It’s not too late to join me this weekend to experience more of the Andean Cosmology. DM for more details! πŸ’« . . . #unityconsciousness #fourthlevel #Inca #taripaypacha #theageofmeetingourselvesagain #evolve

Rising this morning with the moon at her fullness and the owls hooting. I greet this day with gratitude and love πŸ’«

β€’ β€’ β€’ A Y N I β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ This Equinox, where the light meets the dark in equal balance, has got me thinking about the Andean law of Ayni. This one fundamental law of nature that the Q’ero Indians of Peru abide by translates as β€˜sacred reciprocity’. Ayni is a simple yet profound way of experiencing energy as a sacred interplay between heavy (hucha) and light (sami) β€’ Here in the West we live in a culture of polarity where we divide our experiences into positive or negative, good or bad. What if we could shift our way of experiencing energy into one of relativity, where we could live without definitions such as positive or negative? What if we could go one day without thinking in terms of good or bad? Imagine if we could shift our perceptions so that we experience all energy as useful if we know where to direct it to... or if the key to our universe and our well-being was in understanding how to move energy with intention? What if we could turn our hucha into a sacred offering of food for Mother Earth whilst calling in the refined energies of our divine cosmos to refresh and renew? β€’ Join me for the first of my weekly classes @remindstudio next Tuesday October 1st where I’ll be offering guidance on how to bring your energy back into its natural flow within yourself and in balance with the universal energies of the heavens and earth. You’ll also receive a 1-1 healing from me too β€’ Come ride the waves of nature and get back in the flow β€’ πŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸ’™πŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠ

Gifts from the earth being offered back to the earth.. . Today is the Andean new year, the day that Pachamama wakes up and is honoured for all her glorious genius. . It’s also Lughnasadh, the first Pagan harvest, a day to honour Lugh, the Celtic god of light. . Today falls on a new moon and it also happens to be the day of my birth.. . The perfect day for giving thanks for the beauty of this crazy mysterious miracle called life. . . . ❀️

The next Inka Wisdom weekend of teachings will be held on August 17th & 18th... please DM me your email if interested πŸ™πŸ» . . We are living in a time of great change and are all experiencing a great many shifts in our lives. According to Inka prophecy humanity is now transitioning from the third to the fourth level. In the third level our consciousness is governed by nationalism and our individual will. As we raise our consciousness we can align our individual will with that of the collective and all nature beings. In doing so we can reach a place of unity consciousness and the fourth level, which promotes the philosophy of love, trust and connection rather than fear, victimisation and separation. The goal being the conscious evolution of humanity! . The Q&#039;ero masters, also being very practical, have provided us with a sophisticated framework to help us move into alignment with all of nature that surrounds us. By connecting directly to nature we can regain our personal power and be in direct alignment with the healing forces of nature . I&#039;ve found that through actively engaging with these practices I&#039;m better able to move through life with greater comfort and ease. The biggest teaching I&#039;ve taken from this is that we as humans have no power unless we are directly aligned with the power of nature. I have learnt how to really develop and stand in my personal power by staying strongly connected to the forces of nature. I hope you will feel called to join me on this magical journey through nature and ultimately through your soul . If you love nature you will love this tradition! . #qero #andeantradition #naturewisdom #inkawisdom #andeancosmovision #unityconsciousness

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. ~ John Muir. . πŸ“· by @itsreuben

It was beautiful to help out with a water blessing ceremony today at one of London’s springs that run through and connect various power points across the city. The energy of the water and the people who showed up to offer their prayers to her was heart opening. πŸŒŠπŸ’™πŸ™πŸ» . . . #thefellowshipofthespring #extinctionrebellion #xr #sacredwaters #londonsprings #love

We are Holy . We are Beautiful . We are Magnificent . We are Powerful . We are Free ...

Giving thanks to Taita Inti - Father Sun - who stood still for 3 days over this solstice weekend allowing me to slip through the portal and receive his blessings. . For the gong bath in a castle ruin who’s ruins spoke in sweet whispers and took on the form of a sphinx offering its guidance, for Mother Mary in the form of a white dove, for chanting in a chapel and for the sweet joy of a day of rest yesterday. . Thank you Pachamama for the overflow of your gifts and pure abundance. I pour all blessings received back to you with infinite peace and love. . Urpi Chai Sonqollay - Doves fly in my heart . πŸ•ŠπŸ’šπŸ•ŠπŸ’šπŸ•ŠπŸ’šπŸ•Š .

Here’s to new beginnings ✨🌺✨

Sitting in the woods this morning, I open up my energy bubble and absorb the sound of the bird song as we greet the day, offering any heaviness I feel back to Mother. It’s this song that I’ll carry through my day today, as I dance another day on Earth. I am grateful. . . . . . #gratitude #motherearth #birdsong #lifeisadance #love

Today’s offering... ~ I’m often asked what these offerings are that I post. They are called a Haywarikway, more commonly known as Despacho. Haywarikway is the Quechua name, meaning β€˜to offer with your own hand’ whereas Despacho is Spanish and means β€˜to send’. Despacho has become the more popular term since Peru was colonised. When we make these offerings we do so in ceremony and are putting our prayers, gratitude and intentions into them and to offer them with our own hands feels so much more in keeping with the beauty inside of them. There are many different types of Haywarikways. The one I offered today was an Ayni one, which holds all my gratitude for the flow of life, for everything given and received. . . . . . #haywarikway #despacho #andeantradition #offering #offerwithyourownhand #qero #inkawisdom #unityconsciousness #ayni

It is time for us sisters to rise. To rise up holding and supporting one another with each new step we are taking to true sisterhood. One where we allow eachother to grow, to fall, to laugh and to cry. One where we offer our collective ancestral grief back to our great mother, Pachamama with love. In true sisterhood we understand that my pain is your pain and yours is hers. There is no separation. The threads that bind us are threads of love, freedom, nurturance and nourishment. These threads both bind us and set us free. We are all one. May we rise. πŸ’™ . . . . These words flow through me today as I prepare to go in for some of my own healing. A day where as I heal myself all my sisters receive the healing. We do nothing alone. πŸ’™ . . . . #risesisterrise #sisterhood #healing #weareallone #unityconsciousness #Pachamama #love πŸ’™


An exchange with the Phausi Runa .. 🐚

Prayers at dawn

"I wish grace and healing were more abracadabra kinds of things, that delicate silver bells would ring to announce grace&#039;s arrival. But no, it&#039;s clog and slog and scootch, on the floor, in silence, in the dark." Anne Lamott This quote keeps finding me and each time I read it I’m reminded of the work that’s been done and also of that yet to unfold.. a gentle reminder that once we step on to the healing path there is no quick fix, no linear way through. But it does get easier. The more layers that are removed, the more old patterns and stories that are transformed, the more we come into a place of peace. The more we heal, the more we come home to ourselves and the process does become easier. Our ability to change becomes more natural and we find that we can come to a place of acceptance with all of it. All the clog, slog and scootch suddenly becomes worthwhile. πŸ™πŸ» . . . . . #woundedhealer #clogslogscootch #healingprocess #lovenotfear . . . πŸ“· by me @catstevensphoto In Aix, 2018.

Swan spirit teaches us about altered states of awareness and shows us how to live more intuitively. They glide through water without leaving ripples, reminding us to go gently without fighting against the changing currents. Sitting underneath this being during my Saminchakuy practice today I felt it’s grace and beauty and was able to just sit and be with the tides as they push and pull around me. . . . . . #saminchakuy #swanmedicine #swanspirit #change #beauty #grace #gogently

β€œIt is worse to stay where one does not belong at all than to wander about lost for a while and looking for the psychic and soulful kinship one requires”. Clarissa Pinkola EstΓ©s #keepwandering #womenwhorunwiththewolves #clarissapinkolaestes . . . . πŸ“· Clarence H. White, The Bubble, 1898.

For something to live, something must die. . Serpent teaches us, as she moves so effortlessly out of her skin, without looking back, that we must release what’s no longer serving us to create space for anything new. She lives close to the ground, feeling her way along with strong intuition tuned into the earths vibrations. She moves in full trust. . If there’s anything no longer serving you that you are holding onto it’ll create a block in your path. . Let it go. . Feel yourself rooted to the earth and pull up her energy to create a column of light through you, then move forward, renewed, refreshed and guided to where you are meant to be. . With love. . . . #serpentmedicine #saywachakuy #Pachamama #letitgo #forsomethingtolivesomethingmustdie . πŸπŸ’šπŸπŸ’šπŸπŸ’šπŸπŸ’šπŸ