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The two most beautiful families 💙❤

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but we are always together 👊 All of us are disappointed, sad, angry, but you have to congratulate Liverpool they did an amazing thing at Anfield. I remember the match at Camp Nou in which we defeated PSG 6:1 it was a great night. The match against Liverpool was like a match against Roma. We have to go further and forget about this night, we have a chance to win CdR and we will focus on it. We are together when we win and lose! I will always love you @fcbarcelona

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Double tap ❤️

Nope Not You🤣


MSG this season


Yes or no


Legendes ❤️💎

Santiago Bernabeu EL CLASICOS in the last 10 years



Messi 🔥

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do you want to see that zlatan comes to barca . Edit by @barca_edition

Messi 2000 and 2018❤️


Yes or No ?

Then and now ❤️


BEARD OR NO BEARD? Comment bellow 💭


From Wich Country ? Im from Germany 🇩🇪 comment bellow 🔥

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The lineup for today against INTER 🙌

Salah to barca ?

Fifa 20 raitings 😍

neymar back to barca ? @barlebofc

what do you think about this lineup?

2006 & 2019 🔥

What do you think?

@virgilvandijk to barca? Yes or No ?

@frenkiedejong & @mikkykiemeney ❤️

Mbappe or Neymar ?

By: @davidvaldearenas I want to make it clear. PSG and BARÇA have an agreement that they have promised not to reveal until August. Neymar will arrive as I have been saying days and will wear the number 11, Dembelé will change his number. Coutinho and Malcom will go to PSG so Griezmann will take number 7 and not 17. Offer that has accepted the PSG: 70 M + Coutinho + Malcom and a third player that could enter the operation. Neymar is from FC Barcelona. In August the 2 clubs will make it official. Do not worry.