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🗣 Barça's 16 year old La Masia star @ilaixmk who's just preparing to represent Spain in the U17 World Cup. [Via MD] "Yes. My dream is to be next to Messi, Busquets and all of them. Let's see if I have the opportunity to train or play a game." "If I can take the step and have a few trainings or a few minutes with the first team. I would be happy and grateful to the club." "I am living the rise of Ansu with the same enthusiasm and the same desire as him. What he is doing is amazing, but he can still do more." "Every kid has been waiting to play a World Cup and now that I have the opportunity I will give everything to the team and to have fun."

Two great players, two amazing careers, one special era.

Valverde: it's okey for Barça to sit back and let the opponent dominate the game if we are just leading the match. 💁‍♂️


🎙 [New York Times] | Carlos Vela keen on joining Barça on loan move to play alongside Lionel Messi.🔴🔵

Sadio Mané: “It’s a great joy when Messi votes for you as number 1. If you look at where I’ve come from, it shows I’ve come quite far."🔵🔴

“I’ve learned to control myself in the match and to pick my moments.That’s why there are times where i don’t have to be involved in the play and i have to wait for it and i think it helps with the physical wear on you.” Messi added.🔴🔵


WOW, Valverde has totally LOST IT. These ironical words are nothing but disrespect towards Cruyff. When you have the possession and play fast short passing game you don't have to run as much as your opponent but Slavia, yes Slavia had MORE possession than us in the second half of the game (51%-49%), and also in total more shots and goalscoring chances... I'm sure Cruyff did not teach that.

You are the best with or without the World Cup, still 2014 final was very heartbreaking!

Pep in his interview admits that Eto'o should have stayed for one more season!

The performance indeed was bad! The team hasn't improved at all during the summer, the game looks just same and we repeat the same mistakes again and again. Blaming the players would be stupid, the reason for this is standing on the sidelines.


Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs picks Messi over Cristiano!


And still some people dare to say he would not do it in England😅 What a joke! 🐐

Nothing would surprise me anymore!

That little, shy kid became the Greatest Footballer the game has ever seen! 🐐

🔊 Rest of Samuel Eto'o's latest interview with SER Catalunya: “Back to Barça? I will be back for sure. How? I don't know, but I'll be back! ” "I want to be the first coach of color to win a Champions league and my team playing like Guardiola does." "I already said it in my first interviews: Iniesta is the best player I have played with. Then people were surprised that I didn't say Ronaldinho or Messi. But time has proved me right. He has never been recognized at the level of Leo or Cristiano but Xavi and Iniesta are at that level." “The press has always been very unfair to Víctor Valdés. He was the best player every season." “What is coming to us with Fati, not even God knows. He is very good. I wish him well and that he doesn't have the injuries, which is the only thing that could stop him in his career." "Griezmann is in the best club in the world. Playing at Barça is like drinking a good glass of wine, that Griezmann drinks from that glass and enjoys it for a long time. ” "These have been very sad moments and the worst thing is that racism keeps repeating itself. Yellow, black, orange ... in the end we are all the same and our children should know that."

Messi explaining his goal celebration. 🔴🔵

Andrés Iniesta: “Every September 17 I get goosebumps. In 1996 a dream started, a path I could never imagine would be so brutal. I arrived from my Fuentealbilla with my parents and my grandfather by car. I have said it many times but I will never erase from my memory the silence of those hours by car. I said goodbye to my sister Maribel in tears and I kept spilling them for weeks. There were no mobile phones like today and we took turns with the cabin although veterans like Valdés, Reina, Puyol, Jofre, Gabri, Jorquera, Mario or José let me strain to call. Each call was a drama despite sunrise every morning watching the Camp Nou through my window. So close and yet so far. For me and for everyone. But I could never have endured those hard nights without my second family. They welcomed me like a son. Joan Farrés, director of La Masia, the kitchen artists Josefina, Inma, Belén and Fernando, security guards like Fernando and Juan, technicians like Albert Benaiges, who loved me as a son from day one, and the others I had in the Masia: Ursicinio López, Domènec Roca, our remembered Ángel Pedraza, Pep Alomar, Juan Carlos Pérez Rojo, Quique Costas and Josep Maria Gonzalvo. They all guided me in life and football. Without them, without his talks and sincere advice to that child who never stopped longing for his townspeople, he would not have reached anything. They and those who continue to work daily with discretion away from the spotlight should be applauded standing up. It's 40 years of La Masia and hopefully I can see 40 more seeing how its fruits make our Barça bigger. Congratulations!".

Some things never change.

Iniesta on Barça this season. 🔴🔵


De Jong was applauded by Eibar fans yesterday. 🔴🔵

Kobe Bryant of how he met Messi and then other picture what he has said about Leo! Ronaldinho made him a HUGE Messi fan 👑🐐

"With Leo it's like The Matrix. He can see the movement of the legs of the opponent, and he sees the movement of the goalkeeper and has the ability to react." The current Spanish coach added. 🔵🔴 Source - Sport.

Another @leomessi record in the history books! 🐐 ••• 📸: @footynstagram

In his latest interview! 🏆🏆🏆

A simple story in 5 pictures. Tag your friends and let them know! 😉

Van Dijk on Messi winning The Best. This guy just won my heart. Huge respect to him @virgilvandijk ♥️

Hopefully Messi wins his 6th but with the Best award majority of journalists voted Van Dijk!

Dani Alves congratulating Messi after he won the Fifa Best! ❤

🎙[El Chiringuito TV] | #fifafootballawards | Javier Zanetti(Inter Milan Legend): “We are not fair with #messi in Argentina, he is the best in the world and I will always protect him.”

Always! 😂

🎙 [SPORT] | Xavi: " It wouldn't be a Problem to coach Messi and his teammates. " 🔊 "I know what Messi is like, as well as Suárez, Busquets, Piqué, Alba, and Roberto. I have a good relationship with them and know how they train", he says in an interview for the newspaper ARA.

Source: ESPN UK. 🔴🔵

Needless to say, WE ARE WAITING...⏳

On this day in 1973 the greatest influencer of football made his mark at FC Barcelona in the league competition.❤️🔵🔴

Thiago Alcântara joined Barça and La Masia as a young boy and was always considered as a big talent. There were high hopes for him and especially Pep Guardiola always saw Thiago's talent and believed him. Thiago made his Barça debut in Pep's first season and gradually played more games a season by season with eventually playing 45 games in Pep's last season with Barça. It was still difficult for him to get as many minutes as he would have deserved when Barça had the best midfield trio of all-time; Xavi-Busquets-Iniesta in their prime. In his last season with Barça Thiago played fewer games which dropped his release clause to 18€ million. The clause was 90€ million but Barça failed to fulfil clauses in the contract relating to the amount of playing time. On 14 July 2013, Pep Guardiola's Bayern signed Thiago. Pep said that Thiago was the only player he wanted, "I spoke to club about my concept and told them why I want Thiago. He is the only player I want. It'll be him or no one." Thiago left and one year later Barça signed Ivan Rakitic from Sevilla. Thiago isn't a normal or average player. Thiago is a special talent, he comes from the true football family, his father Mazinho won the World Cup with Brazil and his brother Rafinha is also a professional footballer. So even genetically Thiago is a player with great natural talent. When we add everything he learned at La Masia, vision, understanding of the game and skill it makes Thiago an ideal tecnical midfielder. Also one thing you can see from his game is his Brazilian roots, this 'jogo bonito' style of happiness and joy in his game makes him even more special footballer. Thiago does extraordinary things on the pitch just like legends as Xavi and Iniesta did, he has had some injury worries but by pure talent and skill Thiago is one of the best midfielders La Masia has ever produced. Thiago has already played twice as many games for Bayern than he played for Barça, and Munich is his home now, but he has also said that Barcelona is always in his heart. It can be bitter sweet for a Barça fan to watch Thiago but he's also a pride for us and the club. Because Thiago is made in La Masia and Thiago is a superstar.