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Quality and results combining together in a thrilling unexpected match by most of us since Messi wasn't there... Yet there is no reason to be Messi dependant again. Last season's Messi-dependance was a nightmare . And now , we have shown that without Messi , Suarez nor Dembele , which happens to be our attacking trio of last season , The Attacking Trio of yesterday's match did the absolute job . Not because they were just brilliant individually , but when you have people Like Carles Perez in your front and Griezzman , and when you see them combining very well with our Midfield , that's when you know that you have already won the game. Betis first scored and were 1-0 over us , yet for me ,back then , that was too obvious that this match was gonna be ours. The reason we succeeded was not because of Griezzman's individual talent only , but also because of the Group Work , the successful links-up plays , the passes , the fluidity and chemistry , that's the root of success, especially when adding to it some Barca Style and High Spirit.

I guess I am officially back into my posts on this page . My apologies for the sudden turnover back then . Had my own reasons , especially that it didn't feel like it anymore and it wasn't fun to me anymore . But my cheering for the club and this badge never stopped and I hope to entertain you once again with my posts.

Not that We are denying the Legendary MSN Trio that took place during the Luis Enrique Era , but that there is absolutely no need for him to come. The departure was nothing but his choice . It's not that he doesnt deserve a second chance (like any other human being I believe) , but that our Board and president , and Especially other fans are not considering what we already have , they want more and more... We have Griezzman , we have Dembele , Suarez , and on top of all the GOAT Lionel Messi , yet we are still willing to do the impossible to bring Neymar. Maybe it's because people believe that we can certainly win the UCL with Neymar , but that the Trio Of MSN didn't succeed anymore in 2017 , and with Suarez & Messi aging , there is absolutely no garantee that the MSN trio will be back on its root with Neymar coming . As hard as it seems to be , but the MSN trio is no longer working...

What the Board and Bartomeu tried to do , and are still doing (until this transfer window ends) is to try anr build a ruthless squad able to keep fighting and winning everything. In order to do that , you need Great attackers. So , What is it that strengthens our attacking trio making it successfull ? Last season , Or at its most crucial moment , it was a One man show . Despite we had Suarez , Coutinho or even Dembele (who was mostly injured) , That didn't seem to work as it should be . Not only because we didn't the UCL , but , apart from the results , we didn't see much link and coordination in our attacking trio. We didn't see much the perfect mix , The chemistry was poor , and at a club like Barca this is inadmissible. Barcelona has a unique style . In this very style created by Cruyff , It was all well 'programmed' to get each of the 11 players on the pitch doing its job very well both individually and collectively . Wingers are meant to add width , a CF able to do the link , and short accurate passes and through balls , yet fast enough to confuse the opponents. No matter if we have both Griezzman and Neymar along with Messi and Suarez , The Attacking trio cannot and will not be successful this season unless Ernesto knows very well how to Create a Chemistry between them , and how to make them cooperate perfectly with and without the ball on their feet. Which brings me to my conclusion , which is that individual talent is never enough and not as half as efficient as the Collective play. In order to succeed at Barca , we need the 'right' players who know how to link well instead of Big names.

In what looked like as an easy opponent for Brazil to face , (Paraguay) , The Seleccao hardly beat them by Penalties 4-3 after both parties failed to score a goal 0-0. Well , that was so surprising. In a competition like copa America held in their very own lands , Failing to score against Paraguay itself is a bit humiliating. The Brazilians without a doubt dominated the visitors and created tons of chances , but couldn't convert any of their shots into a goal. Beating a very disorganised Bolivia 3-0 , than Equalising against Venezuela 0-0 and suddenly showing off against Perou by 5-0 until a 0-0 (4-3 penalties) against Paraguay , the Brazil campaign was somehow less than what we expected. I am not saying that Argentina's campaign so far was any better , But that the Brazilians can do much more. In terms of quality , they have what it takes to recover and to not let us feel Neymar's absence. They also have the talent to win this Cup without Neymar. But , as far as What I've seen , it was too obvious , especially Yesterday , that Brazil hasn't recovered from Neymar's injury on the pitch. Their performances still show their dependance on Neymar despite their talent to recover well from his absence. It was exactly as I said before the Copa America begins : The Neymar Dependance. Well , Brazil , back in 2011 and 2015 , Lost against Paraguay in Penalties , And there was extremely high chance for them to lose by penalties against the same side for the 3rd Time , except 2 Factors : The Crowd cheering them since it's in their Landsl, and most of all , Alisson Becker. It was incredible how Jurgen Klopp , Liverpool and its Fans made of him one of the current best Goalkeepers , which has been benefiting the Brazilian Squad a lot.

Finding itself on the Semi finals of this Copa America 2019 , So far , a lot of people did already see some disappointment in terms of Football Level. South America's football , unlike in the last century , became lower than the Europpean Football. Brazil , Argentina , Uruguay... were much more threatening to Europpean sides than they are now. Despite all South Americans possessing incredible individual quality, Europpean sides have found , with the begginning of this century , some high advanced tactics. A matter they are still evolving with. The collective play , The Tactics and organization are much more present in Europe than in South America. As a matter of consequence , The last South American side to win the World Cup was in 2002 (won by Brazil). In all of 2006 , 2010 , 2014 and 2018 , European sides lifted the World Cup , and in the 2018 World Cup , All 4 semi finalists were Europeans ! (Right after Brazil lost against Belgium in the Quarter finals and Argentina lost to France in the Round of 8. However , if there is one thing that characterises South Americans the most , it is their True Love and Passion and talent for this Sport. Football was made for them. Brazilians , Argentinians , Uruguayans , Columbians , Chileans , all are much more passionate than any Other Continent , Including Europe. That is why , as I see it , Seeing the Copa America on a lower quality than Nations League or Euros is sad. That is also why Europeans lifting the World Cup all the time is also somehow sad. Because it is the Passion you see in The South Americans that make you fall in love with the sport , and that this continent must evolve in terms of Football Knowledge , Tactics , Plans , Organisations... in order to be able to lift the World Cup again. Teamwork is everything , Not that this collective play is "absent" with South Americans but that it is much higher in Europe.

Just wow . I honestly couldn't believe it. Uruguay was so much more organised , structured and advanced than any other team in this Copa America. And combining their Successfull collective play with their insane inidividual qualities , along with the Big Passion and Love for This sport , Uruguay impressed a lot and beat both of Japan and Chili. They also seemed to me favorites ahead of Brazil (after seeing Brazil's game against Paraguay).... All of this , so that The Uruguayans lose against a side like Peru (with all my respect to them) , Peru who also lost a humiliating 5-0 against Brazil. The new Copa America rules cancelled the Extra Time and Allowed Penalty shoutouts to begin right after the 90' min. Well , that definitely didn't Favor Uruguay. In fact , both parties , again, failed to score (0-0) , and a penalty of 5-4 was favored for Peru... and With none other than Luis Suarez to miss the 1st and only Penalty for Uruguay... while all of Peru players shot their penalties in the same damn top corner , making it so hard to being reflected. Dark day for Luisito. He who has converted all of the 5 Penalties he had with Barca this season , yet failed to score the most important one, while Paraguay knew how to hit the top corner. I obviously felt bad for Luisito , But also for Uruguay , who didn't deserve any of it , and scored a goal cancelled by VAR. Dominated the match (as expected) . It's in these situations where I think luck plays a big role in tournaments. Peru will now be Facing Chili in the Semi Finals while Argentina will be facing Brazil. I honestly can't stand Seeing Chili qualifying to the Finals for the 3rd Time in a row , especially that if Argentina beats Brazil , the Albiceleste will find themselves in the same repeating scenario of 2015 AND 2016 : Against Chili.

Taken by @barca_pictures_14 . The formation ahead of The game against Venezuela is finally here , despite we already knew that this was the only formation that worked so far and that the 2 other formations used against Panama and Columbia didn't work at all. However , the most important are the tactics. Firstly , it was a pure mess. No tactics from Scaloni at all , and things got a bit better against Qatar with the only hope for improvement in terms of collective play. The only way to reduce the Messi-dependance is the collective play . Unlike Barca , there is no clear philosophy for the AFA Squad , except that there are clear tactics and that the possession Football fits most for the team. However , the BIGGEST Shocking moment was when I didn't see Lo Celso in the starting XI . That was a pure mistake from Scaloni. One that might cost us dear. Why isn't Lo Celso in ? He perfectly fits in with the likes of Lautaro , Aguero , Messi , Tagliafico.... And he was the most brilliant after Messi so far. Anyways , let us keep cheering this team no matter what. You should expect for a Messi masterclass tonight. Especially after he said "I gained the confidence I needed against Qatar. From now on , a new Copa America campaign begins and I will do everything on the pitch to win it." Priceless😍🔥. Especially that it's coming from a man who is always true to his words. I honestly expect us to get past Venezuela. But this doesn't mean that they aren't strong. Not at all . In fact , the likes of Brazil didn't manage to beat them (0-0) , and that back in March we already lost (3-1) to Venezuela itself. But tonight , no room for mistakes. We have what it takes , and the talent to qualify. We have Messi. What is needed are good tactics and organisation that are key to reinforcing the collective play and reducing the Messi-dependance. I hope Scaloni gets it right tonight.

The results of the Quarter finals of the Copa America so far without The Penalties : Columbia 0-0 Chili. Uruguay 0-0 Peru. Brazil 0-0 Paraguay. Argentina 2-0 Venezuela. Which makes Argentina the only team to actually score in the Quarter finals. In other words , so far , that definitely wasn't the best Copa America. And what is the reason behind this Copa America (so far) being relatively boring to the last ones? Well , Messi did mention a very important factor in his interview. Leo Messi: “I am not playing my best Copa América, it’s very difficult to play on these pitches, they are very bad." [cope] That itself can be the main factor. In fact , if Messi did notice the bad pitches , the other teams certainly did as well since they are all playing on the same Brazilian pitches , and that maybe it was meant to be this way in order to facilitate the win for the hosts , Brazil , who are used to these kind of pitches (since the Copa is in their home) when other teams aren't used to it... that itself is a bit worrying considering Argentina will face Brazil in the semi finals tommorrow... Anyways , Uruguay , Knocked out against Peru in the penalties , was very harsh and unfair. Not only that penalties are usually more about "Luck" than anything else , but also that Uruguay scored 3 DISALLOWED GOALS During the 90 min , and dominated everything . 3 DISALLOWED GOALS , Just to see themselves out. What's even more ironic is that Uruguay , Beating Chili 1-0 in the Group Stages , are out in the Quarter Finals while Chili qualifies to the Semis after Beating Columbia by Penalties. Same with Argentina . Beaten 2-0 By Columbia yet they qualified in the semi finals while Columbia lost in the Quarter finals , except that this wasn't undeserved for Argentina. The AFA Seleccion showed a huge improvement against Qatar , and evolved even more against Venezuela. Hoping to do the same against Brazil. However , if the AFA Seleccion were to beat the Seleccao , only one thing must happen : Lionel Messi. He has to show up , he has to come out of his cage and deliver one of his usual performances in order to get this.

A huge upcoming Challenge is awaiting for Argentina. A Superclasico against Brazil will get fired up by tommorrow , in a semi final of the Copa America that will be even tougher than the Finals. Here are some overall stats between the 2 teams : 📊 The total history between Argentina and Brazil : ⚽ Matches: 100. 🇦🇷 Argentina: 37 -->153 goals. 🇧🇷 Brazil: 38 -->152 goals. 🤝 Draws: 25. 📊 Arg 🆚 Brazil in official matches : ⚽ Matches: 48. 🇦🇷 Argentina: 19. 🇧🇷 Brazil: 17. 🤝 Draws: 12. Direct encounters between Argentina and Brazil in Copa America: . 32 matches🇦🇷🇧🇷. • 15 victory 🇦🇷. • 9 wins 🇧🇷. • 8 draws. • 52 goals 🇦🇷. • 38 goals 🇧🇷. Can't say that the Brazilians have been impressing in the Copa America in these recent years , while Argentina arrived in its finals both in 2015 and 2016. Yet we can't also deny the fact that We got beaten by Brazil itself back in 2007 in the Copa America Final by 3-0. A harsh loss , Messi was also there. The last time AFA Seleccion have lifted the Copa America was in 1993 , while Brazil did it in 2007. It just sounds like an eternity for us , especially that we're Argentina. You're wrong to think badly about Argentina. You're wrong to think that they can do nothing and they are worthless .All these times they were cursed by their own managers , With Sampaoli the first on the list. Then comes Maradona in 2010 , who , thanks to him , we lost against Germany by 4-0 in the World Cup Quarter Finals. The managers have been so responsible for Argentina's downfall , in a time where they have someone like Messi , who actually wasn't even Messi in the last World Cup... You shouldn't think badly about Argentina or its fans. Instead , This country and the passion that it brings has always been so delightful. And under Scaloni , the squad is gaining a bit of this joy and passion . At least much more than under Sampaoli , even if it might be not that enough to Become unbeatable.

Here are some Words mentionned by Guardiola that hit me in his interview today: Pep Guardiola (former Barça player and manager): "Tito always said that Messi was like that student who went to class and got bored, because he already knew the lesson. Pep: "Messi said he learned a lot from me? I am grateful to the best player of all time. I can only thank him and Tito, and everyone who was part of my time at Barça. Pep: "I have said this many times, we had great superstars, but without Leo, we wouldn't have achieved so much. He was much more than just icing on the cake. Pep: "I am very lucky to have trained with managers like Cruyff and Van Gaal. I owe my success to learning from them. Pep: "Van Gaal criticized Messi? What he was referring to was the defensive implications of players like Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar in the Champions League. Pep: "Defense is very important in Europe. This is one of the reasons why I shifted Messi into the middle. I did not want him wasting his talents on the defensive duties out wide. Pep: "Against Liverpool, Messi had to sit back and try to defend, which hampered his attacking talents. Though, Barça losing in the Champions League is not his fault. Pep: "Barça must show humility. You aren't entitled to win Champions League justi because you have the best player in the world. Same with Argentina. Other teams want to win too. You must play well as a team to win. Pep : “A Barça-Espanyol derby is a much needed fixture in Barcelona city. And the more Catalan teams that play La Liga, the better. Let’s not kill the home leagues: nobody wants to watch a match where the teams stand no chance of playing the European League. Pep : “What can I do with my players in order to win? It’s the only reason why I find the motivation to train every morning. Sometimes I’m nervous about the match, I watch our opponent for a while and I say, “got it!”. And that calms me down because I know what I’ll do tactically.

What a genius Josep Guardiola is . What motivates him , instead of Fearing and pressuring him , are none other than competitions. What made him so special in his career as a coach was the way he proved the whole Globe Wrong about the Cruyffism . He first showed at Barca that it was all well alive , than showed at Bayern that this philosophy could be applied everywhere. Than , while lot of people believed that in a competition as prestigious as the Premier League such style cannot exist , he , again , proved everyone wrong and won the Premier League TWICE IN A ROW Thanks to the Cruyffism. His interviews are pure gold. Here's the continuity of what I sent yesterday : Antoni: As a Barcelona fan, you will agree that having the best players in history without winning more Champions League titles is a bummer. Pep “Yes, especially the last two defeats. When you’ve won the first leg against Roma and at home against Liverpool, it’s disappointing. Pep “I thought they’d score a goal at Anfield. And I am sure the players knew that Anfield is Anfield. The motto “This is Anfield” is no marketing spin. There’s something about it that you will find in no other stadium in the world. Pep “I can speak about what I tried to do with Messi. From day one, I tried to get him to play for the team, like I’m doing now with Agüero, trying to get him involved. I believe that’s more fun. I certainly did try, no doubt about it, and he knows that. Pep “Who am I to judge what others have done? It really annoys me when other managers judge me. Van Gaal, like Cruyff, is a straight-talker. I tread more carefully because I don’t want to cause any offence—even if some feel that way—and I don’t want my words to be misinterpreted. Pep “One reason why I moved Messi from the wing to the centre, besides improving our attack, was also defensive. In Europe full-backs join the attack a lot. I didn’t want Leo to go through that physical expenditure. That way he’d be able exploit his talent in the last 20 yards. Pep “But I watched the Camp Nou match against Liverpool and Leo ran like crazy. And he applied himself there, during the first half. But I don’t think Barça hasn’t won the UCL Because of him".

Fear and excitment . Anxiety and Delight. This what Football brings. Even more when it comes to Rare SuperClasicos like this one. Although it's in my country 3:30 am , although it's in the middle of the night with our majority , here we are , waiting for this match. And here are the formations : Brazil 🇧🇷: Alisson; Alves, Marquinhos, T.Silva, Sandro ,Casemiro, Arthur, Coutinho; Firmino, Jesus, Everton. Argentina 🇦🇷: Armani; Tagliafico, Otamendi, Pezella, Foyth; Acuña, Peredes, De Paul; Lautaro, Agüero, Messi. The difference is quite obvious. The Brazilians are definitely on top. But this argument isn't powerful enough to be match-decisive. Yes Brazilians have their crowds. But , talking about true passion , this does have its negative impact as well. We have all witnissed it in the WC 2014 against Germany . The Brazilian crowd made it even harder for their players to make it up against the Germans. Pressure is what Brazilians will face the most. Anyways , we should expect the best coming from both teams. Such a competition , even more the SuperClasico itself , will get both teams fired up. Argentina so far hasn't shown the level required to Beat a side like Brazil. But what they did was reduce the Messi dependance , and improving harshly in a matter of few days , which is insane. Not that it is enough , but That hope always remains. In Football more than anywhere else. Especially when you know you have the Greatest of All Time on your team , who hasn't shown up in this tournament so far , and who knows this is his last chance to lift a Cup with his Nation , something he desired for so long. Everybody is currently not expecting anything from the AFA Seleccion , just not to get upset . But I will. I have faith in this team and in Messi. Maybe I will regret it -I propably will regret it- , But I'll keep having high hopes for Argentina no matter what. Time to Lift the Copa you've been deserving so long. Time to beat your most dangerous Rivals down. VAMOSSSSSSS @afaseleccion and VAMOSSSSSSSSSS @leomessi


Barcelona's famous La Masia academy is in serious decline right now: There was a time when La Masia was the talk of football. Barcelona's famous academy was responsible for creating arguably the greatest club side ever seen. Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets, Gerard Pique and more were simply unstoppable and they all came through the ranks at Barca. But in recent years, barely any players have broken into the first-team from La Masia. Sergi Roberto is perhaps the last academy player to do so, while Riqui Puig is the current hope of the Blaugrana's youth. So why has it declined so rapidly? Well, a report from journalist Xavi Torres details all the issues within La Masia. His report is explained in this long thread HERE, but we've summarised the key points below. Firstly, Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu's 'Masia 360' strategy has been a spectacular failure. The aim was to put more money aside to make coaches and staff stay, add psychological help, advance academic studies and much more. Bartomeu's ideas for La Masia have been failures But to put it simply, Bartomeu put the wrong people in charge and the whole idea has been a disaster, costing the club a serious amount of money. As for the residency at the club, a number of rooms that were designed to house footballers have been turned into offices. And as for the 48 players who still currently live in La Masia, most of those are either loanees or reserves, not the sought-after talents that have to move away from their families - like Messi did all those years ago. And just to make things even worse, the food served at the academy does not meet the lowest nutritional standard. The academy was a whole lot different in Messi's day. Finally, new coaches have been put in charge without any experience and zero understanding of the 'Barca DNA'. So there you have it, one of the world's most famous academies is slowly dying and it's going to take a number of years to stop the rot. Don't be expecting to see any La Masia players breaking into the first-team anytime soon. BARTOMEU YOU ARE RUINING THIS CLUB'S BIGGEST TREASURE ! JUST LEAVE ALREADY!

It is officially confirmed that Barcelona has sold Andre Gomes to Everton after the Portuguese went out there for loan. 25M € plus adds-on. Again. Another unnecessary signing from our Board that took the places of La Masia midfielders , whose home is Barcelona. However , the way he kept getting whispered and shouted by Barcelona fans is totally inadmissible . You must not hate a player who is trying his best to prove himself at Barcelona. While I definitely believe he had talent , yet his signing was not necessary (again , Thanks our Board), and I feel sorry that he went through a living hell in his path at Catalonia. Totally undeserved. The Premier League fits him much better , at least that's what we've seen while at Everton. The reason he went to the English Club is to be able to get out from the nightmare he lived at Barcelona , and to be able to exploit his talent and enjoy his career. A transfer that has satisfied all parties : Barcelona , Everton , and most Importantly , Andre Gomes himself. Gracias Andre , and best of luck with your career.

🗣 — Messi: "We had to win this game to gain confidence. Now things have changed. I got my confidence. From now on, a new Copa America campaign will begin, and I will give my everything on the pitch to win it, because there is no room for mistake. 13 year-old boy left his family in Rosario to live his dream at Barça, suffering from growth hormone deficiency, had a struggling start to his career with injuries and setbacks but went on to be called the Greatest of all time at age of 23. But he had it all handed to him, apparently. Replicated the famous "Goal of the Century" at such a young age, beating the whole defense,he had made his name to be remembered that day,what soon to be follow was a player,who at the age of 19 single handedly destroyed the team that their fans referred to as the "Club of the Century" (Real Madrid) scoring a hatrick for a 10-men Barcelona,that too in extra time to seal a point for them. He conquered everything a season later, won everything possible there is to win in the world Football,age 20. He wasn't just making history,he was redefining the game himself. By the age of 23 he was given a name,not just by the fans,but by Everyone, G.O.A.T "Greatest Of All Time" Who'd have thought a guy aged 24 could question the legacy of the Footballers of the Century,but he did,and he did with authority. Fast forwarding to 2019. He's turning 32 today, he's in the wrong end of his career. Only got a handful of years ahead of him, we're witnessing a legend here,the guy who conquered everything. He's 32 today and has won 33 titles, that's something only a few footballers can claim, Neither Maradona nor Pele can have this acclaim. That's how dominant he has been. Happy Birthday LEO Happy Birthday Legend. I keep saying how lucky we are to have him in our era. Watching him live , seeing his magic tricks FOR A WHOLE DECADE.

Argentina arriving to the 2nd Spot of the Group B means they will face the 2nd spot ot Group C in the Quarter Finals : Venezuela. If Argentina was 3rd in its Group , they would be facing the 1st in Group A : Brazil. If they were 1st in their Group , AFA Would face the 2nd Spot of Group C : Chili. Instead , we have found ourselves against Venezuela. While a lot of people think we were lucky to be facing a team like Venezuela in the Quarter finals , while Columbia , right above us , will be facing Chili , I have to say that we are not this lucky. In fact , while we make it through the Semis , We will be facing the all favorites of this competition that is held in their lands : Brazil. Anyways , The game against Qatar was much more dominating , structured and less Messi-dependant than against Columbia and Paraguay. Scaloni finally found the best formation for Argentina after trying his luck in the first 2 matches : He saw Lo Celso to the Left would reinforce the left side along with Tagliafico (although the combination with Messi in the right was one of the few positives against Columbia). Also , an attacking Trio of Messi/Aguero and Di Maria couldn't work. In fact, he saw how the PSG Player underperformed a lot. While in the 2nd half against Paraguay , he tried to have both Lautaro Martinez and Aguero in the final third along with Messi. And this is where it worked. Lautaro , Young and very motivated , gave it his best for the Team and scored the first goal against Qatar after intercepting the ball in a very dangerous area . While Scaloni saw Aguero also a key to combination with Messi ,His second Solo Goal was a pure joy to watch , despite the Man city Striker missed countless chances along with Lautaro & Messi. These errors were recovered well against Qatar , but a team like Brazil , Chili , Columbia and Uruguay will cost us dear. In terms of formation , We finally found a proper one. And of course , the G.O.A.T mentionning in the interview that "a new Copa America campaign has begun. The match against Qatar gained us a lot of confidence, and I am willing to do everything on the pitch ton win this Cup". This can't get any more exciting.

Leo , your family itself came all the way from Barcelona to Support you and celebrate your Birthday (Tommorrow). Tonight , now or never. So desperately counting on the Greatest of All Time to shut those criticising him for underperforming for the National Team. Argentina needs you. The whole Nation needs you . The fans show you infinite support and always follow you. We know you can do it. Tonight Argentina will finally have its Biggest decisive match against Qatar to reach the Quarter Finals after 2 deceiving matches against Paraguay and Columbia. A win is a must. An equaliser or a loss cannot let us qualify. In order to qualify , we need to Win. Not only this , But Columbia have to beat or equalise against Paraguay . Paraguay winning against Columbia (which is unlikely to happen) means Paraguay will surely qualify. But , again , WE Must win. Not that Qatar is any easy team to beat . In fact , Their Manager Felix Sanchez was an Ex La Masia manager and definitely knows the Barca DNA. This is also how he won the Asia Cup this year and Beat Japan in the Finals. Scaloni kept trying new formations. So far , none of them worked. This is the 3rd time the manager tries a new formation with Lo Celso on the Left , and an attacking Trio of Messi , Aguero and Lautaro Martinez. For me , this seems the best formation we could have. (Relatively to the 2 other formations where Di Maria deceived a lot and the Left side was completely vanished , which is why Lo Celso is now occupying it). At last but not least , we should be forever grateful for the Penalty saved by Armani against Paraguay in the last minute. It gave us hope to qualify. Leo Messi is dedicated to qualify. And tonight we will witness Another splendid show from him , I know it.

One of the biggest problems Argentina is facing is that their players are underperforming in the National Team. Well , Talking about Lionel Messi on their side along with Brilliant individual talents like Lo Celso , Aguero , Di Maria , Dybala , Lautaro Martinez... Why none of the names mentionned above (except for Maybe Lo Celso) are playing like they use to do in their respective clubs? The first one that people see underperforming in the National Squad is Messi. But it's clearly not only him. What's going on with Argentina is more of a mystery than a well known fact that goes beyond the players , and maybe even the Coach. I don't think the players are to be blamed if they stand up like a tree on the pitch. Well , What's unknown in the Argentina Federation is how corrupted it could be. Disorganized administration . Directors , responsibles... etc. That , before anything else , is its biggest problem. How could you ever imagine Sampaoli staying in the NT for the World Cup back in 2018 ? His uncapability of coaching Messi & Argentina back then was all well known. Except that they did not replace him. What's even worse , after they sacked him after Argentina's humiliation in Russia , guess who came to replace Sampaoli : his former assistant coach Lionel Scaloni , who also happens to be Argentina's current manager. Argentina is a rich country , and their Federation has got all the money needed to get a great coach who deals well with the team. They could have done it. They could reinforce and invest more in the Women's team , who also happenned to not make it through the group stages of the Women World Cup 2019 held in France. Incredible Individual talent faded away. A country where Football is life. Where Football is their biggest passion ever. The South Americans are the biggest passionate ever for Football. Not only Brazil. Not only Uruguay. Argentina as well. The reason why the Whole Argentina Squads have lost their true value compared to the True argentina they were in the past decades... is nothing more than the fault of their Directors who tend to corruption...

What a crazy transfer saga honestly . Neymar or Griezzman ? Dembele in or out ? Malcom in or out ? Coutinho in or out ? And so much more. The reason I'm posting about him is that rumors about Neymar , unlike before , became more than rumors. Back then , I always knew that it wasnt any more of a rumor . But oh , Not anymore. After The PSG President publicly confessed that he doesnt want any more "superstar" mentality in his team , and that "nobody obliged Neymar to join PSG. He first came here convinced with the sporting project" . And that hit me hard to be honest. Messi saying that he has a whatsapp group with Suarez and Neymar , Suarez stating that he had to play with the best Player in the world Messi , and the second best player of the world Neymar... all this means something. The dressing room was always convinced with Neymar's return , Unlike Griezzman who wasn't much welcomed recently . That itself could be the main reason why I would prefer Neymar over Griezzman. Other news as well were saying that Neymar directly messaged to the PSG President "I want to come back to the home I should have never left. Barca" . Well , can't say it's 100% true , but you cannot say that The PSG President isn't frustrated with Neymar's behaviour. Honestly , let's see what happens . But in case Neymar comes back at Barca , along with Arthur & De Jong , we will see our style much more reinforced with Ernesto than it has been in these like two years , while I think the reason Valverde had this 4-4-2 formation in 2017/18 in the first place was because of Neymar's departure. You might argue with Dembele being much younger and more promising . And we all know that all of Neymar/Coutinho & Dembele cannot all occupy the Wing , and that the Midfield is already packed. But anyways , I honestly can't stand seeing Dembouz leave, even if it means Neymar coming. Both are injury prone with their respective clubs and both could Go to a diet to reduce their injuries.

And so the drama keeps going with Argentina. Catastrophic situation. They weren't "unlucky" this term , Unlike in its previous years. Why on Earth can't they exploit all of their individual qualities ? Why can't they get this right? Disorganization. Catastrophic collective play , or let's say , NO Collective play at all. Where are the tactics , where are the link-up plays , where is the team's chemistry ? Completed faded. In terms of motivation and spirit , I used to say that the team got more united and motivated than it was under Sampaoli. However , on the pitch it is a complete MESS. No exploiting spaces. No coordination . Terrible defensive organization . No tactics at all. Their midfield was completely collapsed , no one to link the defence with the final third . No one to help Armani in the defensive block , and not even Armani as good as the AFA Goalkeeper should be , except when it came to him saving this penalty against Paraguay. Disastrous 0-2 loss against Columbia who already got qualified. Terrible 1-1 equaliser against Paraguay. The chances for Argentina for qualifying are still so short , yet there is still hope. For Messi is with the team. Next match and decisive one would be against Qatar. We MUST win it. Otherwise , we won't even make it to the group stage.

My apologies for not posting as usual . It was due to my final exams lately. Anyways , I just can't say that I'm not shocked and that I'm not disappointed. The majority of our fanbase were like "but this is Argentina . Nothing new". But no. I will not give up on my faith for this team. Messi most of all. I believe they will rise , and that Messi has shown nothing yet. However , this team is not a "team". It is all too known already. Not that Messi had a perfect match either , but what shocked the most is Scaloni's poor tactics , or let's say , NO Tactics. Not that Columbia were better in terms of inidividual quality , but in terms of collecting Football , oh yes they are a million times better. And they won because of it. They had a Strong XI instead of 11 strong players. An idea certified all too well by Cruyff himself. But , as I said , I won't give up on the team . So harsh moments for Argentinians . Seeing their National team fading this much in a country where Football is life itself. Hope Scaloni learns hard from it . Columbia's coach completely outclassed him in everything. It's never too late. Next match , mistakes cannot be made. A harsh lesson in a harsh way but let's hope Scaloni adjusts what he saw wrong.Messi mentionned the need of keeping their heads high on the interview despite this humiliation . How can you blame Messi for not being a leader when he was the only one to console us after the loss in an interview? It just doesn't make sense.

All Respect to Virgil Van Djik. Those who do not see This respect that Liverpool kept giving to Barca & Messi are blind. There is literally no reason to hate Liverpool for they have everything of the so called Sportsmanship. Respect and wisdom and Leadership define Virgil Van Djik the most. And it's not only him who should be appreciated. Jurgen Klopp has never disrespected us once, but , instead , congratulated us after the 1st Leg at Camp Nou , and also Mentionned Messi as the Best player in the World. Mohammad Salah is very similar to Messi when it comes to Honesty and Modesty. All these Human acts done by the Egyptian King are to be praised for. Robertson himself mentionned after the Anfield clash that he wishes the best for Lionel Messi despite the Argentinian went through a misunderstanding on the pitch and called him a " Donkey " in Spanish for a none purpose foul commited by Robertson. As much As I am sad that The Reds Demolished us and Beat Tottenham , I am also happy that they won The Damn Trophy. And hear these Words coming from Klopp : "I once took a selfie with Messi in a room . Ronaldo was in the room as well. My father Always told me that Pele is the best , but , for me , it is Messi".

We all know all too well how Valverde never was the Barca Style coach that we all wished for , in a way that he even Ruined its final resistance for what Barca stands for. We all know all too well how unfair the Spaniard was to the younglings , in particular Malcom and Alena. We all know all too well how our coach Was a lot to blame (I'd say 50%) guilty for Coutinho's lack of Performance and The misery he's going through. We all know all too well how Valverde has Demolished all of Malcom's , Denis Suarez's , Munir Al Haddadi's careers (apart from , Alena & Coutinho) , in a way that he kept being unfair to them , by not giving them the playing time they deserve while in the same time put an undisputed trust to Our Old Starters such as Rakitic , in a way that not only our younglings are unfairly treated and are not able to developp for thr upcoming years but also that our Aged Starters are not getting the deserved rest , except when it comes to Messi. No rotation when needed , or , better saying , an unwise rotation policy deployed by the Coach. We all know all too well how our coach has not Learnt anything from our Defeat against Roma by repeating the same toxic performance at Anfield , with the defensive philosophy that requires putting the players to the back, making even easier for them to reach our Penalty box and even Harder for Leo Messi to strike forward now that he will have to run from half the pitch by himself , in other words , The Messi Dependance and our the Death of our Style. We also all know all too well how Valverde's football has been boring , Consistent yet not Dangerous at all and uncreative , and none efficient against Big teams . And that was also highlighted by the way our coach preferred , Unlike what Our True Philosophy Implies , a Physical midfielder like Arturo Vidal that handles Tackles all too well instead of a Highly creative midfielder like Arthur whose possession on the ball never disappears and brings back the control needed at a club like Barca. HOWEVER , AND BEHIND ALL THESE DISADVANTAGES THAT MAKE US ALL WISH FOR EV TO GET OUT , WHAT IS THE REASON most professional footballers keep supporting him!?

Oh Look at this😍 . Mr the GOAT's Freekick goal against Liverpool's Alisson is voted as the best Goal of the UCL Campaign this season. Fabulous . Insane . Lionel Messi , not only he finishes Top Scorer and top Assister in Europe's top 5 Leagues , but also in The most prestigious Championship in the world (The UCL) , which makes him top goalscorer in all of Europe. Goals , goals and goals. Cristiano is often compared to a goal Machine , yet you can never dare to say that Messi isn't also a goal Machine. All these goals leading him to his 6th Golden Boot with 3 of them won in 3 consecutive Years! Magical . Phenomenal. More Golden Boots than Cristiano himself who has Won 4 of them . Let us also not forget back then that Cristiano said that Winning a Golden Boot is even harder than the Ballon D'or itself because of the Pure professional level of consistency that it requires for the whole season (9 complete months). That being said , let us also not Forget how Messi does a million other things than scoring : Crosses , advanced/creative passes , playmaker , Dribbler and shooter . All of them Combined .Just Wow. How bad it is to see this magnificent year for Messi ruined in terms of Team Awards : Both Champions League and Copa Del Rey despite This year being one of Messi's best seasons ever . A shame and a disgrace. However , this ain't over yet. The Copa America is waiting for Lionel Messi to lift , wearing Argentina's colors. It's time to do it Lionel. A very motivated group of younglings and a Very good Coach are with you in this road. 3 consecutive finals in a row lost is so hard to handle , but Life is all about trying . The more you try , the more you win. At last nut not least , Leaving the best for the end 📰 [MARCA] | According to the bookies, Lionel Messi is still the favourite to win the Ballon D'or. !!!!!!!!!!!

Despite I honestly don't give a lot of importance to the outside-looking , like a KIT , But it's kind of disappointing and sad to see our Traditional vertical Strips gone. While some of the fans even like it , and others criticise it with the " FC Croatia " sarcasm , Yet What's bad about it in my view is that the traditional Barca manners are no longer being kept , And Ruined. The Looking jersey is obviously one of them , Yet also the less important one. In the Documentary of Barca's Foundation in 1899 it has been written all too clear the Intention of Having Red & Blue vertical strips with the Barcelona Logo on the chest. And now just take a look at our 19/20 Jersey , with the announcement of "Talent takes different shapes". Poor. Talent has nothing to do with You ruining The Barca Values little by little. Maybe The Kit will not sound as horrible as I currently see it , yet what's even more horrible is us waiting for a new Board and a New President to Make our old and Traditionnal Barca values back to life.

What is the meaning of the so called Barca DNA That we are , or were used to be known for? It's about a Huge and deep Philosophy of Football : How to reinvent the game , more like a revolutionnary game , Created by Johann Cruyff himself. In Football , most of the teams tend to Get Good results despite showing a very bad quality on the inside , but might be lucky enough to stay clinical in the end and get results. While in the same time , we see lot of teams showing a Huge high quality play on the pitch with a huge coordination and link up between the players , but couldn't get the deserving results. Well , what defines our Barca DNA The most is our Capability of showing both Quality and Results in the same time . That's what Johann Cruyff has been working on for so long since the moment he became a coach here , and that is what Guardiola has perfectly developped back in 2009. In other words , the Era in which we Won Trophies the most , in which we conquered all of the Damn Globe and rose from a Normal club to a Top And so known Club was in the Pep era. The era in which our "Revolutionnary" Football hit the world hard. This revolutionnary that was all about our Barca DNA and the way we showed extreme coordination and So fast Link up plays , and in the same time , scored so many endless goals and won endless trophies against much richer clubs. All thanks to The Barca DNA And the people who developped it. A Barca DNA That , unfortunately , is no longer applied under Ernesto Valverde where boring Football became in our Blood, and look at the Consequence : Humiliated in both Roma & Anfield and against Valencia in the CDR Final. All because of a style of play that does not define us , A completely different one than How we were used to play back in 2009. This is why our Idendity is being vanished , and this is also why we became a normal club like all others.

A quick post about the news : Arsenal manager Unai Emery has Umtiti as the first name on his transfer target list to reinforce his side this summer. However, the team's budget, after letting the Europa League escape in the final, is not bulky enough. [via sport]. 📰 [Sport] | The final battle for De Ligt 🔷 Mina Raiola his agent, offers an auction for his client, to get the best return. 🔶 Barça has four clubs competing against them for De Ligt, namely Juve, United, PSG and Liverpool. Barcelona are waiting for De Ligt's decision now. The club have done everything they could have done and the player has said there will be time to make a list about the pros and cons of each club interested next week. At the end of the week, there could be 'white smoke'. [sport] ❌ Semedo isn't happy with Barça and could be part of the Griezmann move to Barça. Wagué will be promoted to the first team as Semedo's replacement if the Portuguese leaves, but Barça don't consider Semedo a departing player. [ @AdriaAlbets & @Santiovalle , SER, 🥇]. ❌ Along with Juventus, Manchester United look least likely to sign de Ligt. 💰 The player wants to move to Barça, but doesn't mind being the centre of a bidding war. [SPORT, 🥈]. 💸 As for Raiola, he considers two clubs being options due to their offers being very strong financially: PSG, and most recently Liverpool. Barça, who along those 2 look most likely to sign him, refuse to meet Raiola's very high demands. [SPORT, 🥈].

You might argue a lot with the risk of counting on Young insiders and the uncertain way that it will lead. Well , Maybe It would be a mistake for a Club like Real Madrid to give too much trust on The graduates from its own academy , AC Milan , Juventus , Manchester United etc... But at Barca , Oh Gosh . That is completely different my friend. La Masia has always been a unique centre of formation , or let's say , The best centre of formation in the world. Refreshed and renewed by Johan Cruyff himself , it has all been about training young boys with the so Called Barca DNA , The Cruyffism. While our Senior definitely is a reflection to La Masia , The opposite should be applied as well. At La Masia , players are trained in the Barca Style , the Cruyffism . A style that once made us great under Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola himself. In other words , these boys are only trained to play at FC Barcelona , not at other Clubs like Bayern , Real Madrid , Juventus etc.. who have a different play of style & philosophy than ours. That is also the reason why selling these insiders would be so similar to ruining their career , which is what the Board is currently doing. As a matter of consequence , we have all seen too well how our La Masia graduates are barely succeeding outside of Barca. Problem is , that they are barely succeeding at Barca as well. Because of the Barca style that is no longer kept in the Senior Squad and the Devastating transfer policy that our Board applies. They think we shouldn't be counting on insiders otherwise we'll end up like Real Madrid this season and AC Milan , yet the thing they fail to realise is that it was Our centre of Formation itself that made us great. With an academy coach like Pep , and academy players like Valdes , Pique , Puyol , Busquets , Xavi , Iniesta , Villa , Messi etc... we were invincible and unstoppable. However , this generation of La Masia graduates was unique , and we may not see another generation like this one. BUT , We surely DO Have talented La Masia Players who could be more than ready to be part of the first team.

One of the Factors that I dislike the most about Ernesto is his Poor , VERY Poor rotation policy. All of the advantages the Rotation brings is that you are Giving rest to a team like Barcelona whose majority of the starters already surpassed their thirties , so you could have them all available when needed the most : in The UCL. It helps the team's level of consistency and , of course , in performances. Another yet great advantage is that you are giving the chance for young talented players to Prove themselves and improve in the most promising phase of their career. A chance to learn and improve . Not only that , But the younglings who are not undisputed starters will sure bring up the level of motivation and Excitement to the team , Something 30+ Year old players will never do. Which is exactly what didnt happen against Liverpool. Fresh Legs and pure Mental aspect , also that they will try to and give their best on the pitch , while the older ones will be Conserving their energy for the more important games. That's what rotation is. A solution for so many things . Something El Txingurri hasn't mastered this season. No time for Malcom , Alena and not enough deserving time for Semedo , while the likes of Suarez , Rakitic , Busquets , Alba and Pique couldn't get any deserved rest. Messi was the only one to get the rest he needed this season. As a matter of consequence , we couldn't end the season well. And with the lack of motivation from 30+ Year Old players at Anfield , No excitement was shown, and tired starters such as Alba , Pique , Busquets and Rakitic have entered the pitch , and , have messed up in the most important game of the season. In my opinion , the players aren't to take the whole blame. The younglings' development is growing poorly while the older starters are too confident for their spot to be taken, in other words , they know Ernesto will keep then in their position no matter how badly they could perform. As I see it , this has to END. No player , apart from Messi and Ter stegen must have a complete and secure position , especially with our aged squad and the arrival of younglings for the next season. But could we expect this from EV?

Joan Laporta is a Former Barca President from 2003 To 2010. In a time where the Cruyffism was long lost at Barcelona , with people back then who all doubted the Cruyff System and the most ironic part is that we were even near to the Laliga relegation zone in 2003. What Laporta mainly did , which was the most successfull thing ever at Barca , is that he brought the Cruyffism alive back to Barca and gave a chance to the young Lionel Messi to prove himself in the 1st team at 19 Years old only. 2 things we could never witness with our current board and current president. But anyways , right at the summer 2008 , Joan Laporta was confused whether to choose Jose Mourinho , the extreme tactician and experienced guy to coach Barca or to prioritise the Cruyffism & Barca Style By bringing the Very young and so inexperienced Pep Guardiola to coach the Senior squad? Back then we had a president who prioritised our style over anything else. He chose Pep , and look at the result Oh Gosh. Can you expect the current Board and president to give chance to young insiders instead of selling them? Never . Can you expect our current president to prioritise Our style over anything else ? Never . Otherwise Valverde wouldn't have spent a minute here at Barca. That's the problem right there. A dilemma that lies long deeper than only Valverde. That being Said , Laporta yesterday said this : Joan Laporta (former Barça president): "Pep said Barça are still true to its style? I do not agree with Pep. With him we had a better time than we have now. It is true that Barça kept almost the entire spine, but now we have only fun with Messi's goals." [via md]. Laporta: "The club moves away from the style of Cruyff and the result is a vicious circle. If you lose with your style, at least you have your style. Laporta: "Who is the technical secretary at Barça? I would not know. No one takes charge. There are errors which must be corrected."

Oh Splendid . Argentina once again put on a fascinating show in a friendly game against Nicaragua by beating them 5-1. While a lot of you may think that Messi scored all 5 of them (Messi-dependance) , But , Oh No , Not today folks. In fact , Messi got subbed on in the end of the 1st half , where Argentina scored 3 good Goals without him in the 2nd Half . At last , the Messi dependance didn't show itself yesterday , although it's against a relatively too easy opponent. That being said , The G.O.A.T himself scored 2 goals in a matter of 1 MINUTE in the 1st half ! (36"-37") . And look at the first goal , splendid piece of art and dribbling . Just wow. Not that a friendly match matters this much , But it shows that this year's Argentina is much promising and trustworthy than it has been since 2016. And for big several reasons. Oh and Btw , The only goal Nicaragua scored was due to a hand commited while sliding in the last minute of the game. A nice defensive work as well must be recognised and praised for. Hope Argentina gets what it deserves this month . Hope Messi will be achieving what he desperately looked for. Forget about the past , new page , new chapter . It's time , @afaseleccion . VAMOSSSS

Uh-oh . That is what I call terrible news for us. Eden Hazard to Real Madrid . Despite it was already known since the Europa league final night where Eden Hazard mentionned after the victory in his interview "This is goodbye" to his Chelsea fans , Yet it is weird seeing one of the players I love the most being in the club of our eternal rivals along with one of the coaches I love the most. What Real Madrid's Board have done is Unfortunately Sublime. Florentino Perez corrected his mistakes of the season by Bringing Back Zinedine Zidane and giving him Big authority and freedem in the transfer windows , and look at the result : Luke Jovic At Real Madrid , and Eden Hazard as well. 7 wonderful years for the Belgian at Chelsea. And now , this moment will hit hard , with the upcoming season being a huge rise to him. Mainly because of Zinedine Zidane who happens To be both his idol and his new coach. The 2 Men appreciated and praised each other for so long already and seeing them work together would be a huge blow for us. However , we should also think bigger and look how Laliga , and especially , CLASICOS , Will be a million times more competitive than they were this season. We need to hold tight and endure our last campaign with Ernesto. Despite El Txingurri is unfortunately staying , but he is most likely going to be much better than this year , as we have seen him becoming this year much better than he was last year. Fear for the upcoming Madrid signings but excitement in the same time for the upcoming Laliga fixture. VAMOSS BARCAA

With Real Madrid having already brought 2 galactical signings along with a galactical coach , Many of Barca fans are worried about our Signings issues , that we haven't brought much already and that we will suffer against Real Madrid next season. However , in terms of signings , I don't think there is anything to worry about . What we should be worrying about is the people who are STAYING. Well , Talking about transfers and signings , we already signed the current young Midfield Maestro : De Jong , and the 2 Possible signings that would be De Ligt and Griezzman , who btw , already stated in an interview yesterday "I know where I will play next season". Again , upcoming suspense. Anyways , in order to completely fulfill in signings , the last thing we need would be someone to Back up Jordi Alba , or also , Compete with him . Filippe Luis, as I once mentionned before , Would be a good target since he is leaving Atletico with his expired contract and may come here for free. And , while a lot of people see us definitely in need to buy a striker , I personally think that it would be more than enough for Griezzman to compete with Suarez in the ST spot , in case the frenchman comes. This is why Signings should be our last of worries. However , what we should worry the most is with the People who have to go but might be staying , and others who need to stay but might be going . Ernesto is the first example of someone who needs to go but is propably staying. And Malcom is the first example of someone who HAS to stay but is propably leaving , Thanks to Ernesto once again . I will talk in my upcoming posts about the transfer details and my opinions about this , but this post was mainly to relief people that we are well alive in terms of signings.

The UEFA Nations League. Not this very prestigious Trophy , Yet what's fun about it is that its final opposing both Netherlands and Portugal will be held today. Portugal were facing Switzerland in the semi finals few days ago where Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hattrick and qualified his team to the finals with a victory of 3-1. Insane performance from the Portuguese as well while at 34 years of age. On the counterpart , Netherlands faced England in its semi finals by also winning with a score of 3-1 . Netherlands , with notably the young De Ligt who scored a header , Ronald Koeman as their coach , and once again , a legendary performance from Frenkie De Jong. Today will mark the Virgil Van Djik vs Cristiano Ronaldo duel. Very interesting to watch tho. Just like against Messi , The Dutchman will face Ronaldo. However , The Portuguese has weakened a lot this season in terms of Dribbling and 1 on 1 duels , So it may be impossible for him to get past The Dutch Rock. Adding to this , What personally worries me the most is how Van Djik is so close to Messi for the Ballon D'or 2019. Both the most favorites , and Ronaldo Being the 3rd favorite to win this precious prize. Which is why I honestly want to see Portugal's Ronaldo lift the trophy today , when in the same time , I would like to see De Jong , De Ligt and Jasper Cilessen lifting it as well. But still , Messi's Ballon D'or has to be the prize that would make me so happy along with the Copa America , now that the Champions League is gone , and hopes are fading away for us to lift the UCL next season with Valverde coaching us next season. That's why I personally would prefe Portugal over Netherlands to win this. Who you got ? Portugal or Netherlands?

Unbelievable . 4k Already . We are getting higher and higher by time. Last month was incredible. Thank you , thank you and thank you . A million thanks to every one of you , from those who followed me from the start until those who followed me recently. Never have I ever imagined I could make it to 4k this fast. It's been less than half a year already. Each and every day I am getting more and more motivated to learn about Football , Read opinions , read articles , before stating my opinion. This is completely insane. A million thanks . Again. The only "Problem" I have been facing since the begginning of this week are the studyings. Hard final exams upcoming , and I would be obliged to post less regularly these 2 weeks only due to my Studies. At last but not least , A HUGE SPECIAL THANKS TO @tikitakastyle , Who was here from DAY 1. Motivated me the most to begin my own page , kept giving me advices and advices , and no matter how far I am getting , he keeps on answering my questions and helping me all the time. A gem of a person , even more when it comes to his Football & Barca Knowledge. I can't thank you enough Honestly! @tikitakastyle

Another example of a player looking for playtime (like any other player) , yet the difference there is that Nelson Semedo is looking for the playtime HE DESERVES. And for that reason , it is our duty to respect his desire to Enjoy his Football career , no matter what would it take . Even if it is leaving our club. In fact , the Portugueuse star already noticed how Ernesto always prioritises Sergi Roberto over him in all the big Matches , which is definitely true. El txingurri already has a preference despite so many of us , including myself , who thought that the coach dealt with this manner in an equalised and fair way. Looking for a way out , the Barca Board won't sell him for less than 50M € . The most interested are none other than Atletico Madrid , especially that Semedo would be a starter once under Diego Simeone. A transfer that is most likely to happen. As for what I see it , it may be sad to see a huge promising and young talent like Semedo leave our club. However , I can never disrespect his desire to get deserving playtime. And selling him for 50M € would be more than enough for us. However, what makes me truly Convinced about his possible departure is how Moussa Wague , the Barca B Right back , will finally get a promotion in the senior squad as a RB backup to Sergi Roberto. We have already seen how much Valverde trusts Moussa. As long as it seems weird coming from our Board, but it may happen , and we should be more than glad about it. Adding to this, seeing him stay for one more season also wouldnt be a bad thing as Wague would even get more time to developp under our B coach Pimienta.

Unlike its previous years , Argentina become much more of a joy to watch . Their trainings , their plays , their matches. This squad has changed . Not saying the team became perfect already , but that the Boys have found what they were missing on its previous. The youth are honestly incredible gems. All you have to do is knowing how to improve them , and by doing so , they will dominate everything . This year Scaloni (Argentina's coach) knew that time is up for a lot of people from the old generation to leave and for the new generation to make its debut in the first squad . By doing so , The youth have brought every sort of motivation and excitment that the team needed , and That MESSI Needed. This is Football's true passion . This is what Characterized Argentina the most in its history . Football's Argentina is insane. You can only look at Argentina's league to realise the true passion that Argentinians have. I will be expecting a whole New Messi in this Copa. Maybe even Barca's Messi. While everybody is already convinced with how Messi brings Hope to the youth , it is also the opposite as well. Both complete each other. The G.O.A.T , excited and motivated thanks to the spirit the youth have brought in the squad , is ready for everything to lift that damn Cup. And , oh No , it's not only him people. Aguero is feeling the same excitment , Di Maria always was excited and a lover to Argentina. A fresh new squad , new Messi , new team , and most of all , a coach who exactly knows what to do with Messi and the youth... does that make you remember anything related to Barca?😏

MATCHDAY // Argentina X Columbia. Oh yes folks. Here it is . Today. The day we've all been waiting for Argentina to show worldwide its improvements. For Messi to strike hard again wearing Blue & White. Columbia. Look at our first opponent. Sounds to me like an ideal match for the Football world to watch. Despite James Rodriguez is much below the G.O.A.T , yet it would be so fun to watch this match. All my hopes for AFA Seleccion. Not that we are favorites , but that Hope is never dead. Especially when you have Messi on your team. This year's September both teams have played and equalised 0-0 in a friendly . Except that it was Argentina's B team and that Columbia didn't have their star. How sad it is for Argentina and Messi to qualify to 3 finals of the last 4 Copa Americas , and to lose all three of them.. with what's even worse is the loss of The WC Final in 2014. Back then , it has been said that , after Germany scored ,Messi spoke to himself saying "The Best . But not a Champion". Again , Bad and dark memories... that need to definitely fade away in tonight's game. Neymar's injury is so much benefiting for all Brazil's rivals , especially Argentina's Messi and Uruguay's Suarez. Bad luck once again for them. But this doesn't mean they aren't favorite for this one. Especially that the copa America is held in their lands. The Seleccao opened the Tournament with a 3-0 win against Bolivia, with Coutinho scoring the 2 first goals of the tournament (a penalty ans a header). Neymar out , Coutinho in . Not the best leader in attacking for Brazil , but it is seen all too well the difference between Barca's Coutinho and Brazil's Coutinho. As I said before , the Brazilian has every potential to succeed and make miracles at Barca . It's up for the coach to know how to get used of his qualities...