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Made it another year. As far as I’m concerned this is almost even more important on this day then my birthday. This day at 11am I lost my life and was struck by a truck on my bike. My heart stopped for five minutes with multiple broken bones on my left tibia my right femur my right clavicle as well as 64 stitches on the right side of my neck. I had a hole in the top part of my left head it was numb for six months lost massive amounts of blood. I give thanks every day for getting a second chance at life because I was supposed to be dead. Heart stopped for 5 minutes but I came too back on the seen before the ambulance had arrived. There is a god , stay blessed and give thanks #grateful #life #secondchance #death anniversary #nebraska

Seems like yesterday you were very happy for me discovering something that I love to do. You always stood by my side no matter what happened and I always push myself to be better. Make it about you a lot today thank you for always supporting when I love to do. Bmx racing for life.

One of the toughest days of my career in BMX. A learning experience and a way to find strength in defeat. I am grateful to have my dad as my mentor and to be by my side even through rough times. He always taught me to be courageous. Courage isn’t necessarily the voice that shouts at the beginning of the day but yet the small quiet voice saying that I will try again tomorrow. Full speed ahead!! #DesotoTx #bmx #supernationals #strength #bmxrace #ababmx

Dad, thank you for providing and showing me everything I need to be as a man!! Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you but your never forgotten and you’re forever in my thoughts❤️

Oh hey look at this gem I found @courtney_lou6 @ash.e.peterson

Had a lot of on this project. I am grateful and humble to be a part of the movie Nemesis 5 #nemesis5 #movie #actor #cast



Hanging out at my sisters baby shower. Of course I got some quality time with my niece.

Smiling at all the blessings coming my way 🙏🏻🙏🏻