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📰De Jong, De Ligt and Griezmann are three stars that will arrive at Barcelona next season. The players are hungry for titles and will improve the competitiveness in the squad. [Sport] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- #messi  #Messi10  #lionelmessi  #barca  #barcelona #fcbarcelona  #barça  #terstegen  #Busquets #jordialba  #Roberto  #viscaelbarça  #pique  #rakitic  #Vidal #suarez  #dembele  #Neymar  #neymarjr  #coutinho #catalunya  #viscabarca  #pogba  #ronaldo  #laliga #Iniesta  #xavi  #maradona  #pele  #football

👥What would be your Barça midfield for the upcoming season? 1 - Vidal, Rakitic, Busquets 2 - Arthur, De Jong, Busquets 3 - Rakitic, De Jong, Busquets -------------------------------------------------------------------------- #messi  #Messi10  #lionelmessi  #barca  #barcelona #fcbarcelona  #barça  #terstegen  #Busquets #jordialba  #Roberto  #viscaelbarça  #pique  #rakitic  #Vidal #suarez  #dembele  #Neymar  #neymarjr  #coutinho #catalunya  #viscabarca  #pogba  #ronaldo  #laliga #Iniesta  #xavi  #maradona  #pele  #football

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Rakitic, Roberto and Suárez have all had a fairly strong track record against Real Madrid in Clásicos, but this time we saw them display a horrendous performance. Suarez, in particular, seemed to be an extremely weak link in attack. You either get an absolute beast out of him or an old man who can't even manage to control his own touch. Unfortunately, we saw the latter version of Luisto in action. What differences can we draw between Griezmann and Suarez's gameplay? First of all, the most apparent factor is the amount of work they are putting on the field. Suarez was once a player who would be incredibly reliable in link up plays as he would drop deep and had the ability to beat his man. Not only that, he was even integral in pressing the opposition. However, now he's just waiting for balls to be handed over on a silver platter. His finishing for most periods has been top notch, but only a blind man will ignore his inability to service the team. Griezmann, on the other hand, is far more active on the pitch. The man is literally ready to make up for Alba's loss at LB. Griezmann, under Simeone, has been built to drop in deeper areas to help his team beat pressing teams; his insane work ethic reflects that. Even if he feels uncomfortable on the left flank, the Frenchman troubles teams by breaking plays up wonderfully. In a central role, he will do far better, because the duties Suarez once possessed can be easily given to Griezmann. El Pistolero was the perfect reference point for Leo. As Messi's pressing has become highly passive, he needs someone to take that role. All Suarez does now is ask Leo to get the job done for him. With Griezmann this won't be the case though, he can reduce Messi's responsibilities in the middle of the park and prove to be highly effective in front of goal. Grizzy can press, score and provide assists. He's the perfect heir to Suarez's throne. Personally, I still believe Suarez should start big games. He can turn games in our favour and MSG is also working out, however, we can't ignore the fact that we become too vulnerable with 2 out 3 players not pressing in attack. Messi can be allowed certain privileges, not Suarez.

OFFICIAL: Carles Perez's contract with Barcelona has been extended to 2022 which means Barça are keen on reserving a place for Perez in the squad for our upcoming seasons. Honestly, this is the best news I've heard all day. Looking at how confidently Perez has taken his chances this season, I have no doubt in my mind that he is going to have a bright future ahead. Messi's injury has been a fatal blow for us this season, but a blessing in disguise at the same time because without him in the squad, Perez and Ansu were given the chance to showcase their true potential. While Ansu may be stealing the limelight, its important to highlight Perez's importance in our squad as well. The 21 year old has made a significant impact in the team already. His positional play seems to be perfect and his maturity as a player makes him stand out. Carles loves bursting forward with pace and his link up play with the rest of the attackers is simply sublime. Not only is his own positioning very disciplined and accurate, but he understands everyone else's role really well. His decision making as a player just proves how important the growth of a La Masia player can be. It's an honour having you here with us, Carles. Can't wait for the club to finally announce you as a first team player! Congrats.

How do good performances and good results go hand in hand for a team like Barcelona? The answer is simple yet the art of simplicity can be the most daunting. Since the very beginning Barça has been considered as an elite club in Europe. Fans with even minimal knowledge of football will have heard about how the great Barça reigned it's glory across Europe during the Pep era. What made our team so special back then? There's this misconception that beautiful football, quick ball circulation and entertaining little sequences during long lasting possession is all just to please the fans. Of course when you're a club like Barcelona that is something a team must lay emphasis on too, but the admiration of the fans is just part of the package. Every club has its own history and identity and some teams are more comfortable in achieving the 3 points with a rather boring style of play. People may argue that as long as the job is being done, what's the use of complaining! However, for us playing beautiful football is more of an obligation than a choice because without creativity, ideas, innovation and attacking football, we will never be able to express ourselves properly. This attacking and risk taking football style has been injected in our style of play. Meddling or interfering with it would not bring the best out of this team, it never will. Thats the reason we always witness brutal defeats when we try to defend leads. Do you want to know why we suffer from inconsistency? Its because our manager has no motive of playing mouth watering football for too long as he believes we'll crumble down some day. He's too afraid to take risks. What he doesn't realize is that he's coaching BARCELONA, a team that is built to play risk taking football, a team that once finds its rhythm can wreak HAVOC. Under Valverde we're forced to play as cowards...

OFFICIAL LINEUP: Barça vs Getafe. Griezmann on the left and Suarez in the middle, what could possibly go wrong 😑? However, there is something to be glad about and that is Carles Perez's inclusion on the right hand side. After extending his contract with Barça, he now hopefully will be on his way to getting that first team promotion. His presence should help us massively today. In midfield Valverde goes with our special trio of Arthur-Busquets and De Jong. These 3 have been in great form recently, especially the dynamic duo of Arthur and De Jong so hopefully today they are able to end this miserable away form of ours. In defense Firpo starts again, but the major change comes at the right hand side where Semedo has been dropped for Roberto. It's safe to say that Semedo hasn't been in great form this season and even though Roberto isn't really rock solid at the back, he had the right to replace him today. LETS GET THOSE 3 POINTS! Vamos. *btw Dembele has been injured again....

HT: Barça 1-0 Getafe. A dull and flavourless half, but despite that we find ourselves leading at half time. Throughout the 45 minutes we have struggled to create any clear cut chances and although Suarez was blessed with a few good opportunities, he just wasn't clinical enough to find the back of the net. However, right before the half time whistle, Ter Stegen produced an absolutely beautiful assist for Suarez after coming out his line. His fantastic vision allowed us to go 1-0 up as he gifted Suarez with an inch perfect pass. Luisto thankfully on this occasion made good use of Ter Stegen's efforts and chipped the ball over the goalkeeper's head. Suarez really needed this goal to boost his confidence and morale. Getafe have given our defense some problems, but so far we have maintained the cleansheet. If we want to secure the victory we need our midfield to be more creative on the ball and tear apart Getafe's compact defensive structure. A boring half, but hopefully we show some improvement and can capitalize on this one goal lead!

FT: Getafe 0-2 Barça That wraps up our first win in an away game this season as well as our first clean sheet in the league. It is a relief to finally be heading back with 3 points. Overall, the performance was nothing extraordinary but it was reminiscent of the Barça during the 17/18 season where we were defensively solid, clinical and efficient in finishing off chances. In the first half, Getafe troubled Barça on a few occasions but towards the end of the half an amazing pass from MATS found an open Suarez who chipped the ball into the back of the net. As the second half began, Barça were lively and their energy paid off when a shot from Perez was parried by the Getafe GK and Firpo was there to finish off the rebound as he scored his first goal for Barça. The 2nd half was dominated by Barça in terms of possession and they looked more dominant on the ball as compared to the first half. However, Getafe caught us out on a couple of occasions and had a few chances to score. Nonetheless, Pique and Lenglet were solid along with some good saves from MATS as well. Lenglet received 2 yellows after some undisciplined tackles and will miss out on the game vs Sevilla unfortunately. Probably Todibo's chance to make a statement. In the end, this wasn't the best of Barça but a win away from home and the lively duo of Arthur and De Jong made this game worth a watch for us Barça fans. Now onto the UCL. VISCA EL BARÇA!!!

PLAYER RATINGS: Barça vs Getafe. We finally end our poor away form as a 2-0 victory allowed us to seal the 3 points yesterday. Here are my player ratings from the match, feel free to make any changes.

ITS FINALLY MATCHDAY! Today we go up against Antonio Conte's new and improved Inter Milan in the Champions League. After drawing 0-0 in our first game against Dortmund, a win will be highly necessary today. However, we mustn't forget rhat despite playing at home, this certainly isn't going to be an easy game for us as Inter are undefeated in the Serie A and seem to be playing some promising football. Nonetheless, I have faith in my players and hopefully we're able to seal the 3 points in terrific style. Vamos!

Official squad list for our game against Inter is out! Messi and Dembele are back in the squad as they recently received the medical greenlight! Although chances of them starting are still quite low, I'm pretty sure we'll get to see them on the pitch in the second half. Nonetheless our attack is surely going to look scary with Griezmann, Suarez and Perez up front. My only wish is to see Suarez in form tomorrow and hopefully Griezmann can create an impact as a winger as well. It may be a lot to ask for but sadly with Ansu out and Leo and Dembele just coming back from injuries, Griezmann starting as a winger seems way too likely. We have a huge game on our hands, but hopefully we'll be able to tear Conte's Inter apart. *sorry for the lack of posts recently, been busy with school and work.

OFFICIAL LINEUP!!! MESSI IS BACK ❤️❤️❤️. This might be a very risky move considering he just came back from injury, but my eyes have been craving for some Messi magic and we simply simply need Leo to feature in such a high intensity fixture! Its been far too long since we've seen him tear European sides apart and Inter are going to be a very tough opposition tonight. Other than that the lineup looks perfect! The only major change is Semedo introduction at LB. Sadly, Firpo sustained an injury today and both our main LBs were out of action so the obvious decision was to play Semedo. We all know Griezmann has been suffering as a winger and hasn't had many exceptional performances in that role, but lets all hope he can create a massive impact in attack for us. I'M NERVOUS BUT EXCITED AT THE SAME TIME! LETS DO THIS BARÇA, VAMOS.

HT: Barça 0-1 Inter. A disciplined and tactical masterclass from Antonio's Inter gives the visitors a crucial 1-0 lead. We conceded early after the ball ricocheted off Sanchez's legs and went straight towards Laturo's feet who won his duel with Lenglet and was clinical enough to guide the ball past Ter Stegen. We've been dominating in possession, but this is something Inter had clearly anticipated. They absorbed all the pressure that came their way and whenever they were on the ball, they made sure to exploit spaces in our defense as their pacy forwards gave our defenders some real problems. We haven't been pressing with intensity or desire and even though Inter's defensive structure seems to be quite compact, there were moments where we just failed to stretch the ball in wider areas and force the Inter defenders out of position. Not a pleasing half at all, hopefully Dembele comes on and makes a difference. Griezmann in the centre please 🙏

FT: Barça 2-1 Inter. A scintillating Suarez seals the 3 points for us as we crushed Milan in the second half. There is no denying that the first half was dominated by Inter in almost every aspect. We lacked concentration, desire and the ability to force the Inter defenders out of position. However, as soon as the players returned from the 45 minute break, we saw a completely new side as the fluidity we were missing in midfield was suddenly now present and we were also threatening the opposing defense on numerous occasions. Nonetheless, if it weren't for Suarez's heroics, the 3 points would still not have been in the bag for us tonight. Huge credit goes to our very own El Pistolero for stepping up. The man's past his prime, its as simple as that. But him scoring goalazos at this age and turning games in our favour all by himself does speak volumes of his quality as a player. We may see a more improved version of Griezmann in the centre, but if Suarez consistently puts up these kind of performances, its going to be really hard for us to complain. First of all lets start with Vidal's substitution. We lacked width and that was evident to all of us, but Vidal's substitution was equally important as he was showing a valiant effort in midfield. De Jong and Arthur orchestrated our plays beautifully, however, Vidal was a crucial part in maintaining fluid ball circulation as well. Later on Dembele also came on and was found taking some great shots at goal as he put the opposition under pressure. I don't think our performance deserves endless praise or huge applause because Inter had a firm grip on the game for most parts of the game, but individual brilliance in midfield and attack saved the day. Lots of points to discuss and its also great to see Messi in good shape, that insane run for the second goal was just mind blowing! For now lets be thankful we were able to end this game on a positive note and achieve the hard fought 3 points.

Nobody dares to come close to a lion who's fangs are aching for some meat. Yesterday Luisto's lethal performance just proved how hungry he was for some goals as we finally got to witness the lion inside of him wake up from its slumber. You can hate him all you want, bash him with constant critisim everyday and fourtanetely for us, that hatred is the fuel to his success. Its not wrong to admit that Suarez isn't the player he once was, but he's been a crucial player of our squad in every season he's played. Match winning moments, incredible goals and superb comebacks are just the kind of things Luis Suarez lives for. I still believe he doesn't have the right to be a guaranteed starter anymore and instead he should be preserved for certain moments and occasions, but despite that, its amazing to see our Luisto produce such scintillating performances at this age. We were quite disappointing yesterday, however, Suarez's determination and belief got us though. An outstanding scissor kick from outside the box and a brilliantly executed second goal surely earns him some massive praise. Well done, Suarez! We need more of this now.

Suarez may be stealing the spotlight with his incredible brace against Inter, however, without Lionel Messi's influence throughout the 90 minutes, the 3 points might not have been ours for the taking. Leo's first 90 minute game was one to savour and although he wasn't able to bless his name on the scoresheet, he was certainly responsible for our sudden improvement in the second half. This was Messi's first game after recovering from an injury, but he simply needed no time to assert his dominance on the game. As usual, he was found dropping deep in midfield creating numerous chances for the team to exploit. Unfortunately his teammates weren't able to make use of the efforts he was making, but that instantly changed when Suarez banged in our second goal. The elegant touch Suarez brought on the ball to enter the opposition box was simply sublime, but if if weren't for Messi's insane dribbling abilities, we would never have been 2-1 up. Leo received the ball right at the half way line, but burst forward with incredible grit and determination as he dodged everyone that came in his way and ran past those who tried to halt his run. After doing all the dirty work and noticing Suarez in a strong position he instantly handed the ball over to him and was rewarded with a fantastic finish. Even despite having no goals, Leo's presence was a key factor in our 2-1 victory. Great to have you back, @leomessi. Can't wait for the goals to start pouring in now!

Valverde has often been the subject of criticism for starting Suarez time and time again, however, this time starting him finally paid off as the Uruguayan scored a blistering brace to seal the 3 points. Nonetheless, the result shouldn't hide the fact that we were quite disappointing and had been all over the place in the first half. 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝: Ever since the season has started, we haven't seen a proper collective performance from the team. Surprisingly last season this was much more evident against sides such as Spurs, Madrid etc, but this season there's clearly been a lack of intensity. Our midfield has been doing a wonderful job this season, but there's this gap between midfield and attack that needs to be addressed. Pushing up high allows us to put the opposition on the back foot, but to create opportunities, a valiant pressing system is required to force the opposition players out of position, simply to create gaps and openings. 𝐏𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐬 𝐩𝐮𝐫𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞: Of course dominating in our strongest sector gives us a big plus point, but when the possession becomes useless and there's no creativity to offer, we often find ourselves struggling. To open gaps pressure needs to be built at all times and the midfielders need to be more willing to take risks. Pressing collectively and maintaining constant possession is BOTH required if we want to see gaps in compact defensive systems. 𝐋𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐨𝐟 𝐰𝐢𝐝𝐭𝐡: The last reason why we weren't able to find clear cut gaps is the lack of width. The attackers were so concentrated in the centre that exploiting the gaps out wide was barely seen. That's exactly what we get when Griezmann starts as a winger, we were bound to suffer. Our teams needs to be spread out, but without a natural winger in our XI, the width was nowhere to be seen. However, we must not forget the impactful substitutions Valverde made which involved Vidal and Dembele's introduction. Finally Valverde wasn't stubborn enough to go with the same structure, but its time he anticipates these issues before the game. Nonetheless, we must give him credit for those crucial subs.

MATCHDAY: Barça vs Sevilla Tonight, Barça take on Sevilla at the Camp Nou. This will be a tough game as Sevilla are a solid opposition who have started their season off in good fashion, suffering only 2 defeats and 1 draw in the league. They have also won both of their UEL games with clean sheets. The most admirable thing about Sevilla under Lopetegui is their balance between attack and Defense. When Lopetegui was managing Spain, he was remembered for his quick passing and attacking style of play, but what made Spain really good under him was a fluid attack and defense that was known for its elegant transitional play. Sevilla have the 3rd best defense in the league in terms of goals conceded after Bilbao and Atletico Madrid. Along with that, they have also scored 10 goals through their 7 games in the league. What can we expect from Sevilla tonight? Sevilla will mostly try to catch us on the break and give us most of the possession, similar to any other team when playing at the Camp Nou. However, Sevilla won't let us be too comfortable with possession if we take our time to build up our play. Their midfielders and attackers will try to press our players whenever they find the opportunity disrupt our flow. Sevilla has a very good squad for this season with many dangerous players including our old boy, Munir. Along with that, Chicharito and De Jong are dangerous strikers who can trouble us with their presence in the box. Nolito is a dangerous winger as well who can create some attacks and give trouble to our wing backs. In midfield, the attacking creativity of Banega and the defensive solidity of Vazquez can trouble us. Whereas in defense, we must watch out for Reguilon (in attack as well) and Sergi Gomez. Considering our recent form, the 3 points will be tough for us to get but with Messi back to face his favourite opponents to score against, the 3 points seem very likely to be in our favour. Hopefully, we get to witness some attacking football along with the win tonight. VISCA EL BARÇA!!! *tried something completely new with this edit so please don't be too harsh 😂

Official lineup! In attack Griezmann has been dropped for Dembele as the 22 year old made a significant impact for the team after coming on from the bench. Griezmann who has been atrocious as a winger deserved to be benched, but its honestly not his fault. It should either be Suarez in the middle or Griezmann. There's no point in wasting him out wide. In midfield Vidal comes in for Busquets. The Chilean had a great performance against Inter and imo, deserved this opportunity. Busquets may be vital in pressing up high, but Vidal has been quite successful in giving us the intensity and flare required . Busquets has been slow and weary at times, whereas Vidal looks to be full of energy. In defense Todibo comes in for Lenglet as he received a yellow card in his previous game. Todibo has shown his quality time and time again last season so hopefully today he creates a formidable partnership with Pique. Not a bad lineup at all. Lets go get those 3 points now! Vamosss.

HT: Barça 3-0 Sevilla What an absolutely entertaining half that was. The first 25 minutes were a real struggle for Barcelona. They looked static whenever they had possession and created no real chances as were also struggling to build up play coz of Sevilla's intense press. However, thankfully things turned immediately in our favor after Suarez slotted in an absolute worldie. Sevilla's hardwork paid off as they created 3 really good chances for Luuk De Jong, who luckily for us failed to hit the target. One of those chances were brilliantly saved by MATS. Then in the 27th minute, a brilliant cross from Semedo led to Suarez scoring an amazing bicycle kick from his weak foot as Barça consequently got the lead. Suarez is scoring outrageous goals this season and seems to be getting his form back. Then, a few minutes after that, an Arthur through ball found Vidal free who had the minimal of touches but it was enough for the ball to go into the back of the net. Right after leading 2-0, Barça once again pressed and forced Sevilla to give the ball away as Arthur's through ball found Dembele running towards goal who faked a shot and brilliantly finished it with this right. After a shaky start, we gained control over the game and we need to continue what we are doing. What must be praised about Barça is the clinical finishing. We have wasted absolutely no chances to score and let's hope to keep it that way. Hoping for a more entertaining display and a Messi show in the second half. VISCA EL BARÇA!!!

FT: Barça 4-0 Sevilla. Loptegui once again suffers an agonizing defeat against Barcelona. Wearing white never ends up well when you're up against the mighty kings of Catalonia 😉. It feels great to finally secure a triumphant victory, especially against such a solid side. We started the half off in positive manner as we maintained possession and always seemed to give the opposition defense problems with fluid and attacking football. Of course our creativity and intensity in midfield had slightly reduced with the departure of Arthur Melo and Vidal who were mesmerizing in the first half, but nevertheless, our midfield kept a dominant stance most of the time and this led to a strong victory. After ending the first half with a 3-0 lead we all were hoping for atleast a couple more goals in the second half, but a Messi a free kick was enough to satisfy us Cules as he scored an absolute banger to bring us 4-0 up. His recurring injuries have been a real blow for us, but it seems our GOAT is finally back to tear Europe apart! Although this was a good half and we even maintained the cleansheet, but unfortunately, we witnessed two red cards which went in Sevilla's favor. After a clumsy tackle from Araujo which certainly could have been rewarded with a yellow card at max, Lahoz ended the poor boy's debut in ugly fashion by handing him a red card. Later our shining Frenchman, Dembele, also received a red for complaining. Whats worse is that Pique will be missing our next game as well since he got a yellow today. With so many players absent in defense, the game against Eibar is surely going to be an interesting one. Also, Dembele's potential absence against Real will be a bummer. However, its really good to see Barça get a dominant victory and seal the 3 points! Great game today, VAMOS.

Last night Barça thrashed Sevilla with a dominant score of 4-0. We witnessed some magnificent goals from our players and also a cleansheet which has been a rare sight this season. Here are my player ratings from yesterday's performance. Feel free to make any changes in the comments.

Last night it seemed as if Valverde had prioritized attacking football over defensive football and although this may sound quite ironic, Valverde was actually willing to sacrifice defensive stability for the sake of goals. For the first 20-25 minutes we were absolutely awful. We were lucky to not have conceded 2 or 3 goals, but as soon as Luisto found the back of the net with an insane bicycle kick, our attacking flare suddenly took Sevilla by surprise. Now, the reason I believe we took a more attacking stance was because of Vidal and Dembele's inclusion in the lineup. Not only that, but we didn't seem to pay much attention to slow and steady build ups. We suffered when we lost the ball as Sevilla caught us off guard numerous times, but apparently the team just didn't care, which is very rare of course because we really fear the loss of possession. Fearing the loss of possession is one of the main reasons we often lose games, but yesterday that wasn't the case. Fans are making it seem like we had a poor performance and were lucky to score those 4 goals, but I actually think we've seen a massive improvement in Valverde's way of thinking. I understand that our attackers were just way more clinical in front of goal, but we always had the will to create those chances. Instead of resorting to conventional methods and seeking an opportunity out of nowhere, Valverde played attack minded football! This by no means was the perfect performance from our side. We still have areas to improve such as pressing and closing gaps in defense, but I think its wonderful to see Valverde for once implement risk taking football. Doesn't matter if we had conceded yesterday, there's clearly a change in mentality.

Its the year of overhead kicks for Suarez! He hasn't been at his best this season, but his bangers have surely proved his worth in our squad. After scoring a marvelous brace against Inter Milan, Suarez's confidence was fully restored as he scored another crucial bicycle goal, but this time against Loptegui's Sevilla. Need more of this, El Pistolero 🙏.

Vidal was one of the standout performers in the game against Sevilla. After his match changing cameo against Inter, Vidal got the start that he deserved and he certainly did not disappoint. It was a typical Arturo Vidal performance which involved a lot of running from box to box and being tirelessly involved in both defense and attack. Defensively, Arturo was really useful as he stripped the ball away from the Sevilla players on several occasions creating counter attacking opportunities for Barça. Vidal also did well to exert pressure on the Sevilla midfielders to force errors to give us possession. In attack, Vidal made his presence felt around the box, making deadly runs into the box to create goalscoring opportunities as well as present himself to make a play to penetrate the Sevilla defense. His hardwork in attack paid off with a brilliantly worked goal. His movement was on point and seemed reminiscent to the movement of a striker for the goal. Vidal is a player who is highly effective in both attack and defense as a player and along with that he adds balance to our versatile midfield. Although Busquets may bring a lot more stability in defense, Vidal clearly gives us an edge with his services in attack.

A few days ago against Sevilla, Semedo had one of his best performances as a Blaugrana player as he was arguably the player who had the most impact on the team. What was so impressive about his performance was that he played as a left back which is a position that he is hardly familiar with since he is obviously a right back. However, he showed no sign of discomfort in his new role and despite a shaky start to the season, he ran the show and adapted perfectly. Semedo made our left wing dynamic in attack with his great dribbling and skill. 2 of our goals were created mainly due to his efforts. In Suarez's goal, he gave Suarez the perfect cross with his left foot and we are all aware of how brilliant Suarez's finish was to find the back of the net. Then, in the build up to the goal scored by Vidal, it was Semedo's skillful feet that kept the ball in play as he found his way around the Sevilla defenders and passed the ball to Arthur who assisted Vidal. Semedo was patient in attack and barely made risky plays to prevent the danger of a counter attack. Hence, his performance was really effective. In defense, the 25 year old was really solid and won most of his duels whenever he was 1 on 1. He was caught out on a couple of occasions due to counter attacks, however, it's fair to cut him some slack as it was his job to contribute upfield as well. Semedo brought the perfect balance between attack and defense as a full back. His attacking efficiency and smart plays made him produce a highly admirable performance on both ends of the pitch which was crucial to Barça's success.

Two games, two horrible defeats. I think its safe to say Lopetegui won't be looking forward to his next fixture against Barça :)

The day Dembele finds his rhythm, learns the art of consistency and revises himself into a mature player that can be the difference maker for Barcelona, we will defend every action of his and support him through thick and thin. However, unfortunately, lady luck just never seems to let the boy have some fun as once again, Dembele will be missing out games. Surprisingly its not injuries that are halting his growth as a player on this occasion. Against Sevilla Dembele was finally getting back into his groove as he was seen toying with the Sevilla defenders at times and also scored a brilliant goal to bring us 3-0 up. But right as the full time whistle was about to blow, Lahoz did what he does best and ended the poor boy's game in misery as he was sent off for apparently speaking the truth. Now, although the decision may be highly unfair, we have to move on and as always, seek a solution without the Frenchman. The game against Real Madrid will be crucial in our road to success. Griezmann will most likely be our LW, but of course it has to be either Perez or Ansu Fati, natural wingers who can stir some massive problems for Zidane's side. Its also impossible to even think of starting Griezmann in the middle because of how insane Suarez's form is and of course, his record against Real Madrid must be considered as well. Even though Griezmann would have been a huge asset for us if he started in the middle, its stupid to just get a mediocre version out of him as a LW.

I like that Valverde has been strict regarding Rakitic and Vidal's play time, but one man that is needlessly suffering and isn't getting the opportunities he deserves is the 21 year old La Masia product, Carles Aleñá. Last season, I was glad to see the youngster get play time here and there despite having some serious competition infront of him. However, this season he isn't even being named in our squad lists. Whats going wrong with our rising star? In our very first game of the season we played Athletic Bilbao away from home and unfortunately, we witnessed an agonizing defeat. In midfield Aleñá partnered up with Roberto and De Jong. Carles after having a disappointing first half was subbed off, whereas Roberto, who was in my eyes, much worse, but still allowed to continue playing. I agree that our midfield in general showed lack of desire in that particular game, but why is it that only Aleñá is suffering? After coming back from a demanding pre season, the least one can do is just provide some rest, but this unfair treatment towards the Spaniard is simply unacceptable. People who fail to recognize the technical ability in Aleñá need to open their eyes. He's not a difference maker yet and he probably still needs time in dictating the tempo in midfield, but he's already showed his class and quality numerous times with the first team. We've seen the potential in him, but why is he being ignored all of a sudden? Valverde's favouritism towards Roberto needs to end and Aleñá must be handed more opportunities in the first team. He's no dead weight, he's our future!

Busquets being past his prime is no surprise, but his importance in the squad being devalued certainly is. The 31 year old has lost the ability to press the opposition throughout the 90 minutes and he also has started to find difficulty in keeping the ball in tight areas. However, what we get from Busquets is defensive stability. Considering how terrible our defense has been in this season, Busquets has actually done a really good job. In the two games we lost this season, Busquets did not start and this just went on to show how poor we really were at the back. In our last game against Sevilla, the reason we achieved the 3 points with Busquets on the bench was because Valverde finally changed his mentality. We were atrocious in defense again, but we were finally looking to attack the opposition fearlessly. In my opinion starting Vidal was a really good option because this is the first time I saw Valverde prioritize attacking football over defensive football. Nonetheless, we did suffer defensively and Busquets being on the sidelines did give us problems. To bring Busquets in a more comfortably position, I firmly believe our midfielders need to be more willing to bombard the opposition defense. When our defense pushes up high we can often see ourselves stuck in a corner since the midfield takes too much time in creating chances. Busquets has too much burden on his shoulders this season. To prevent that from happening, we need to stop fearing the loss of possession, just like we did against Sevilla.

Griezmann is yet to create a solid impact for Barcelona, however, he has indirectly influenced one man's performance and that is Luis Suarez's. Its unfortunate to see Griezmann's talents being wasted on the wing, but atleast Suarez is feeling the urgency to work harder, score more goals and give his best in every game he plays. Last season we saw Luisto switch on and off whenever he liked. Of course he tried to step it up in bigger games, but when you lack rhythm, it becomes hard to instantly change your style of play. This season Suarez knows he has no option left. He also knows if he lacks stamina and is exhausted, there's a top class player waiting to replace him so the team shouldn't be suffering at all. However, at the same time we could have invested in someone much younger and also at the top of his game to give Suarez some hefty competition. Maybe Jovic, Piatek or Martinez could have been good options. I love Griezmann as a player, but did we really just buy him to perform poorly as a winger and simply push Suarez?

When Barça Fans got to know back in January that De Jong was going to join us this season, there was nothing but excitement for one of the world's best midfielders who is still very young and has a lot of footballing years ahead of him. The Dutchman was one of the main reasons of Ajax's success last season, he provided them with control on the ball, defensive stability as well as creative ability. De Jong so far has not disappointed Barça Fans at all as he has established himself as an undisputed starter in the team due to his several impeccable performances. De Jong is probably the most versatile midfielder in the world. This man is capable of doing it all. He is comfortable with the ball at his feet and can find his way through defenders with his eyes closed and hands tied behind his back. The 22 year old can play as a defensive midfielder and continue to win the ball at the back so that the team can retain possession. Most importantly, he has such a wide range of passing where he is good at playing short combination passing with his fellow teammates and can on occasions resort to the long passes as well (Although at Barça his long passing has become minimal since it is not something which is a part of our style). Agaisnt Valencia, he also showed that he can finish chances off if his services are required up front. He continues to put in brilliant performances for both club and country and has truly established himself as one of the best midfielders in the game. Lets hope he continues to put in good work for us and help us dominate games. Barça has found an absolute gem that just keeps on shining, even despite going through gloomy and dark periods. We have struck gold with this kid.

Official squad list for our game against Eibar is out! After a dull and gloomy international break, we finally head into La Liga as Eibar will be our opponents away from home. In attack Dembele won't be featuring after receiving a suspension for his red card against Sevilla. Pique has also not been named in the 18 man squad list as he was, along with Dembele, a victim of Lahoz' poor refereeing. Nonetheless, its great to see Alba, Firpo and Umtiti back in the squad. Alba has been on the sidelines for quite some time now and it would be amazing to have him start for us again. Firpo and Umtiti are yet to be medically cleared, but will be travelling with the squad. Our La Masia gem, Arnau has received his first ever call up as he comes in place for Peña. Proud moment for him and the fans! These last couple of weeks have been a nightmare without Barça, but we're finally back in action! Lets get going with a solid start 💪.

MATCHDAY: Eibar vs Barça Today, Barça take on Eibar at the Ipurua Municipal Stadium. The last time we played here was our last league game of the previous season where we drew 2-2 thanks to a stunning Messi brace. Eibar have had a shaky start to the season and are 2 points away from the relegation zone. Their attack has done alright but their defense as conceded a few more goals as compared to other teams in the bottom half of the league. However, Eibar are slowly regaining their form as they have been undefeated in the last 4 games with 2 wins and 2 draws. They have beaten the likes of Sevilla and Celta which shows that they have the tendency to defeat top teams at home. Fabian Orellana has been their leading player in attack as he is their top scorer with 3 goals and has also gotten himself 2 assists so he will carry a threat throughout the game. In addition, Jose Angel has been doing well for them at the back and he will give our attackers a bit of problem. Barça should be able to win this game now that Messi is back. However, we need to play good attacking football and clinically finish off our chances. What I'm hoping to see is attractive football which involves quick transitions and no fear of possession, we can do this! VISCA EL BARÇA!!!

OFFICIAL LINEUP! Not bad, but expected better. Griezmann as a winger, what could possibly go wrong😑? With Ansu Fati and Perez being much better options, Griezmann's position as a winger makes no sense. He's here to compete with Suarez, thats it. In midfield we have the dream trio as Arthur, Frenkie and Busi will hopefully grace the Ipuruna today and give us a show. We need lots of creativity from them and certainly not fear the loss of possession. At the back Semedo has been dropped for Alba as Roberto retains his position. I would have personally started Semedo considering he had such a good game, but Roberto will hopefully give us a dominant attacking presence. In the centre Pique won't be featuring due to his suspension and therefore, Umtiti comes in his place. The last time Lenglet and Umtiti partnered up, things didn't end so well as the defensive duo was all over the place. Hoping for a victory now! I've missed you, football! Can't waitttt.

HT: Barça 1-0 Eibar. We've ended the half with the one goal lead, however, if we had been a bit more clinical infront of goal, this scoreline could have certainly looked a lot more pleasing. Nonetheless, Eibar have never seemed to take any control over the game and despite finding some solid opportunities, we've kept our calm which is good to see. Eibar at the start of the half were brimming with confidence as they were seen opening our defense on a couple of occasions, but their finishing was also quite poor. After a fairly even matched first 10 minutes, Lenglet sent Griezmann an absolutely stunning ball from the back and thankfully the French connection paid off as Antoine put the ball past the goalkeeper and brought us 1-0 up. Barça has looked a bit rusty today, this is obviously natural though, because you can expect such a performance after the international break. However, Eibar can easily catch us on the counter if we lose focus. Umtiti and Lenglet's partnership at the back seems to be developing, but they still have a long way to go. Our midfield has been calm and composed as they've been providing our attack with chances, but its time to actually make use of those chances. Expecting a better second half, VAMOS. We should have been exploiting Eibar's high line a lot more, but hopefully the next 45 minutes are much better.

FT: Eibar 0-3 Barça! 3 more points away from home and as of now we are top of the league. Not a mouth watering performance, but certainly not worthy of unnecessary critisism as well since we were able to find the back of the net 3 times and along with that we were successful in maintaining the cleansheet. Our midfield looked dominant in keeping possession throughout the 90 minutes and although our transitions were quite slow at times, it was enough to secure us the hard fought win. After a mediocre first half, where Barça did get a goal, they were much better in the 2nd half and took the game away from Eibar. De Jong opened the defense up by passing the ball to Suarez who then passed it to Griezmann. The Frenchman left the ball for Messi and provided him an assist to make it 2-0 in our favour. Then, a few minutes later, Griezmann found a brilliant pass to Messi to create a 1 on 1 with the keeper, but Messi being the selfless man he is, passed it to Suarez who was right beside him. The Uruguayan found the back of the net with ease and brought us 3-0 up. Griezmann, De Jong, Messi and Lenglet were our standout players tonight, helping us secure the win. Now we go to Prague. VISÇA EL BARÇA!!!

After defeating Eibar 3-0 yesterday, we achieved the status of table toppers. However, Real Madrid despite having the opportunity to become league leaders again, allowed us to stay on top as they failed to regain their position. Zidane's side lost bitterly to 14th placed RCD Mallorca and thus, fell short to second place. Its amazing how we've had such a poor start to the season, yet find ourselves leading. This club may be in shambles, but thats just because our standards are set higher than the Everest. All we need to do now is maintain consistency and hopefully La Liga will be ours once again! Feels good to be back where we belong :).

Although Eibar barely posed a threat yesterday, there are definitely some positives we can take from this match. Here are three major achievements from our game at the Ipuruna: 𝐃𝐞𝐟𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠: We have not conceded any goals in our last 3 league games. Pique and Lenglet have finally developed a better understanding and although Pique was absent in yesterday's game, Umtiti made a solid comeback and was determined to make an impact. However, major credit goes to Lenglet as well for stepping it up recently and creating an insane presence at the back. 𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞 𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐞𝐦𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐝𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠: Ever since that embarrassing defeat to Granada at the Los Caramenes, we have won our two away games played. Our first win came against Getafe and now against Eibar. The mentality the team plays with when we are away from home has improved significantly, but the real threat still awaits us so lets not get too ahead of ourselves. 𝐌𝐒𝐆 𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐈𝐩𝐮𝐫𝐮𝐧𝐚: Messi, Suarez and Griezmann have finally all scored in the same game. Although Griezmann's role as a winger still seems stupid, its incredible to see the attacking trio combine so well. Messi and Griezmann's combinations in particular have been a sight for sore eyes. They still have a long way to go, but if these 3 can truly understand each other's positioning, we're destined to achieve great milestones. 𝐃𝐞 𝐉𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐬 𝐚 𝐦𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐧𝐨 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐬: He once again ran the show in midfield with his mind blowing work ethic and creativity on the ball. Him adapting to this attacking role was surely going to take some time, but we're already starting to see the benefits. With Arthur looking a bit lackluster on the ball, we needed this performance from Frenkie.

Player ratings: Barça VS Eibar. A great game which involved some superb individual performances. Although Eibar may have been a relatively weak side, this win will certainly boost the confidence of several players. Feel free to make any changes in the comments below 👇.

A grizzly Griezmann ran the show against Eibar at the Ipurua stadium yesterday as he bagged himself a goal, an assist and was involved in almost all our attacking build ups. The Frenchman started as a winger, a position he has felt uncomfortable in ever since he arrived here, but what separates Griezmann from the average player is his will to succeed. As a young boy he defied all odds and went on to create history. I have a feeling we may not get to see the best version of Griezmann this season, but he's managing to contribute in various different aspects and as always, succeeding in proving the doubters wrong. With Messi and Suarez ageing, Griezmann's vibrant and hard working performances on the pitch surely give us an edge up front. Obviously Griezmann was a major asset for us in attack, but what made the 28 year old's performance so lovely to watch was his constant tracking back. He helped the team counter the Eibar press and also found players in wonderful scoring positions. There will ALWAYS be a lot of noise surrounding Griezmann but he never lets the noise get to him as he silently gets the job done and rewards the team with his incredible skill and talent. Need more of this,@antogriezmann

Messi, Suarez and Griezmann shared the stage in our 3-0 win over Eibar as the attacking trio got their names on the scoresheet in the same game for the very first time this season. The trio has finally started making a name for itself in Europe, but what can we expect from our new attack this season? This is Griezmann first season with us and despite huge expectations from fans, I'm certain he'll have a very conventional role. The Frenchman was providing numerous key passes in attack and although he's not the type of guy to bombard the opposition defense like Dembele, he'll contribute in various other sectors. Dropping deep, drifting in the center and flying in crosses will be a major task for him at LW. His partners in crime on the other hand will need this constant movement from him on the field. Suarez has lost the ability to press oppositions and he doesn't have the legs anymore to cover large distances. This is where Griezmann steps in. We all know life as a winger isn't easy for Griezmann, but he's adapting and what makes his role so special is that he's taking large amounts of burden off players like Leo and Suarez. His improved communication with Alba is proving to be vital and hopefully now Suarez and Messi start reading his movements even more. Leo's combinations with Griezmann have already been a treat to watch. Griezmann's a player that is allowing his partners to express themselves more freely. Unfortunately, we might not get to see the best version of him out wide, but considering his intelligence as a player, he's going to be a key member of our squad. MSG has the potential to wreak havoc and Grizzy is going to have a huge role to play even if he might not always be making the headlines.