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Fashion illustrator. ♍️

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🐲happy birthday brOlu known u more than half ur life and we all PradaU. This is a pic of us in some footlocker polos. My mom bought by glasses from Kroger and Olu finishing a slice of pepperoni pizza so u can bet we had some BUSTED Reebok’s on. We grown now and Kroger glasses, pepperoni and busted shoes no longer how we living. Proud to gro up w my brother. Everybody go say Happy Birthday to the OG @johnnyvenus 🐲

🐲if u want a video for bank put 🏦 n the comments jus tryna see sum rq 🐲

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Oh my darling. It’s true. Beautiful things have claws and scratches too. #redridinghood

🎵 Brown skin girl, your skin just like pearls. The best thing in the world, never trade you for anybody else 🎵 I love how powerful and personal this anthem is. A celebration of all dark-skinned women, who have always been a big inspiration throughout all my creative career. That’s why I decided to create this illustration, giving a shoutout to @beyonce @naomi @lupitanyongo @kellyrowland , representing million women across the world with the same skin color, hair texture, and body type. #brownskingirl #brownskingirlchallenge #beyonce #fashionillustration

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