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Upgraded from an RX 590 Nitro+ to an RX 5700 :D so excited to enjoy 1440p gaming soon! (Also record my streams efficiently) #amd #rx5700 #gpu #technology

Lady Milanes editing the Morrowind Rebirth footage. She made a 40 minute compilation of me attempting to play it. I did awful but at least she made it look funny xd Video coming to the YouTube channel tonight! #videoediting #youtube #mixer #streamer

There's nothing quite like the happiness I get when my son gets excited and smiles when he sees me. Being a parent can be incredible


Finally got to pick up my son for a month! Excited to spend some time with him and show him some awesome anime and games :)

Got my throne back thanks to the collapsible Elgato green screen. But at what cost? πŸ˜‚ #streamerlife #streamer #elgato

The Demi-Fiend tattoo set is coming along nicely. Finished my left arm, working on my right. Going to try and get all the coloring done this Sunday! #smt #shinmegamitensei #tattoo

White with #rgb lighting is my favorite PC part color scheme, compliments each other really well. So excited to pimp out my PC soon too. Awesome mouse @gloriouspcgamingrace ! #pcmr #pcgaming

PC Build and stream setup coming together again. Going for a white/red aesthetic. Loving the H500i from @nzxt beautiful case! #pcbuild #tech #streamer

HAHAHAHA Every time I'm about to end the stream and it ends on a defeat

Titled: Streaming on Linux - My Transition from Windows Working on my new YouTube video! Feels great to get back into the swing of things when it comes to content creation. Already finished the script, recorded it, and got the images I need. Just need to do the video editing! #linux #windows #streamer #contentcreator

Went with a friend today to a nearby lookout. Amazing view, great company.

Got my streaming outfit modified to np-sleeves! Will definitely help when I get all of my tattoo work done :) #streamer #tattoo #outfit #costume

Moving to #paladins probably later this week! Super excited to stream it as a casual player until the new ranked season rolls around :) going to be doing some mastery rank ups.

Turned into a HYPEBEAST when I pulled this combo off to OHKO this boss fight. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is legit! #streamer #twitch #hype #videogame #clips

Got my new mic arm installed! My #streamer setup is complete! #twitch