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Enthusiast of: good people & Mother Earth 🌏 🇳🇿Silver Fern #157 🥇World Champ 2019 💡@dermaviduals 🌊@watersafetynz 🧘🏽‍♀️..growing 👟@asicsnz

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Doesn’t this look so appealing!? 😋 If you want to enjoy such an abundance of fruit, checkout the Canada Fruit Festival happening this summer! @canadafruitfest Save $25 off your ticket with the code ‘KUBA’ 😎 This fruit platter was prepared by @absofruitlymel at last year’s festival 🥭 🍑 🍓 🍒 I can’t wait for this summer, it’s gonna be way more amazing! Price goes up July 1 so act fast! See you August 9-12 in Kelowna, BC, Canada 😎 Tix:

B-earth-day #mukbang on #SugarKiss island🍈 (swipe right ➡️) Sharing this fruity lifestyle with y’all and hoping to bring some sense to why I do it. Also, shoutout to the @lightsamps #melonfast2k19 starting today, July 8 where he challenges you to eat nothing but melons for at least 3 days. This is such a great way to reset your digestion, cleanse the system, energize and hydrate your cells. Can’t recommend a fruit island enough! Enjoy this fruit of the gods while it’s in season and love yourself 🧡

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Well what a year really. Just a tonne of love right now for this entire team and the journey 🖤 . 📸 @mbphotonz

Never shy of a bit of love after a game like that 🖤🖤🖤 everyone out here cuddling all game anyway. . 📸 @mbphotonz

This is my best friend of my entire life, my soul sister, I love her like no one else. We were reunited yesterday and I thought my heart was going to explode. I feel so grateful to have a beautiful friendship like this and I wish we didn’t live apart! You are an angel @nicolagray232 🌸🌞🌺🌿🌛

Who’s happier 🥰🥰🥰

Meke as to be back out on court with my fav sissy’s again 🖤🌿 always proud to wear the dress and sing our anthem 🇳🇿 . 📸 @mbphotonz

Proud to be the @watersafetynz Ambassador for under 5’s for another year. My love for the water has been ingrained since I was little and I couldn’t be happier about it. I want my kids and all kids to enjoy it and stay safe just as I have. Check out this campaign by @recreationaotearoa 💦💦 #Repost @recreationaotearoa with @get_repost ・・・ Take a look at Part Two of our new Poolsafe campaign with Silver Fern Ameliaranne Ekenasio. Part Three is premiering tomorrow!⠀ ⠀ #watchme #poolsafe #SuperviseUnderFives

Yesterday: overwhelmed with gratitude for my life right now 🐝🐝

Ok I have watched this video about 300 times already so here it is for you. Cannot believe, 1. This happened 2. We play again in less than a week 🌿🇳🇿🖤 #feels

Proud of the sis @whitneyfuatino 🖤🖤

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know how much I love the environment 🦋🌳 Finding as many ways to live my every day life by this kaupapa is what I love. Which is why I’m super proud to be aligning with @iameva_periodproofunderwear. I have worn these for the past 5-6 cycles and would never go back! Excited for what’s coming up working with these amazing wāhine to bring this to you 🖤🖤🖤 . ALSO. Use “Amelia15” for a cheeky 15% off discount . #IAMEva #awwa #periodundies #plasticfreeperiods

Happy birthday Whitness, Whitney Houston aka the fastest person alive and the best person ever 💛 Thanks a million for everything you do for me and my little family. You are so special to us! Hope you’ve had the best day and feel loved xx

Night 1 without this monkey kicking me in the face all night. Still miss the cuddles though 💛

Feeling grateful for another opportunity to represent the Fern, the black dress and Aotearoa 🌿🇳🇿 #concentrationLevels . @mbphotonz

Looking back to mental health awareness week I didn’t post anything about it because I didn’t have the right words.. . But thinking about it now, I read somewhere that we should look to be past awareness and onto education and I agree. . We all have mental health, we just show up differently. Taking care of our mental health is a journey. You cannot look at someone and know they are struggling. . My journey with my own mental heath has been lengthy and extremely eventful just like my life. . In 5 years I’ve truly discovered how mental health affects you physically, emotional and spiritually. I’ve been at rock bottom and I’ve been at the top, sometimes at the same time. I now know my red flags when I’m not taking care of myself properly. I now know that asking for help doesn’t mean being judged. I am learning to judge myself less when I know I need to reach out and ask for help. I am learning to break down walls I built to protect myself but were harmful to truly accepting the emotions that course through me. I am learning to explore the space when I’m unsure of how I really feel. I am getting better with intuitively trusting myself especially when it comes to prioritising what needs my attention. There is a reason I need to say no to things, there is a reason I wont make myself available for everything all the time. . Self awareness has been key for me. Self acceptance is a continuous work on. . So as I sit here with no kids (because I asked for help) I guess what I’m trying to say when we say ‘be kind you don’t know what people are going through’ how about sometimes you be kind to yourself as well. My friends, I will always hold space for you as I also know the dark places we long to be rid of. . Here’s to the road to more balanced, more accepting, more expressive times with more genuine smiles. . 💛💛💛 Meels - aka someone who people think wouldn’t have a thing to be unhappy about but also struggles with mental health, sometimes often sometimes not so much. . #mentalhealth

Fit a whole lot of living in this weekend. Also yes we like to match 👟👟

Dressing up to go home by 10pm 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Pinching myself. . Thank you @silverfernsnz @suzukinz.

Yewwwww! Out here early on a Sunday doing it with my mini me 🌞🌞🌞

What a day. Thanks for having us Jacinda; Wellington for turning out and the weather for being beautiful. Reliving it all like it was yesterday 🥇🏆

I don’t even know where to begin butttt WE ARE WORLD CHAMPS!!! Cheehoooo 🥇🌿🥇🌿🥇🌿

Holding out for summer like you wouldn’t believe it 🌞🌞🌞

**when your event gets cancelled but the kids are already with their Nanna and you can organise your life** THANK YOU UNIVERSE 💛💛💛

Absolutely U N R E A L 🇳🇿🌿💃🏽 #Thithys . . 📸 @mbphotonz

I still cannot really out into words the amount of pride I have in our amazing group and being a kiwi 🥝 This is the highlight of my entire professional career. The love I have for all of these mana wāhine is huge, I found where I belong. Let’s not wait another 16 years. Ps I love all these photos so so much but just trying to contain myself and not post every single one 📸 @mbphotonz #worldchamps2019

Absolute F E E L S 🌿🇳🇿🌿🇳🇿 . Thank you to everyone for the mountain of support and love flowing I will get back to you all just enjoying this moment 🖤

Ever think that your gut health could be linked to your mood? Well look no further it’s the Gut-Brain Connection and I have your chance to know a lot more about it! I have no doubt that in our modern world there are a number of things that disrupt the gut-brain connection and in-turn how this impacts our physical and mental health. So you’ll get some gut-loving tips to support your mental and physical wellness. . Me and @bepurebenwarren have got a double pass to give you to ANY OF HIS SHOWS on his nationwide tour! All you need to tell me is: 1. What show you want to go to and 2. WHY? **for bonus points tag any friends that would like to go as well. . For locations and dates check out @bepurebenwarren and my story! . I’ll announce a winner on Monday so good luck 💛💛 . #gutbrainconnection #bepurebenwarren #health #Wellness

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori || Today I felt proud to be here to celebrate our beautiful language but also felt very plastic. It’s been a life goal of mine for a long time to be fluent in Te Reo Māori and one that’s really daunting as I am Māori but I can’t speak our language 😢 I didn’t grow up with an inch of it and would have loved to! So happy to say I am actually taking steps out of my comfort zone and am jumping into lessons starting tonight! #KiaKahaTeReoMāori #tewikiotereomāori

Mental health checklist: ✅ Go for a walk + kids + dog . Sometimes I don’t have time to come up for air but normally if I’m overwhelmed this checks all the boxes I need. Something about fresh air and Mother Nature - taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to involve money. Looking after our mental health is an everyday thing not a “only when we get bad thing” . 💚 So what are you doing today, to keep you good for you and those you love?? #mentalhealth

Natures ice n easy ❄️

If anyone’s looking for me you’ll find me here and I’m pretty happy about it 🌸🌞🦋🌻 @awhiyoga

Just clocking up that extra work with all the kids in tow + carrying this heavy kid up for fun. . 📸 @damienekenasio

My world 💛

Take 2 because we took a better photo @karin2burger

My face when I come home and didn’t win a single auction item and also ripped my pants..

A few days of absolutely launching out of my comfort zone in my yoga teacher training and feeling all kind of ways. Nice to get some time here tonight. #journeyoftheself

We made it to Nelson for the South Island Secondary Schools comp thanks to this mean as van from @thriftycarrentalnz 🚐 PS we have all the trophy’s here too so see you all soon!

Manukura ball talking all things about journeys, finding and following your passion and starting now to surround yourself with good people who will say the right things to keep pushing you especially when it gets hard. I always think it’s so important for kids to hear it’s never a straight line when you go for what you want even on your rise you’ll fall back down, you’ll fall left, right, off, upside down every direction possible. Always love connecting with kids even if only one takes something. A very close friend told me once that even if she only inspired one person her job was done. I always think about that when I talk 💭💭💭 Thanks for having me.

Practicing a bit of gratitude tonight. I AM GRATEFUL for our health - I realise how much more grateful I should be daily when my babies get sick. A tonne of other things to practice gratitude for as well to help shift my mental state to a bit more thankful rather than weighed down by what I feel needs to be done 🧘🏽‍♀️☯️🧘🏽‍♀️☯️

Still can’t believe the old man made it all the way here to Liverpool from Bundy. Biggest trip of his life and he did it all by himself to watch me play. Thanks Dad 🖤🇳🇿