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i got your back, like you got mine; forever and always ✨ people say, 'good things comes to those who wait' and here i am letting you know that no matter what, no matter how long it takes, i will wait for you. happy birthday to the most talented and humble human being! always keep that beautiful smile of yours and never stop doing what you love! you have my support, our support! missing you lots! i love you, leader-nim, kim hanbin ❤ . . . #아이콘 #김한빈 #비아이 #19961022 #BelovedHanbinDay #HappyBirthdayHanbin © credits to all photo owners - Adm A.M

Hey, hanbin @shxxbi131. Happy Birthday, and happy 24th!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Keep making music until the sun goes down, do what you want to do, go follow your dreams and anything that makes you happy-oh sorry- that makes u feel worth it, because happiness is too vague right? Hehe. . . We, ikonic wont forget you, ever. You never disappoint us bin, congratulations btw, bcs u always make us proud. We really happy to love boy like you. Dont feel sad, dont feel sorry, cause we truly, deeply, madly in love with you🌞💘 . . Go smile because its your birthday!! Wwaeng wwaeng✨ . . ©To the right owner #HappyBirthdayHanbin #kimhanbin #StandWithHANBIN #BelovedHanbinDay . . With lots of loves,il.

I kinda miss them a lil bit too much today 🙂 Hope yall doing good 👍 i love you❤ @shxxbi131 @gnani_____ @bobbyindaeyo @sssong_yh @juneeeeeeya @_dong_ii @chan_w000 ❤❤❤ . . Cr on pict -adm S


Also 19 years old donghyuk was super super super cute😟❤ . . . #dk #donghyuk #ikon

To iKON, Thank you. Because of you, I now learn to always keep my heads up, stay strong and keep moving forward to achieve my dreams. Everyone have their dream and you made me realise what is mine. Thank you. From all those sleepless nights to all the endless trainings. From all those tears to all those sweat. From all the schedules to all the concerts. You have done everything for us, for our happiness. And now, we hope you'll do a little something for your own happiness too. Thank you. Despite the continuous hectic schedule, you still find time to always make us happy and smile with your content and post. It may seem a little but it truly means alot to us. We truly appreciate the little things you do. Thank you. Thousands of miles away, across the globe, we're so far away yet you're still close to our heart. No matter what the situation is, we, iKON and iKONICS, will get through it, through thick and thin, through tears and happiness, we'll make it far and we'll make it up high like there's no limit can touch the sky. Let's promise to always be healthy and happy! I miss you, iKON. I love you, iKON. 4 years and still counting... - Much love, A.M x #아이콘4주년축하해 #4everwith7kon

No matter how hard it is, remember, we'll always be with you. Thank you for your hardworks. Thank you for good energy you always give to us. Dont worry, you always make us feel happy, and comfortable. Please, be happy on yourself, first. You know, we, ikonics loves you. Lets walk and fight together, forever. . . . Lets be happy! #아이콘4주년축하해 . . - Adm Il

It&#039;s been four year since we were grow up and survive together. There&#039;s a lot ups and down we&#039;ve been through. But thank you for not give up for everything and still stand up for us. You guys means a lot for me and for iKONICs out of there. Thank you for your existence, thank you for pulling me out of the darkness and be my sunshine. My life was soo damn colorful since I start to know you guys. I&#039;m out of the words. I&#039;ve been say ILY for hundred amd almost thousand times. But they&#039;re was a relatable words to describe all of my feels for you in a simply ways. I LOVE YOU. A lot. No matter what happens later, no matter how the result is. We will never leave y&#039;all alone. Lets holding each other hand, let&#039;s survive together, let&#039;s fight together, let&#039;s be brave and though. I swear, if I never ever regret to know you guys. I&#039;m soo thankful and feel so blessed. Let&#039;s be happy for our anniversary in the next, next, next years. Let&#039;s celebrate those years together. I love you a lot <3. . - Sincerely, adm. S . #4everwith7kon #아이콘4주년축하해 #ikon

Our maknae is the cutest, he got his legs cramp and suddenly screaming, poor boy😆 . . . © iKON ANNIVERSARY VLIVE #ikon #4everwith7kon

Poor @juneeeeeeya 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . . . #ikon #junhoe #june

Our superior dorks 😆 . . @shxxbi131 @gnani_____ @bobbyindaeyo @juneeeeeeya @sssong_yh @_dong_ii @chan_w000 #ikon #ikonic

🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 @shxxbi131 . . . #ikon #bi #hanbin

Watch till the end. @bobbyindaeyo was super cute🤩🤩🤩 . . . #ikon #bobby #kimjiwon