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Your daily dose of happiness🤓 Actress🦖💫 UN Ambassador🍃 @cernyfit @acerny2 #AmandaCerny 💛

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#PremierLeague legend Arsene Wenger gliding past Zinedine Zidane in a charity match... 😁

Who could this be? 🤔 #pl

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If you’re feeling ugly today, just know that the “beauty” you’re comparing yourself to online isn’t real. It’s makeup, filters and photoshop. Strip it all down and we all have dark circles or freckles or fine lines and blemishes... That’s what’s real. You’re beautiful babe 💯❤️💋

Always fun until ... it happens to you😒 @kingbach

I just want to ride rides and eat veggie corn dogs !

Sweet dreams 💋🔥

Selling this bath water!!!! —- i kidddd i kiddddd. But this - Sweet - N - Salty #cernycalendar2020 is indeed coming soon ! Putting so much time and energy into this one and working with incredible photographers with some hot and valuable messaging. Can’t wait to share more !

Get yourself some friends that back you up!! 😂😂I love finding time to create these fun videos for you guys still with my family @kingbach @christian

If you guys were wondering about how i get my bts... here you go! 😂😂😂Happy birthday to my sister wife and creepiest manager I’ve ever known. I love you so much @laceyabbott ! You work so hard , love so hard and can read my mind which is a very rare skill. Wouldn’t choose anyone else to build this empire and live this life with! Thank you for existing and being my guardian angel . 👼🏻

Who’s number one in your life ?! New @ohoneydiary episode with the legendary @realeliroth !! Go watch and show @sommerray and I some love 😍😍🔥❤️

Halloween costume effort level : 𝔹𝕠𝕪 @brentrivera #happyhalloween ❤️💙

This is home!!! Sissy @samanthacerny and I playing with our friends we grew up with, the sharks🦈💞! Who wants to join?!

Chasing summer 🦀 You can always find me near the sea.🌊☀️

She’s my idol! I wish i could express my excitement like this but hey... I’m an introvert and hold it all internally 😂😂 Can we all please just meet up and do selfie videos together ?! Haha . Feeling emotional this morning and like I need to tell you that I freakin love you !! That’s all. #teamcerny Ahhhh I mean I just want to freakin pick you up and hug you and give you a biggggggg smooch! Okay.. now that’s all.

The perfect date night 🥴 @christian

Get ready? Meh okay...Album release party? Don’t mind if I do !!!! Support my best friend? F*ck yes!!!! #medicinealbum is the best comedy album this world has ever heard . Get it now on iTunes or forever frown .

Cerny STRONG challenge is here !!!!! Go to @cernyfit and click link in bio 💪🏼

Neighbor Jeff destroys all of my photo shoots. First or last?

Tag your friends to motivate them into 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💫 health is wealth baby!

Alter those circles ⭕️ new @ohoneydiary episode is live !!!!! With @elisabethrioux and @sommerray on Apple podcasts and Spotify 🎉🎉🔥🔥

Should I make a 2020 calendar ??? 🤷🏻‍♀️🎉💫

I’m excited to announce my first-ever underwear collection in collaboration with @sofiavergara @joineby and their #rebelwithacause campaign🙋🏻‍♀🎉 We are donating 10 % of proceeds to empower women out of poverty and into business 💪🏼 I made three limited edition designs inspired by my trip to India! Can’t wait to see you all living your best lives in them! —🔗 IN BIO ❤ #sponsoredbyeby

Ms. Sass Mc Frass

Hanging out with my besties!!!! @mcuban @thesharkdaymond @lorigreinershark

@drphil 3,000th episode is airing soon ! That’s almost as many as the number of instagram skits We’ve made !! 😂😂 Love you @drphil and so happy to be a part of the celebration ❤️ #family 👗: @dvf

Was bored.

Don’t lose that hustle 🤤😍!! BRAND NEW @ohoneydiary filled with lots of dating tips and tricks from @georgejanko and @sommerray . You know where to hear full episode just click the 🔗 in my profile 👀Do a good deed today and bless us with your 5 ⭐️ review 💫 for us to read and blush over! Xo

My manager constantly making sure I survive another day 💫🤷🏻‍♀️❤️💫💯

Auntie Amanda teaching these nuggets how to recycle/reuse and make that money honey !!! Prime example of what we like to call “good karma”! ♻️Maybe the big corporations can learn from us 🤷🏻‍♀️💯

Find a guy that straightens your crown... I mean hair. Fixes your hair! Find one that does that🤷🏻‍♀️

Sunday vibes ... #roseallday @kingbach @destorm

Plastic pollution is killing Mother Earth. Climate change is real. I am a mermaid. 3 out of 3 statements are true.♻️🌎 #climateweek @jeromejarre

Wear them anywhere! 🔗 in bio💞To shop @sofiavergara and my brand new, limited time collection for @joineby ! These prints are designed by myself and inspired by the silk weaver I met during my magical trip to India! Affordable & seamless undies to your door while empowering women through microfinance. So happy to announce that 10% of EBY’s new sales from our collection will provide small loans to women to start their own businesses. All shapes, sizes and styles ! Go get yours now and dm me a thank you later because These panties are truly MAGICAL in every way! #sponsoredbyeby

Just a few beaches

@drphil episode # 3000 airing today 🎉 Giving him some advice on today’s episode 😂😂❤️A man who is hardworking, walks the talk, full of compassion and has all of my love and respect! Congrats @drphil and @robin_mcgraw ! 3,000 episodes ... wow...That equates to over 125 days of nonstop filming ... 3,000 hours of influencing and encouraging people towards positive action while supplementing them with the tools to improve their lives. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the family ! Onwards and upwards!!!💫

Amelia Earharting!