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When I hear the word “balance” these days as a new mama I have to laugh and sometimes cry, because motherhood is so....😭 Balance for me doesn’t exist! #ad Mamas, do you feel like you have to choose between being a good mom and going after your dreams? I certainly have! That’s why I loved watching @wildrosemovie last night because it was so relatable for me and inspiring! Total #momlife in all forms, Rose Lynn is faced with two major decisions, being a famous Nashville country singer 🎸 or staying home with her two kids 🧒 🧒!! The way she is so vulnerable and overcomes, is truly inspiring!! A must watch!! The movie is available on DVD 📀 and digital but in the meantime, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY! The last 4 comments WIN a movie 🍿 night on @universalentertainment + a copy of the movie! Do you think you have what it takes to WIN?! Sound off below & share your mama struggles! We are all in this together 💪🏼

Falling back into routine & style!! Can’t believe the Fall is here 🍁 Who’s excited for Fall?! I am 🙋‍♀️!! I love the colors, the details, the layers that Fall brings out in everything! Not just our fashion choices, but our product choices. We fall back into a routine & figure out what works to get back on schedule, what products help us do that, and more! We move into a new season, and we shift forward and re-prioritize and figure out what our must haves are & why! This is where I love to do my TV round ups & share my new favorites, how to make your life & routine world easier & much more! I had so much fun on #lasvegasnow @8newsnow with the amazing @MsMertz talkin’ about all of this! From the perfect @crystalcleanskincare @crystalclearskincare.usa wand, no Botox no problem, hello 👋🏼!! To the @eversmilewhite for the cleanest and whitest smile on the go to @konabellie #throwbee wearable blanket & pillow, and the perfect fall palette @illiabeauty , omg we had so much fun 😍 Scroll through some of my pics from set to check them out !! Oh and use my code “THROWBEE20 “ to shop for your wearable blanket, legit I’m living in mine 🥰 #fallstyle #fallseason #lifestyleexpert #alistyle GLAM 💄 @lizcondeglammedmeup Hair 👑 @kina_does_hair Lashes @amazinglashwoodlandhills @beautybynineveh #ootd @prettylittlething 👠 @chiaraferragni Bra @sexymamamaternity

🌟GIVEAWAY ALERT!!🌟 Read to the bottom to see how you can win one of these #KOMENxORCA chasers!I love being a #susangkomen_partner and speaking about the Susan G. Komen foundation and all the incredible work they do. You all know I’m very passionate about it! All of us know someone who’s been affected by #breastcancer and it hurts even worse when it’s someone you are extremely close to. Did you know that breast cancer doesn’t only affect women, but also men?? Let’s open up the conversation to talk about who your ONE is who you need to be on this earth for! This beautiful chaser is a reminder of the work and all the strides the Susan G. Komen foundation has made so far and what they are doing to fight! I love carrying it with me and reminding myself of that. To me, the beautiful flowers represent how our lives bloom over time and breast cancer shouldn’t shorten that! Help me join in the fight to spread awareness!! 💪🏼 Go to the link in my bio, or swipe up in my stories before SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 to win! All you have to do is sign up for the Susan G. Komen quarterly Newsletter. So simple, right?! #susangkomenpartner #susangkomen #jointhefight

Vulnerable 🧡 That’s what’s behind this smile In a world that constantly judges and especially in our social media world that we can all feel uncomfortable in at times, we see perfection constantly, heavy edits, photo shop, “perfection” Being vulnerable, feeling it, it’s hard, allowing yourself to really feel is even harder!! For me lately social media has become a source of inspiration. Inspiration for myself to not judge and not compare To inspire others truly with what I share I’m learning to love the beauty in my own imperfections I’m learning to continue do the work on myself and allow myself to be ALI To love myself for me & not compare to others We all do it, it’s OK but I think the most important piece in this, is knowing how to love on you, to appreciate and love yourself, your true whole self 🙏🏻 To see the beauty in myself in and out, it’s then where I find myself crying these days😭 because I release those thoughts and free myself and then smile I’m smiling this big in this photo because I’m finding my own purpose in this crazy thing called Life. I’m doing the work on my journey & continuously reminding myself to love on myself, I’m growing and evolving It’s definitely not easy, but it sure is worth it 🙌🏻 PS thank you to my beautiful friend @ashleywahler who snapped this pic actually in the moment and said wow what a great genuine smile, such happiness. She’s right & my killer Fall hair is by her too 🥰 Lashes @amazinglashwoodlandhills @beautybyninevah

Sunday funday! A little wine and sunshine 🌞! Been taking some time off of IG and working hard on a bunch of other projects going on that I can’t wait to share! 👏🏻 Remember hard work always pays off 💯!! One of my projects I’m working super hard on is my new podcast @striptddownpodcast and this last episode has my love @terranewell on it 💃 and I’m on currently on hers @timeoutwithterra !! Both such great episodes and worth a listen! Terra is such a rad chick! She’s become a good friend and she’s amazingly supportive in my life in general! Such a good soul! I’m sure most of you know her from @dirtyjohnbravo but if you don’t check her out! We talk dating, relationships, red flags, what you look for, mother daughter relationships and much more! Please subscribe to #Striptdown and let me know what y’all think! I’m loving it! If you’d like to be a guest on my show DM or email me 💋 😘 This podcast as I said before is Real & Raw!! We all need more of that in our lives ☺️ PS Link in bio loves #newmom #mommyblogger #alistyle #Podcaster

17 months postpartum and I’m adapting to and loving my new postpartum body! I never realized how much support I needed, not only from my husband, friends & family, but also for my comfort and recovery in what I was/ am wearing! So loves if you know me, I'm all about fashion right? Fashion is my passion Well, lucky for me and you, practicing obgyn @drshirazian over at @becausemommymatters gets it! She designed these high waisted breathable mesh undies with a cool pack for recovery and a super absorbent crotch. They are so breathable and stylish and for a moment, I feel like my old self again. Confident and comfortable! What I love most is that just like me, there’s millions of mamas adjusting to their new body, we are the lucky ones! @drahirazian also founded @savingmothers which is dedicated to reducing maternal mortality rates! No mama should die giving life. It’s incredibly important we shine light on this as we don’t really talk about it enough. Proceeds from the undie and their pillow are redirected to help more mamas live another day. Stylish, sustainable and actually Saving Mothers. Tag a mama or two, go to their Link in bio & Show them some love by supporting the cause! I got you, mamas! #becausemommymatterspartner #postpartumbody #momtruth #postpartum

Dear Summer, We want to run through the fields of tall grass, breathe in the sweetness of your florals 🌺, and feel the touch of your warm breezes on our skin 😌✨ ( thx @ivycityco) Happy Summer my loves! It’s officially cancer season, my season. This season is meant to remind you of the light inside of you, in each and everyone one of us and to allow it to shine through Crazy to think two summers ago we conceived our little magical bean @ameliareijacaruso 🥰 My heart couldn’t be happier, the noises have faded more and more from my thoughts, my focus is so clear now & I’m so grateful to get to enjoy the summer with our sweet baby girl & have some family time like this special weekend in Temecula where this pic is from. And it’s my birthday this month, so needless to say I’m excited 😁 I love the summer!! Maybe cause that’s when I was born hehe, what’s your favorite month?! Happy Saturday lovelies 💕 Baby #ootd @pearlswim 👙 @lelarcswimwear 📸 my hubby @justin.jacaruso #momlifeisthebestlife #momblogger #moms #momsofinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #alistyle

Every day and every moment that goes by, I don’t think that I can love you more?! And then somehow I do 😭 Every day you’re teaching me, testing me, evolving me I had no idea what to expect when it came to this journey of #motherhood The highs and lows have been so wild, high as a kite some days and low as low can be I realized the other day staring at you, that this is the most vulnerable side of me I’ve ever had to face As a mama and as a woman, and as being Ali Being vulnerable is not easy. Sitting with your feelings, thoughts and emotions is not easy, it’s quite the opposite actually And yet I continue to do the work because I want to be the best version of me for Me but even more so for YOU 🥰 I have to tell myself that if I need a break or a self care check in, that it’s only going to strengthen me and make me a better Mama for you That I can do it all, but not all at once and that’s okay YOU are my reason Amelia Rei, and you continue to light me up and teach me every day what it means to be your mama, thank you baby girl ❤️ PS mamas which pic is your favorite of us, im so torn I love them both 😭😍 📸 @araya_photo for these sweet pics of my babe and I, even though I’m quite the mess #momlife #newmom #alistyle #explorepage

Are you ready to be real and raw? Mama’s I’m talking to you!! Don’t you feel like we never talk about what we are really feeling in motherhood? How emotional and hard everything can be? How you compare yourself to other mama’s when you shouldn’t? I’ve learned comparison is literally the death of your soul. It takes away everything good and hurts your joy. Motherhood is a wild ride and magical journey and we learn so much about ourselves and are taught so much in such a quick time. Our babies evolve our soul and make us strip away the layers, and find that real and raw self. So that brings me to my latest project, my new mommy podcast, Strptd Down with Ali Levine. Yes I know, for those that remember me on @bravotv Stripped... I felt like that was the beginning of my new journey with myself. I had to be real, I had to be vulnerable, I had to let myself learn and refocus and reset. I believe that experience truly started it all for me. Then motherhood came and wow!! This podcast is all about All about the real, the raw, and stripping away those layers to get to YOU. It’s Officially on ITunes!! Link is in Bio! I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this with all of you, and having these vulnerable and real conversations.Oh and it’s not just for mama’s, its authentic conversations as humans and sharing our raw selves. Please subscribe and check it out 💕 I’m grateful for this new journey and already have so much to share with you. 🙏🏻😭 Comment below on what layers you’re working on! I’m always doing work on myself 🙌🏻 #mindful Is my big one right now! Buckle up, it’s about to get real!😯 #alistyle #strptddown #realrawtruth #alistyle #motherhood

Every family has a story to tell, welcome to ours ❤️ TBT to our amazing vacay in #puertovallarta creating memories with my little family They are truly my heart and I’m so grateful for them. It’s funny when you look back at life and when I was younger and how I truly never thought I wanted this. I can’t imagine life without my family now. I understand now when others have said family is everything. There’s no love like the one of your child’s. Well they weren’t kidding 😭😭❤️ They are my home & heart. Getting a few days away, being in the moment and getting to make amazing memories together, watch Amelia grow minute by minute and just relish in it all, was something magical!! One of Amelia’s favorite moments of vacation was riding the shuttle and saying whoaaa every time lol!!! Too cute 🥰 so this is a selfie from that! Mamas/ parents what’s your favorite place to take your kids?! If you don’t have a kid, what’s your favorite childhood memory! I’d love to hear ☺️ 🤗 #newmom #vacationmode #myfamilymyteam #mommyblogger #alistyle #ameliareijacaruso

I probably typed this caption at least 10 times tonight because honestly I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say... lately some days it can be super overwhelming and I wonder how I’m going to get to the next day 😭 Then there’s days I feel like I literally accomplish everything and then some! #momlife right!? I’m learning more and more how to allow myself grace and to say it’s ok you have loads of laundry 🧺 piled up, it’s ok you’re living in your pj’s this whole week, it’s all ok!! 🙏🏻 It’s ok you’re relishing in these moments of chaos and laughter, it’s ok mama your a complete mess and there’s food on your shirt and probably in your messy pony tail 😂 it’s ok you still don’t feel 100% about your body, it’s ok all you want to do some days is snuggle your baby, and it’s ok if some days you want to be able to have a drink with your friends! It’s all ok, your human and your emotions are allowed to have emotions lol! Like last night I cried for hours to just cry 😭 It’s ok you’re doing a great job ❤️ These days this is my normal uniform, comfy, messy no makeup or very little playing with my sweet little bean 🥰 laughing uncontrollably at what she finds funny in this new world of hers Certainly is not the glam I was used too, but that’s ok, I’m enjoying these snuggly messy chaotic moments in all forms Mama’s I hope whatever it is you’re feeling, thinking, you know it’s all ok ... Share with me your feelings on this and what you feel, id love to hear ❤️ 📸 @stephaniecstephens ( thanks for capturing these sweet moments with my little magical one ) ✨ Swipe 👉🏻 to a funny moment lol! #momlifeisthebestlife #ameliareijacaruso #moms #motherhoodunplugged

This is your Monday reminder That you are powerful beyond measure You’re capable of pretty much anything you’re willing to work for and you can change your life today 🙏🏻 Wearing my @congeslife necklace to remind me of this and bring that love & protection into my life 💗 This is also your reminder to enter into our mommy and me giveaway! One day left, announcing our winner tomorrow evening! 😘 Follow @congeslife and myself @alilevinedesign and tag two mamas on my original giveaway post! Check out my IG stories to see details about what you’ll win too! 😍 We all need to be reminded something as simple as this! For me personally wearing jewelry that has my intentions in it, the positivity I speak into existence, truly helps motivate me and remind me of this Thank you to my amaze 💄 artist @mua_livv for making me feel so beautiful 😍 this was my Birthday glam and I couldn’t be more obsessed ! Starting this next year of life gives me a whole new perspective as a mama on this new journey & I love wearing my @congeslife every day to remind myself to bring that light in & keep going What are your intentions? PS had this amazing mama and designer Jasmine of @congeslife on my podcast to talk about all of this! Swipe up on my stories to hear her share her story 💎🙏🏻👏🏻 #congeslife #giveaway #birthdayglam #grateful #alistyle #settingintentions

This is Motherhood Raw, beautiful, present, soaking up those snuggles, skin to skin, just cuddling into your arms, cause you’re their protection and everything and they are your whole world You wonder how you lived life before them and how different you see the world now? You try to stop the moments in time as they grow and get a little bigger 😭 And yet you love watching them grow and explore... mamas so many mixed emotions tonight!! I’m missing our family vacay like whoa as I get sucked back into the heavy grind and the routines. I miss the sun, the water, not checking the time. I miss the simplicity. I wish nap time looked like this in this moment. I took a mental picture of this exact point in time, I was aware of how much love and protection I have for her, how much perfection in that snuggle, how much light truly is in my life from her So peaceful, so perfect, so grateful 🙏🏻 Amelia Rei you are my heart ♥️ #momlifeisthebestlife #mommyblogger #alistyle #momstyle #ameliareijacaruso

Omg I don’t have the words... major milestone today!!! Amelia Rei is walking!! 💃😭😍👶🏼 Amelia has been taking steps for this past month and trying her balance here, there! She’s been doing one step and squatting back down, standing up very strongly in place, but today she actually walked!!! She took several steps! I couldn’t believe it! 😭😭 I keep hearing the days are long, but the years go fast and I’m truly seeing it. My little magical angel you’re growing up so fast and I can’t believe it!! Where does the time go?! I want it to slow down 😭 so I can relish in it some more! It’s crazy how as a new mama, I was like counting down time, when will you not be so fussy, when will you not wanna pull on me non stop, and now I’m like please please stop growing I want you to stay my sweet little baby girl!! 👶🏼 Wow #motherhood is such a crazy and beautiful ride!! As much as I’m emotional about Amelia growing up, I’m loving watching her grow and develop and seeing her discover her world. Our little unicorn 🦄 we are so proud of you and so emotional tonight!! There’s so much magic in it and she’s bringing the magic back in my life 💕 and I’m so grateful!! Momma’s when did your babies walk?! Where were you and how did you feel?!! Tell me below! Any tips & tricks to keep them going & fun walking adventures?! How quick do they run after?! #newmom #babymilestone #ameliareijacaruso #motherhoodunplugged Softest pj’s 🦄 @littlesleepies The star 🌟 @ameliareijacaruso

Happy LABOR Day!! Taking a page from my friend & new mama @amypaffrath post today... Labor- has a whole new meaning to this mama! There are many definitions of #labor - and when I was googling, I found this one pertained to me. “Having difficultly in doing something, despite working hard” For those that know my birth story, you know it was not easy, Labor was quite hard on me. This pic was at my birth center @pushmidwifery when I was almost 30 hours natural, I think around 5 am or so ( kind of blur) at this time I was really laboring our baby girl down at this moment and pushing and working super hard. 🙏🏻 I remember thinking to myself labor is part of the process, it’ll be fine. I had no idea how intense things were about to get & more so after actually giving birth (42 hours later) and becoming a mom. 😭 Motherhood continues to be the most wild & crazy ride I’ve ever been on & this pic is for all us mamas working hard as working moms! Whether you’re sahm or working, you’re a working mama! 💪🏼 We all work hard no matter what’s happening! #motherhoodunited Here’s to our Labor!! 👏🏻 Thanks for capturing this moment 📸 @bjorna @losangeles.birthphotographer #newmom #momtruth #motherhoodunplugged #alistyle

Happy weekend loves! On Friday I got to go LIVE with @whattoexpect with lifestyle editor Emma @emmabingwte and we had so much fun!! For those that got to join thanks for joining us!! For those that missed, don’t worry will be doing another soon!! 🤗 I had so much fun talking fashion with all you mamas and moms to be! Sharing our struggles and even my own with clothing since pregnancy and having this new #mombod It was true momlife with our babies in it while we chatted and it was real and beautiful!! I left this LIVE feeling so empowered by you mamas!! 💪🏼 We all shared our struggles, tips, love and most importantly how to give ourself grace and self care as mamas!! It truly takes a village and I couldn’t of loved the conversations and community I felt on Friday with all of you!! Emma - you’re amazing and I’m so grateful to have you part of my #momtribe Mamas - we all need each other! 😭🙏🏻 We are all in this together!! Thank you for opening up and sharing your hearts ♥️ with us & your fashion questions and tips! I loved every minute and I can’t wait till the next one! If you watched pls DM me and say hello! I love to connect with y’all!! #newmom #ittakesavillage #whattoexpect #momtruth PS swipe to see some cute moments from the day of us #momirl and true #momlife 😂 🤣😍 Tag someone in your mom tribe! Mamas we’ve got this 👏🏻🙌🏻

Have you ever dreamed of something so much that when you feel the energy align, you could cry 😭 Well I have... actually a lot, ever since I got pregnant with my sweet baby girl I’ve felt this feeling inside me and these dreams and manifestations coming through more and more. 🙏🏻 I truly can’t explain it, but I feel so grateful and blessed. I have been feeling reborn and finding myself in a whole new way This was one of those moments. @thepulsesd this last Friday! 👩‍🦰🎦 Getting to be on this amazing show and talk all Momma things and #momhacks was incredible!! 👏🏻 Cindy & I go way back, I was on her show back in 2013 when I was still new to the TV world. We talked fashion and Coachella festival looks & accessories. To now it being 2019, and we are talking everything Mom!! Our babies/ children in my opinion are the best accessory to our lives! ❤️ 💎 Cindy and I have talked about having a segment of us and what it would be like for quite some time and it’s finally been born! 🙌🏻😍 I’m going to be a regular on #thepulsesd talking everything mom, #momlife my own struggles, juggling it all & so much more and sharing products that have personally helped me!! Cause we all need a villlage!👶🏼 I can’t wait till Amelia Rei is old enough to see how hard her mama worked to create what she wanted & that hard work pays off 👏🏻 Stay tuned for this show & many more exciting ones coming!! Thanks to my first official mom hacks that were a part of this one! 🤩 @mybabybuddha @freshlymoms @savagwellness @babyktan @lifetherapyofficial @originalstationery Scroll through & check out my stories to see some #bts and fun from our show! 😁 🎥 #momlife #alistyle #momlifeisthebestlife #Thejuggleisreal #momhacks #momproblems #tvpersonality #mommas #momhustle

WHO RESCUED WHO? #nationaldogday who else feels this way about their fur baby?! 😭❤️ In celebration of #nationaldogday i wanted to officially announce & share a bit about my collaboration with @nailandbone!! I teamed up with this incredible company because not only do they not test on animals, they are vegan but they also donate 20% of proceeds to a shelter dog in need! They truly are POLISH WITH A PURPOSE! The colors are incredible as well, not to mention it lasts so long! I created colors to represent dogs in my life who are extremely important to me 🐶 Oscar @oscarthefashionablepet ( my pup), Delilah ( my dog from home who sadly we recently lost), Splash a dog my brother rescued who’s now our family dog & Lucy after my girls @themandyraine pup 🐕 who recently went to doggie heaven. All our pups rescue us in way or another?! Don’t you think?! Make sure to head over to their instagram and check them out 💕 Also, Paris Hilton did a collaboration with them - ENOUGH SAID 👑 Get yours now in my link in bio and shop for a cause & feel fabulous too! 😍 🥰 🐾 #nailandbone #alistyle #furbaby #polishforacause #animalovers #nailpolish

With back to school around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share these adorable photos of my precious little bean, Amelia Rei’s photo shoot!! Amelia & I had so much fun with the @pedipedfootwear team! 👟 I have loved their shoes from the start for so many reasons!! One major one was getting to watch Amelia really take strides and walk in their shoes, I also love how healthy #pedipedfootwear is for your little ones feet! Did you know mamas that the wrong fit of a shoe can have a lasting effect on our babies feet 😬!! I had no idea I love that @pedipedfootwear is foot healthy, literally the next best thing to bare feet! And can we talk about the fashionable and comfortable styles!! Hello Fashionista!! Omg 😍😍 Amelia @ameliareijacaruso & I had a blast at their store!!! So many amazing styles, Amelia had a blast with the staff and they measured her so we know exactly what size she should be wearing! ( super important to measure our little one’s feet so we make sure they have proper support). These shoes are so comfortable, they have three different styles depending the level your lo is at!! And it’s not just for babies, they have kids sizes too!! And the stylist & Fashionista in me is literally dyinggg 😍🥰😭🤩 I mean every style is amazing!! Stay tuned for updates & follow @pedipedfootwear, truly one of my fave brands, more to share soon!! Thanks for a fun day!! #pedipedfootwear #foothealthy #newmom #momhacks Scroll to see some cute pics of Amelia Rei!! 👶🏼 #proudmama

Can we talk about how in love 😍 I am with my new #fabfitfun summer box !! It’s like Christmas every time it arrives!! #fabfitfunpartner #ad If you’re like me, then you LOVE trying new goodies and well this summer box is full of them!! So many great products for travel & summer!! 😎 Yay!! I’m loving the @generationclaymask and so stoked to try the @burn60studios resistance bands to get this mama’s bod on point this summer!! 💪🏼 Use my code ALILEVINE and you’ll get $10 off your first box! Best way to start summer! Oh and for all my UK followers, guess what?! It’s available for y’all now too! Go to fabfitun.com to check it out and get yours!! 🌈😎🥰 #fabfitfunsummerbox PS mamas tell me your fave product you want to try in this box! Being a busy mama I love that they choose my goodies for me and it comes right to me. YAYY 😁 #xosienna #whish

“Not all those who wonder are lost” But if you must be lost, get lost in a Target 🎯!! You feel me mamas!! In all seriousness, this quote had me thinking, what does “lost” mean to you? To me it used to mean, like I had to find my way, I shouldn’t allow myself to feel lost... Now as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to sit with that uncomfortable “lost” feeling To figure out why I feel that way To work through it and move forward And sometimes I’m lost in the chaos of it all, especially #motherhood and that’s ok too! I’m learning to love being lost in moments as well as sometimes feel lost in myself, because in those moments, I feel a sense of growth, a sense of change, a sense of magic almost and it’s then that I move forward 🥰 Anyone else? Sometimes I think in losing we gain something too... maybe it’s perspective? @shoplovelesson cutest T- shirt 🥰💕 #momlife #motherhoodunplugged #alistyle #momblogger

If you have little ones, let’s be real we all know how messy and difficult it can be with your child learning how to eat! I’m truly loving these utensils by @grabease #ad 😍 Been getting a lot of questions about Amelia Rei’s eating 🍽 and how well she’s doing with feeding herself already! #grabease is designed to give our babies the opportunity to eat independently and give them courage to do so. I love the ergonomic and cute design! It’s no surprise that it’s recommended to occupational therapists, the handles enable their little thumbs and fingers to get the perfect grasp and dive right into their food! And almost all of it doesn’t fall on the floor 🤣 Yay!! 😁 #momwins There also bpa free plastic and come in 6 fun colors to excite your little one! You can use CODE “ALILEVINE20” to get 20% off for all my mama’s asking!! 😘 You can check them out at grabease.com PS swipe to the cutest videos of @ameliareijacaruso so proud of her feeding herself and my cheesy smile!! #proudmom #newmom #momlife

Continuing the Birthday 🎂 love 💕 thank you for all the heart felt wishes! The messages, emails, calls, I’ve read them all! It’s all truly still hitting me how much love and support is truly around me. The tribe I’ve created, the real friendships I’ve made for the past almost 9 years of living in LA, the strides I’ve made as a new mom, the struggles I’ve shared, the community I’ve found, the light I’ve truly found in my life... 😭 it truly makes me tear up because this smile? This big smile and laughing in the moment, hasn’t been there for quite some time. That’s why when @italkevents @jenmontagueexec @djcasperdjc sat down with me and asked me to share my story, I knew I needed too. I felt called too. We all have struggles, we all have hardships some bigger than others, the more we share, the more we encourage, the more we keep it REAL 💯 #italk is all about Real and Raw, yes I talked for #Italkmotherhood but truly I talked for my authentic self, the self I had lost in post partum depression, the self I lost in the sometime darkness of social media... Even myself as an influencer, I have to remind myself this is a F*ckin highlight reel! It doesn’t show all the messes, it doesn’t show truly show our sadness, it doesn’t show our struggles, so just remember that when you look at someone else & compare... Don’t! Stop & remind yourself you’re YOU and there’s only one you! 😍 And we are all different & beautiful. Thank you @italkevents for letting me share my heart ♥️ and story, for realizing I don’t need that “bounce back”, I don’t have to go back to “normal” Normal is just a setting on a washer machine anyways right? 🙏🏻🤣 Cheers to everyone & thank you for being a part of my journey!! I’ve learned so much this past year & I’m grateful! #italk4 #alistyle #motherhood #RealAndRaw #Stripped #lessonslearnedinlife Scroll to see a little sneak peek of my speech & more birthday pics 🥳 Thank you again @samanthacakesnbakes 🎂 @papergreats Goddess glam💄 @mua_livv Lashes 🤩@amazinglashwoodlandhills @beautybynineveh White lace dress @oohlaluxe Jewels @congeslife @love_thirteen @thegivingkeys @sterlingforever 👠 @louboutinworld #ootd

Hey IG fam! Happy September! Where did the summer go?! Wow time really does fly, especially when you have a little one I’m learning... 😭 it’s all so crazy to me how fast time can really fly by! I guess I’m just more aware now? So on that thought... I used the last 6 days or so to sign off of social media completely. I’m not going to lie, I had quite a bit of anxiety about it, and wondering how it would be to be online, but I’ll tell you what I’ve never felt so refreshed! Actually that’s not true, when I did #Stripped on @bravotv that was the last time I felt so refreshed, reset and clear... 😌 I’m sharing this because I think all of us get so caught up online, especially me as an #influencer where this is a big part of my job. I’m so grateful for it, but getting to step away and clear my mind & literally give my mind a vacation, as well as having time with my little family and getting to truly be in the MOMENT, was so special and so needed! It was needed for myself, for my relationship with Justin, for Amelia to really get all of me, just so needed. 🙏🏻 I’m learning as I get older and grow and evolve, that it’s ok to feel this way and to process it. It’s okay to want that space, to allow your mind to sit in your thoughts. You’d be surprised how much you learn about yourself & others? Anyone else feel that way? This family vacation to Puerto Vallarta was so blissful and full of happiness, my heart ♥️ is so full, my mind so clear & I’m feeling all kinds of emotions across the board. I’ll be sharing and catching up this week with pics from our trip on my feed & stories! Thanks for missing on here, loved all your messages!! I missed y’all too, but I missed being connected to me more. Ps how do you plan to be in the moment more? I talk about this on my #Striptddown podcast too with @paulfishman & @jasonroselllive latest episodes 😌🥰comment below! I wanna hear! #newmom #lifeinthemoment #alistyle #lifestyleblogger

Reflection - what does that mean to you?! 😌 This past year and then some has been quite the rollercoaster of emotions and highs and lows for me. Being able to be completely myself and be ok with that has been harder than I expected. Yesterday at the @thepulsesd I had a moment while standing outside of the front building, I am exactly where I’m meant to be right now. I needed to take a moment and pause, I needed to reflect and think about how far I’ve come in my own journey. How far I’ve come in this new world of motherhood, my career, all of it. Standing outside after my segment, I had a thought 💭!! Omg I’m finally starting to trust, I’m starting to align within myself & the universe. I’m starting to see everything I have wanted with my career & life unfold, in a whole new way. 🙌🏻🙏🏻 maybe not the way I fully pictured but honestly even better than I could of imagined. The more I let go, the more I see things play out. It’s so wild to me, that I’m always trying to control 🤦‍♀️ and then end up having a bunch of road blocks or hard moments! So I’m writing this post to not only remind myself about reflecting but also to you loves. How do you reflect? The more I do, the more grateful I am ❤️ and the more I move forward. Thank you for being on this journey with me ❤️

B I R T H - birth is raw, beautiful, emotional, challenging, powerful, scary in moments, a rite of passage, trust, intuition, and most of all unexpected and doesn’t go to “plan” and that is motherhood. When I look back at this picture, I remember my strength in this very moment. My emotions, my mind racing, my heart exploding inside. So much to feel all at once. I was laboring baby girl down naturally at my birth center and I had my midwife giving me IV’s even though I truly didn’t want them, she knew it was best since my water had been broken 24 hours. I was dilated to about 7 cm and contractions were getting intense about 3 minutes apart. At this point I was leaning on Jus for his strength and support and we were walking around and doing little dances to move baby girl down. My doula was massaging and rotating my hips to keep me comfortable. My birth for those that know was nothing like what I expected or planned for and I learned very quickly that is motherhood. On this weeks podcast I had the pleasure of having my doula @itsalexishaines on to discuss birth, her journey into motherhood, her own life story, and so much more. This is a must listen. Motherhood is nothing like what you expect it to be and it starts at when they choose their own births. Amelia Rei certainly chose hers and I’ve been learning ever since the moment she came into this world 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻 Mama’s who else?! Did your birth go as planned? Link in bio for my podcast. #newmom #birthstory #moms #doula Thank you @bjorna for capturing this beautiful image & so many more. Even though my birth wasn’t what I expected it to be, I love every single photo of me entering into this new journey as a Momma. 👶🏼❤️

In the spirit of Father’s Day Weekend, I’ve got something really special for you 😍🥰 I’ve teamed up with @daddyslittledressshirts to give you another amazing giveaway!! ♥️👕👶🏼 First off, I’m obsessed with everything she makes & how adorable this mama is! Second, I thought this was super special and love how unique this idea is! Being that fashion is my passion & I was a stylist before many other roles in my life, this hits home for me in so many ways!! This is an incredibly unique Mama who made me an outfit for my Amelia Rei out of @justin.jacaruso aka Daddy’s shirt!! 😭😭 I melted the minute I received it!! This mama literally does it all from designing the styles, cutting and making them herself, as high quality custom children's wear!! She loves creating this one of a kind family heirlooms that will be passed down for generations to come!! How special is that! ❣️❣️ ♥️ exploding!! Are you ready?! Follow me @alilevinedesign & @daddyslittledressshirts Tag three other mama’s and comment about a daddy/ grandpa moment you melted over?? Two winners will be picked tomorrow on Father’s Day & win $100 in shopping credit! 👶🏼🙌🏻 🛍!! Good luck!! Xox Scroll to see all the pics of Amelia in her Adorbs new outfit cause I couldn’t pick my fave to post 😆 and see the process of this amazing company! 🤩 #FathersDay #fathersdaygifts #alistyle #fashionyourseatbelts #babiesofinstagram #mompreneur 📸 @araya_photo

This is who I have to live for. She is my One, in my life. My sweet magical baby girl. Not only do I have to live for, but to protect from so much, including one of those very scary things being breast cancer. #susangkomen_partner Breast cancer does not care who you are, who you have to live for, if you’re male or female, if you’re African American or Caucasian, if you’re short or tall. Breast cancer hurts who it wants, when it wants. Breast cancer is something so many of us have been affected by or are affected by at this moment and yet we don’t talk enough about it. The pain of losing someone who’s fought the fight of it, it’s just horrible. I know as I’m someone who lost someone to this horrible disease. Breast cancer took my grandma, Bess, away at a young age. I was only 9 when she passed away from breast cancer and watching her battle it was the worst part 😔 I get emotional thinking about it & re sharing it. I remember visiting her in the hospital, and seeing all the horrible treatments she went through. She fought for so long against something so toxic and never lost her spirits and who she was through the fight. She even fought to meet my baby brother when he was coming into the world and shortly left us after. Breast cancer is cruel and affects us all. Here are some facts I want to share with you today that many don’t know & honestly I didn’t even know: -Women in the United States have a 1 in 8 lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. -African-American women are more than 40 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than white women. -Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Asian-American and Hispanic women in the United States!! -Breast cancer is the 2nd most common cause of cancer death among all women in the United States, second only to lung cancer. -Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women 20-59 in the United States. If you are stunned by these facts like me, I hope you’ll help me in raising awareness with @susangkomen and fight for your one in life. Please visit www.komen.org/yourone to share who your “one” is. 💕🙏🏻 @susangkomen #RethinkPink #frontlines #susangkomen #Unacceptable #yourone

This man never gets enough love ❤️ on my feed! Let’s be honest he’s not really into the gram though lol!! Regardless though I had to give him a shout out, through out our journey together, knowing each other a decade now lol and living in LA almost 9 years next month, you would think we would struggle on being together, but we are closer than ever before and I’m so grateful!! 😭 Don’t get me wrong there have been many hard times and testing times for us, but @justin.jacaruso has always kept us strong together 🙌🏻🙏🏻 it’s not easy especially in Hollywood, I get asked a lot how marriage is for me. Trusting in us and trusting in our partnership and being a team has been what I go back too, even in the harder times. We are growing together & now as new parents it’s a whole new world and it’s crazy & chaotic but magical all in one! Jus babe, I know you’re not big on social but I love you so much bubs!! Thank you for being such a good man on all levels & being my partner through it all & such an amazing Dada to our daughter Amelia Rei! ❤️ “ You are my home, you are my heart, no matter where we are in life, as long as we are together”

To the man that lights our baby girl up, Happy Father’s Day Bubs!! We love you so much! 🥰 We are so lucky to have you in our lives! Thanks for always looking out for your girls and showing us so much love ❤️ !! I melt 😭 every time you leave and come home from work, the smiles and kisses 😘 Amelia Rei loves to give you, truly melts me inside!! Amelia loves her Dada so much!! I love our little family and I’m so grateful for you every day, especially today! To my Daddy, my first love in my life, thank you for always believing in me, pushing me to be all I could be, giving me confidence in everything I do to this day. I am so much of who I am because of you and now it’s so amazing to watch you be a Papa to our sweet Amelia Rei! We love you ❤️ can’t wait to see you next month! To my father in law- Joe Joe, who truly feels like a second Dad to me, thank you for always loving me for who I am and laughing at me when you don’t know what else to do haha! Thanks for being such a special Poppy to Amelia Rei! We miss you! Thank you to all the special men in my life and my families lives, you’re all amazing and true examples of great men!! To the ones that are in heaven looking down, we love you and miss you & carry your memories and wisdom through every day. Thank you 😭❤️🥰 Happy Father’s Day everyone! #fathers #FathersDay #ameliareijacaruso #myheart #dadlife

We forget that waking up each day is the first thing we should be grateful for. I woke up this morning after a long busy weekend and to say I feel loved would be an understatement, to say I feel grateful? I think I need another word for grateful. 🙏🏻 As I turn 34 I feel like I’m really coming into my own. I’m really finding my purpose, finding my strength, healing in so many ways, finding my voice. Things are aligning in ways that they never have before, and getting to speak for @italkevents on my Birthday on Friday night was the icing on the cake 🎂 for me! #italk is all about talking for your purpose and what do you talk for! 🙌🏻 Speaking of cake, thank you to @samanthacakesnbakes for the incredibly gorgeous & fashionable cake to celebrate my night!! 🎉 Ohh & thanks to the talented beautiful @chanelwestcoast singing 🎤 and serenading me, that was surreal 😅 Thank you to my family and friends who continue to make me feel so loved, the #italk team who’s becoming family very quickly and all they stand for. #Italk4moms #Italk4realandraw getting to share my story of my journey into motherhood, my post partum depression & how I’m on the other side now is truly something I would of never dreamed of, especially after this past year. Thank you to my social media community who continues to uplift me, and allow me to be ME and have embraced my transition and the REALNESS I share!! Thank you 👏🏻!! We all need more of it!! I’m so happy to have all of you, truly! Hitting 100K was another milestone I never thought possible, it’s amazing when you keep dreaming, pushing, following God, the universe ☀️ what can happen, what can be created, I finally feel like I’m on my true path & I’m ready for all of it!! 💯 Launching my own podcast, on top of having a successful podcast with my cohost @itsamandalauren. I Most importantly, my greatest role in life yet being a mother & raising my baby girl 👶🏼, my greatest lesson & teacher already 😂😭 Super emotional post, but truly how I feel!! Thank you!! Here’s to this year, I’m more than excited for it!! My goddess dress @oohlalaluxe 👑 Gorgeous Glam @mua_livv 💄 Lashes @amazinglashwoodlandhills @beautybyninevah

I don’t know who had more fun today at the @amazon @treasuretruck!! Amelia Rei or I!! Amelia loved all the fun props at @mustelausa booth and getting to help re arrange the #mustela displays & hang with the amazing staff🤣 Mama loved getting to check out all the @mustelausa products that are made with natural ingredients!! Mostly avocado 🥑 and sunflower 🌻 oil! So important for our babes! Im all about clean for my family! I think my favorite product that I snagged was the micellar water! Its great for on the go quick clean ups when you don’t have time for that bath or you have 💩 explosions, because with a teething baby that’s happening regularly for us!! #momlife Oh and can we talk about the pampering I received?! A hand massage with their products! #MustelaUSA is a French brand that has been around for 70 years! It smells amazing and feels incredible! Come check out the @amazon @treasuretruck today June 8th & tomorrow June 9th in LA! Also by attending the event, you’ll get an exclusive 20% off coupon! YAY!! 😁 Who doesn’t love a coupon! Plus; the event itself is so cute 💗 and so much information with so many different products to register for your baby registry, and giveaways and more coupons! Where was this when I was pregnant?? Now I can’t wait for baby #2! 👶🏼 check out when the amazon truck comes to your area, such a fun day & you learn so much! #sponsored #ad #Amazon #babyregistry #treasuretruck Check out my stories to see more on this fun event! 🎉

Hey babes it’s #takeoverthursday! Time for a #giveaway! ✨💕 Even though Instagram was down on and off today 😤 I took over BCB IG stories today! Go check out a fun recap of the #losangeles #Gearapalooza last night, my #mom tips & tricks & some of my mom must-haves, including my @luli.bebe Diaper Bag! Aaaaand today's your lucky day - you can enter to win a @luli.bebe Diaper Bag of your own! Here's how:⠀ 1. Follow @bumpclubandbeyond + @alilevinedesign + @luli.bebe 🎉 2. Comment below with your top mom must-have! 3. Tag your expecting & new mom friends to share the news for an additional entry!⠀ ⠀ We will pick 1 winner from the comments here & on their post & i will announce the winner on BCB IG Stories at the end of my takeover tonight! 💋 (Giveaway is not administered or endorsed by Instagram or Facebook. Giveaway is open to US Residents only.) #thursdaythoughts #momlife #motherhood #baby #mommy #kids #parenting #mama #moms #mommyandme #mom #parenthood #momblogger #mommylife #instamom #mommyblogger #toddler #newmom #mommyblog #momsofinstagram #babygirl⠀ #instababy #giveaway

Oh my goodness !! What is this heat wave in LA?! 🥵 Anyone else?! So let’s be real I tried to take a really cute pic at the #fabfitfunsummerhouse and between the crazy heat, constant distractions of other people walking around, and the fact Amelia Rei is 14 months + 😭 and doesn’t want to sit still and just walk... this is the best I could do! I tried to get pics of just her standing in the boat but she wasn’t having it?! 🤷‍♀️ Maybe she thought the boat was going under lol! Idk! Anyways, we had so much fun at the @fabfitfun event for mama’s and kids and got to see so many other momma friends, enjoy arts and crafts, the animal farm, and Amelia Rei tried her first PB&J sandwich 🥪 Needless to say @ameliareijacaruso wanted to take 10 home with her 😂 and the animals too!! So much fun!! Thanks #fff for such a fun afternoon & inviting us mommas and our babes!! 🥰😍🙌🏻 #momlifebelike #ameliareijacaruso #fabfitfunsummerhouse #fabfitfun #mommyblogger

Happy weekend loves 💕 Mama got to have a night out and celebrate the launch of @boobytape Such a fun event with my industry friends!! I love this new brand #boobytape because as a stylist & fashion expert I am always looking for the right tape for my clients! Fast forward to me being a new mama and now I need the lift haha!! 🙌🏻💥 I have already tried this @boobytape and I’m impressed!! Especially being that I’m still breast feeding, mama needs a little love & lift!! 🤣🙏🏻 I love that these women thought up something genius and literally supportive 👏🏻 well done!! Thanks for having me & loved getting to be a part of your launch at the @stanleysocial Thank you to @oohlaluxe for my perfect #ootd for the event & my gorgeous glam by the one and only @mua_livv 💄 Ladies, mamas check this brand out! I promise you it’ll be your new lift in life 😘 haha! Xox #boobytapeevent #newmom #momhacks #alistyle #stanleysocial #momsnightout #15monthsout #postpartumbody #momlifebelike

14 months and a few days June 3rd was your official 14 months!!😭😭 how?!!! My sweet little wildflower how fast you’ve grown!! I’m amazed by you and everything you do! 🌹 For a hump day/ throw back I had to throw it back to when you had all those rolls 😩😩 Momma made you with those perfect rolls and as you grow they are disappearing, wowww sometimes I hate time!! It’s so bittersweet watching you grow and explore!! A little before this milestone you walked and took your first steps and now you’re getting the courage to run!! HOW!! In this picture you were barely figuring out crawling and were rolling all over! Part of me loves seeing all the amazing new things you learn & do daily. You say Wawa for water, Up for me to pick you up, you sign when you’re all done 👐🏻 You clearly say Mama & Dada and point to us and give us that cheesy smile, knowing you’ve got us wrapped already! 😍 🤗 You smile all the time just to make us smile and melt all over again 🥰, you give lovies and say awww and kiss and do “mwah” 💋 You’re starting to feed yourself! 8 teeth in and you’re chewing food and exploring all the flavors and trying to take our food off our plates! You love food! You little magic thing you!! However; the boob is still your favorite meal 🤱 lol #breastfeedingmama You love creating music with anything you can get your hands on now, and knocking things over & destructing at the same time 😅 Your laughter kills us & your cuddles and leg hugs make us never want to let go You love to see how things work and understand your world and make an impact on it. 🌈 Amelia Rei you’re such a light in our lives and we can’t wait to see what you learn & do next!! 🧚‍♀️ We love you more than you could ever know!! #momlifeisthebestlife #14monthsold #babiesofinstagram #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged

“Keep your ears open, your eyes open, grab everything you can, react, and learn!” Let’s grab Monday momma’s !! Amelia Rei is grabbing this Monday with @grabease ! 🤗 My new must have #momhack for y’all! How to feed baby girl and teach her to feed herself without worrying!! Mamas who else is with me?! You want them to be independent but you still worry 😭😭 I’m loving watching Amelia grow and be so proud to feed herself #proudmom #ad I love that grabease is so easy and safe for my baby girl! They are the first ergonomic safe self feeding utensils recommended by Occupational Therapists!! The patented choke protection barrier prevents your little one from sticking the utensils too far into their mouths and gagging. Thank goodness 😭🙏🏻 who else has had their baby choke?! So scary!! The ergomonic handle is designed specifically for a babies natural hand grasp. When Amelia continues to use it, I see it improving her fine motor skills and strengthens the pincer grasp!! Mealtime should not be frustrating it should be fun! Grab grabease! 📸 @conniemakhl816 Scroll through my pics of my proud baby girl feeding her self and some cute videos!! 😍 Tell me mommas how did you introduce how to teach your little one to feed themselves ?! #feedingbaby #momlifeisthebestlife #grabease #grabeasekid #momblogger #momhacks #alistyle

Getting through the hump of the week loves 🐫!! I don’t know about you but it’s been busy for me, and I kind of wish it was already the weekend 🤣 Speaking of humps, wow motherhood has been SO many humps & bumps! I realize the more I fight it, the harder it is. The more I embrace it, the easier it becomes and I learn how to work through it and not only do I work through it, but I grow from it. That’s what motherhood is about right? The more I go through this journey, the more I realize I’m growing, I’m evolving, I’m becoming a truly better version of me. It’s been trying, that’s for sure, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. 🙏🏻🥰 Now that I’ve survived a year of motherhood 💛 and have come out on the other side 🙌🏻, I am going to start to share some of my hacks, experiences, and just all around Shit show of the humps & more for all of y’all! Mom hacks : 1. Sleep training - now I know this controversial like most mom subjects 🤣but for my hubby & I, this let us have our sanity! We are not good people when we don’t sleep 😂 We swaddled first, that would always calm & soothe her, and then a sleep sack. She’s still in one and it really helps her stay asleep at night. We followed the baby whisperer and did the dream feeding. It allowed Justin to bond with our baby girl and me to sleep after I would pump. It was a commitment for sure but it worked for us and by 5 months, Amelia was in her crib and asleep ( with the dream feed) fully sleeping through the night by 6 1/2 months. 2. Pumping, as I would say pumping my way to freedom 🥛 as a nursing mama this was a game changer for me- if you choose to nurse & pump, find a pump that’s comfortable and easy to take on the go. And pumps quick for you, so you can spend less time pumping and more time enjoying. For me it’s @mybabybuddha Comfortable, quiet, easy to use on the go and fast pumping and more milk in less time! 3. Always have a go bag packed! Diapers, wipes, a toy, snacks, food, another outfit. I’ve had so many blow outs with Amelia, even at age 1, that I’ve learned my lesson of a naked baby driving home in the car seat 😆 moms anyone else?! Let’s all share our mom hacks! Comment below! 📸 @kent.la

Feeling Fresh! 😅 let’s be real here mama’s most days I do not feel fresh! I’m in pajama’s covered in food and drool 🤤! Enter @risewellco #fabfitfunpartner I finally feel fresh again in my mouth!! The fresh mild minty flavor, yum 😋!! And I never say that about my tooth paste y’all! My teeth feel stronger and I feel like I can power through my day strong 💪🏼!! I’m starting to teach Amelia Rei morning routines which of course starts with brushing our teeth 🦷 !! I’m also trying to find as much natural products for myself and my family as I can! I love that @risewellco is a natural toothpaste, no harming foaming agents, SLS and sulfate-free! Paraben-free, vegan & cruelty -free I don’t have to worry when I’m brushing and my baby girl is getting into everything now, it’s totally safe!! 🙌🏻 I’ve even noticed a difference in how white my teeth are looking! Oh and did I mention I got this toothpaste in my @fabfitfun add-ons sale!! I seriously can’t say enough good things, and there’s no grainy feeling either! You know that weird texture a lot of toothpastes leave or yucky residue?! None here 🤩 Use CODE “ALI10” for a discount to try it 😘 😁

In the spirit of working with my faves @bumpclubandbeyond I’m sharing many fun bump pics!! 🤰 Alright mommas and mom’s to be! I’ve got another fast and fabulous giveaway for you!! 😍 I don’t know about you but when I was pregnant and became a first time mama, I felt so helpless and clueless with so many things and had so many questions! That’s why I am so excited to announce that I will be attending Bump Club and Beyond's Gearapalooza event !! Tomorrow when it arrives to LA ‪WED, JUNE 12, 2019, 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM PST‬! This ultimate baby gear and registry event featuring TheBabyGuyNYC will have the BEST baby gear, products, services + safety information in one action packed night!  If you're a new or expectant parent this is a DO NOT MISS event!  A little birdie told me their gift bags are incredible 🙌🏻 and did I mention the chance at thousands of dollars in giveaways (strollers, car seats, carriers, and so much more)! Meet me there and come say Hi to me!💁‍♀️ Tag your expectant and new parent friends to let them know & comment what your must have is for your a mama & if you’re a mama to be, what do you think it will be?! Will be checking answers 😘 So enter now for a chance to win a ticket!! I’m giving two tickets away!! Announcing winners at midnight, so get working quick mama’s !! #supermom cause that’s what we all are 🦸‍♀️👸 For more information and registration visit: https://www.bumpclubandbeyond.com/gearapalooza/gearapalooza-events/los-angeles-gearapalooza-registration/ PS stay tuned for my next giveaway with @bumpclubandbeyond too + follow @bumpclubandbeyond and me! Going to be an even more Fabulous one!! Xox #giveaway #newmom #momstobe #motherhoodunplugged #alistyle #maternityphotography