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Well in terms of our holiday, it has been QUITE the adventure and the surprise hospital sleepover really gave it a bit of edge. It has not put us off coming back though! The Isle of Wight is such a beautiful place and I couldn’t recommend it enough for a little break. We’ve made so many lovely memories as a family but it’s time to pack up this morning and start our long journey home. I’m not even sure what time we’ll get home but we can’t wait to get Eve all settled with her home comforts while she’s recovering from her infection. She is such a brave little dot!

There’s no place like home! Tonight I realised just how much our new house already felt like home after being away for a week, it may still be full of boxes but we will soon make it ours. Evangeline was so excited bouncing and smiling in my arms, having her settled is the loveliest feeling!✨

I felt a bit lost today. Returning to work after 11 none stop days with my baby just didn’t feel right. She may be coming up to 16 months old but to me she will always be this baby, my tiny baby. Today I missed maternity leave, the being able to see her eyes light up at the tiniest thing, smelling her hair whilst she napped on my chest and being there for every “first”. I’m not going to pretend that it was all positives and at the time it felt so difficult but when you realise how quickly the precious time slipped away you would do anything to go back to it for just one day. Watching them sleep when you’re supposed to be catching up on your own sleep and falling in love all over again when they grip your fingers. To anyone who’s had a hard day at home with their newborn, I promise you it gets better. They get bigger, stronger, funnier, cheekier and more clever than you would expect. Enjoy your tiny baby, they won’t stay tiny forever but they will never stop being your baby ✨

My very best friend has made the decision to shave his beard off for charity. If anyone has been keeping up with my stories you will know that my cousins 3 year old is currently battling a very rare stage 3 cancer. We reached out to Cleo’s family and they chose the charity Super Shoes, this charity works solely off donations and they use the money to create unique and personalised shoes for children who are battling through cancer. The past few months have been so emotional being parents ourselves and we have been brainstorming ways that we could help. He has very bravely made this decision and I’m so proud of him! We are raising money throughout October and the shave will be happening on October 31st with the hope to raise £500 - this would bring joy to 10 children’s lives in the UK living with cancer. I would never ask for money via social channels but if anyone would like to donate I’ll have the link in my Instagram bio for the month of October. Even if it’s just £1, this is such an important cause ✨ #daisychaindenim

I haven’t introduced myself on here for a while so here we go! I’m Alice, I’m 24 and live in Blackpool with my partner Paul and our (nearly) 16 month old little girl Evangeline! We moved into our forever home in September so home content is pending as we completely renovated it and are in the process of making it a home and not just a house! I’m a fashion design graduate and am fortunate to of had my work on plenty of runways and worn by celebrities too! If you want a nosey just check out #alicejanepotter. Further to that I am launching my baby/toddler denim brand this month eeeee! More info to come very soon! I’m a blogger - although have been so busy the past few months that I need to get back into it. I started blogging about beauty and fashion over 3 years ago but my content has evolved to more family/parenting /lifestyle since becoming a Mum. If you’re following me you’ll know it’s a mixture of content on here with nicer looking posts on the grid (which I always stress about) and lots of real life on my stories. I’ve made some of the loveliest friends on this platform and there’s always room for more so feel free to slide into my DM’s for rambles! ✨

Time to warm up the grid for spooky season! We spent our Saturday Halloween decoration shopping and may have gone a *tad* overboard. I’m not sure if the 7ft inflatable light up ghost for the garden was needed but he is now a member of our family and we wish him good health in the northern weather! It’s so exciting having the new house and new space to fill and this year is the last Halloween with Eve as a baby so we want to capture all of the memories before she’s walking. She can eat alllllll of the chocolate too so god help the trick or treaters trying to take it off her at the door 🎃

Thank goodness for October when it’s deemed completely acceptable for me to live my permanent Morticia Addams looking life 🖤

Autumnal colours are my favourites! These are currently brightening up our front room and I wish I had the money to have flowers all over the house 🌼

Today marks 2 years since I took a pregnancy test and the most scariest, rewarding and amazing adventure of my life began. Thank you for exceeding everything I could have wanted and more. I had no idea what true happiness was before you. My darling girl, Evangeline 🖤

This weeks prompt for #littleandmemoments is nature! Please appreciate that I dressed my four month old baby in clean crisp white outfit purely so she would stand out in a pumpkin patch. I would not dream of doing the same this year now she’s crawling, rolling, spinning and climbing EVERYWHERE. Although she’s still not walking (16 months old tomorrow🙄) she’s at that age where I don’t dare put her on the floor until I’ve reviewed the entire area for all of the things she might grab hold of or attempt to eat. Positive vibes are needed for our second trip to the pumpkin patch this year, I can only imagine the muddy scenes! (Big love to @meghanwalshblogs & @thewifeedit for continuing their fab hashtag challenge, if you’ve not yet joined in then have a look at their accounts for the weekly prompts!)

Spooky post has reached another level of CUTE. If you don’t already follow @_thecottonshop then you need to see all of the gorgeous handmade pieces! These are definitely keeping Evangeline occupied from grabbing her poorly ear! We are now 2 weeks into her ear infection with a perforated eardrum and have a follow up at the doctors today for a possible ENT referral if it hasn’t gotten better. The rest of the day will involve comfy clothes, cups of tea and lots of snuggles 🧡

It has been one hell of a week but hopefully the weekend will bring some happiness and better weather too. We’re hopefully going to take this little pumpkin back to the patch (although I’m not sure we could recreate THE cheekiest photo of all time from last year)! We’ve also got to put all of our Halloween decorations up, it comes in very handy have a 6ft7 boyfriend for all of the hard to reach places. 🍁

(AD:GIFTED) We’ve been brightening up the dark corners of the house with some little spooky extras including this print that I was gifted by the lovely @pippinprints! I had the choice of so many gorgeous printable items but of course went for some Halloween vibes and this was right up my street 🦇

It’s Monday, it’s cold, my eye bags have become a permanent accessory and my skin has broken out after a very emotional week. I would love nothing more than to snuggle up and hibernate with Paul and Evangeline for eternity ✌🏻

(AD:GIFTED) I’ve spent the last hour playing with icing and it was extremely therapeutic. These cake toppers are the perfect finishing touch to all of your spooky snacks! They were kindly gifted by the lovely @pippinprints who has some lovely Halloween products along with her gorgeous prints for all occasions 🕷

This October chill is definitely keeping us indoors on our days off together. We are in full Halloween clothing mode now and this @bootsminiclub dress is so cute! We’re finally going pumpkin picking tomorrow, our local patch has be closed every weekend due to weather but is definitely going to be open! I’m so excited to get her into a muddy wheelbarrow and pick out a pumpkin to carve 🎃

I thought it was about time for the start of something new! Say hello to @daisychaindenim, the project that’s been in the works for the past however many months. Personalised denims for your tiny human beings with lots of love going into them! There’s still things I need to sort on the website and if you’re viewing it on a mobile it looks pretty plain and I’ve nearly genuinely cried when Paul showed me BUT it’s live. It’s a thing. It’s happening and I should be very proud of all of the nitty gritty work that’s gone into it. (I’ll sort things on the website another day - I need a big glass of wine to recover now). Your support and love is massively appreciated, just following the brand on social media or viewing the website is a massive thing and I’d really appreciate any feedback too! 🧵 #daisychaindenim

Evangeline has learnt to kiss and it’s the cutest thing ever, so cute that we’ll forgot about my double chin because she goes in on the weirdest angles! We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday (as did so many people and I’m loving all of the photos!) it was EXTREMELY muddy and I thanked the heavens that we brought the baby carrier. There was no possible way she was going on the ground but she still absolutely loved it! I’m just catching up with my messages/mentions from last night launch and I am completely overwhelmed. I was doubting myself for a while and needed to just do it as I’d already put so much work in. I’m so excited to see where it goes and if you’re not following already then please support @daisychaindenim 🧡

“We only need two pumpkins” actually means “Let’s just get these four and one bigger than our toddler”. We need lots of positive vibes for carving them but the big boy is going to look fab on our front doorstep! 🎃

Monday’s always feel like the longest day of the week but I think it’s down to the fact of having the last 4 days with Evangeline and bracing myself for 3 days of working and not seeing her much at all. She is getting so clever and although the break is great I envy whoever gets to spend time with her! Although yesterday morning she nearly exploded because she had slept for 14 hours and was HANGRY, wonder who she gets that from eh?🤦🏻‍♀️

I’m currently in the care of my TWO babies. Honey is my family dog, we got her when I was 11 and I used to cradle her in my arms like a baby. She still likes being cuddled exactly the same and is nearly 100 years old in dog years. Evangeline was born on her due date, which also happened to be Honey’s twelfth birthday, a very special day indeed. Toddlers and dogs have many similaritIes although Honey doesn’t wear a nappy and picking up dog poo in the freezing cold garden at 7am in your dressing gown isn’t very Chanel. She is however a fantastic hoover for all of Evangeline’s dropped food and apparently is Evangeline’s new thing to play with. Catch the tail on the cocker spaniel is her new favourite game and we are very lucky that she is so chilled out and calm when it comes to children. Honey is much more cuddly than Miss Eve, she would quite happily co-sleep in a bed all night with me too. We have had lots of precious moments between them both in the last 24 hours, lots of gentle strokes and some very confusing back and forth conversations between the two of them through the baby gate. I’ll be enjoying the next two days with these cheeky girls, my biggest and littlest babies 🧡

(AD:GIFTED) This week we received Evangeline’s first ever nursery photos and I couldn’t wait to put them up in our home! I love this autumnal initial print that we were kindly gifted from @pippinprints, there are different designs to choose from and so easy to print straight away at home to frame! We’ve got the heating on full blast today and are staying inside nice and snug ✨

I’m not quite sure who put in the most work this photo but trying to successfully take pictures of a toddler is not easy! It’s a miracle that I managed to position her, hold my phone in the right place, blow bubbles and take the photo at the same time. It’s also a complete rarity that she managed to look at the camera, smile and stay still??? There’s definitely some kind of witchcraft going on so I couldn’t possibly not post it ✨

Cosy Fridays with my monster 🦇

Here we have the reality of taking a family photo🤦🏻‍♀️! More importantly than that - we are 4 days away from waving this beard goodbye! I never thought that I would see his chin ever again so the fact that @pauldavidegan is actually going ahead with this is HUGE! He is raising money on behalf of my cousins daughter Cleo who is 3 years old and battling a very rare stage 3 cancer. She selected the charity Super Shoes who specially made Cleo a pair of shoes to brighten up her day. The shoes encourage poorly children to go outdoors and every pair is unique to the person who they are made for! So far we have raised £330 of the £500 goal. Raising £500 would mean bringing happiness to 10 children battling with cancer in the uk and would give Paul the extra push to brave the shave! We wish we could do something to take the pain of cancer away, no one should have to go through this and being parents of a little girl ourselves really brings it home. If you can spare just £1 the link is in my bio to donate via Facebook, even just sharing this post is so appreciated! If you want to keep updated with Cleo you can follow her page Cleo’s Chapter on Facebook, she is the bravest little girl ✨

We have had a weekend of teething (from Evangeline) and screaming (probably from all 3 of us at one point). It’s absolutely crazy how much it impacts her mood and I’d love to be able to do something to help. We got all snuggled in our hats and jumpers and took a long walk along the sea front yesterday. The fresh air did us all some good and we even got some lovely smiles from her too. Here’s hoping this week will be better for her and her gummies, my fingers have suffered from the biting when I’ve tried to get some teething powder at the back of her mouth! 🦷

WINGING IT (Day 21 of #projectbabyandme @abilourich) Pretty much what I’ve been doing and will continue to do throughout my parenting journey. I’ll be completely honest when I say that I’m not really good with children, they don’t ever seem to like me and I was never a naturally maternal person. With all of that being said I still craved to one day be a mother and it was always at the back of mind whether my child would like me or if I would even be good at it! I can openly and honestly say now that I am ADORED by Evangeline, nothing beats her reaction when she sees me and the love is constantly spilling out of her. I’m not sure how it happened but I threw myself into motherhood and it’s actually turned out to be something that I’m great at and the thing I’m most proud of. I truly feel like my life properly began the day that she was born. But winging it? Yes that’s a daily thing, just letting it all play out and making decisions that at the time feel HUGE but a few weeks down the line are going just fine. Trust your instincts even if you had 0 beforehand, believe me I knew nothing and I’m doing a pretty good job at keeping my tiny human alive!

We had a well deserved little adventure over the weekend! Thank goodness for the size of him and for being my personal bodyguard or I would have been squished and trampled to death in the crowd. The past few weeks have been exciting yet very stressful but this time next week we will be in our new home. Just one last push! I’m so proud of how much we have accomplished together and there’s so much more to come 💙

Here is a picture of fun Alice celebrating in my little brain! All of our decorating in the new house is finished and today our carpets and flooring are being fitted! I wasn’t sure if we were going to get to this after the last few weeks and everyone involved is beyond the point of exhaustion. Now we just have the stress of the next 4 days of getting everything else packed and moved. I can’t wait to make this house our home and show it to you all!

Evangeline has had the pleasure of her first proper play in her play room. I wish she knew just how hard we’ve all been working to make her new home so lovely! We can’t wait for her to have a place that’s just hers and safe to play - I just wish we had more baby friends nearby for play dates!

Well August has been a month - massive shout out to my maternity dungarees that have been worn and covered in every decorating material imaginable. We finally have a home to move into that feels like “us” and not the cream dream we’ve been coping with for the last 15 months. I’m so excited to get all of our furniture in the house and to be able to properly share it on here! I’m definitely thinking of some renovation posts room by room on the blog too!

My Saturday has involved seeing my very best friends, a little Zara splurge, tapas and cocktails followed by a drunk photoshoot. It’s very important to take a day out every once in a while and I finally had the opportunity to wear this dress and live my best Kat Slater life!

I personally escorted the spiked versions of our family members to their new home today and we all survived the journey. The house is currently hidden underneath boxes and as Sunday is our baby free evening we are going to starfish the new sofas and do absolutely nothing about it!

Today we say our final goodbye to number 3. The home where 2 became 3! Our first home together as a couple. We had the crazy idea that adjusting to living together would be even better if we chucked in a newborn baby - it was an experience to say the least. Here is the home where my labour began, the bedroom that I nested in waiting impatiently for the arrival of our little girl and the home that we became a family in. We moved in as a couple and are moving out as parents to a 15 month old! We’ve both grown up a hell of a lot, had career changes and our lives have been forever changed under this roof. It’s an emotional goodbye but we are so ready for the next adventure in our new home that we’ve worked tirelessly on over the last month. We can’t wait to get unpacked, settled in and for us all to have much more space in a house that is ours forever. Time for the next adventure 🏠 (I’ve also joined in with #littleandmemoments that has been set up by the lovely @meghanwalshblogs & @thewifeedit - we are in between homes but this is our reflection of what home has been for us for the last 16 months💛)

The house is starting to smell less like paint but we are still surrounded in boxes! Evangeline has been sleeping through the night and hasn’t been unsettled in her room which was something that we were worried about prior to moving. I purposely kept her bed sheets on for her to have a familiar smell and I think that definitely helped, she doesn’t seem phased whatsoever when it comes to bedtime! Her bedroom is far from anything that we want it to be but our main focus at the moment is her playroom and to have everything ready in her big play space. If anyone can recommend any nursery/playroom decor accounts or small businesses please tag away, we would love to purchase some lovely pieces to add to the rooms!

“Yes Mummy you can take an outfit of the day photo but if you think I’m letting go of my snack then you are WRONG”

This weekend is the first weekend for WEEKS that we have not been decorating/packing/moving and we’ve had the best day off as a family. We got in the car this morning and just drove until we came across something we liked, we ended up on a very unplanned shopping trip! We treated ourselves to some new things that we definitely deserve after the last few weeks of stress and got a few bits for the house too. Evangeline was a darling all day and we filled our tummies with a Nando’s too! Here is a gorgeous print that I bought from @mamasandpapas, it was £9 and is A3 size so really decent for the price and printing quality. I’m going to get it framed and start off adding to the walls in either Eve’s bedroom or playroom, I can’t wait for things all to come together! 🌞

I’m in a complete creative rut at the moment and have lost confidence in myself in just about every aspect. I’m hoping it’s just the overwhelming past few weeks catching up with me but I’m just feeling completely run down and not myself. I feel like my Instagram is lacking, I’ve done nothing to my blog for months and I’m in the process of designing graphics for my childrenswear brand and not getting very far. I want to get stuck into something and feel like I’m more than just a Mum, at the moment it feels like it’s the only thing I’m doing right and even then I have so much that I’m doubting myself and feeling guilty for. I keep going to bed at 9pm from pure exhaustion and feeling like I’ve achieved nothing from the day. I really want to better myself but think the most important thing to do is recharge my batteries. I’m hoping the next four days off with Evangeline will help and it’ll give me the opportunity to attempt to chill out and unscramble the millions of things currently whizzing around my head.

I’ve had the loveliest weekend with my two best mates. We had a little burger date at @pastelsblackpool and will definitely be back 🍔