Efsane amk



What strung with your hand


@bruna16 é você?

En esta foto se ven un huevo las operaciones @juliafoncillas


@bruna16 é vc? Rsrs

igual a @bruna16



No more fighting in the octagon.

What the hay.....what happened....?

He weet je nog



So many procedures and injections on your face. We lament for the loss of natural beauties.

“Me encanta contemplar tú belleza y como Dios creó una criatura tan hermosa como tú.” 🌹 ❤️❣️ 🌹 " I love to contemplate your beauty and how God created a creature as beautiful as you." 🌹 ❤❣🌹




God bless you

She looks like she’s battle damage

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