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Dance/Choreography/Direction 📍LA|MSA 🇵🇱🇺🇸🇪🇺 Cred: Celine Dion, JessieJ,Dita, Kehlani,SYTYCD,DWTS,TheVoice,XFactor, Louboutin @alekpalinskichoreography

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Друзья!!!! Искренне поздравляем Вас с Новым годом!🎄🎅 Желаем вам в грядущем году быть в окружении исключительно положительных и доброжелательных людей, переживать только приятные эмоции, радоваться каждому прожитому дню, дарить радость и улыбки окружающим...😊😆😄😃 И пусть этот Новый год станет для Вас особенным!!!!!!🌠 . . . #holiday #2019 #happy #newyear #celebrate #dance #holidaydance #holidaydancegroup #holidayteam #holidaydanceteam #majorettes #cheerleaders

Мы так ждали этого момента! Кайфовали от каждой репетиции и времени, проведенного вместе! Чувства и эмоции - все было на этой сцене....Еще одна незабываемая часть нашего танцевального пути! We were waiting for this moment so much...."FREEDOM".... All emotions and feelings were here - on this stage! Waiting to repeat this lovely part of our dance way)))

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Happy 10th anniversary to the incredible Congratulations on creating a place with a spirit like no other, a community full of support & love, a high standard. I’m honored and grateful to be a part of your story. You’ve sparked a lot of my growth as a dancer, a choreographer, and a teacher. #ml #feelgoodmovewell #movementlifestyle10yearanniversary — — — P.s. my first mL memory is from taking a class with @urricamichelle and meeting @sukiestyles in the small apartment studio on Weddington in back 2012. Time flies! Photos 📷 by: @costellocaptures

I wasn’t gonna post it, but mom said she loves it haha. So here it is. Stuff to work on, we all work in progress tho 🙌🏼😉 👣: @mightymykell 🎵: @usher 🏡: Dancers: @franswag @brian.t.rivera @daltonshooks #dance #usher #lalala #danceclass #feelgoodmovewell #KRKtoCALI

Los Angeles! 🚨Teaching FRIDAY 11:30am at the A treat of 2-hour class. Structuring this class with warm up & stretching, improvisation workshop and choreography. • • • I’ve been fortunate to teach in LA every week for the past month. Thank you mL fam for providing us with this special space to experiment, explore and grow together. 🎨 📸: @elbobitoloco #dance #alekpalinskichoreography #feelgoodmovewell #losangeles #love

A couple weeks back when I took class from my Euro brother @florisbosveld! Can’t wait for the next one 🙌🏼🧠✨ 👣: @florisbosveld 🎥: @kennywormald 🏡: @theplaygroundla 🎵: @cimofrankel ___________________ #playgroundla #losangeles #dance #dancer #Monday #dancevideo #love #fun

Hump day AF 🍑 @teaseifyouplease • • • #Repost @teaseifyouplease ・・・ #TEASEPRODUCTIONS recently created a bespoke show for a Gatsby-Inspired wedding reception on Independence Day! 💥 . . We provided completely custom costuming, choreography, specialty performers, and extravagant props! ✨ . . Enjoy this sizzle reel of the main event from the reception! Stay tuned to our page this week for #bts videos of the dancer auditions, rehearsals, show day prep, and the actual event! 👠 . . A huge thank you to our dear friend @katminassievents who is one of the very best in the business! We love you Kat! ❤️ . . A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU TO THESE DANCERS! They gave a massive amount of effort to make this beautiful act look perfect! I love you all so much . . To see the full length video of this act for bookings, inquire today: . . Company: @teaseifyouplease Choreography and Entertainment Director: @missdonnahood Director assistant: @toscacyr Video by: @katherinerealpe @mr_rhed Design, Styling and Coordination: @katminassievents Photo: @armenphoto Venue: @monarchbresort Creative Team: @butterflyfloral @palacepartyrental @ambereventprod @upstage_av_and_lighting @rafiscakes @creativeworksdesigns And congrats to @luckeypalmer @nicoleisluckey !💍 . . THANKS DREAM TEAM 🌹 #HumpDay #tease #wednesday #gatsby #Jazz #gatsbyparty #greatgatsbyparty #maledancer #femaledancers #cabaret #tuxedo #genekelly #nicholasbrothers #msafam @msaagency

#imagine 💭💭💭💭💓 @arianagrande / My most recent class at the Show some love to @alyse_rockett and tag her in comments with the emoji of your choice 🥰 Teaching again tomorrow at 2pm (different combo!). More groups from this class on YouTube (link in bio) choreo: @alekpalinskichoreography music: @arianagrande camera: @a.l.viz studio: 💭💭💭💭💭💭💭 . . . . . #arianagrande #choreography #sunday #alekpalinskichoreography #videooftheday #choreographer #dancer #dancersofinstagram #movement #dancevideo #choreographyvideo #dance #danceclass #contemporarydance #losangeles #dancesolo #maledancer

@pawelherman x @fkatwigs

🌸Wanna share another excerpt from my 5V19 video. This opening scene was the most difficult to get. Decided to challenge the project with a single long take, significant camera movement and blocking. This is a continuously revolving shot with constantly changing camera timing/speed. Not to mention a public road and passing cars and bikes haha! @r.sfilms and @meishalee - you killed it. Forever thankful for your talent and commitment in executing this. And for the dancers who had to be perfect every single take @malubuchanan & @alekzsamone. _____________ You can WATCH the full video, go to (link in bio) _____________ Assistant Director: @meishalee Cast: @malubuchanan @alekpalinski @alekzsamone DP/Editor: @r.sfilms Wardrobe: @fergieaimee PA: @igsoniga Special Thanks: @mightymykell @adam.lower @soniakru @claythanconerly @ninaornstein @gingerleevalentine #nao #anotherlifetime #dance #alekpalinskichoreography #KRKtoCALI #alekpalinskicreative #longtake #filmmaking #danceconcept #wednesday #HumpDay

#may27 , it's my birthday! 🎂Celebrating another orbit - thankful for a special year ending and the start of a new one. Grateful and humbled for all of you who genuinely care and support this journey, not just today but on a regular. Happy to have experienced everyone that came into this life this year. Technically I wasn't supposed to be alive, yet alone make it for this long and this far... which teaches me to keep believing, re-discovering and execute purpose. Falling in love with life again and again. 🌊💛🤗 #KRKtoCALI #birthdayboy #life #birthday

Just VOTED a day early here in #LosAngeles. @europeanparliament I encourage all my Euro friends to go tomorrow and #voteforfriendship ! We can't complain about the state of the world, if we don't first do our part. #proud #polish #europeanunion #love #friendship #europeanelections #europeanelections2019 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺 I nominate @paulinayummy 🇵🇱 @kubaparowicz 🇵🇱 @gabrielemanzodancer 🇮🇹 @juliaspiesser 🇫🇷 @lauratouton 🇫🇷 @rudycellini 🇫🇷 to vote tomorrow and post it on your insta story and tag me so I can see :) 👊🏼💙

Excerpt from my 5V19 video. If you support me, PLEASE TAG @this_nao in comments. We all need support to blossom 🌸🙏🏼🌎 _____________ To WATCH the full video, go to (link in my bio). _____________ Assistant Director: @meishalee Cast: @malubuchanan @alekpalinski @alekzsamone DP/Editor: @r.sfilms Wardrobe: @fergieaimee PA: @igsoniga Special Thanks: @mightymykell @adam.lower @soniakru @claythanconerly @ninaornstein @gingerleevalentine #nao #anotherlifetime #dance #alekpalinskichoreography #KRKtoCALI

5V19 is out 🌸 ▶️ Link in BIO ⏱

5V19 🌸Sunday LINK: ▶️ ⏱ 8AM Pacific Standard Time ⏱ 5PM European Central Time

Catching waves 🌊🅰️🌸

5V19 🌸 "You say my flowers Are Earth's most beautiful, rare. Yet my fruit always isn't, never was good enough - bare."

5V19 🌸 "You, destined as the Sun Embracing star, warming up to bloom Ended up a shadow Sparkle turned into shame. How come this winner is now ashamed of his best?" - winner

5V19 🌸 "Some will always be too rare to bloom in your bouquet, in your full hands, in your filled heart. Too special to be mixed, lost in abundance you dreamt for yourself." - bunch/blooming