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this just popped up. bailey recently turned 8 and this is a shot of her at about 1 month or so. her ears don’t flop like that anymore, but she’s still just as awesome. this shot is from our place in hermosa beach. 😍 🐶♥️ #dogsofinstagram #dogs

The real magic of Burning Man isn’t the drugs, booze, or the parties. It’s that it forces you to stop and take a second to soak in and realize just how magical every moment of life is, can, and should be. It allows you to take a second to acknowledge how incredible it is that you simply exist. Our world and society has somehow seduced us into believing that wasn’t true. It’s a lie and your life begins again when you understand that. If you are lucky, you bring that knowledge back from the desert with you after. 🔥 #burningman #burningman2019 #blackrockcity

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Hippo is Africa's cutest but most cumbersome and dangerous animal to come face to face in the wild. They kill more people in the wild than lions or leopalds. Okavango delta in Botswana has high concentration of hippos. Mouth is filled with set of tusk like canines and incisors. Canine can grow up to 1 foot. After banning of Elephant ivory, hippo teeth export jumped due to ivory content. Very sensitive to sun in spite of thick skin, so they secrete a reddish fluid which serves as sunscreen. They produce milk which is pink in color. They don't swim, they walk along the river bottom. Hippos swish their tails as they defecate scattering their droppings to mark their territory. #RiverChobe #botswana #hippos #okavangoriver #riversafari #wildlifesafari #wildanimalsafari #safrica #okavangodelta #africa

Hippos deep honking noises can be heard booming across Chobe river. They can easily capsize a canoe if their territory is in danger. There are incidents of boat attack in the river by hippos. Hippopotamus means river horse in Greek. 3rd biggest land animal can weigh up to 3 tons. They can stay underwater for 6 minutes. #hippos #botswana #photosafari #riversafari #choberiver #wildlifesafari #wildanimalsafari #africa #nikon #d850 #nikonnofilter #nikonusa #nikonphotography #naturephotography #wildanimalphotography

Sunrise safari usually starts before dawn and ends by 10 am. It can get very cold even with layers on due to open air and Landcruisers without windows. Guides do provide blankets for your comfort but not clean very clean. Drivers speed the Toyotas to get to animals on uneven and dusty roads. Lots of Asian tourists are seen with masks covering their mouth and nose. #sunrise🌅 #botswana #Zimbabwe #choberiver #zimbezi #wildlifesafari #wildanimalsafari #safari #wildanimals #nikon #nikonphotography #nikon850 #nikond850 #nature #natgeo

When you see the jeeps rushing to reach certain part of park, you be prepared for sighting of one of big 5s. On this morning we saw few lions and how deer and bucks warn their clan on existence of lion nearby looking for food. It was amazing #safari #Zimbabwe #botswana