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#RethinkingTravel 👦🏻:Just found ✉️ I made an App for you travelers! Give it a try👇🏻

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To infinity and beyond @jessicalayarda Swipe right to see what a difference a year makes

Just a regular sunrise stroll in the best country in the world(yep i said it) Anyway, planning to visit a new country next month, and i think I’m goin to pack just shorts😎 Can you guess where?!

Can’t wrap my head around this place. Definitely one of my craziest place I’ve visited so far. #RethinkingTravel

Whats up gram!! I know it’s been like ages since I last posted. I made a commitment early this year that I wouldn’t be traveling until I found a planning tool that can enhance my travel experience. Frustrated with what’s available in the market. I ended up devoted my time to create the tool myself. Hence was born. I know that travel is way more than booking a ticket and go. It’s a long process from pre-journey to post-journey. WaktuIN is now available in the google playstore(click the link on my bio). It’s still in beta testing but it would mean the world to me if u can try it and give me feedback. #RethinkingTravel On another note: now that I have the APP, I’ll be traveling again this month!! Can you guess where I’m goin? HINT: Jurassic Park

The only question when I’m looking for my retirement home : does it have view like this? #WHPgoingplaces Serious question: how many of you can see yourself retiring in Japan?

I admit that once I was giving up on the whole hiking thingy. I had acl surgery like a year ago. It’s been a slow progress, not to mention the doctor hasn’t cleared me to the court yet. But when the opportunity to hike Ijen’s crater showed up. I’d take that as a challenge. And I’m grateful that I took it. There are no words that can’t describe it. Spent 2 hours hiking up and then climbing down to see “blue fire”(can’t see why It’s a thing, I wouldn’t recommend it) and then climbing up again for another hour. And then boomed, this happened. It’s like everything goin on at the same time. The fog, the cotton candy sky, the sun hittin the landscape at difference place not to mention the smoke made the crater looked like a heart from above. There are no words!! And can’t wait to show y’all the real project I’ve been working on #RethinkingTravel

The last stop for my #RethinkingTravel campaign with The video is finally finished, can’t wait to share with y’all at the end of this week!! Go follow you don’t want to miss this! PS: it’s really hard to come to “instagram spots” and think of a different perspective and try to be original. Who can relate😂

Literally everyone who’s been here told me to come at sunrise Me being stupidly lazy and missed it: let’s just go and see how it looks like during sunset Me: Seeing this, I’m very proud of myself #RethinkingTravel

I have been blessed to have you as my bestfriend for this past 2 years @jessicalayarda thank you for keeping up with my sh*t On to a next level💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Which pic you guys like the most?

Trust me! I also can’t wait to release the footage! But as faith would have it; there were some technical difficulties in my app. Hence I have to postpone the #RethinkingTravel campaign. team and I are working so hard to release this properly🙏🏻 Meanwhile whos been to this place?! Don’t you feel like this place come out from Jurassic park?

As seconds passed on my 20s, here are some lessons: 1. MOST OF 20s ARE LOOKING FOR SOCIAL STATUS: u might see this in every age, but in my 20s with digital revolution going on. People are eager to let them know that they have made it. They will do everything to keep climbing up the social hierarchy 2. LOVE IS NOT WHAT U THINK: late 20s are the most interesting as people keep asking how serious your relationship is. And people usually default into "taking it slow/I'm not sure". modern society has tricked us that this range of age is equal to marriage.Love is an abstract thing(it was born from romanticism, during medieval times marriage was only a medium to make sure their wealth stay in the family) so instead of looking for love, look for this: Does this kind of person that I want to grow old with?. 3. MOST PROBLEM DOESNT MATTER: what most "pampered" people considered "problem" is just a side effect of not having any important to worry about. Reality is neutral. The fact that your coffee spilt on your pants and ruined your mood and ultimately ruined your day is on you. It's your mindset. 4. UR PEERS WANT TO BE SEEM/SOUND SMART: you'll get into some nonsense discussion with all your other 20 something friend where they want to make the point that he/she knows. But there is the difference between knowing something and understanding something. 5. YOUR SELF IMAGE DEPENDS ON YOUR CIRCLE: many 20s saying that they have crisis/high-stress environment/ even mental health issues but actually what they have is lack of independent self-image. When your self-image is tethered to some circle. Whatever the circle do that you dislike, it will affect you. because you are heavily invested in them. 6. FOCUS IS OVERRATED: if whatever you do doesn't align with others perspective, they will call you out and saying that you need to focus. I disagree, it's okay to be multidimensional. Mastery doesn't have to be specific on one task. You can achieve 70% on two task and achieve mastery. and if a "CRISIS" happens a long the way, you can see it as an opportunity to learn something complex and simplify it. which a form of mastery it self. 
Cont on my stories(post have limit)

Its #leoseason, so i figure I’m goin to talk about what has been bothering me for years!! Who’s here believe in zodiac profiling? i can’t believe some human believe this kind of fiction including @jessicalayarda For example: She has been very critical of me being impatient. But for me, there are differences between action and result. I’m impatient with action but im super patient with the result. then usually the argument leads me being stubborn. because i couldn’t get to her perspective which she believes all leo sign r stubborn. For me, if im expressing with a very logical and rational reasoning. why would i be labeled as stubborn. Stubborn implies that i don’t have any stance/ ignorant. So to demystify Zodiac profiling, i would love y’all to comment what do you think about leo’s personality/character/stereotype and lets see if @jessicalayarda agree or not This is going to be so goooddddddddd! tag your leo friend!!

Dreaming about isolated bamboo house in the middle of nowhere where we can grow old and raised our kids #WHPgoingplaces Do you prefer jungle life or city life?

As I’m finalizing my project #RethinkingTravel with I found myself always looking for light in the darkness. It came as a surprise for me as well. Who would have thought submitting your app to AppStore is such a hassle (not to mention quite a hard task to code). Well if photography taught me anything, it would be : keep looking until you got the shot! Who can relate? 😁

I’ll be honest : I didn’t taste any pizza while I was here You can judge me if you want I did taste their pasta though 🕺 #whpfoodforthought

Relax + killer sunset = my kind of vibes! Note: to my knowledge today is the last day for this exhibition! So go to your Victoria harbour now and you can thank me later?!

The reason I haven’t been active lately because I’ve been scouting a well hidden place to run a mahjong competition this winter. The one who won’t attract any attention whatsoever. Who’s in? #whpplayful

As much I love china’s culture walk on the weekend. I still love a good movie marathon on the weekend😎 Alright!!who have watched US?! The best movie in 2019 so far without a doubt. Nothing come close!! From sound design to the hidden messages. It was 💯. There might be plot holes here and there(no such thing as perfect movie). But damn this movie really does have deeper meaning into it. What do you think the key message on that film?

I have just failed my “back to sports test”. If u can recall; I had acl surgery 8 months back. The doctor hasn’t cleared me to sprint or do any sports activity yet. But I’m thankful that I still can walk. Never take little things for granted. I miss running 😭 Can’t wait to go out there and create content again!! Who’s out there in Bali next month??

Well everyone around me sayin that cherry blossom in japan is the best in the world Barcelona, Spain: hold my beer Who’s been here?!

Shoutout to these lovely 5 people(6 including security) to hustle their way to beat the crowd!! Who’s here like to beat the crowd early in the morning? Or you guys prefer peak hour to visit touristy place😝?

Hey Siri, how to look cool Siri: you can’t Jadi kemarin @billydavidson_ ajak gw ke @mills.corner buat review laptop baru(MacBook Pro 2018 Radeon Pro Vega 20). Nurut gw ini adalah sebuah investasi biar kerjaan gw di industri kreatif bisa lebih efficient lagi?! Well billy doesn’t think so(see the full video on mills YouTube channel or you can click the link on my bio) Gimana nurut kalian? Worth it kah?

I saw this girl back in 2014, I asked her number. Little did I know, I was asking her to grow old with me. And she just gave me the greatest gift I ever received. K