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💙 Naomi’s interview about all things 6° of Hapa with Kristin Posner of @bynourishco is live! Here’s a little peek: “Today I am excited to introduce you to Naomi Takata Shepherd from @6degreesofhapa! Naomi and I first met at a marketplace and storytelling event celebrating Japanese American women at @thentheycameforme few months back. I immediately fell in love with @6degreesofhapa and bought a spam musubi scarf (a nod to my Japanese American Dad's upbringing on Kauai, and my favorite childhood snack). 🤗 Months ago, I made a mental note to myself to interview Naomi here. I love @6degreesofhapa's message of inclusion, the wearable art Naomi creates for people to wear their multiethnic identity proudly, and in a way that is FUN! 🌸 On the word hapa, Naomi says: "Hapa is a Hawaiian word that has several different meanings, including half, fraction, a part, and it is also used for and by people who come from mixed heritages. For me, hapa means that you and your family are a mix of cultures, and definitely not exclusive to “half and half.” A huge part of my personal philosophy is inclusion and I think that the word “hapa” really embodies that, because we can be hapas as individuals, but we can also be hapa families and hapa communities." 💖 Naomi, our JA and hapa communities (and the world, for that matter!) are SO lucky to have you in them, sharing your gifts with us! Thank you for being so open and vulnerable in sharing your story with us. ✨ Please head to the link in bio to read the full interview with Naomi @6degreesofhapa and be sure to follow her and send her some love. Also, stay tuned this week for a fun giveaway!” • • • #interview #hapa #mixed #aapi #nourishco #blog #writing #hafu #japaneseamerican #nikkei #shareyourstory #community #diversity #representationmatters #artist #creator #maker #asianamerican #hapafamily #mixedroots #bayarea #westcoast #storytelling #september #autumn #fall #sanjose #sanfrancisco

🌹Shop Announcement from Naomi: Hi 6° of Hapa Fam! I’ll be taking a short break from pop-ups, IG, email, & for a little while, tomorrow I’ll be having diagnostic endometriosis surgery and will need to rest after. • I’m very thankful that I’m at a point with my disc replacement recovery that getting this next surgery is doable for me physically. Thanks everyone for supporting me, 6° of Hapa, and my art, I love what I do and you all make it possible! • Later this month, I’m really looking forward to having a few of my block prints up at Roy’s Station in time for Obon season! And if you’d like to do any shopping while is closed, please check out my Threadless Artist Shop! • Here is a photo of me in one of my most favorite spots in the world, the Portland Rose Garden. If you happen to stop by the garden sometime, say hello to my favorite rose for me, ✨”Secret’s Out✨. • 💜Naomi

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Reposting this clip from @linesballet Shows are over unfortunately but the memories stay... @mistermichaelmontgomery @thejasonmoran @clshiva

It is what it is. Photo @lifeinanimage

#Repost @linesballet ・・・ Happy #worldballetday from LINES Ballet! In celebration, we're excited to share this stunning clip from Alonzo King's The Personal Element which made its #sanfrancisco debut @ybca during our 2019 Fall Home Season.  Featuring... 💃🕺: @adji_cissoko, @shuaibdeeelhassan, @madelinekathleendevries & @mistermichaelmontgomery 🎵: @clshiva & @thejasonmoran Costumes: Robert Rosenwasser 📽: @raptproductions #AdjiCissoko #LINESBallet #TBT

“Dance is truly the art form that breaks barriers and crosses all divides “ - Hope Boykin @hbdance ... I’m feeling truly inspired by all these amazing artists here in Vail ! Thanks @damian_woetzel for inviting @linesballet to be part of it !

“The personal element “by Alonzo King ... I’m beyond excited to finally perform tonight @vaildancefest together with my dear friends @unityphelan @_miriammiller @roman.julian.mejia @_christophergrant_ @madelinekathleendevries @shuaibdeeelhassan @mistermichaelmontgomery

Partnering with my Roman Romeo 🥰 @roman.julian.mejia So sad “the personal element “ shows are done but our partnering continues -> height difference makes no difference #justdoit !

Time to say goodbye 😔 Leaving Vail with the most beautiful memories and can’t wait to hopefully coming back soon ! Thank you @vaildancefest !!

#Repost @linesballet ・・・ Tickets for our Fall Season 2019 go on sale TODAY (link in bio) San Francisco | October 1-6 ONLY 7 PERFORMANCES  Witness the work of 4 Masters. Charles Lloyd, @thejasonmoran and Alonzo King create an unforgettable dialogue between movement and music illuminated by one of renowned Bay Area artist Jim Campbell’s iconic lighting installations. . . . Proud Home Season Sponsor @bankofthewest Video by @cultureboxftv of Alonzo King's Sand #LINESBallet Company Dancers @adji_cissoko and Robb Beresford #contemporarydance #ballet #pasdedeux #longlegs #strength #flexibility #JazzMusic

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#Repost @linesballet ・・・ Excited to share this #bts look at Alonzo King's newest collaboration with #jazzmusician Jason Moran, featuring dancers from #LINESBallet & @nycballet. The premiere will take the stage on the second International Evenings and NOW: Premieres programs @vaildancefest Tickets available --> Link in Bio . . . Dancers: @adji_cissoko & @shuaibdeeelhassan #VailDanceFest  #vaildance  #behindthescenes  #dance  #newwork  #premiere  #ballet  #contemporaryballet  #balletdancers  #contemporarydance  #dancersofinstagram  #dancersofig  #art  #artists  #ArtistsOfIG #artistsoninstagram  #dancevideo  #dancelife  #nycballet #AlonzoKing #alonzokinglinesballet #AdjiCissoko