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#Repost @meifacil (@get_repost) ・・・ Tudo que é novo pode parecer assustador e difícil, mas não se deixe abalar e não desista logo de cara, tem um longo caminho pela frente e a conquista do sucesso é para aqueles que vão até o fim. #empreender #mei #meifacil #microempreendedor #empreendedorismo #empreendedor #empreendedora #empreendedores #empreendedoras #negocios #negócios #meunegocio #meunegócio #PequenasEmpresas #vendaporwhatsapp #boasvendas #comercio #vendas #ficadica

#Repost @meifacil (@get_repost) ・・・ ⚠️Atenção Microempreendedor! Você que abriu sua empresa em 2019 NÃO precisa realizar a declaração anual neste ano! Você devera realizar a DASN somente no ano que vem, em 2020 ;) Porém, é importante que você comece a realizar um controle mensal de suas finanças, para facilitar na hora de fazer a Declaração Anual. Baixe a nossa planilha de Controle Financeiro, que vai te ajudar a fazer esse controle mensal de maneira muito simples e fácil! LINK NOS STORIES #meifacil #mei #microempreendedor #empreendedor #empreendedora #empreendedores #cnpjmei #meunegocio #controlefinanceiro #declaraçãoanual

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Speak(s) volumes. To me.

The latest pole fit event! Limited spaces. DM FOR INFO OR GO TO THE WEBSITE TO BOOK!

FuckitFriday.. throw it back.. all types of nostalgia

My whole mood*

Dont be fooled.

Say less


Thought provoking... Easy read... will force you to reflect. NICE

If only I could put my heals up, boasting designer pumps and lounge the atfternoon away, on the balcony of fairytales, waiting on my fancy man with a glass of cork bottled wine to hand, following an intimate toast. I watch her like I do all the other guest. I divert my eyes off of her to the bed. I begin to strip the sheets and pillowcases that painted scenes of multiple pleasurable performances I imagine she relives. Daydreaming of lossed hours that will never be missed. Its probably why she still has taken no notice of me. She is in love. The whole place smells of it. I yell again "room service". @silverleafpoetry

So gratful that my roots are strong. Those who came before me have not left me but continue on through me.

Forget throw.. coming like. Dash back. Big up the Bros.💛

Last Night.x

..and smile.x

He said a few things. Then I said a few. The whole time we shared contact of the eyes and my mind played tricks on me as we shared a few more drinks. Damned boy made me smile about a hundred times. #silverleafpoetry #silverleafcontest

Mini golf with the miniMe's (kinda)😉🤣

What is meant fr you, will not pass you!

Gratitude. Acceptance. Patience. Alchemy.💫

Prayed, wished or decleared...

Its the little things.