IT? Easy. Just gotta shout "YOU'RE A PATHETIC CLOWN" like a hundred times then take it's heart out and crush it.

The nun holy cow

@dsgarjav Oct and Aug 3rd mine

oktober saya kok gitu amat😢

@junoctua lueg üsi 2 😂😂😂


Jason follows me everywhere I go 😐🔥

How do you escape a predator?


Who's that Metal guy of September?

@weiyeannn 我们的是Chucky!!

@kenton_jh walking dead. Hate.


December. I would just cut my leg or something

I Think i cant survival him

Who is Apr

@sam231193 con chucky el sería mi cuate 😛

Oh god why pennywise


May i ask?? Who is april??

Yg Desember @ridho_hamid_ dan Oktober @rahmat_mufid_kelana wkwk

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