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I think something banal but in #toxic #love you or your partner are in any way #enticed to change #SoMeThiNG in the other by their #standarts of #right and #wrong .To #turn him into someone who is #easy to #love . Еither of you will #break from all these #criticisms . In true love all #conversations aim to #achieve the #right #result . Even #discussions about #SoMeThiNG that is not #enjoyable at all . In toxic love very often conversations go into #disputes or #blame #contest .Many conversations that seem #positive and loving are actually #manipulative ways to make you do something that the other wants or to give them something they want . True love is always a top #priority in #loving #yourself and #striving to #improve #yourself .Your partner should be the one who wants you to be your best version and have the best opportunities to achieve more in a #Personal and #professional way .You have to want the #best for #each other more than anything . / NOT ONLY FOR RELATIONSHIPS Via :@ultimate6ix

Made so much mistakes .. I don't feel like myself no more .. I tried so hard to become better person for you i was not saying anything while i was hurt just because i didin't want to hurt your feeling .. All i feel now is madness because i have been hurting myself the whole time.. by not believing enough in myself .. Now i am here and i regret it all ... I am screaming because i was silent I regret not listening my intuition , for trying too hard to please you and creating bad habits for myself ... Respect yourself or regret later

They are trying to fuck you up but you keep on trusting and making it worse for yourself

Търся светлина в очите ти . Тайно се надявам да ме накараш да повярвам , че всичко ще бъде наред , когато самата аз не мога . Да бъдеш до мен , когато самата аз не съм на себе си . Да ми покажеш правилния път . Път , който отдавна се опитвам да намеря , но попадам в задънена тъмна улица . Губя се в лабиринта на своето съзнание . Губя се в опитите да открия светлината, която да освети тъмната улица . Губя се в опитите да поема по различен път. Сякаш съм спряла на пътен знак стоп или пък съм се отдалечила толкова много от себе си , че съм превишила скоростта . Виждам своето отражение извън пътя . Тайно се надявам да ме накараш да повярвам , че всичко ще бъде наред. Търся светлина в очите ти. 444tri

Никога няма да забравя Това което след себе си остави Никога няма да избЛедНеЕ Лед не е Топлина Почти се изгорих Няма да забравя как ме накара да се почувствам и колко силно заболя Все още ме боли Ти изгради част от същността ми И живея в реалност, в която все още съществуваш Дори не си личност Ти си Спомен Стичаш се по бузите ми в образа на сълзи И не очаквам отдавна вече да има нечие рамо до моето Не искам да се връщам там Където крехкото ми тяло усещаше студенината , която бродеше из града Погледи изпълнени с празнина И не само с празнина - със студенина и липса на съпричаност Къде изчезна думата желание Желание за намиране на красота На топлина Понякога дори в себе си трудно ги откривам Вече сама себе си трудно разбирам Казват ми от мислите си да се освободя Едиственото, което усещам са оковите на реалността А може би Усещам И силното ми желание да се променя И на нова честота да се науча да трептя 444tri

Artistic madness 🔥 that's all i feel My heart is heavy & i want to taste different reality . . . . . . . #spirituality #love #meditation


Where is my mind Keep on moving forward Trying to find peace

Do it with passion or not at all.

"You ruin your life by desensitizing yourself. We are all afraid to say too much, to feel too deeply, to let people know what they mean to us. Caring is not synonymous with crazy. Expressing to someone how special they are to you will make you vulnerable. There is no denying that. However, that is nothing to be ashamed of. There is something breathtakingly beautiful in the moments of smaller magic that occur when you strip down and are honest with those who are important to you. Let that girl know that she inspires you. Tell your mother you love her in front of your friends. Express, express, express. Open yourself up, do not harden yourself to the world, and be bold in who, and how you love. There is courage in that.” ❤

Be(you)tiful 💙

I N T R O V E R T S ❤ We crave your #understanding. We #crave the ability to be who #we #are — the #Over thinking, #daydreaming, #messy #hearted #human #beings who have the #loudest #worlds #Tucked #beneath their #skin. We crave #acceptance — your #arms around us when we need to leave the #party, a #smile on your #face as we #walk towards the exit, a nudge that says “It’s okay to be drained. It’s okay.” We crave your patience. We crave time — time to figure out the feelings that jump and leap and shout inside us. We tread so deeply, we sometimes drown. Love overstimulates us, it plants seeds in our lungs and sometimes it gets hard to breathe. We crave permission to pluck the weeds from within our chests, we crave permission to learn how to wade in our depths, until we know how to swim. We crave your #confidence in us, in our ability to dig up what we want to express to you. Because we do care, we do; we just want to be sure of ourselves, we just want to be sure of our heart, before we allow someone to make a home within us. We crave your #distance. We crave #room to stretch our limbs, soft moments where nothing is expected of us. This is how we connect with our #softness, this is how we #connect with our quiet. When this happens, we crave the ability to be alone without #hurting you — without causing you to retreat into your mind; without making you believe that you did something wrong or that we have lost interest. Trust me — if we love you, we love you, but we crave your #compassion, your #empathy, because #moments alone with our hopes and our dreams are just as important as the moments we spend with you. They are our strength. They are our comfort, our fuel, our paradise.

I love you - that means I am not just here for the pretty parts. I am here no matter what.