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IOI -Pick me cover by @baesicchia I feel like I should post some kpop songs so here's a very SHORT dance cover😊😊 I haven't danced in a longggg time and the only dance I could remember is Pick me❤❤ #ioiforever . . #njan #njancovers #dance #ioi #pickme #pd101

OMG I FOUND IT 😂😂😂😂😂 @xaonaa

@baesicchia little freestyle of Jason Derulo's Get Ugly . . lol this was like 20% of my energy for its dead. I made a choreograph to this song a long while and thought I would remember but I ended up not #fail 😂😂 I did not know what I was doing lol . . Hope you enjoyed #njan 's mini unexpected spam ❤❤

A short *sloppy* dance practice by @baesicchia @xaonaa @shengminx for the upcoming show!! Still got lots to approve on but please support us on our Talent Show March 13!!❤❤ *sorry the only view is our legs * lol

Hey! The long wait is over :) I apologize for the lack of posts... finals are officially done! This is my dance cover of Jake Kodish’s choreography to Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (Lido Remix) hope you enjoy! (Not my best work lol) love, @oh.ngan #dancecover #danceislife #dance #kpop

i felt like we haven't updated as a group to tell you guys what we are up to but, we got in the auditions and we aren't doing kpop this year for our future preformance 😞😂we were gonna do a kpop song with everyone but since things were rushed, we decided to have just 3 people preforming in our first year of high school for njan. we had mixed feelings at first for the selection of the song so we choose to do this for fun because of lack of motivation and struggles with meeting each other to practice. look forward to support us in march at the talent show at east 💕 and please so much love for us this year ✔💕 much love to you guys who even read this or cares about our dance group😂. (if any of the members want to edit this post, you guys can !)

improvement. 😀❤

pt 2?

Personal 🔥💯💘 ° ° ° ° Hard work and dedicated in our Instagram and just on loving to dance never died in us. @shengminx @baesicchia @xaonaa @aliendancestudio @euanflow

**don't listen multiple times*** Lol my inner 5 year old barbie is here!!😂😂 My voice is kinda rusty..tryna get back to the musical field lol Barbie and the Diamond Castle- Two voices one song❤

better video lmao 💥EXID-LADY💥 @xaonaa

@xaonaa its 11 pm


Hi guys! Happy New year!♡ Small cover of That's Love : Choi Yoona #rebelthiefwhostolethepeople I watched this drama over winter break and OMG it was so good!!! All the OST'S were great! For the new year we really have some great things planned and some news to get out! Please look forward to us in the future! ❤

Moon and Back by Alice Kristianssen 🌚 Cover by @chchchchiaa_new Hi guys! Please don't get bored of my snip-it covers😊 I don't have the best voice; nevertheless this is song is a great song so please search it up and listen to it!!! Depending how much likes this cover gets I might just do a full cover of this song💛 So please give it a lots of love!!♡♡ Please look for to us too!!