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Feel free to repost any pic and tag us.......2 biker brothers living the bike life on 2x KTM Superduke 1290r Special Editions πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Yorkshire

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What good designers are capable of making reality // Tag your friends you would get on GyroDrop with? Lotte World #southkorea πŸŽ₯ by Lavar Harper via @archiearth #minimalistic_lifestyle ---------------------------------------------- Follow @minimalistic_lifestyle [+22.8k] for more... Tag a friend who would like this! ---------------------------------------------- β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #arquitetura #arquiteto #arquiteta #arquitectura #arquitecto #Arquitecta #architecture #architect #design #designer #architecture_hunter #archilovers #archilover #archdaily #architecturestudent #rendering #travel #Marrakech #thailand #southkorea #southkorean #outdoor #architect #design #designer #interior #interiordesign #nature #amusmentpark #amusementpark

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It is with deep regret, that my beloved bike is up for sale! First registered October 2016, just had 1st MOT. 5200 miles on the clock.. Not being stripped and parts sold seperatly.. Everything is staying on the bike and that standard parts are going with it too. Β£11250 ono! Dm for details.

Good day at cadwell watching the #bsb

Nice weather days are running out 😭

Carbon 😈😍

Bikes out at the weekend for a trip to Caldwell Park to watch BSB. Anyone else going?

Very hot ride... Felt like riding into with a hair dryer constantly in my face. Sticky tyres though πŸ˜‰

Insta biker chicks be like....... TGIF, I just wanna ride. (jokes BTW)

Sunday spins was well needed

If you're taking a ride over to watch the best show on earth over the next couple of weeks... We want to wish you all an amazing time! Ride safe and don't be the one to bring your bike home on a pallet. That shit ain't cool and your mates won't be happy. Enjoy people.

Them evening rides are the best

Bike night in Tickhill Doncaster tonight.. Going to show our faces for a bit and indulge in a burger πŸ”πŸ˜‰

Someone has a new LOUD zorst. (2 and half year old biker in the making)

When you know, you know!!

Love this shot of @andreas_burgschachner how a superduke should be ridden!! No less!!

FORSALE!!! AR end can Β£250 and carbon fibre heat shield Β£60 + postage

Staring down the barrel on to another

Something to cheer you up a little. 😜(tomorrow, I'll post the front) 🀣

Have a great weekend everyone!

Both bikes... were looking into custom re-maps with good results! Do you know of a company that's cracked the 1290r ECU that's able to play and improve the already awesome 1290 superduke R. Aiming for 200bhp+ now!! Dyno proof! (Both bikes, same day) we plan to do a bit of a feature of it.

Love this pic of @anzony89 bike, we even went and bought a orange smoke bomb so we can do the same.. shame I "sorn" the bike off road for the winter now 😏🏍

Lovely bike of @demonbikez love that clutch cover!!

well the time has come and the leaves are on the floor. time to tuck the ladies away for the winter. last ride done πŸ˜”β„πŸπŸ‚

Constantly thinking of riding my bike. Always makes me smile when I do too. 😘

Superduke owners know!! 😜

Shining in the sun

Borrowed from @ktm_uk From us both, we'd like wish everyone a very merry Xmas and a happy new year.. Due to riding and not taking many photos, we don't have much to post, hence it being quiet on this page. May the winter be short, so we can get back on our beauties soon.

Took my bike to Dewsbury Ktm for a suspected new clutch as its not been running as it should. Turns out it's not down to the clutch itself, it's down to the ecu and dash being setup for a 1290super adventure and not a superduke! WTF?? this is since I had the "akra" map fitted by SMC motorcycles in Sheffield.... But, they never actually installed the map. Its never had the map on to accommodate the full system!!! Meaning it's been running rich all this time. What's even worse is that "rain mode" was full power not the restricted 100bhp like you'd expect. (recipe for disaster?) now it's been well looked after and sorted by KTM Dewsbury!! I can't wait to feel what I shouldve when I spent Β£2k on an exhaust 2 years ago!!! Needless to say, we've seen the last of SMC and will be a regular at Craig's in Dewsbury from now. You're not just a number to them..

Cleaned and polished, ready for a good ride.


Couple of "dicks on dukes" (their words) give them a follow for some Duke antics. Plan on having a ride this year with these guys at some point. Imagine 4 dicks on dukes πŸ˜‚πŸ€”

Bank Holiday Monday.. (22nd) were having a ride to devil's Bridge. Taking the scenic route there if anyone fancies a ride. Weather is meant to be lovely (hopefully)

Who is playing out over the weekend? Monday for us... Time to wake people up with the twins..

Time to play 😁

Our dad's bike looking fresh! Ready for a blast tomorrow with kawi clan!

Ready for a ride tomorrow.