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🌱 Just made a mistake 🌱 I? DEMON. He? DEMON. Wait, shiiiiiiine NO DEMON. 🌧

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❦ We love those bad quality pics ❦ Smilin’ though ♡

Full version on YouTube ♡ I’ve been crying for nothing in the past few days and I didn’t even know why I felt horrible and useless all the time for no reason. Also, it’s been like 3 months or 2 since I didn’t sing and let my voice speak for me. I keep literally so much emotions in me that when I don’t let it all out I cry and break down in pieces. Anyway, I hope you can hear that I gave all my ♡ through this cover lol and that you like it ♡ If you do it would mean the world to me if you tag the boys because I love them ❦ @imzachherron ♡ @corbynbesson ♡ @jackaverymusic ♡ @jonahmarais ♡ @seaveydaniel ♡ @whydontwemusic ⁂ #sing #high #highvoice #voice #sang #whydontwe #highnote #highnotes #music #whatami #whatamioutnow #EdSheeran #song #cover #wdw #whydontwecover #whydontwecovers #whatamicover #limelights #limelight #singyourheartout #jonahmarais #corbynbesson #zachherron #danielseavey #jackavery

Here’s a little cutie cover for you guys !!! I just love this song so much 🤯 So I really hope you like it and yeah HAVE A NICE DAY 🌟 Yuh I know the second video is different from the first one but I wanted to put these two, let me know which one you prefer🤙

Guys ! It’s my first time drawing on a black canvas !! It’s so weird cause it’s like I’m applying colors in reverse lol Soooo this isn’t beautiful or even good lmao but at least I tried and I’m actually really happy about it yeeeeet Didn’t draw his wonderful girlfriend but we all know who she is right ? 🎸 Even though he’s never gonna see it, hope you guys like it 🤷‍♀️ #wdw #seaveydaniel #seaveydanieldrawing #blackcanvas #pastel #whydontwe #jonahmarais #corbynbesson #zachherron #jackavery #drawing #drawings #limelight #clay #conteaparis #whydontwedrawing #fanart

Bless my soul Herc was on the roll I messed up at the end 😭 I tried my best tbh so don’t be mean lol (Luv this song yeet) :)

Lol the thumbnail yeet Here’s a tiny cover after school yah know 🧡 Hope you like it 🌙

Collect em like monopoly 🧡 I really tried my best on this one ! Hope it looks a lil’ bit like her though lmao (I’m kinda proud of the hair actually 🤠) So yuuuuhhhh I love her since the beginning I-....no words to describe how much I love this goddess 🌟