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The transformation of the century. A beautiful butterfly. Hip Hop Goddess. You are now tuned into LADY. Booking/Business

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We’re so excited to see everyone this Sunday at blown away salon in Long Branch ! Special thank you to @backontheracksnj and all their local businesses supporting us ! #babessupportingbabes 🛍💗🥂 . . . . • @candyshoplashbar @bellabluebykathy @vasayo_lisa @add_more_glitter @ontheglowairbrush . . . . . . . . #event #eventplanner #salon #spaday #lashextensions #makeover #arbonne #arbonne30daychallenge #Vegan #glutenfree #monmouthcounty #fashion #blogger #monmouthuniversity #westendlongbranch #westlongbranchnj #cbd #cbdoil #oceanportnj #babessupportingbabes #springbreak #muanj #piervillagelongbranch #mollyandzoey #goldsgymlongbranch #Vegan #glutenfree #muanj #prom #springbreak


The Last Bad Bitch #fbf

Real Hot Girl Shit 🔥

"Minnie Mouse but she aint mini" LadyLondyn®

If I had a dick I would pull it out and piss on em 😝 #DidItOnEm



MILAUN @lapride 2019 Photo @iwritelight_

The act of getting dressed should be fun and playful and we should love seeing the person who exist in the mirrors before us. Clothes are accessories to my mood, my feelings, my emotions, and artistic expression and fashion should be an outlet that shares your unique blueprint on style, confidence and sexy. #hm #model #TransModel #transartist #la #lax #lamodel #lacastingcall #HMModel #pride

Thank you @HM and @Stylefund for allowing me to o be apart of this campaign event. @leesaevansstyle and @amyschumer Thank you for your vision and the inspiration you both give the world. The queer community must often walk in pure bravery in our existence everyday from the moment we leave our doors. The clothes we wear are symbols of our colorfulness, uniqueness, authentic expression and rebellion. They act as a sense of amour to the spirits we are underneath and in standing in our authenticity INSECURITY is sparked in those who can't access the same liberation and freedom in there own nature. #model #TransModel #transartist #la #lax #lamodel #lacastingcall #HMModel #pride

INSECURE coming to speakers near you SOON #MACLOVESPRIDE @maccosmetics I had the most amazing time of my life this weekend. Keep living, keep being the absolute best version of yourself. #JustUnite

DTLA Proud Fest Lady Londyn ©

Dear Diary, I have taken so many steps forward in my life, my transition, my career, relationships, self confidence my spiritual connection and yet somedays I wake up feeling like I've taken so many steps backwards. I am not always in love with the lady that reflects me in the mirror but I have always been in love with the LADY that exist underneath. She's creative, a gentle heart, a nurturer, she's determined, strong willed, willing to fight for her beliefs, willing to struggle for her dreams, she's a musician, a sister, a friend, she's rebellious, outspoken and courageous, she's mostly goofy and a bit of a nerd but always a baddie ♥ ️ We may not always be perfectly aligned but I love you Londyn for existing, and not just existing but choosing to thrive in a world that wants you erased.

Sunshine Yellow 🌞 Yea he know I'm Varsity, that's why I rep his Letterman✏️

Los Angeles Trans Pride 2019

I am not your conventional sense of woman I am not your conditioned response of what it means to be a lady I am a woman of my own nurture I am a giver of life to my own hopes and dreams I am the catalyst of my greatest joys And the root of my most evil But I am the mother of this land The goddess to my own nature. Happy Birthday Londyn. #transisbeautiful #lapride #ladylondyn Shot by @samsparro Makeup by @_ladylondyn Hair by @_divinebeautybar Dress by @iam_lasirena

🌺 @_divinebeautybar Hair

"I Gotta Grin like the Joker, My face is sitting on poker I know they think I'm a joke But they still wanna poke her" Lady Londyn #OhNoMURDER

Area 51

The Name is LADY

I can't put into words what this truly means to me. If anyone knows me and TRULY knows me, you know I've always been an artist. Dance, Music, Performance, and Entertainment have been my escape since birth. My life is the paint and the materials, and I brush together the most beautiful magical pieces of art. I remember 2013 and writing down my first verses and just having fun. Doubting how far I could go in life and in this industry. Judging my words , my craft and my vision constantly. I remember being in high school and E'mon Coussey [Rest in Peace my Angel] being the first person to push me outside of my comfort zone by asking me to try out for something I never thought I could be apart of. You walked up to me after seeing me dance at a football game and said Please try out this year. I cried to you thinking that no one would allow such a thing. You saw ME and you believed in ME. Since then sis you have always been in my heart and my thoughts. I never let that act of love go, and its why ill never give up or stop pushing myself now. It's because of you I felt smart enough and powerful enough to attend college and only then did I decide to apply. Texas made the best parts of me come alive. Its where LADY truly bloomed into the blossom she is. All these separate moments creating the beautiful person that stands here today. I am so honored and even more ready than you think to break the walls down completely. I went from just dancing in school, to creating my own mixes for our perfomances, to writing my own songs, my own words and ultimately creating my own lane and my own voice in the music industry. There is so much I can't wait to share with everyone this is just the beginning of the news I have and have been holding. If you ever saw me hit a stage YOU KNOW that LadyLondyn puts on a SHOW! I am super excited to share my entire set with everyone attending LA Pride 2019. This year's theme is #JustUnite. So this one is for ME and MY GIRLS.....cause we so FLYYYYYY! Catch me Sunday June 9th at 1:00 pm immediately after the LA Pride March. All eyes on me and I won't disappoint, cause This IS....Ms......Milaun! #LAPride2019 #weho #caliartist #larapper #lgbt #lgbtq

The Return of Carmen 🔥 June 9th @1pm @lapride

It's Goin Dooown Basement! Don't forget this Sunday is Proud Fest DTLA. Catch the Lady on stage with a group of other talented performers during the Trans Power Hour.


Hell hath no fury like a Lady scorned 👄


CATCH THE LOGO LADY IS NOW© ShoutOut @mx.matias My DJ for my Set🔥🔥 Thank you for being Amazing keeping the crowd hYpe and for every dance move you hit behind me 😊💕

I am so honored. I can't say enough how happy I am to see things come full circle. Thank you again @lapride #justunite