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Dominique "Shep" Shepherd

Former Athlete• Actor• Host DET ✈️ ATL

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Estamos a pocos días de nuestro gran Lanzamiento. anDar la aplicación que mueve con el corazón 💙❤️ Próximamente disponible en #googleplay y #appstore

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Just watched the first 3 episodes of #bigger on @betplus and it was hilarious. Great job @tanishalong @chasecomedy @rashedacrockett @angellconwell @tristenjwinger @warrenslburke @iamterrencet @theangelako I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season to premiere tomorrow. #BiggerOnBET #Sept19

*Insert caption here*

Everybody go check out the first episode of #WhatHappenedToYaGirl out now on YouTube starring @e_hoody @lenarenea and myself. Episode 2 coming soon. Oh yea link in my bio

Happy Tuesday everyone. You know what rhymes with Tuesday? BIGGER. And Speaking of Bigger go check out #BiggerOnBET streaming now on the new @betplus app. It’s really funny. Don’t believe me? Just watch *trinidad James voice*

Happy Monday. If only this beard was real lol

I had a great time working as a stand-in on this show. Plus I got to meet these awesome people. #BiggerOnBET is coming!!

I tried crack one time and look at me now smh A WHOLE Crackhead smh dang. Kids don’t do drugs.

When you call last #next at the gym and it’s 5 games ahead of you smh...I ain’t gone never get to play #ballislife

Everyday is another opportunity to get better. Can’t wait to show y’all this scene and the short film I’ve worked on. S/o to @darrickwatkinsjr for this opportunity and s/o to my scene partner @e_hoody. #actors #actorslife #DemoReelEvent

I’m only gonna say this once...Eat the cake.

Good morning 🌞 I hope everyone had a beautiful and blessed day

Through it all #smile 😄

Please share and contact his family if you know or seen anything.

A few clips of some scenes I’ve done

So Saturday I decided to get baptized. It was something I prayed and thought long and hard about. After everything I been through and the different struggles I’ve faced God still showed his love and blessed me with so much.

When that 🌞 hits you and your melanin start to glow #goodmorning I love y’all

#TBT the first movie I was ever #thehateugive in. Working on this set solidified my decision to really become an actor. Not only was it fun but I also learned a lot in the process. I got a really cool story but I’ll tell y’all that later. Anyway this was the start of something special and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity be apart of such a powerful film #actor #actorslife #detroit #losangeles #atlanta #dallas #newyork #neworleans

#fbf on the set of #NightSchool when I got to meet one of the coolest people ever @romanymalco and we took this epic group selfie. One of the funniest sets I’ve ever been on.